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Jack Frost waited outside of the medical room, pacing back and forth impatiently down the long hallway of Norths Medical Facility. His thoughts were racing, Jack wasn't sure if he could do this, after all he was full of fun, not responsibility. From behind him, Jack heard the sound of clicking sounds running toward him. Jack turned around to see North a.k.a Santa Clause running toward him. As North got closer to Jack he began to stumble over his own two feet, and fell flat on his face, right in front of Jacks feet.

Jack rolled his eyes, before bending over to help his friend up, "How is Rapunzel?" North asked as he brushed the dust off his red suit. Jack saw the big man glance at him with his big childlike eyes, Jack just rolled his eyes at North.

'North really knows how to lighten the mood.' Jack thought to himself as he settled down in a chair grasping the bridge of his nose. "I don't know North, all they've told me is that she's still alive," Jack rubbed his eyes, and then looked over to his friend, "Your doctor elf isn't very good at holding a conversation either." Jack stated as he watched a smirk appear upon North's face.

"You are a strange one Jack. You know, that all of my elf's have wonderful manners. This is a wonderful life changing event! You should be excited!" North exclaimed, smacking Jack hard on his back. Jack chuckled at the old man's enthusiasm, before turning his head toward the door waiting for at least one elf to come out with good news. Jack leaned forward, fiddling with his thumbs, his thoughts stayed on Rapunzel.

North looked over and saw the discomfort in Jack, he watched the young boy twiddle his thumbs and look toward the medical doors again. North chuckled under his breath, before sitting beside the young man. North threw one arm over Jacks shoulders and pulled him into a side hug.

"Jack you don't need to worry about what is going to happen. You are a good kid, and a good husband. Do you remember the first time you made a mistake?" North asked gazing down at Jack who looked at him inquisitively.

"Well of course I do North, but this is a little more complicated than freezing the kangaroo in his own hole." North nodded his head at the young man, pressing his finger at Jacks heart, continuing with his point.

"Exactly, you see I... wait…what? That was your first mistake?" North's happy expression turned into a worried one in less than a second, with his eyebrow raised. Jack just shrugged his shoulders, "I have more but that's probably my first, it was really funny too." Jack smacked his leg and started laughing.

"We will discuss that later, but no Jack, what I'm trying to say is that you learn from mistakes, they are what make you into the great person you were meant to be. You remembered what you did wrong and you fixed it. You matured, you will do an excellent job, trust me, I am Santa Clause." North said with a chuckle.

"I don't think your understanding this North, this isn't some winter issue, or learning from my mistakes that were talking about you know? You can't just tell me what I'm supposed to do because you don't even have this issue…." Before Jack was able to finish, the medical door slowly opened revealing a tiny elf. Both the men stood up out of their seats and walked over to the tiny elf. Jack just wanted to know if Rapunzel was ok, he had been in that hallway for almost an hour contemplating on what was going on. He had no idea what to expect, no other guardian had a situation like this, at least, none that he knew of.

The elf gestured for the two men to follow him into the room where Rapunzel laid holding a tiny baby wrapped in a white blanket. She looked down at the baby with loving eyes, lifting her head to look up at Jack and North with that beautiful smile Jack always loved to see. Jack had never seen his wife so happy in his entire life, he could remember only one time that she had given him that look across her face and that was when she fell in love with him.

Jack didn't notice he had been standing in the entrance of the doorway admiring her from a distance. "Jack, are you just going to stand there and look at me like that? Or come over here and meet your daughter?" Rapunzel asked, still smiling up at him as she held the baby close to her. Truth is he was afraid to walk over to her side, what if he made a mistake holding the baby, or if the baby slipped out of his arms or he ended up making the baby to cold. Jack didn't want his baby to be hurt or worse… hurt by him.

"I've had enough of this," North pushed his way through the door, shoving Jack out of his way, causing the Jack to lose his balance and fall onto the ground with his staff, "I want to hold the tiny baby girl!" North exclaimed as he rushed to Rapunzel's side, holding out his arms to her, awaiting to hold the tiny infant in his arms.

Rapunzel let out a small chuckle at North and handed him the baby. She listened as North began to sing a Russian lullaby, gently swaying the baby back and forth in his arms. She always admired North's childlike attitude. Rapunzel knew North, loved children more than anything, but seeing him with her baby made her realize just how much his job meant to him.

Rapunzel looked over toward her husband, as he picked himself off the ground, looking at North with both jealousy and admiration. "Jack…" Rapunzel said his name so softly, that it caught his attention. Jack walked slowly over to the other side of Rapunzel's bedside, avoiding the very jolly old man.

Jack gave Rapunzel a charming smile, his baby blue eyes danced with romance as he leaned against his staff. Staring into his wife's green hazy eyes. To Jack, Rapunzel looked even more radiant even with the sweat and her exhaustion, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"Jack why are you avoiding holding our baby?" before Jack could speak up Rapunzel had beat him to it, "I already checked for fangs, so I'm pretty sure babies are nothing like the stories Gothel had told me. Don't worry she won't be biting you if that's what your worried about."

"No… Punzie, it's not that," Jack sighed placing his hand on Rapunzel's cheek, "I'm just afraid of hurting the baby, she is so small and delicate, and all I do is cause mistakes and disaster."

"Jack that's not true, everyone makes mistakes every now and again This is just a new situation for both of us." She pressed her face into Jacks palm, kissing his ice-cold skin with her rosy red lips, "I believe you're not going to hurt her in anyway." Rapunzel told him grasping his hand with her own.

Jack looked down at his wife, 'She always knows what to say, just like North, and maybe she's right.' He thought to himself. Jack gave his wife's hand a squeeze before slowly walking over to North to look at his little girl. Jack looked down at the tiny infant, her skin was snow white like his own, her hair was a shimmering silver color, and she had Rapunzel's looks.

North looked down at Jack who was staring at the sleeping babe, he watched Jack place his staff along the wall quietly before reaching his arms out to hold her. North smiled at Jack and slowly placed the sleeping infant into Jacks arms. The old man crossed his arms in front of his chest releasing a joyous laugh, "See Jack, It's not so bad, you're holding the baby like pro, no?"

Jack smiled down at his daughter, she was so light, and small he couldn't believe how much she resembled her mother. Jack ignored North's comment and just swayed his little girl in his arms, whispering a promise only he and his sleeping daughter could hear, "I'm going to be the best dad I can be for you, I'm going to keep you safe from all harm, I promise."

Jack slowly walked over to Rapunzel's side still gazing at his daughter with that adoring smile of his. Rapunzel looked up at her husband and spoke, "You know Jack she still doesn't have a name yet. I wanted to wait until you came into the room to see her, so we both could decide on a name."

Jack thought about girl names, he had been around the world and learned so many girls name, but he could only think of his little sister's name Emma, and then it hit him, "Elsa, lets name her Elsa."

Rapunzel smiled in approval, "I think that's a wonderful name, Elsa Lynn Frost." She said to her husband. Jack smiled at his wife and sitting down beside Rapunzel, placing Elsa in her arms. "Why Elsa, Jack?" Rapunzel asked in curiosity looking into Jacks blue eyes.

"Because my sisters middle name was Elsa, it seemed to fit our daughter just right." Jack held onto Elsa's tiny hand, he could feel the infants grip tighten on his pinky finger. "She's strong Punzie; she must get that from her old man."

North gave Jack a shove that was hard enough to knock him over, "The child has the grip of her uncle North, and I will teach her everything I know about how to fight. Then when she is ready, she can take a few swings at her old man eh? What you think Jack?"

Jack chuckled at the thought of his daughter being trained to fight by Santa, "I don't think that Elsa is going to be a violent girl." Jack said as he got up from the bed, turning to kiss his tired wife goodnight. Jack watched as the nursing elf's grabbed Elsa from Rapunzel's arms and carry her back into the nursery. North and Jack quietly left the room and began picking up their conversation in the hallway.

"And since when were you nominated to be Elsa's uncle?" Jack asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I am Santa Clause, and since I am the one who gives out presents each year, know when a child is bad or good, and since I provide a home for every one of you, I say I am uncle." North stated with his head held high. Both men chuckled at each other and continued walking down to North's workshop with the rest of the fellow guardians to share the big news.