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Jack's grin could light up New York City. He whooped and took off down the hall, apparently determined to explore everything before the day was done. Thor slowly followed his brother, afraid of the mischief he would leave in his wake.

Hawkeye smirked along with the other Avengers. "This should be fun."

"You buying his story?"


Natasha Romanov, better known as The Black Widow, leaned back in the surveillance room chair while sipping a cup of coffee.

"Yea, me either." Hawkeye replied. He closed the door behind him and took his own seat, eyes quickly glued to the big screen where Thor's pale brother was stalked by tower cameras.

"I don't think Thor's lying about him being his brother. He has good enough reason to keep info of another brother down low." Hawk said conversationally.

Natasha agreed.

"True, but that imp's story doesn't line up. If he left Asgard last night and fell from the sky today then why has the weather been acting up all week? Last I checked, it doesn't take Thor that long to travel between realms."

Hawkeye nodded, glad that their thoughts were aligned.

"Not to mention him falling conveniently near the tower. Right where we sent the Chitauri back to hell. And that raises red flags without adding in the fact that he doesn't speak like Thor. He sounds like he's never been to Asgard. Seems fishy." He commented, eyes following the boy's movement on the monitor screen.

"Better to keep him here where we can keep an eye on him. Last time we trusted Thor to return a brother to Asgard he came back with a deadly alien race."

Hawk smiled lightly. "Surveillance slumber party it is then."

Both assassin and spy settled in for a long night.

"Hey! What's this?"

"Ummmmmm...that is a device for...washing?"



"It looks funny. Ohhh! What's that!?"

"That is… used… for...making music?"

"No WAY!…Hey! What's THAT!?"

Jack Frost ran into the next room and Thor couldn't suppress a sigh. It wasn't easy keeping up with his very curious younger brother. Especially when he knew little to nothing of the things Jack asked about. Thor thought he was becoming more familiar with Midgard, but Jack clearly showed that he was still very ignorant of this Realm.

"THHHHOOOOOORRR! Come 'ere, come 'ere! Look at THIS!"

Thor put on a strained smile and followed after his baby brother.

"See anything weird yet?"

"Besides the fact he wants a tour of the tower? No nothing unusual."

"Maybe I should leave and try to get a closer look."

Natasha smirked at Hawkeye.

"Bored already?"

"No. Just don't wanna miss anything."

"If you can't sit still you can leave."

"I'm fine Natasha. I can sit here all day."

"Of course you can." Natasha glanced back at the screen with a small smirk.

Whatever. Hawkeye crossed his arms. Challenge accepted.

"Why is this here?"

"It is for sending messages and talking to far away companions."

"Why's it look like that?"

"I'm not sure brother."


"No one has given me an answer to the question."


"Because I never asked."


"Because I never wondered."


"Because I was curious about other functions."


"Because I wanted to use the other functions."


"To talk to far away companions."


"Because I missed them."


"Because I haven't seen them in a while."


"Because they're far away."


"Because they chose to live far away."


"Because it makes them happy."


"I…don't know Jokul."

"You don't know?"


"Do you know other things?"


"Do you know how to use that device?"


"Do you the names of all your friends?"


"Do you know where your bedroom is?"


"Do you know the name of our Realm?"


"Do you know where my staff or Loki is?"

"Ye—Nice try Jokul."

Jack grinned.

"It was worth a shot. Hey, Look at that! What is that!?"

"You beat me to it."

"Yea, took you long enough. Got any popcorn?"

"Hm...Funny." Coulson entered the surveillance room and took a seat behind to Hawkeye and The Black Widow.

"Anything interesting?" He asked. Hawkeye shrugged and Natasha gave a barely notable shake of the head.

"Tony and Bruce are still looking into the staff. They say they've found some similar properties with Loki's staff, but the elements are still unidentifiable." Coulson informed.

"Great. So basically we're still in the dark." Hawkeye summarized. Coulson didn't dignify him with a response.


Thor smiled, proud that he finally, finally knew exactly what Jack was asking about. Said boy was currently standing in the tower's theatre gaping at the wide screen.

"Yes. The Avengers and I spend much time here." Thor wondered if he could figure out how to put a movie on for Jack. He already seemed pretty impressed with just the size, imagine when he saw the screen in action!

"It is similar to magic. A device captures a moving image and then it is replayed on this screen. Midgardians have found many impressive ways to manipulate the device's images." He explained with a smile.

" that's what these chairs are for? Watching the thingy?"

Jack hoped into one of the many theatre chairs and immediately started messing with the functions. He flipped up the recliner, pushed the chair back as far back as it would go and pulled the armrest higher than anyone would find necessary.

"Careful brother." Thor stepped closer to Jack, afraid he would break something.

"What're these?" Jack examined the hole at the end of the arm rest, his eyes furrowing in confusion. Why on earth would anyone need a hole at the end of their seat? Maybe people rested their hands in the hole? Jack stuck his own hand in down to his wrist.

"OW! This hurts!" Why would anyone use this!?

Thor glanced at his brother and immediately understood the dilemma.

"Jokul! Are you okay?" He flew to Jack's side.

"I think my hand is stuck." He pouted, jerking at his hand to remove it from the evil hole.

Thor sounded worried. "Your hand is stuck in the beverage holder?"

Jack frowned. This wasn't fair! How was he supposed to know his hand didn't go there? Jack pouted as best he could.

Thor's eyes scanned the immediate area for anything that could help but he came up with nothing.

"I shall go find one of my Avenging friends to assist you! Please remain still!" Thor boomed and before Jack could protest, he was out of the room.

Jack frowned. He was stuck here in a stupid seat hole when he could be out exploring more of Midgard! It wasn't fair.

He reexamined his hand and tried to pull it out again. No luck. And the plastic was chaffing his wrist. Jack pulled one more time before coming to a decision. He had things to do! Things to explore! He couldn't be stuck in a chair all day.

With one flexible finger, Jack touched the tip of arm rest and grinned as ice spread.

"You're kidding me."

Natasha, Hawkeye, and Agent Coulson watched in amazement as Thor's little brother was stuck in a cup holder.

"Maybe's he's pretending to be an idiot? He might know we're watching him and he's putting on a show." Natasha offered.

Hawkeye laughed. "There's no way! What kind of evil genius gets his hand stuck in a cup holder!"

"We can't count him safe yet." Coulson stated, his eyes never leaving the screen. "He could be faking it, and there's still too many things we've seen that insinuate he can't be trusted."

"Oh c'mon! He and Thor have to be related! That's a Thor move if I've ever seen one! Don't give me that look! The kids been brought down by a cup holder" Hawkeye laughed loud and big, earning annoyed looks from both Natasha and Coulson.

"Don't be fooled so easily. Look." Two pairs of eyes returned to the screen at Coulson's command.

"Holy shi-"

"How is he…?"

"Someone get Tony. I have a feeling he won't be happy about this new development. "

"Man of Iron! Tony! I need your assistance!"

Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, pulled his eye from his microscope and turned an annoyed eye to the door.

"Your turn to handle it big guy."

Bruce Banner looked up from his own microscope.

"I wasn't aware we were taking turns."

"We are. And it's your turn."

"You do realize he's calling for you, right Tony?"

"Yup, more reason for you to go to the door. He might not believe me if I'm the one to tell him I'm not here."

Bruce rolled his eyes and went up the stairs of the lab to go greet Thor.

Tony listened as the door was opened and heard a quick exchange of words before two pairs of footsteps headed back down the stairs.

Dammit Bruce.

"Here he is Thor. Tony, Thor was calling you. He wanted you for something."

Tony glared at Bruce's back, which he ignored as he headed back to his station.

"What is it Thor? I'm a bit busy."

"Apologies friend, but Jokul has gotten stuck in the theater. It seems he believed the beverage holder to be a hand rest of some sort. He cannot remove his hand from the chair, and I did not want to break it without finding other means of freeing him first."

Tony sighed. The kid got stuck in a cup holder? Sounded about right. He was Thor's brother. Tony might have found it funnier if he weren't being dragged from his research to fix it.

"Alright, alright, let's go free your brother from the evil cup holder and get on with our day yea? Jarvis? Which theatre are we talking? Where's the kid?"

"It appears that the child has removed himself from the theater. Albeit, in an unconventional way. He now resides on the 30th floor living room."

"There you go. He's free. Wait, what do you mean by unconventional?"

"Perhaps you should see for yourself, sir."

"Why can't you just tell me Jarvis?" Tony groaned. He did not like the sound of that.

"Alright, let's go. 30th floor theater, right Jarvis?"

"That is correct sir."

Tony stored the knowledge and headed up the stairs with Thor trailing behind him.

Hawkeye pulled out his wallet.

"5 bucks says Tony kills the kid. Any takers?"

"We don't have time to be joking about this. He froze an entire room with his finger and I want to know how."

"Okay, 10 bucks Thor does nothing about it. C'mon, this is 10 bucks people."

"His powers seem to be more similar to Loki's than Thors'. One child adopted by frost giants, why not another?"

"Nat, you gotta get in on this. How about 20? 20 bucks that Tony won't shut up about it until he makes a new room."

"You're right Natasha. Thor might be keeping his origin a secret from us because he knows how we'll react. Now's the only chance we'll get to learn more about the other Realms. Think you can distract Thor?"

"Alright, you guys drive a hard bargain. 30 bucks says Thor and Tony brawl it out. That's my final offer."

"Yes, I'll distract them. You'll have to keep me updated. I'll need to know how long to keep Thor distracted."

"Great. I'll get the other steps in motion. Let's go."

Agent Coulson and The Black Widow began to exit the surveillance room, leaving Hawkeye alone with 30 dollars in his hand.

"Hey wait a second! Are you sticking me with surveillance duty? Can't I be the distraction?"

The answer was a firmly closed door.

"But guys… I hate surveillance duty."

"My theater!" Tony grieved while pulling at his hair. "How the hell did he do this to my theatre?! Jarvis! Why didn't you warn me!?"

"Apologies sir, the freezing happened almost instantly .There was no action I could take to prevent it."

"But my theater Jarvis! It's ruined! All that leather! Destroyed! Where is that kid! I'm gonna kill him!"

Tony rounded on Thor for answers.

"I apologize, friend Tony. I was unaware my brother would take such drastic actions to free himself. I give my word I shall do anything necessary to pay the debt due. But I assure you, this was done by accident. My brother and his powers are young. He has difficulty controlling them without his staff."

"His staff huh? I'll give him his staff! I'll shove it right up his-"

"Tony." The Black Widow appeared out nowhere, her eyes focused on the Ironman and her steps quick and sure.

"I need to talk to you for a second. It's important." She didn't wait for an answer. Just touched his elbow lightly as she breezed past the two and went into a nearby room.

Tony clenched his teeth.

"One second." He turned from Thor and marched off to the room where Natasha disappeared.

"WHAT NOW!?" He shouted upon closing the door. Natasha didn't even bat an eye, moving on straight to business.

"We have some suspicions that Jokul is more Loki's little brother than Thor's. We need some time to figure it out with Thor out of the way. I'm taking him on a mission. You stay here. Be sure the kid suspects nothing. No kicking him out of the tower."

"But the kid-!"

"This may be the only opportunity we get to check out other Realms. I'll give you the all clear when we're far enough from the tower. You keep the kid inside."

And with that, Natasha left the room without a glace back.


Well that was unexpected. Tony thought as he covered his ears to shield himself from Thor's booming shout. It didn't take long for Jarvis to figure out which room the kid was hiding in, and in their short quest Thor showed no signs of being angry at the kid but jeeze, if he didn't sound like an angry drill sergeant now.


Tony physically moved away from Thor this time, and he noticed that Natasha doing the same. When Thor asked if he could see Jokul before leaving, they were under the impression that he's simply wanted to say goodbye before he left for the mission, not that he wanted to lecture the kid.

Serves him right. Tony thought smugly. The kid deserves more than just a dressing down anyway.

"Do not make me search for you Jokul Frosti…" This time Thor's voice was a low warning, either for their benefit or the kids', Tony didn't know.

"Maybe I can help a bit." Tony supplied before Thor could yell again. "Jarvis, could you please tell us the location of the pipsqueak." If Tony sounded a bit too smug no one could really blame him.

"Of course sir. He is behind the kitchen counter." The British AI responded.

All eyes turned toward the counter, (an awful hiding spot if you asked Tony) where a head of white slowly emerged.

"Jokul…." Thor warned with crossed arms, clearly wanting the kid to hurry up.

"It's Jack." The kid corrected petulantly. He slowly came from behind the corner and trudged to a stop in front of Thor, head down and shoulders defeated.

"Jack is you Midgardian name. I am Asgardian, so I shall use your Asgardian name."

If possible, the boy slumped even more. If he deflated any lower his forehead would kiss the floor.

"Jokul, what are the rules on using your powers?" Thor didn't pause for pleasantries.

"That I'm not supposed to use em' without my staff." Was the soft reply.

"And why is that?"

"'Cause I'm not good at controlling them yet." He squeaked.

"And what have we said about hiding?"

A hesitation. "…That I'm not supposed to."

"And?" Thor cocked an eyebrow.

"And that when you call me I'm supposed to answer."

Thor nodded, obviously pleased with the answers. Tony and Natasha exchanged a look. This was a very very new side of Thor.

"Jokul, what you did was very dangerous. Without your staff you could have frozen the entire tower instantly."

Tony's eyes shot up at that. The kid was that dangerous?

"But I didn't mean to! Honest Thor! I just wanted to get out of the trap chair and see more of Midgard!" Jack sounded desperate.

"I know it was an accident Jokul, but accidents like that can severely harm others. You must not use your powers again until we return to Asgard. Understood?"

Jack nodded his head sadly. "Yes Thor…"

Thor took a deep breathe.

"Good. Now, I must go away for a few hours to-"

"What! No!" Suddenly the kid was all over Thor. His arms wrapped around Thor's neck and his hands pulled at his long hair.

"I will return shortly, but I must-"

"NOO!" Jack Frost clung to his older brother, tears forming in his eyes.

"I am sorry Jokul, but my duty awaits me. I will return within time to show you the rest of the tower."

"But you said you'd stay here with me! Please don't go Thor! Please!" Jack stole a quick glance at Natasha and Tony, hesitance clear on his face.

Course the little brat doesn't want to stay here. He knows I'm gonna slaughter him.

"I am certain you will not miss me brother. Tony said he is willing to show you around the tower."

Tony lifted his hands in surrender quickly.

"Whoa slow down there blondie. I never said anything about showing the brat around the tower. If I had a say in it he'd be locked back in the grey room."

Wrong thing to say.

Jack reacted.


"NOOOOO! You can't go Thor! You can't!" Jack clung on so hard it looked painful, and were those tears in the kid's eyes? Well damn, that sure was a quick way to make a person feel awful.

"Don't worry child. You will be allowed to explore the tower on your own. I am sure you won't use your powers to destroy anything again yes?" It was the first thing Natasha said since she entered the room, and although the words were directed toward Jack, she stared right at Tony.

Natasha language translation: If you don't watch this kid he'll destroy everything in sight.

Dammit, if I don't do this the kid'll kill us all.

Jack and Thor looked at Tony, both eyes pleading for different things. He looked at Thor, who seemed just as lost and sad about having to leave as Jack did, and darnit, the kid looked like a freakin puppy. How could he say no? Tony sighed.

"Alright, alright. I'll show the kid around. But if he kills us all, it's Thor's fault."

Natasha smiled and Thor gave his big oafish grin.

"Thank you friend Tony! I am sure Jokul will behave nicely. Right Jokul?" Said boy gave a hesitant nod.

"Then we shall depart." Thor and Natasha minced no time. They both headed straight for the door, Natasha sending Tony a 'significant look' before she left the room.

"Oh yes, and one more thing." Thor poked his head back in quickly, glancing between Jack and Tony as he spoke.

"Yes Thor?" It was difficult to keep out the sarcasm, but he might have managed.

"Jokul, whatever you do, do not go outside. We are unaware if the curse works here the same as it does on Asgard. You could be harmed here. And friend Tony, please prevent Jack from leaving the tower if he decides to disobey." And with those words, Thor was gone.

Tony stared after him, mouth open.

How the heck was he supposed to do that! Keep a kid with superpowers from going outside!? And what was that last bit about a curse!?

Tony looked over at the Jack and the kid stared back.

Somehow the day just got longer.

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