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Normally the school clinic was a quiet and peaceful place. Even the occasional sickness and injuries from students wouldn't cause much of a ruckus, which is why it was a rather popular place for students to rest and relax when they had free time, sometimes even pretending to be sick. Some teachers even go there when their day gets stressful (or if they are lazy).

Luckily no one was doing any of that today. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to relax with the commotion going on right now.

"Has she been straining herself during practices? Or is she currently having problems that are giving her stress?"

"As the basketball manager as well as the first aid person, I can assure you Seto-sensei that she hasn't been pushing herself during practices. She's taken as much rests as everyone else on the team."

"Um, as far as I know, she hasn't been facing any troubles at home too. None of her family is facing any problems. Regarding her subjects, Mato's doing well. I've also been studying with her a lot so I know she's not having many difficulties, and I'm also making sure she doesn't over study".

"Well… this certainly makes it difficult to tell. I checked her temperature and they seem to be normal. You also told me she didn't get hit during practice. Hmm… why would she faint all of a sudden?"

"W-we don't know... Please Sensei, can you find out what's wrong with her?"

"Calm down Takanashi-san. Of course I'll do my best; it's probably not that big of a deal…"

Ugh this noise…

… My head hurts.

Did something happen…

I feel heavy all of a sudden… and why do I feel comfortable?

… It's dark.

Ah my eyes are closed. No wonder.

I guess I should open them now...

And with that, the girl opened her eyes to see… curtains? There was also an orange color to the ceiling… was it almost sunset? She was also lying down on a white bed with the covers on her. That must be why it was comfortable, she hasn't been in a proper bed since-

The girl blinked, and then she narrowed her eyes. She slowly moved to a sitting position, eyes moving everywhere to assess her situation. She managed to sit upright on the bed when she finally noticed the noises… no, voices.

"… I'll be leaving for a few minutes to get some medication in the supplies room. Can I leave you two to watch over her while I fetch them?"

"Yes of course, Sensei. We definitely won't leave our friend alone. We'll be staying here until she wakes up."

"Ah it's always pleasant to see good friends. Well, take care of her while I'm gone." There was a sound of a click, likely the door closing.

… Wait, there's something wrong with this situation. Friends with whom? Who are these people?

'…Enough is enough, time to see who these guys are and where am I,' the girl thought.

As the girl's hand reached out to move the curtain out of the way, she should have noticed that something was wrong with her arm. She should have, had she been more observant and be less curious of the identities of these people.

So the curtain was moved away to reveal… two human girls. One of them had black hair with green eyes… and glasses? The other one had slightly brown-greenish hair and brown eyes. The two of them had a look of surprise on their face before being replaced with… relief?

'Something is really wrong here… who are these people? Somehow they look familiar, yet she's pretty sure she never met them…

Wait no, before that, there's a bigger problem here. Why are they wearing those clothes? Those clothes should have long since gone. And her current location, what is with the order and coloring? Who's territory is she in? What is happen-'

Her thoughts were abruptly stopped when the black haired girl ran to her. She instinctively readied her body to move when the girl surprised her instead by hugging her. It was… a strange feeling. It has been a very long time since she last experienced it, without the person trying to squeeze the life out of her of course.

The girl released her and fixed her green eyes on her own. There also seemed to be some moisture there like the girl was close to crying…

"Oh thank goodness Mato, you're alright," the girl said with a sigh of relief. "We were really worried about you, suddenly falling down during your practice. You're not keeping anything from us, right? If you have problems, Mato, you can tell me or Yuu about them." The girl gave her an encouraging smile.

"… Who are you?" she replied in her usual monotone voice.

After she said that the two girls seemed to freeze. The girl with brown eyes had her jaw open while the green eyed girl who hugged her seemed to take a nervous step backwards and seemed even closer to crying now.

'Green eyes… wait these seem pretty familiar now that I think about it. Yeah aren't those the eyes of that girl from that time she-'

Wait, Mato?

Rock suddenly felt herself freeze too, as well as feeling that the floor beneath her disappeared and she fell through it.

Now she remembers. Now she remembers who this girl was, and where she is right now.

And the crazy and impossible situation she is in right now.

'Aw crap.'