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Chapter one

When Albus Dumbledore had explained to Lily, James, Lily, James' father who was also at the Potter house along with Sirius, Remus and Peter, all about the prophecy made about Voldemort and Harry, James and Sirius flew into a tirade, Lily burst into tears, Remus, his usual calm and controlled self, started to ask Albus questions, Peter just gazed from one to the other. After Lily was able to calm down, she got her husband and his friends to also calm down, Albus relayed the bad news that Voldemort had been told the first half. Albus refused to tell anyone the prophecy as they still had no idea who the spy was, so for Harry's safety he was keeping it to himself until they uncovered the spy. Then they sat discussing a way to keep Harry safe because if Voldemort thought by taking care of Harry as a baby, now would be the time. So Albus suggested the fidelius charm, he made a lot of suggestions. One was none of the Potters should ever leave the house. James would need to work on the charm and the secret keeper, then make sure only trustworthy people could get in, the least number the better. Albus knew he would do what he could to protect the young boy, so plans started to form in his mind while James tried to console Lily while she hugs her baby boy.

James finally closed the old book then looked up at his wife, 'It's possible, if I'm alive at that time.'

'So we could do it now, to make sure he'd be safe?' Lily said but wiped a tear from her face.

James got up from his desk and sat next to his wife, 'If we wait any longer he might turn up. We might be under the fidelius charm Lily, but we can't be positive it will keep Harry safe. This could be our only way to protect our son.'

'Are you sure he will go to the right place, that everything will work perfectly?'

'Yes, I've been studying this for months, it will only work if I'm alive, if I'm not then Harry will not go anywhere, it's all part of the magic around it. So if Harry disappears, then we know it worked, if we survive then he returns. We need to do this Lily, we can't wait any longer.'

'Let's spend some time with him then send him in a couple of hours. Please James, I want to see my son for a bit longer.'

'Alright, but if we survive, the magic will reverse and he'll be back, but if we don't, at least we know Harry will be looked after. So let's go pack his things and sit with him for a while.'

James picked up the thick large envelope from his desk, took his wife's hand and they walked hand in hand up the stairs and into their son's bedroom. They found Harry sitting on the floor pulling at the twigs on his broom while his grandfather talked to him.

'Mummy, daddy,' Harry grinned as he stared up at his parents.

'Hi there my little man, what are you doing to your broom Sirius got you?' James sat crossed legged in front of his son while his wife packed a large bag.

'It stick,' Harry pulled at one of the twigs.

'It was sticking out sweetheart,' Lily smiled then ran her hand down Harry's hair as she stopped packing to gaze at her son, 'Daddy will fix it for you.' she smiled then finished packing.

James sat there and fixed a few of the twigs that were sticking out of his son's toy broom. Once he was done, he smiled at Harry who beamed up at him.

'Now, do you want a story?' James asked.

'Grandpa did,' Harry nodded then carefully got up and pulled a book from his shelf handing it to his father then sat on his mother's lap.

James Potter read the story that he had read so much over the last few weeks. Ever since Lily had bought the book, Harry wanted it read over and over again. But neither of them minded, not when they knew time with their son was running out. So for the next couple of hours, James would read, Lily would choose another book and read before his grandfather would go back to the first book. When Harry started yawning, Lily held her son tight to her, kissed his head before James kissed him then had to pry Harry out of Lily's arms, nodded to his father who held onto Lily then James placed him in his cot along with a large bag placed at the other end, the large envelope was place inside the bag along with two large bags of money.

'It's time Lily, we can't linger,' James bent down and kissed his son again then stood back.

Lily kissed her son, 'Please be safe Harry, but know that we did this to save you. Hopefully everything will be explained when you're older. Just be happy my beautiful boy,' Lily kissed him again then stood back with her husband who had pulled his wand, placed the small locket on his son's sleeping stomach. He looked at his wife who was crying silently into his father's arms, but she never once stopped staring at her son. James knew how she was feeling, will they see Harry again, or will Lily and his father die hoping Voldemort never figured out what they did, will he, James Potter be stuck like that forever, he just didn't know. James put his other arm around his wife, then pointed his wand at the locket on his son's stomach, then for the next twenty minutes performed the charm that would take Harry away, so far away that unless they lived, they would never see him again, but they knew if Harry disappeared, he would be safe and the letter left with him will explain everything. When a small glow started around Harry, Lily's cries got louder and she went to reach for Harry but James and Herbert held Lily back. They stood together as the glow brightened until it was so bright it hurt to look at. Then in an even brighter flash that lit up the room, Harry, his cot and bag disappeared before their very eyes.

'He's alive, you're alive, let's hope he stays that way,' Lily sagged in her husband's arms.

'I'm sure he will Lily, now we have to get ready, he can't know, not until the last minute, then hopefully Albus will be able to help. Let's go into our room for a while, spend a bit of time until it's my turn. Dad, we'll be downstairs later, keep a look out for anything suspicious.'

'I will son, go be with your wife,' Lily nodded but thought that he will be with his wife again very soon, but to die protecting his family is something he could easily do.

James pulled his wife from their sons room, they walked arm in arm into their room. Even though they were waiting and wondering how long they might be alive for and even though they knew Harry was safe, James and Lily wanted to spend the rest of their time together. So that's what they did, they held each other, gazed into each other's eyes, but never spoke. They didn't need words to say what they were feeling, their love for each other said it all.