He sighs softly as he makes his way back to Fenton Works- he was exhausted- and for some reason depressed as he walks back, memories playing in his head...

All he had done was think all day.

What did he think about?

The past. He thought about his family- just seeing them here hurt him. Yeah, he could shake it off, but it still hurt deep down, and it was drowning him. He thought about the Ticking Bastard- Clockwork.. How he had said that he always gave others second chances...

And how he himself deserved one as well...

Second chances? Maybe his family deserved one too. Maybe this is why he sent him to the past? To see that family... no matter what is important? No- that isn't right, that's not like Clockwork... is it?

He hadn't noticed that we was already there at the doorsteps of Fenton Works as he pauses, shacking his head, clearing his mind. The past is in the past.

And his life as Danny Phantom was in the past. Danny Fenton was in the past. Chip Skylark... is his present... his future.. and his past...and right now? He is Dan Fenton. Nothing more... Nothing less

And with that thought, Chip grabs the handle of the door- opening it, a new resolve as his icy blue eyes land on none other than Danny Fenton, waiting for him, a look of seriousness on his face before the younger teen speaks up boldly.

"Who are you?"

Dan smiles at this- a dark, somewhat evil smile on his face as he chuckles softly, looking at Danny before he happily replies "I knew you were a dunce, but forgetting I'm your fifth cousin, removed three times? Talk about forgetful!"

Danny's eyes narrow before Dan finds himself dodging an ecto blast from Danny, rolling on the ground before he manages to get up- Danny grabs him by the front of his shirt.

"Don't lie to me! Just who are you! I know I don't have any other relatives with the name 'Daniel' or 'Dan'! You're a ghost aren't you?! Stop messing around and tell me!"

Dan chuckles lowly before softly saying "You're right... I'm a ghost. A ghost of what I used to be... a shattered soul..." Dan drawls this out softly, and slowly... before his blue eyes meet Danny's.

"Who are you...?!" Danny repeats as Danny grabs Danny's wrist, gripping it tightly.

Dan.. was chuckling now, a dark.. defeated chuckle. "You are clueless aren't you! I'm you! I'm Danny Fenton- I'm you from the future kid."

And then..

Time seems to freeze at those words uttered.

The End

Echo: *chuckles softly* That's right guys... That's the end of this fanfiction.. after like... a year of waiting for a real chapter... Its finally up... Everything is finally done... That's right- Im done with this story.. and .. I gotta say.. Thank you guys so much, for everything! The reviews, and the constant support.. Because with out? I doubt I would even be here anymore- and this story would have never gotten finished...

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