Bella's POV

So apparently my left rib had been fractured, the third from the bottom. It could have been worse, the break didn't go all the way through and the bone was not out of place. Almost half my face was covered in a huge purple bruise and there was a tiny split in the corner of my bottom lip. But there was nothing serious or life threatening, I just had to try not to move around too much, although it was much better with the painkillers he had given me.

Finally he had left me alone with my three goddesses. "Why was Edward so desperate to keep you away from me?" I asked the question that had been plaguing me for some time.

The girls all looked between each other uncertainly before Tanya finally responded. "Because when we first laid eyes on you we recognised you as our mate." She told me and I took a moment to absorb her words.

"All three of you?" I asked uncertainly.

They nodded.

"We decided not to tell you straight away because we didn't want to overwhelm you," Irina explained. "We planned to wait until you were turned so you would feel the mating pull for yourself."

"We know it is a lot to take in," Kate began, attempting to calm me. "But we're willing to go at your pace, we aren't going to force this on you or pressure you into rushing things. We have waited centuries to find our mate, we are in no hurry."

The three goddesses, my goddesses, I had been thinking of them as mine for some time, all looked at me expectantly, awaiting my opinion on the situation. I thought very carefully about what I was getting myself into before responding. I made eye contact with each girl in turn. "I don't know the full extent of what is going on between us just yet," I began and their faces grew solemn. "But I'm eager to find out."

Before I knew what was happening I was wrapped in a hug. Six arms gripped me in a tender embrace, being careful not to aggravate my wounds. This was the beginning, of what I didn't know, but I knew for sure that it was something amazing.

Authors Note: Finally the story is complete, that was a long one.

Challenge: It's a week before the wedding and Tanya Kate Irina show and sparks fly with Bella when they meet and dickward I mean Edward attacks them they almost kill him Bella begs for them to stop

Do you think I succeeded and why?