Chapter thirty

Over the next few days the story of James Potter being the real boy who lived dominated every magazine and newspaper around the magical world. When James was out, he noticed a slight different with how he was being treated. He still had people thanking him, but they were seeing a very confident man, not the young man they were used to seeing.

'So how was your first day at work Charlie?'

Charlie sat next to James but gave Harry a wave, 'Tiring, but fun. I always have fun working with dragons.'

'I might take you up on the offer to show Harry some dragons. I remember as a boy I was fascinated with that big monsters. My bedroom was a lot like Harry's, all dragon stuff, most of my toys were dragon's and all my books were dragon stories.'

'That is definitely not Harry, but he did almost die twice due to dragons.'

'True, but even though I know who I am, as Harry he did get excited riding that dragon out of Gringotts. Naturally he never told Hermione and Ron about that though. Have you ever ridden a dragon Charlie?'

'Never had the opportunity and most of us that work with dragons know you can't just jump on their backs. With the one you rode it was different, it had been chained down there since it was young, it was hurt, hungry, thirsty, so it was more interested in being free than the meal on its back.'

James laughed, 'Yep, I get that because the moment it spotted water, he kept drinking for ages. Anyway, I went down to the cemetery today, Kingsley had it changed. So now it's my father's name and my mother was moved to be beside him. Lily is alone now,' James sighed heavily.

'You miss your wife don't you?'

'I do, very much. She was the love of my life. So even though I'm still young, I know I will never love anyone like I loved my flower. I know Harry could use a mother, but I think it's better for him to have me the way I am than a woman I end up with just to give him a mother. What about you Charlie, do you ever want to settle down, have your own kids?'

'One day, first I have to find the right man, but I also have to be ready to give up the dragons. It's a dangerous job and I would hate to get serious hurt or die leaving my family without me around. After hearing about you all my life, or Harry all my life then seeing you and Harry over the last couple of weeks, it's really opened my eyes to what could happen if I died.'

'It has to be your choice to leave a job you love. Is there anything else that takes your interest?'

'Not really, my love has always been around creatures. Maybe I could open a shop like the magical menagerie. You know James, maybe you could help with that, some financial advice. Now I'm working and apart from getting a flat, I'm not one for spending a lot, so I could probably invest or something.'

'Yes, you could, we can sit down when Harry's asleep and talk it all through. What you earn, how much you could afford to invest or save. Work on what you might like to do, what it would cost and go from there. But about this flat, you know there's no rush, I enjoy your company. Not just the sex either Charlie, but like now, just sitting talking to you. We seemed to get on really well, so you can stay as long as you like.'

'I'd like to stay James, I enjoy spending time with you and I've become very fond of Harry, he seems to like me as well.'

'He does, he says your name quite a lot, especially today, asking where you were.'

'Oh Harry, did you miss me,' Charlie picked up the small boy, throwing him into the air, catching him making the boy giggle, 'Such a happy kid.'

'I wasn't, not at the age or where I was.'

'I heard a few stories from Ron about how they starved you, then you mentioned being hit.'

James could tell Charlie didn't want to ask, 'If I dared as a question I was hit, if I ever spoke back to them I was hit, if Dudley said I did something wrong, I was hit. It wasn't just that physical abuse that was hard to live with, it was not having any type of affection. I saw kids on the platform that first time I went to Hogwarts, parents hugging and kissing their kids, I couldn't stop watching them. It wasn't until after the chamber of secrets that I was ever hugged. Hermione had finally woken up after being petrified, she ran down the aisle between the tables and hugged me. At first I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew I liked it, so I hugged her back. Do remember when I was in the hospital wing after Voldemorts return?'

'Yes, I was taken care of the dragons, why?'

'I cried into your mother's arms that night. It was the first time I ever felt the love of a parent and that's how I think of your parents.'

'That's why you hug Harry all the time, you want him to feel the love from his parent.'

'Yes, I want him to feel emotionally stable in our relationship as well as loved.'

'You're doing that already James, I see it every time you are with Harry, he can see it as well, he loves you, he shows it all the time. But about what you were saying before about never marrying again. Do you really believe that or is it that you're still grieving for your wife.'

'I am grieving for my Lily, but to be honest, I can't say how I will feel in a few years. Right now I want to concentrate on my son and reestablishing my business. For now I'm enjoying my time with Harry, with my friends, our time together whether it's in bed or out. So that's what I am going to do for the foreseeable future. Since you are in no hurry to settle down, then we can keep each other company. We might not want to be in a relationship but we do enjoy our time together and Harry loves you,' James looked down at his son who was standing against Charlie's legs, when he saw that he thought maybe they might end up being more, time will tell, time James had now, time he intended to raise Harry as all boys should be raised, with a loving parent in a loving home, the Potter home.

The end: