Hey guys sorry I've been gone so long! My family and I moved to the next state, Indiana! Yeah, we were moving before, during, and after Christmas break. We had a lot of stuff; my family was in that place for 40 years. Then I had to still go to my old school, so I've been living with my cousin. I didn't have my laptop with the already finished product. So, here I am, moved, transferred, and ready to update. ENJOY!

"Duke, give me back my blanket!" I yell as I try to get my favorite blanket back from Duke. "It's cold!"

"Uh, no, beside you stole my hoodies, just wear one of them!" He yells back.

"No, that's for when I'm dressed relaxed and cold", I pout.

"Well you're cold and relaxing, so go get one", Duke counter.

"I'll get Snake Eyes to attack you in your sleep" I threaten him.

"I doubt he'd take orders from you", he mock.

"It's not an order, it's a request from his BFFAI", I argue.

"What the hell does 'BFFAI' mean?" he asks.

"Best friend forever and infinity" I say. "Now blanket!"

"Seriously, you just met him! Do you even know if he wants to be your best friend forever and infinity?"

I glare at Duke with such a fury he winces. I hate how he does that. He always doubts me and brings down me down. He always sticks up for me against anyone else but himself. Duke is a hypocrite like that, one minute it's "don't let anyone bring you down" then it's "you can't do it, Myst, just forget it".

"Duke, you're a really crappy brother, you know that?" I announce before walking to the corner far away. I pull out my new phone Breaker made for me; plug in my headphones, and play 'Keep Holding on' by Avril Lavigne. I close my eyes and let my mind wonder.

A brown hair, brown eyed boy and I, at eleven years old, are lying under a cherry blossom tree. He's lying on his back with his arms behind his head. I am lying on my side with my head resting on his stomach. We sit in silence before I break it.

"Coco, you are my best friend, you know that?" I say with my eyes closed.

"How is that so? I met you two days ago and I'm sure you've got all kinds of friends back home", he states.

"No, I don't. Everyone just thinks I'm weird and avoid me", I admit, a tear slip out of my eye.

I feel him wipe it off. I open my eyes to see him craning his neck to look at me. He is looking deep into my eyes with the deepest milk chocolate eyes I've ever seen. This is why I call him Coco. The look in his eyes is why I also call him my best friend, it's a look of care, understanding, concern, and protectiveness that I think a best friend would possess.

"You are weird, an awesome weird, anyone that says different is gonna have to deal with me. I'm proud to call you my best friend", he declares.

"Forever?" I ask hopeful.

"Forever", he confirms.

"And infinity?" I ask as well.

"It's the same thing, Silly", he says shaking his head.

I don't care; I just keep looking at him expectantly. He notice and roll his eyes.

"Yes, Swift, and infinity", he finally confirms.

I smile at him before I lean up and kiss his cheek. He blushes and smiles back at me.

I come out of my flashback slightly confused. I don't remember this. It had to have happen before my accident. I wonder who that little boy is. Before I can continue thinking about it, I feel a tap on my nose. I open my eyes to see Breaker. I pull my headphones out and stand up. I look around and notice General Hawk standing in front of Duke and Ripcord. I walk over and stand by Rip.

"Mystie nice of you to join us", he says jokily.

"Sorry, haven't had chocolate all day", I reply.

He smiles before going General again.

"Mystie, you scored in the top half of anyone we've ever tested even better than your brother", he informs me.

"Well I had to, to keep up with this fiery redhead over here", I joke pointing at Scarlett.


I nod and give a weak smile. I walk out the room, I hear footsteps behind me.

"Leave me alone, Rip", I request without looking back.

"It's not Ripcord", Scarlett says.

"Oh, hi", I reply.

"Why are you upset?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me", she challenges me.

"He doubts me. He's my brother, he's suppose support me, encourage me no matter how crazy it gets, but no he tells me I can't do it. I wanted to be a martial artist, he said "don't even try, you'll just get injured, and ask me to defend you". I wanted to join the army and all I hear is "I'm not strong enough to join". Military, he said "no, I don't wanna have to constantly make sure you don't get killed". I've always looked up to Duke, I've been there for everything, but he couldn't support me in anything", I monologue.

"That is completely illogical", she replies.

"See you don't get it and based off how you're reacting to Rip … you'll never understand. I gotta feed my hamster", I finish.

I leave her there to think and walk around the pit.