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A/N- Just to clear some things: Time moves slower in the trials than it does in real life. You could be in one for days and it could only be a couple minutes in real time, also I don't know if I've mentioned this before but Jiji does wear a bandage over his eyes, since he is blind.

"…and now we're here" Jaune had just finished explaining his story and was awaiting the response of his great-great-grandfather, Jeanne Arc.

"I see" He responded with a blank expression

"Sooo what do you think?" Ruby asked

"Wait here" Jeanne then left the tent and walked off. He returned minutes later with a couple of men from earlier. "Gather everyone and bring these two to the center of the campsite."

"Are you sure about this? They're only children" one of the men asked

"That's exactly what they want you to believe. I have all the proof I need. I mean just look at this contraption" Jeanne said holding Crescent Rose. He pressed one of the buttons and made it mecha shift. "I have never seen something so…extraordinary. Only witches would be capable of this."

"Witches?!" Both Jaune and Ruby exclaimed.

"Quiet you two!" shouted one of the burlier men of the bunch. Both Jaune and Ruby were gagged and had a bag put over their head. They were picked up and brought out of the tent. At this point no amount of struggling would be able to set them free.

'This is all my fault.' Jaune thought. 'If I had listened to Ruby and escaped then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess…all because I wanted to meet my asshole of a grandpa.'

Jaune struggled frantically but he just couldn't break free of his binds. He found himself being thrown onto the ground and he could hear the sounds of a crowd of people all conversing to one another. He didn't like where this was going.

"I bring before you all two witches that have tried to infiltrate our ranks!" Jeanne shouted. There was a bunch of shouting and arguing but there was no distinct voice that stood out among the noise. "Silence! I know what you're all thinking but I have seen their witchcraft with my own two eyes! Behold this deadly contraption!"

Jaune could hear the sounds of metal shifting and he knew it was Crescent Rose.

"I have dealt with many witches in the past and I will not have these two causing mischief among my men. Dealing with witches will only lead to pain and agony further down our journey. What do you say my loyal soldiers! Shall we deal with these treacherous witches now or be at their mercy later!" His speech was responded with positive feedback.

'They're actually buying this!? I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this but I see I don't have much of a choice. Good thing I've had time to restore my aura. Okay focus, this one needs to be really big. Don't panic and just take your time'

"Let us start with the woman!"

'Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry' Jaune was practically mentally screaming at this point. The men were so focused on Jeanne's speech that they didn't notice that Jaune was beginning the glow. Jeanne, however, did take notice of this and raised his blade to cut down Jaune before he could do anything. Jaune released his aura before Jeanne could carry out the attack. His aura caused a bright flash that blinded everyone except for Ruby who wasn't able to see it. Ruby picked up on what was going on and sprang into action. All Jaune could hear was a couple of grunts and bodies slamming against the ground. Jaune's bag was removed and his hands were freed.

'Thank Oum that Ruby's with me' Jaune thought as he stood up and examined the situation. Most of the men had already recovered from blinding flash but some of the men that were closer to Jaune were still recovering, that included Jeanne. Jaune saw that Jeanne had both Crocea Mors so he rushed over and took his time examining the blades to determine which one was his.

"You heathen, when I get my hands on you!"

"Yea, whatever you say, but in the meantime I'm just take back my sword, thanks a bunch" Jaune said finally determining which one was his. He ran and rejoined Ruby who was fending off a bunch of soldiers.

"Can we go now?" Ruby asked swatting away one of the soldiers with ease.

"Yeah let's get outta here"

Ruby started making a path through the camp. More of the soldiers were recovering and heading to help out their fellow soldiers.

Jaune glanced through the crowd and saw the cage where they were held captive. He also saw that the faunus was awake and was curled up in a ball.

'I can't just leave him here. If I do then they'll probably kill him.'

"Ruby I'm going to help out that faunus, I'll meet up with you in the woods"

"Oh no, that plan is destined to fail and you know it. I'll coming with you"

"You sure"

"Did you wanna go by yourself?"

"No, thanks for your help"

"Ya know you would be dead already if it wasn't for me?"

"Can we finish this conversation later?"

"Whatever you say Vomit boy"

Ruby was taking out everything in her path and even Jaune seemed to be doing fairly well against the soldiers.

They eventually made it to the cage and Ruby wasted no time in cutting through it like it was butter. Jaune entered the cage and offered his hand to the faunus. The faunus instead got up and shoved pass the two and scurried off into the woods. His speed almost rivaled Ruby's even when she was using her semblance. Ruby decided to follow the faunus and since she was the only one of the two that would be able to actually keep up she decided to pick up Jaune using crescent rose in its scythe form.

"Ruby I'm not comfortable with this!"

"Just hold on tight and you'll be fine"

"But I-" Jaune was interrupted by the sudden burst of speed as Ruby dashed through the camp and through the woods to where she thought the faunus had headed. Jaune was clinging onto Crescent Rose for dear life. He was both amazed at how some of the scenery looked when you were going this fast, but at the same time he was terrified at how fast things would come at him. Each time something was about to hit him they would change direction, sometimes it was just out of Ruby's forgetfulness that Jaune was now a passenger and other times it was purely intentional just so she could see the look on his face.

Eventually they caught up with the faunus and were trying to get his attention.

"Hey stop! We just want to talk to you!" Jaune shouted

"HAH! I've heard that before, filthy human!"

Jaune was mildly insulted by that last remark but brushed it off. Jaune noticed that the faunus' run seemed a little off as if he were injured. His thoughts were interrupted as the faunus tripped and ran into a tree. Ruby came to a stop next to the faunus and tried to help him up but her help was rejected.

"Quit following me!"

"We're only trying to help" Ruby responded in a calm voice. The faunus laughed at her and tried to get up but as soon as he started to rise he winced in pain and fell back down.

"You're injured, you shouldn't be trying to get up" Jaune said

"I don't need your petty advice, I'm perfectly fine!"

Jaune wasn't convinced at all but he could see that the faunus was too stubborn to admit that he was actually injured.

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud growl that came from nearby.

"That sounded like an Ursa" Jaune said "We need to get moving, that sounded like one of the larger Ursi"

The faunus tried to stand again only to fall down.

"Let us help you" pleaded Jaune


"So you won't let us carry you?"

"Did I stutter?"

Jaune looked at Ruby and there was a silent agreement. They both took their battle stances and were covering for the faunus.

"I told you I don't your he-"

"We're not helping you. I just have an urge to fight something" Jaune interrupted. "In this particular spot, totally not helping you though"

The faunus tried to protest but every time he did he was shut down by Jaune. Eventually the faunus gave in and accepted their help.

The grimm never showed up however. They did hear the sounds of fighting start in the distance.

"We should probably keep going. I know this area well and the only people even remotely close are Jeanne's squad and a large group of grimm" said the faunus. Ruby offered a helping hand for the third time. This time the faunus did not immediately reject it. He slowly raised his hand to meet hers but he froze up and looked over towards one of the trees that were behind Jaune.

"Look out!" he shouted as an Ursa major broke through one of the trees. Jaune turned around Just in time to meet the Ursa's claw with his shield. He held his ground and managed to push back a little.

"Ruby take him…and…get…out…of…here" He struggled to say.


"Now! I'll be there shortly."

Ruby slung the faunus' arm over her shoulder and began to move away from the fight. The faunus looked back at the standoff and couldn't help but have mixed feelings for the situation.

"You're comrade…will he be alright?" the faunus asked.

"Jaune? I sure hope so" Ruby responded, worry evident in her voice.

Jaune pushed away the Ursa's claw and quickly backed away.

"I've killed one of you before…I mean later…ah forget it" Jaune rushed at the Ursa but instead of just flinging himself at it he rolled to the side as the Ursa swung one of its claws at the boy. Jaune managed to get on the right side of the Ursa but was swatted into a tree. Jaune had come up with another plan that might get him killed but it was a plan nonetheless. He started to charge at the Ursa again and as Jaune expected, it raised its claw to swat Jaune away. Jaune used his aura and flooded into his legs to give him an extra boost. The sudden increase in speed surprised the creature and gave it no time to react. Jaune slid underneath the belly of the beast and came out on the backside of the Ursa. He mounted on top of the beast and stabbed his sword into its back.

The Ursa, unfortunately, did not die right away and began to run through the woods at a fast pace. Jaune struggled to stay on the Ursa but he had to admit that Nora was right about the fun you could have riding these things. Jaune could hear the sounds of fighting getting closer or rather he was getting closer to the fight. He could see the light of a clearing up ahead and decided to see what was going on.

The woods gave way to another battlefield. Jaune could see all the destruction and mayhem that was going on. The faunus was right about one thing though, there were only humans and grimm. Jaune could feel his skin crawl as he caught a glimpse of Jeanne at the frontlines of the fight.

"We will not rest until we've found those prisoners!" he shouted decapitating an Ursa. One of the archers noticed Jaune on top of the Ursa and pulled out an arrow with four explosive dust crystals attached.

'That's a little overkill' Jaune thought but he got the message and leaped off the Ursa just before it was shot and exploded. Jaune shielded himself with his aura and was blown back by the sheer force of the explosion. This arrow held so much firepower that it created a wall of fire that separated Jaune from the rest of the battle. At this point Jeanne had also taken notice of Jaune and walked right up to the fire.

He stood in front of the flames but didn't dare go any further. Jaune could see the malice and rage in his eyes at being humiliated in front of his men. Jaune returned with his own defiant glare. No words were spoken, only a heated stare down took place. The only thing that kept Jaune safe was the wall of fire that had resulted from the earlier explosion. Jaune knew that it wouldn't take long for Jeanne and his men to find another way around. Jaune broke the gaze first and sprinted back into the woods. He could hear Jeanne shout orders at his men and knew that there wasn't much time left before his men would catch up to Ruby and the faunus. Jaune sprinted with all he had back to the two.

He just hoped he wouldn't be too late.

A/N- I'm starting to enjoy this more and more. The training arc is almost done and if anyone can guess what the next arc is going to be about, I'll reward one with something I've been hiding that will be revealed in a couple more chapters. I now realize that this story is going a lot slower than I originally thought it would, so I have to either cut some things out or put more content into each chapter. Looks like you lads and ladies are getting longer and more content packed chapters. I thank all of you who have been faithful readers and I promise you that things will get more interesting, just bear with me. Please leave a review and tell me what you think, am I sucking at this or not, and thank you all again. Have a good day, Carnage out.