Tanya's POV

My family and I arrived at the Cullen residence a week before the wedding. Apparently Edward was marrying a human who would soon be one of us.

Carlisle greeted us and invited us inside where we met a beautiful human girl. I inhaled and had to stop myself from running towards her. She was mouth-watering and every part of her body seemed to beg for me to come closer. Without looking I knew my sisters' felt the same.

Edward wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close, something inside of me growled but I kept silent. "Tanya, Kate Irina, Eleazar, Carmen," he greeted us. "This is my fiancé Bella," he stressed the word fiancé and glared at us cautionarily. "Bella, these are my cousins."

"Hi," Bella waved timidly and my heart melted. I have to get to know this girl.

Authors Note: For those who do not know yet, I have been taking requests on short stories, I consider them challenges to my writing ability. This is definitely the longest challenge I have written so far, and probably will be the longest of them all. I may have difficulty uploading the chapters so you might have to wait a bit for the next one to appear, but it is already complete and the challenge will be posted at the end. This is yet another one suggested to me by the amazing Ariel Wolf.