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Momiji sprang out of bed. Finally, after what seemed like years of waiting, it was...

"CHRISTMAS!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. He flung open the door to Tohru's bedroom and bounced on the bed.

"TOHRU-KUN! ITS CHRISTMAS! GET UP!" He shouted excitedly. Tohru woke up with a jolt.

"I'm late! School starts at 9:10am and its-" She saw the time."4:00am...what's going on?"

Momiji pulled Tohru out of bed.

"Come on! Lets go downstairs! Its Christmas!" He whined. He dragged a confused Tohru down the stairs.

"Its Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!" Momiji sang as he danced around Tohru, who was still half asleep. Kyo stormed downstairs looking like he was about to murder a certain rabbit.

"Good morning! Guess what Kyo? Its Christmas! That means everyone gets presents and food and sings songs and...whats wrong Kyo? You look like someone's reeeeaallly annoyed you!" Momiji babbled. Kyo glared at him.

"What the hell are you doing Momiji?!" He shouted."Its 4:00am! Get back to bed!"

Tohru peered up at Kyo.

"Whats going on? Am I late for school? I'm sorry mom...sorry...-" She face planted the floor.

Shigure opened the door of his study.

"Stop making so much noise, Kyo-chi!" He complained."Its still sleepytime!"

Kyo groaned."Its not my fault! That damn bunny woke me up!" He snapped. Tohru stirred in her sleep.

"Hello, Mr Unicorn! What a lovely day it is!" She mumbled. Shigure glanced at Momiji who, in the middle of all this, had fallen asleep...on top of the Christmas tree.

"Kyo?" He said wondrously."How did Momiji get up there?"

Kyo shrugged."I really don't care. I'm going to bed." He told Shigure. Shigure sighed.

"I have a feeling it was a mistake to let Momiji stay over for Christmas." He said to himself."I predict doom, destruction and despair in the very near future! What fun!"

And all was quiet...for awhile.

(Yuki had slept through all of this.)

Chapter 2 coming up soon...