Forgive me, because this is just awful. Just truly awful. But I guess this is my account for awful writing so...

Thor never understood S.H.I.E.L.D. Yet, here he was again at another meeting, hearing about a new threat and blah blah blah.

Apparently, the storm clouds surrounding New York City were unusual. Thor didn't understand why they got so upset over the movement of clouds. They were free beings! Were they not allowed to move as they pleased? Thor didn't know how it worked on Midgard, but he knew in Asgard, fighting clouds would proove to be foolish.

"The patterns are becoming more and more unpredictable. In some areas snow falls like a blizzard while the surrounding areas are unaffected. Buildings are freezing over in seconds." Coulson explained.

Thor nodded his head slowly, giving the pretense of listening.

"We need to get you three in the sky to figure out what's up there. We think a machine or..."

Small beeping suddenly interrupted Coulson's speech. Coulson paused a moment to press his finger to his ear.

"Yea?...Right now? Okay, we're on it."

He glanced back up at the three avengers handling the job, Thor, Ironman, and Hawkeye.

"Apparently something's just been spotted falling from the sky. We think it may be the cause of the clouds. Go retrieve it."

"Yip yip. Yes'ir, do we get a treat when we come back?" Iron man asked sarcastically, but he closed his face mask and quickly followed Hawkeye and Thor out the door.

"How do you wanna do this?" Ironman asked through his communicator once he was in the air.

Hawkeye swung from a rope on a helicopter and Thor floated next to him.

Coulson's responded. "It's not too far off from the Tower. It should be breaking through the"

The three Avengers looked up, and watched as a small figure fell from the sky. Iron man quickly flew up followed by Thor.

"Looks pretty small, definitely a one Avenger job. Hell, why don't I just go home?" Tony grumbled as he neared the small figure.

"Hey, that sort of looks like a..."

Thor was already moving. He flew ahead of Ironman, eyes panicked and arms outstretched.

"Looks like a what Ironman?" Hawkeye asked through the com.

"It looks like...a kid."

Thor's heart pounded as he recognized the blue blur falling from the sky. How did he get here? Why was he here? Thor finally connected the dots to the strange whether patterns. It seemed an old friend was making a visit. He reached him suddenly and with a umph! caught the falling figure.

Jokul!? Jokul!? Are you injured!" Thor held on to the the small child, and the child seemed to be holding on to his staff. Thor cradled the boy even closer to his chest, supporting his shoulders and the crook under his knees.

"Jokul! Please speak Jokul!"

The white haired boy muttered something unintelligibly as he rolled towards the familiar voice, eyes flickering.

"Thor? What's going on up there?" Coulson voice came through the com.

Ironman hovered next to Thor, both hands facing the ground to balance in the air.

"It's a kid!" He exclaimed.

"Well bring him back in." Coulson responded.

Thor and Ironman glanced at each other, before they both descended, Thor holding on tightly to his package.

When they reached the tower the were immediately led to a conference room by S.H.I.E.L.D personnel. Some agents tried to take the boy off of Thor but he was having none of it. He jerked the kid away from reaching hands and held him closely.

Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers waited in the conference room. Banner looked tired and Natasha watched him carefully. Captain America was dressed up in his star spangled banner getup and Hawkeye glanced at the table from his position on the wall. Coulson sat at the head of the table, only standing up when he saw what was in Thor's arms.

"Thor! We need to get him detained! Quick, move him to the grey room!"

Thor eye flashed and thunder boomed outside.

"You shall not move this child son of Coul, he has done no wrong."

The room went quite.

"Do you...know this kid Thor?" Natasha inquired, her red head tipping.

"Yes...this is Jokul Frosti.
My younger brother."

So yea...I know, awful. But I'm bored and don't feel like working on my other stories. Which seems to be happening more and more.

I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I kinda like the idea of Jack Frost from the Guardians being Thor and Loki's younger brother.

Once again, I have no idea where this is going so it may turn into a series of one-shots after the initial chapter. Ideas are welcome.

Till next time. To-da-loo