Unwanted Surprises

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"Finally, I finished delivering all the Easter eggs, and its only 6 in the morning!" Bunny exclaimed as he lifted his arms above his head, cracking his back. He could not help but be a little overjoyed, for once; his time was becoming faster than old St. Nick, not even Jack Frost had interrupted this morning with unwanted snow. Feeling accomplished, Bunny took one last look at his last work, releasing a sigh of relief as he thought of all the happy children who would wake up to find their baskets filled with candy.

"All right, time to get back to Easter Island for a nice long nap before I have to start all over again tomorrow." With a tap of his foot, bunny opened a giant rabbit's hole in the Earth, jumped in, and raced back to his home. As he arrived to his spring island, his tiny Easter eggs danced on a successful mission and the arrival of their beloved Easter Bunny.

Bunny raised his arms in the air as the eggs began to jump up and down with joy, "Ok settle down guys, I need to get some shut-eye before morning." He said as he carefully hopped over all of his eggs to his cottage. Hopping over to his nice warm bed, Bunny Slipped under the covers, burying his face into the pillow, and began to drift off to sleep. Bunny felt something cold and wet fall on his nose, waking him up in a stir, "Who's their?" Bunny leapt from his bed quickly pulling out his boomerangs for an attack, "What are you a coward show yourself or-"Bunny was hit from the back and fell to the ground.

A sound of a child's laughter caused Bunny to get back up in a slow motion; he looked down to the ground and saw traces of snow that dripped from his back. Bunny raised his eyebrow; he knew Jack would not be here at this hour, or maybe. "Jack Frost! You've gone and crossed a line now!" Bunny yelled hopping to every corner of his room to find that no good excuse for a guardian. A snowball hit Bunny in the face, "Rabbit hunt! Rabbit hunt!" a child yelled from in front of the now angry Easter Bunny.

Wiping the snow off his eyes, he looked down to see a little girl with pale blonde hair, clapping from all the excitement. The girl was in her blue pajamas, blue slippers, and had her hair pulled back in a braid. Bunny rolled his eyes at the blue-eyed child, and went to grab her in his arms, but the girl retreated to hide under his bed.

"Elsa ya little devil, get out from under that bed right this second!" He got down on his knees and lifted the cover looking underneath the bed for the young child. "You know its Easter, which means I left you something extra special at your home." Bunny heard the sound of scampering little feet from behind him, turning around to see one of his flower vases shake from an accidental bump. "Got yea!" Bunny whispered to himself as he leapt for the nightstand knocking over the vase.

He held up Elsa by her feet, "Thought you could outsmart a rabbit eh, Sheila? Well you're not as swift as your daddy." Bunny said with a smile, placing the child in his arms, cradling her like a baby. Bunny watched Elsa squirm and giggle, she had obviously had a lot of fun hitting him with snowballs, and running around his home.

"Again Rabbit! Let's build a snow bunny or a snowman!" Elsa wailed in the Easter Bunny's arms as she began to form another snowball only to have it crumble in her tiny hands.

"Aw man! Just let me try again I'll get it I promise." Bunny chuckled at Elsa's enthusiasm as he watched her try to form another one. Bunny placed his hand over hers to stop Elsa, she looked up into his eyes not understanding why he didn't want to play.

He raised his eyebrow at her, "Do your parents know where you are Elsa? You know your daddy isn't going to be happy when he finds out you snuck away using uncle North's snow globe."

"Gee I wonder what I might do if I found out, eh Bunny?" A voice said from behind Bunny.

Bunny turned around to see Jack standing in the doorway leaning on his shepherd's staff just watching Elsa's with angry eyes. Elsa buried her face in Bunny's chest, hiding her face in his fur, as she made sure not to look at her papa. Bunny shrugged his shoulders at Jack, "Ah common mate she was just looking to have some fun is all." Bunny announced trying to help Elsa out, "She even got a face shot! For a 3-year-old her aim is getting better each day Jack."

Jack tried to keep a serious face at the mentioning of his daughter planting the kangaroo in the face with a snowball, but could not. He began to laugh hysterically at his fellow Guardian, causing Elsa to lift her face from Bunny's chest to laugh along with her father. Jack looked over at his daughter, his arms stretched out to her with his gleaming smile, "That's my little girl!" He said, with a hint of laughter in his voice.

Elsa smiled at her father before leaping out of Bunny's arms; she gave him a quick kiss on his check, and ran into her daddy's arms. Elsa threw her arms tightly around Jacks neck as Jack picked her up in his arms patting her back softly.

"Thanks for finding her bunny." Jack said, placing his staff in the back of his hoodie.

"What are you talking about mate I didn't even know she was missing until the little devil had a bloody snow ball fight in my room?" Bunny yelled to his wintery friend, who was paying no attention to the oversized rabbit, and rolled his eyes dropping a snow globe on the ground. A portal formed in front of them, "Sorry about the trouble Bunny, have a goodnight rest." Jack replied tipping his head toward his friend before stepping into the portal.

Jack and Elsa appeared inside Santa's workshop watching all the elf's scurry to work on toys and the yeti's rushing over to fix the elf's mistakes. Jack watched them in amusement, he thought that the yeti's and elf would take a break with North being gone for the weekend, maybe he was the only one who liked being on the naughty list ever year. With Elsa still in his arms, Jack carefully stepped around all the busy elf's, and toward the double doors across the room. Phil the yeti, saw Jack passing by with Elsa in his arms, and dropped the toy he was repainting to run over and open the doors for his wintery friend.

Elsa waved goodbye to Phil as her dad passed him, watching the yeti respond back with a smile and wave as he shut the doors behind them. Elsa didn't understand why no one wanted to play with her, she didn't have anyone that was her age around uncle North's palace or even have someone who didn't mind the snow besides her papa. She wasn't even allowed to go for sleigh rides with her uncle because her papa didn't want her in a rickety old sleigh because he claimed it was too dangerous. Elsa just wanted to know why no one ever had anytime for her, why no one wanted to play any games, or have any fun besides working all the time.

Jack felt his daughter's little arms tighten around his neck as they neared Elsa's room, her tiny body stiffened in his arms, as she clung to him refusing to let him go. Using a gust of wind to open Elsa's bedroom door Jack saw Elsa's frost drawings on the window of the her entire family. He couldn't help but smile , she certainly was just like him when it came to winter, but had Rapunzel's caring heart and artistic talent. Shaking the fun Jack off, he placed himself back into father mode and put on the grown up act as he walked his daughter over to her bed.

"Papa why didn't Rabbit want to play snow games with me?" Elsa mumbled into Jacks shoulder.

"Because Elsa, Rabbit doesn't know how to have any fun," he answered placing Elsa on her bed, " and don't think you're out of trouble missy. I'll let your mother know about this when she gets done putting your sister to sleep." Jack said sternly as he took off Elsa's slippers. Jack grabbed the heavy blue blanket at the end of the bed and covered Elsa in its warmth and tucked her in.

"Papa, why am I in trouble?" she asked innocently as she sat up looking at her folded hands on her lap.

Jack sat down on the bed and looked deep into Elsa's big blue eyes, " Elsa, you know why you're in trouble. You know better than to use your uncle North's snow globes to sneak of too places. What if you would have gone to the real world you would've gotten hurt or worse."

Elsa looked down at her tiny hands, she didn't understand why she couldn't do anything at all, "But papa I didn't, I just wanted to play with Bunny! I learned how to make snow balls now, and I wanted to show him when he got home." She said in a hushed voice .

"Elsa I know you meant well sweet heart, but what if you would have gone to the real world and showed them your special abilities? Do you have any idea what they would do to you?" Jack watched as Elsa began to cry, he knew she did not mean any harm, but he wanted her to understand why she shouldn't run off . Jack let out a sigh; he knew in his heart that she was too young to understand what he was trying to tell her. He scooted closer to his daughter giving her a hug and patted the back of her head to calm her . "Its ok Elsa, just promise me you'll never do that again," He asked pulling her away from him to see Elsa's tear-stained face, "Promise?"

Elsa rubbed her eyes wiping away all the left over tears, and gave her papa a small smile, "I promise papa, I will never run away again." Jack smiled back at his daughter and gave her a kiss on her forehead and walked over to the door. As Jack reached her bedroom door he turned his head around to see Elsa laying down with her eyes closed as she cuddled with her blue blanket.

"Goodnight Elsa." Jack whispered opening the door quietly pulling the door shut behind him as he left.

Jack swung his staff back and forth down the long hallway, contemplating to himself about Elsa's safety. He just did not know how to stress how important it was for her to stay home, where it was safe, where she could be away from any form of danger. While he thought of all the ways to keep her home, his frustration built up inside causing him to swing his staff even harder. When Jack went to go pull his staff back he couldn't looking up to see that his staff was entangled into something with curly fiery hair.

"Hey! Your stick is stuck in my hair Jack! What the heck were ya thinking swinging that thing in the hallway?" Mérida shouted at him as she pulled her tangled hair trying to lose the staff.

Rolling his eyes, Jack helped Mérida lose her hair from his staffs Shepard's end, listening to her gripe with each tug and pull. When the staff was free from her hair, Jack couldn't help but chuckle at Merida's face expression, she almost looked like tinker bell when she was really jealous with envy.

Mérida crossed her arms in front of her chest, "Well?" she asked.

"Well what?" Jack responded with a raised eyebrow, leaning against his staff with his mischievous look plastered on his face. Mérida shocked at his response and dropped her arms, her jaw dropped, and her blue eyes widened. "Are ya not going to apologize for swinging yere stupid stick into my hair?" Mérida asked, stepping closer to the wintery youth.

"Mérida it's not a stick it's a staff, maybe this is a sign to finally tame that hair of yours." Jack mocked, pointing his finger toward her hair.

"Look buddy," Mérida got right up in Jacks face, no longer being able to restrain herself any longer as she pressed her finger into his chess, "Maybe next time you should try to be a little more careful with that stick or I'm going to shove it right up yer-"

"Mérida!" Hiccup shouted before Mérida could finish her sentence. He ran up to the both of them, "Now what on earth is going on, it's not even close to seven in the morning and you two are already having a blowout." Hiccup said separating the two from each other, and to make sure that they stayed that way, he stood in between them.

Mérida crossed her arms over her chest, looking at Jack as if she was about to unleash the furry on him. "I went out to get a wee glass of milk to drink, and I'm walking down the hallway only to be met with a stick in my hair, what were ya aiming for aye Jack? My face?" Her words were anything but nice as they both shared a stare down which made Hiccup feel uncomfortable to see.

"No your Highness, I wasn't. I'm sorry about the stick in the hair thing, I was just thinking about Elsa and wanted to swing my staff up and down the hallway. Unluckily for me it met your mess of bunched up hair!" Jack yelled back at her. Before Hiccup could speak up the two leapt for each other, with Hiccup right in the middle of the fight. Jack and Mérida were pulling at each other's hair, kicking, and using their powers at one another. Hiccup managed to escape the craziness and ran to get the only one who would be able to stop them, Rapunzel, and her extremely long hair.

Rapunzel cradled her baby daughter, Anna, near the fireplace rocking her back and forth in the wooden rocking chair that North made for Rapunzel when Elsa was born. Taking in the warmth of the fireplace Rapunzel closed her weary eyes and began to hum a lullaby to the infant. 'I never thought I could be so happy in my life, I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful little girls, and wonderful friends.' Rapunzel thought to herself.

She opened her eyes to look down at her sleeping daughter, watching as the light from the fire glowed upon the small child's face. Anna was nothing like Elsa was, her skin was not as pale, her hair was a strawberry blonde, and Anna had not gained any abilities so far. Anna however did receive her fathers pointed nose and ice colored eyes, but Rapunzel did not care, she loved everything about Anna, 'Maybe she'll have a dream of being an artist!' Rapunzel thought excitedly as she carefully raised herself out of the rocking chair and walked across the room to a white cradle beside Rapunzel and Jacks bed.

Gently she placed Anna into her crib, kissing her soft forehead and took in the smell of the new baby scent. Rapunzel walked back over to the fireplace sitting back down in her rocking chair and tried to sleep before having to get up in the next few hours. She let her tired eyelids shut and inhaled a deep breath before exhaling with a relaxed sigh, letting Sandy's sweet dream take over with a warm summers day with her family.

A banging at her door, caused Rapunzel to wake up in an alarm, she quickly jumped out of the rocking chair and ran for the door, hoping it had nothing to do with Elsa being in any danger. As Rapunzel swung the door open, she was relieved, to find that it was only Hiccup, his clothes torn, scratch marks, and bruises were plain on his face.

Rapunzel gave him a raised eyebrow; her green eyes peered into his, "Uh… Good morning Hiccup," she said, worried to ask him what he had done, "You look…. Very…. isn't a new look for you is it?" she asked trying to stay polite about his situation.

Hiccup ignored everything she said and grabbed a hold of her hand, running down the hallway, "Not now Rapunzel, you need to stop Jack and Mérida. There's been a misunderstanding and you're the only one who can stop them, I tried to help resolve the problem and they ended up getting me into the fight!"

She nodded her head and took her hand out of his following Hiccup down the long hallway, both racing to stop the fight before it got out of hand.

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