Name: How It All Happened

Genre: Friendship, fluff

Rating: K+ (srsly, nothing bad here…)

Warnings: Uhm… cuteness overload? Haha~ They're still kids so nothing happens.

Ages: Tsuna almost 4, Hibari 6

A/N: This is the beginning of Tsuna and Hibari's story.

The ficlets will continue in chronological order from their childhood to the time they're but old men. These are just little but important moments from their relationship but I hope these will give you the idea. Maybe later I can write a proper fic with a plot of how they fell in love etc. But for now I want to write some cute things, sometimes sad so there'll be some changes in genres and ratings. But I bet the rating won't go to M. It'll be T at the most. And that'll be based on the time they're teenagers/adults. Oh yeah and I'm not sure yet how long this well be. Let's just say that I'll continue this until I run out of ideas.

Oh and the name of the fic might change later. Just now I couldn't come up with anything creative.

Please don't be too harsh to me. English isn't my first language so there might be (and will be) some grammatical errors and typos D: Please tell me if you find some~ I'll correct them right away.

Tsuna almost 4 years old

He just sat there on his usual spot. All alone. There were many kids running all around in front of him but none paid any attention to a lone boy swinging his legs on a big rock.

The boy didn't mind though. The other kids did only tend to tease him whenever they talked to him and that Tsuna surely didn't like. They were all mean to him, calling him slow or dame or just boring. But even though he didn't want them near him, he couldn't help but feel lonely.

He wanted to laugh with someone. Share the bento he's eating. Play tag and make sand castles.

Tsuna let his head drop to his cute bento which his mom had made with love but he just couldn't smile back to smiling onigiris. A quiet sniffle escaped from his nose.

"You're disturbing my peace."

Tsuna peeped, fell down from the rock and whimpered in pain. His bento fell all over the dirt and there's a scratch on his knee. It was about to bleed. He couldn't take it, the tears started to fall down his small face.

There was a quiet 'hmph' sound behind him. It was the same voice as before. Tsuna didn't dare to turn around to see who had startled him so badly. It didn't take much to scare Tsuna and other kids liked to use that against him.

But Tsuna just sat there, pants covered in dirt and knee now bleeding a little. Quiet sobs were heard in the silence that had fallen between two kids: Tsuna and the unknown boy.

Then there's patting of small feet, quiet but confident, and they stopped beside Tsuna. Small boy didn't dare to look up to see the bully. Only thing he saw was black leather shoes which were rare to see on little kids.

The other boy moved and so did Tsuna. He was ready for an impact but it never came. Instead something fell on his messy brown head and the steps went further away.

"Go inside, little animal," was all he heard the boy say. Tsuna took the object the boy had given to him and saw it was a handkerchief. It was pure white, almost too white that Tsuna didn't want to soil it, and there're neatly embroidered two letters. HK. They were written with western letters, Tsuna didn't recognize them. He'd seen his daddy using them before but Tsuna was too young to know them. He could always ask his mommy or daddy, though.

Quickly Tsuna looked to the direction the mysterious boy had disappeared but saw nothing. There's still laughter of the other children, happy yelling, busy running steps. But Tsuna wasn't sad anymore. The tears he just had cried had stopped.

Gently he hugged the handkerchief against his small chest and smiled with such warmth none had seen him smile before. Then he gently put the hanky on his bleeding knee and promised to give it to his mommy to be washed. He'd give it back to its owner later and thank him. Thank the boy whose face he hadn't seen. Even if it'd take some time to find him again, he knew they'd meet again. He just knew.