Brilliant, another pile of essays to get through in one night. Lily took a long swig of coffee and placed the mug back on the desk. As she began trawling through the first assignment, her vision began to blur and swim before her. I have got to stop leaving everything to the last minute. She tried to focus but her surroundings continued to shimmer and swirl around her and a moment later she passed out.


"Is she dead?" A gruff, heavily accented voice asked.

"No, she's not dead." A deep, richer voice replied, this one sounded closer.

"Her heartbeat quickens, she is waking up." A low but gentle voice told them. Lily's eyes slowly opened, she narrowed them against the bright sunlight. Eventually she looked up, there were three people crowded around her: a rugged man kneeling next to her looking incredibly serious, a ginger dwarf who looked at her like she was a harbinger of doom and a slender, tall man who looked over her with a mildly curious expression.

"Hello." She greeted awkwardly as she continued to lie on the floor. They looked like they were going to a Renaissance Fare, why were they dressed so weirdly? Lily looked down at herself and realised she was dressed in a similar fashion, wearing dark brown trousers, supple brown leather boots and a rough green tunic.

"How did you come to be here?" The rougher man interrupted her thoughts. Umm, she couldn't exactly answer that, seeing as she didn't know where she was or why she was here. She was still pretty sure it was just a really vivid dream.

"I was travelling and I collapsed?" Well it was a half truth.

"Travelling?" The pretty, slim man sounded unconvinced. Lily nodded, feeling defensive, even though it was a total lie.

"Travelling from where?" The dark-haired man next to her asked patiently.

"England." She stated, they all frowned and looked at each other to see if anyone knew what she was talking about. Surely they knew what England was? It wasn't the bloody dark ages. Or was it? Lily had sat up and looked around frantically, it looked remarkably like the highlands of Scotland. Had she time travelled? She hurriedly got to her feet.

"So where am I?" Her voice rose a few octaves like it always did when she panicked.

"The Gap of Rohan." The others all looked at each other, clearly wondering if she was mental.

"Rohan?" She laughed. "Middle Earth?" She clarified, the rugged man nodded and Lily burst out laughing. Part of her hoped she would laugh herself out of this coma or whatever it was but she didn't and the three guys looked terrified. Lily stopped laughing.

"I'm not insane." She told them seriously, they seemed shockingly unconvinced. "I'm just very tired and incredibly lost." She tried to make her case as sincerely as possible. The two men, wait one of them had pointy ears, the man and the elf nodded but the dwarf still glowered at her. She'd seen the Lord of the Rings movies, albeit a while ago, but she now realised who these three guys were. Aragorn was very good looking, Legolas was even better and Gimli...well if you're into that sort of thing. Why am I thinking about how attractive they are, I'm stuck in bloody Middle Earth for God sake!

"I'm Aragorn and these are my companions Legolas and Gimli." He had a very velvety, rich voice. It was instantly comforting which Lily was thankful for, she could use some comfort right now.

"Lily." She extended her hand for them to shake but they all looked a little confused. Legolas tentatively took it and kissed it lightly. She instantly pulled away, feeling her face flush rapidly, so women and men shaking hands was not a thing here.

"So," She began awkwardly, "Where are you guys headed?". All she could think about was Legolas kissing her hand. It was awkward and slightly embarrasing, however a part of her wanted him to do it again.

"Well-" Aragorn began.

"No!" The dwarf growled. "How do we know she's to be trusted?", they all eyed her appraisingly.

"She presents no obvious danger." Legolas offered, not meeting her eyes.

"I'm unarmed, unaccompanied and in a foreign land, I have no idea where I am or where I'm going, where is my advantage?" She raised her eyebrows questioningly. She made eye contact with Legolas who seemed to be suppressing an amused smile. Gimli grunted, she took that as an agreement with her statement.

"We go to look for our friends," Aragorn explained. "They were taken." He looked out over the mountainous terrain. Oh yeah, Lily remembered this bit, two hobbits were taken to Isengard. She started humming the tune of Taking the Hobbits to Isengard when she realised the three guys were eyeing her dubiously.

"We should move, we're losing time." Blondie told Aragorn, he nodded in response.

"So which we way are we going?" Lily asked, "I can come right?". She really hoped they wouldn't say no because then she would have to follow them and that would be weird for everyone.

"Yes, for now at least." Aragorn conceded and began sprinting away, Gimli followed suit. Legolas seemed to be waiting for her, what a gentleman. Lily began running and Legolas kept pace with her even though she could tell he was going much slower than he would of liked. Oh god, I wish I went to the gym more...well at all actually.

"You say you are from a far away realm," Legolas said conversationally "But you're an elf". Now Lily looked at him like he was mad.

"I'm not an-" She touched her ear, it was pointed. "Right, okay I am an elf." She panted. Running and talking was nearly impossible. They ran for what seemed like hours, she had forgot how much activity there was in these films. Eventually the group paused as Legolas stopped to listen. Lily thought about being helpful but decided to flop unceremoniously onto the ground instead. After a moment she could hear the galloping of hooves, she looked past the three guys and saw a herd of riders approaching, she scrambled to her feet and prayed she wasn't about to die.