"I can't believe you got them to allow me to come with you guys, Duke!" I exclaim to my brother.

My brother is Duke, he is in the military and his men, including their best friend, Ripcord, are transporting some possible warheads. I'm not in the army, but I am obsessed with weapons and defense. We've been riding for some time in silence since the initial departure.

"Yeah, it took a lot of convincing, so behave", Duke warn me.

"I know Duke this is not the first time I've been on a mission with you", I remind him. "Tell him Ripcord".

"Yeah Duke, Mystie been everywhere minor and this is no different", Ripcord say.

I give Duke the "in-your-face" look. Duke just smirk and roll his eyes. We return to silence, only for a few minutes before Rip break it.

"Duke, weren't we suppose to meet them at 40 klicks?" Rip ask.

"Yeah, why?" Duke replies.

"We just past kilometer 41", I inform.

"Eyes out! Eyes out!" Duke commands.

"All clear, nothing but us up here", one of the choppers sends back.

Before we can comprehend what is happening, one of our choppers is hit by some weird force. It instantly explodes and falls out the air. It lands in front of the trucks. I scream in shock. The second chopper goes to try and take out the aircraft but after a small fight is hit as well. Duke gives them the order to fan out. One truck is hit and it flips over burning. Our truck is hit, but lucky for us inside it only flips over. I hit my head and feel slightly dizzy. Duke help get Ripcord out, he turns to me.

"Just worry about Ripcord, I can get myself out", I tell him.

Duke goes to protest but I give him the look. He nods and continues to help get Ripcord to safety. I climb out the vehicle, grab a gun, and hide behind a tree. This not something I'm is use to, I am not a war girl. I look from behind my tree and see my brother running after a lady. I make a quick decision to go after them. I catch up just in time for the woman to escape. Duke is staring up at the craft as it flies off. Three people approach Duke and me, aiming weapons at us. Duke and I automatically bring up their guns.

"Stand down! Stand the hell down!" Duke demands.

"What he said", I reinforce.

"Put your gun down, son", the big guy request.

"We're not your enemy", the redhead girl says.

"That doesn't exactly make you my friend, either", Duke counters.

"Yeah, a friend wouldn't hold a weapon at us" I add.

"Hand over the case", the guy in the middle request.

"Look, I don't know who you are and I sure as hell don't know who they are. So until I find out I'm not lowering or handing anything over", Duke announce.

I nod my head in agreement, though on the inside I'm is screaming to run away.

"If it weren't for us you'd be like the rest of your boys", the big British man reminds.

"So hand over the case", the redhead request.

Just then Ripcord comes from behind the tree nearby.

"What's your unit?" Rip ask.

"That's classified", the woman answers.

"Classified, my ass", I mutter.

"Someone would like to have a word with you", the guy in the middle states as he step forward.

He jams a rod in to the dirt and steps back. A second later a hologram of a man pops up. I feel my eyes pop open a bit in shock and amazement. This is so cool.

"State your name and rank", the holodude demands.

"You first".

"My team just saved your life, son, this is the part where you get to say thank you", holodude reminds.

"Yeah, well they did a pretty suck ass job since if it weren't for my brother the warheads would be with the bad guys", I remind him.

The redhead gives me a look between annoyance and respect. I send a smile back.

"Those aren't the words that come to mind right now. I wasn't told anything about support on this mission. So why don't you tell your team to stand down", Duke suggest.

"You know we could turn this into on big turkey shooting", Ripcord offers.

Just as Duke agrees a masked guy in all black armor put a sword to Ripcord's neck. I break out a huge grin before hiding it. Where he come from? He must be a ninja! That is so cool!

A hololady hands holodude some papers before disappearing again.

"Easy Ripcord."

"Man, how do you know me?" Rip ask still at sword point.

The holodude begins telling Ripcord's information. I pay him no mind; I openly stare at the ninja. I wonder what's his name is. Maybe I can get him to tell me where he is from. What do he look like? Does he have a girlfriend? It isn't until I realize Duke is moving towards the mystery group do I stop staring at ninja boy. Everyone walks to their amazing aircraft. I walk next to Ripcord, who is next to the ninja.

"Hey, Ripcord, you may wanna change your pants. I think you peed your pants", I tease him.

He blushes and quickly looks down to check. He glares at me when he sees he didn't. I just give him an innocent smile. I notice ninja boy's shoulders shaking as if he was laughing. He raises his hand up and I give him a high five before laughing too.

"That's not funny, Mystie", Ripcord pout.

"What did I say about being upset and say my name?" I ask.

"Not to use your name or Swift if I'm not a happy camper", he recite.

"Exactly and are you a happy camper?" I ask.

"No", He answers.

"Alright. Come on ninja man, you're my new best friend so you get to sit by me", I say to ninja man.

I grab his hand and skip on to the aircraft getting weird looks from everyone else.