I growl and glare at my parents, sister and my two friends. "I'M SICK OF IT! i'M DONE! i DON'T CARE ANY MORE OKAY?! FOR ALL I CARE I'M NO LONGER A FENTON!" I run out the front door, running out into the freezing rain, funny how it decides to rain the day I finally get fed up with the Fentons and my old friends.

I run as fast as I can, I run into an ally, and transform into my alter ego, Danny Phantom, I shoot up into the sky, and fly away from Amity Park, just wanting to get away from them.


I smile and wave to fans, I had just finished a concert, and now, I'm tired and wanting go to bed but, I have to practice the guitar and write a new song... Great... just fun.

I finally get to my trailer, I see my agent, my manager, he grins at me. "Chip Baby! Great concert, still, you have make more new songs, and make em fast, anyhow, great job out there Chip, I thought you left the biz disappearing like that!" I sigh and shake my head at this

"I was kidnapped, held hostage by a babysitter, and was tortured by her, hence the reason why I made that song Icky Vicky within a few seconds. And I'm Tired... So shut up, now night Gregory." I walk into my trailer, and lay down, sleepy I start to fall asleep, someone starts hitting on my trailer door and groan. I get up, and walk to the door, I open it to see Timmy Turner.

"Huh... oh hey Timmy, what did you need?" Timmy grins at me.

"Well, I have to do a report on a famous person and I was wondering if I could do you Chip! I would probably get an A+ if you help me out, after all, its not every day when some kid gets an interview with THE Chip Skylark! So would you please let me interview you?" I sigh and mumble something then I get an idea.

"Why don't you do a report on Danny Phantom, He's a famous person, and a hero, just look him up on the computer Timmy? He's saved a lot of lives, even though a lot of people ridiculed him, he still saved Amity Park no matter what, so do one on him." Timmy blinks and grins now.

"Cool! Does he have super powers light flying, heat vision and super strength?!" I laugh at this and smile at Timmy.

"Why don't you come inside Timmy, its kinda cold out, and yeah, he had some powers..." Timmy walks inside and I close my door, I walk to my couch, sleepily I sit down, Timmy sits down next to me.

I finally lay down on my bed, finally getting to go to sleep, Timmy just left my home. "Ungh... maybe I need a vacation... after my next concert perhaps..."

I fall asleep, and for what seems like a few minutes, I wake up because my alarm clock is going off, I turn the alarm off and sigh.

"Screw it..." I pull out my cellphone, I dial Gregory's number, he answers.

"Chip baby-pops, you woke up! Good, you come up with new lyrics for your next song? Come one, don't leave me hanging baby!" I grin now at this, knowing this is going to either piss Gregory off, or something close to that.

"Actually, no, Gregory, I'm heading out, as in vacation, maybe I can find some inspiration, no arguments, I'm already packing, and I swear, I will come up with money for the plane ride and everything, got it Gregory, no excuses, I'll show up sooner or later, no SWAT team and shit like that like last time... seriously, all I did was go to the movies to see a movie about ghosts and you think I was kidnapped... peace out Gregory." I hang up now, a grin is daring to split my face in half.

"Alright now, just need to grab my guitar, and that's about all... heh." I walk to my closet, I open it and there lays a guitar case, I grin as I pick up the case, I grin even more as I let the old and forgotten, yet familiar cooling sensation flow through my body, a pair of whitish blue rings show up around my waist, one travels upwards, the other travels downward.

There in Chip Skylark's place stands Danny Phantom.

I no longer wear the jumpsuit I wear a white sleeveless zip up hoodie, I have a black long sleeve shirt underneath it, a white stripe goes down the sleeves of long sleeved black shirt, to be fact, a white stripe runs down my pants as well, the top of my shoes are white, while the soles and bottom of my shoes are black.

"Alright, lets get going, I guess, since I have nothing to do, I'll go to... Amity Park... " I get a tighter grip on my guitar's case, and I turn invisible and intangible, I take to the skies, flying through my roof first. I let my intangibility drop but I stay invisible, just thinking about all of the mischief I'll most likely get into in Amity Park.

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