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North let out a sigh as he picked out the last paper on which a little kid wrote her wishes. Expecting to see messy kid-kind handwriting, he was surprised when he saw how beautiful the writings were on the paper. He narrowed his eyes and looked closely on the piece of paper on his hand. He suspected that this was not written by a kid but he did not expect that it was written by a princess, moreover, the princess of Arendelle –the most powerful and most famous kingdom in the world for it was filled with wonders. He read the letter from the princess carefully.

Dear Santa Claus,

My sister, Elsa –the Queen- has been working all day long and she barely has time to get some rest. She would only rest when the moon is up in the sky and I know that her duties are pressuring her. Now that I'm happily in love with Kristoff –my boyfriend-, I couldn't help but notice that Elsa is alone, always and when I say always, literally, ALWAYS.

I know this is pretty crazy but I've been wondering if you could send someone that Elsa could fell in love with. I wanted her to be happy and seeing how love made me and Kristoff extremely happy, I want her to feel the same thing I'm feeling. I mean, she locked herself in her room for more than a decade because she was scared of what her powers can do. Now that she opened up the gates and vanished the doors that kept us apart, the tower of paperwork was keeping us apart now. I rarely see her smile now, not even the slightest one because her duties are pressuring her.

So pretty pretty please? I believe I'm in the nice list this year so, please?


Princess Anna of Arendelle

He rolled up his sleeve to see the list of the nice persons for this year and searched for the name of Anna. He found it and also the name of her sister, Elsa. He smiled, amused. Almost all who were in the nice list wanted material things but this princess wanted happiness for her sister. I guess, she's really a nice princess. North thought while rubbing his chin.

"I guess, it'll be a tough time to give her what she wanted." He muttered under his breath. Somewhere from above, he heard footsteps. He looked up and saw nothing. He just shrugged and stood up to go to the workshop to see how things are going. Before he could take another step, he heard his name being called.

"Hey North!" he heard a familiar voice from above and when he looked, he saw Jack levitating and holding a bulging sack. His appearance is the same as ever. He smirked, mischievously. "Cover your eyes…. and probably, your nose"

"What in the-" before he could finish his sentence, Jack opened the sack and a sack of powder came falling to him, completely covering him. Jack's laughs filled the room and the door opened. Two elves came in and when they saw North, they burst into fits of laughter. Then, two Yetis came with Toothiana, Bunnymund and Sandman. They all burst out laughing.

"Okay, the show is over now, folks." North said while brushing off the powder on his clothes. The Yetis and Elves opened the door and went back to work while laughing. The Guardians were still in the room, trying to hold in their laughter but failed, miserably. After making sure no powder was left on his clothes, North put a hand on his waist. "Okay, I told you guys that the show is over now. C'mon, stop laughing already. There is no more powder on me, right?"

"You still forgot to check your face and your beard." Bunny pointed out and North immediately cleaned his face. After making sure no more powder in his body at all, he turned to look at his fellow Guardians.

"So why are you guys here?" North asked, raising an eyebrow.

"We wanted to come with you delivering presents to children!" Tooth said, excited. "Right, Jack?"

"Yup" Jack said, grinning. He looked down to his feet and scratched the back of his neck. "Though I wanted a girlfriend somehow this Christmas to be with while we delivered presents."

All the other guardians looked at the Spirit of Winter. Sandman nudged Bunny and Bunny nudged Tooth. North, however, nudged Tooth too, knowing that Tooth rejected Jack five years ago for she found her real soul mate "Tom" who was a magical fairy guy. Tooth realized the reason why they nudged her. She looked at her feet and frowned. "I'm really sorry Jack for rejecting you."

"No, it's okay." Jack said, looking at her and smiling. "Really"

"Says the boy who wants a girlfriend." Bunny whispered to Sandman. Sandman spoke through his sand drawings. He showed a broken heart and an arrow pointing at Jack. Jack frowned and put a hand on his waist.

"Okay, guys. Stop it already." He said and flew towards the nearest window. He looked at the snow falling and smiled. "It's not like I couldn't live without a girlfriend, right?"

"Wait. I have an idea." North whispered to the three guardians next to him. He explained what Princess Anna of Arendelle wrote in her wish list and his idea without letting Jack hear what they were saying. Jack stayed near the window, imagining his life without a girlfriend. The thought made him feel sick. When North was finished telling his three fellow guardians, Tooth squealed in excitement.

"That's great, North!" Tooth almost shouted, getting Jack's attention. Noticing this, Bunny and North shut her up.

"What is it that you're talking about?" Jack asked, approaching them. "Sorry, I was spacing out earlier."

"Take your time, take your time." North said while pushing him towards the door. He opened the door and pushed him outside. "We will just talk. Go to your room now and try to get some sleep. We'll be leaving tonight to deliver the presents."

"A-huh. Is it important?" Jack raised an eyebrow and leaned on his staff.

"No, no, no." North said and winked at him. He pushed him towards his room and pushed him inside.


"No buts! Go to sleep, now." North said, interrupting his sentence. Out of nowhere, Sandman appeared and touched Jack's forehead with his Dream Sand. Immediately, Jack fell asleep. North caught him and put him in his bed. "I think you've been naughty, Jackson Overland Frost but I think somehow, you helped us with our work so you deserve to be rewarded."

Sandman nodded and they approached the door, closing it behind them. They talked about their plans on Jack Frost and by past midnight, after they delivered all the presents. They acted out their plans.

"That was tiring!" Jack stretched out his arms while grinning. "But was worth it."

"Yeah, you see that little boy sleeping with his mouth open?" Tooth said while smiling. "His little teeth were adorable!"

Jack laughed lightly and North gave the signal to Sandman. "I think that it's time that you are rewarded for your great accomplishments with us, Jack Frost." North said, smiling.

"Wait, what?" Jack asked. "What is it?"

"Wait and see." North winked and Sandman touched Jack's forehead with his Dream Sand again and Jack immediately fell asleep. North took a snow globe from his pocket and said. "Arendelle."

He threw the globe and it shattered. A portal immediately opened and he grabbed Jack with his staff and stepped in. The others followed and they landed on the Queen's bedroom without a sound. They saw a strikingly beautiful woman sleeping on a king size bed. The room was elegant and majestic. She is tall and has a slender figure, platinum blonde hair that almost looked white and has a pale white skin with dusting freckles. The color of her eye was not known for she was sleeping soundly. She was wearing a nightgown and her body was covered with bed sheets. Sandman, Bunny and North was hanging their mouth open because of the beauty in front of them.

"I suppose that's Queen Elsa." Tooth said, smiling. "She's beautiful! Jack will be a lucky man!"

"Yeah. He will." North said, finally regaining his senses. He placed Jack beside Queen Elsa's sleeping figure and placed his staff on the ground. He took out a pair of soft leather-made handcuffs. He handcuffed Queen Elsa's right wrist and Jack's left wrist. North let out a soft sigh when Queen Elsa stayed asleep.

"Really?" Bunny said. "Leather-made handcuffs?"

"So that they won't be hurting each other with metal." North grinned and Tooth smiled.

"I'm sure they'll be madly in love with each other." Tooth said, dreamily.

North stared back at the two sleeping figures. "I forgot something." North said and took an envelope from his pocket. He placed it on the table and smiled. "That should do it."

"Let's go, shall we?" North took out a snowglobe and whispered their workshop then threw and disappeared into thin air.

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