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Chapter 1

Sherlock: 20 years

Mycroft: 27 years

Sarafina: 24 years

Sherlock Holmes paced back and forth in the hospital waiting room. He had gotten a call from his sister, Sarafina, just hours earlier. She had been in labor. Mycroft had picked her up and drove her to the hospital and Sherlock had met him there. Sherlock had wanted to be in the room to help, but Mycroft insisted that he go and help. Six hours had gone by and still nothing. Finally a nurse came out.

"Sherlock Holmes?" He immediately walked to her. "Someone's waiting for you." She said with a smile.

"I highly doubt that." He mumbled as he followed her down the hallway. They finally came to a door and walked in.

Sarafina was sitting up in the bed, holding a newborn baby girl in her arms. Mycroft was sitting in a chair in the corner, still mildly shocked at what he had just witnessed.

"Say hello to your new niece, Sherlock." Sarafina said. Sherlock inched his way into the room and looked at the baby.

"It looks like a raisin."

"Sherlock!" Mycroft scolded.

"I'm simply making an observation, Mycroft."

"Well, next time keep your observations to yourself."

"Boys!" Sarafina laughed. "It's alright. She won't look like a 'raisin' for much longer." Sherlock leaned back.


"Want to hold her?" Sherlock takes a step backwards.

"No. No, that's quite alright."

"C'mon, Sherlock. Just once. It would be so cute." Sarafina begged. Sherlock slumped his shoulders and sighed.

"Fine. Just this once. But no photographs Mycroft." Mycroft held up his hands in surrender.

Sherlock moved closer to Sarafina and she placed the newborn in Sherlock's arms. She squirmed a bit in his arms and Sherlock awkwardly adjusted her. After a moment, he put her in a comfortable position in his arms and relaxed. She opened her eyes and fixed them on Sherlock. He stared at her as she gurgled and reached her hand up to touch Sherlock's face. Sherlock leaned his head back further and further but she managed to grab his nose and pull his head forward.

"Ow!" Sherlock said. She giggled and let go. "You can take it back now." Sherlock said to Sarafina. She laughed and took the baby back from Sherlock.

"See. That wasn't so bad, was it?" Sherlock rubbed his nose.

"Well, she's got a good grip, I'll tell you that." Mycroft chuckled.

"Yes, well. If you don't mind, we should be going." He gets up from his chair and says goodbye to Sarafina.

"Thank you both so much. Mycroft for the help and Sherlock for the good laugh." Sherlock rolls his eyes.

"Yes, apparently that's all I'm good for now." Sarafina laughs and Mycroft sighs.

"He always was the dramatic one."

"I am not!" They keep arguing out the door and Sarafina chuckles.

"Sadly, I don't think you'll be the one to worry so much about there baby girl." She smiles fondly at the newborn. "Eliza Marie Holmes. My little Liza."