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Elsa screamed and crossed her hands up defensively. She started crying and saying "Please, stop. Stop, don't hurt her! Stop, please!" repeatedly. Jack and Toothiana were clueless of what is happening. Jack tried to calm her but when he touched her arm, she just moved away. Everything was messed up at that point. Jack thought that once she got her memories back, she would remember him… that the "Jelsa" love team they created would go back to normal. This was not what Jack thought will happen.

Jack wanted to calm her, to say that everything is okay but he didn't know how. After all the years he dreamed of doing this to her, after all those ideas of how to do it, it all vanished as he watched her cry. It was like the moment his sister was on the verge of falling down on an icy water. He wanted to comfort her and tell her every single thing in the world will be okay badly, he knew he had to.

He slowly reached out for her hand and touched it softly. Surprisingly, she didn't move away but she was still shivering and crying. He moved slowly towards her and hugged her. He rubbed her back as she leaned on him. "Everything will be fine, Elsa." He whispered at her. "Every single thing will be fine, I assure you. I will be there if you need me, I will save you."

"Th…There was a man named "Hans" and he… from what I can remember…. is a bad guy from the start. The memory you gave me was not complete, I still don't know who you really are in… in my life…. My family…. My life…. I still don't know about it… but this single terrifying memory…. is all… I can remember…" she said, in between sobs. Her grip on his jacket tightened with each word. He hugged her tighter, trying to comfort her.

"Could you tell me about it?" he asked but she shook her head.

"I'm not ready to… tell you" she said, quietly but the tears were still falling. He sighed and muttered "okay" while he held her in his arms. He stayed in that position until she calmed down and eventually, fell asleep due to exhaustion. He scooped her up into his arms and lifted her up in a bridal style. He went up to a spare bedroom in North's workshop. Toothiana walked along with him.

"I wonder what that memory of hers that got her scared." She said, softly. Jack shrugged and looked at Elsa. She was so delicate and vulnerable when she's asleep. It's hard to believe that this girl in his arms has powers more powerful than his.

"I think that memory was the one... in that night. The night when she died." His heart began to throb on his chest faster. He ignored it as he walked in the bedroom and lowered her down on the bed. He tucked her in and kissed her forehead lightly. She stirred and took his hand which was placed on top of her head. He smiled and looked at Toothiana. "I think the new guardian needs me to protect her tonight. Tell North I'll be with Elsa for the night."

"Just don't do anything stupid, Jack. Elsa is very vulnerable at this point. Good night." She said as she left the room. Jack took a chair and sat down on it. He stared at Elsa and thought of the memories they had. His eyelids became heavy and he fell into deep slumber.

He woke up with the sound of Elsa talking to him. He didn't open his eyes because he wanted to listen to what she was saying. She was stroking his hair and was speaking softly. "You seem to be a nice guy, Jack. I think I like you." she said, softly. She chuckled to herself. "About what I saw in my memories…. Well, I suppose you're not listening so it's probably safe to say this to you. I saw this guy "Hans" with someone in dark robes and also has dark skin, Hans said he was known as "Pitch" the one who brings nightmares. Hans attacked me with Pitch, he turned evil after Anna and I arrested him. Hans said he was given a gift from Pitch, the gift of Chaos. Anna came and tried to save me but Hans attack her with his dark magic. Anna was in pain. Kristoff tried to save her too but was killed too by Hans. After all that, they both attacked me when I refused to accept their offer of being the Queen of Chaos. They… killed me.

That night, I took the courage to stand up and fight when I knew they were soon going to destroy Arendelle. I thought about the kids, the familes and the babies living there so until my last breath, I fought." She sobbed and Jack felt a tear drop on his cheeks. Elsa wiped it off with her hand gently and apologized. Jack realized he was still holding her hand but it seems that Elsa didn't mind. He squeezed her hand gently and Elsa stopped talking.

Oh, oh. A mistake.

"Jack…. You're not awake, right?" she asked, slowly. Jack sighed and nodded. "You're… awake?"

He slowly sat up and looked at her. Tears were falling from her eyes which broke Jack's heart. "You heard… everything?" she asked and he shook her head.

"Not really everything. Only half of it." He said and she looked relieved. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Thank you for bringing me here and taking care of me. I suppose you heard about what my memory is?"

"Yes. I was surprised that Hans was in team with Pitch. Pitch almost killed us –the guardians- before by bringing the kids nightmares. They stopped believing in us but there was one who kept on believing. He was Jamie."

"You defeated Pitch right?"

"Not only me, also with the other guardians and the kids who believed in us again."

"That's great!" she said and her smile faded. "But Hans…. Gift of Chaos? That's more… destructive than nightmare right?"

"Well yeah. Chaos is like the art of evil while nightmares just… scares us in our sleep."

"Do you think Hans is still alive?" she squeezed his hand and I caressed her face.

"What would you do if he is?"

"Well, I'm gonna protect everything I can. The kids, the people who needs protection…" her eyes met his and he saw care in her ice blue eyes. "and even you"


"Seeing the smiles of them…. Seeing them being happy, it brings me courage."

"Courage… huh"

The door opened with force and showed a disheveled North in the entrance. "Pitch with someone! Hans! Surrounding the globe!" he said quickly. "They want to see you Jack and also you… Elsa"

He looked into her eyes and she nodded at him. "Lead the way," she said, squeezing his hands. They jumped off the bed and ran towards the globe. They saw Pitch surrounding it with darkness, the lights flickering. Hans however looked different, his face has dark-colored scars, he was not wearing his princely clothing but a dark cloak and dark robes. He was sitting on top of the globe with bored look on his face. When he saw Elsa and Jack enter the room, his face turned from bored to interested. His eyes landed on Elsa and into their hands intertwined.

"Finally, my queen has come"

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