Yurika, Megumi, Ryoko, and even Ruri were all holding out presents for Akito, each looking at him expectantly. Or in the cases of Ryoko and Ruri, they were looking at him passive-aggressively and dispassionately, respectively.

Akito glanced to his left, and then to his right, but any potential exits had been blocked off. Dammit.

At that time, however, he found salvation as Gai Daigouji burst into the room with a yell, startling the girls and giving Akito an escape route.

He wasted no time in running for his life, and was about to offer a prayer of gratitude for the Christmas miracle... but then Ryoko tackled Akito to the ground and trapped him beneath the mistletoe.

Holiday romance ensued.

As Mazinger Z battled yet another of Doctor Hell's Mechanical Beasts, Koji yelled, "C'mon Ashura, it's friggin' Christmas! Don't you have anything better to do?"

The Ashura's man-half smiled sinisterly, before giving a villainous rant that could generally be summed up as "Mazinger's destruction will be my holiday gift to Doctor Hell!"

Sayaka huffed in annoyance as she moved Aphrodite A into position. "By the way," she asked while glancing at the Fourth Wall, "why am I wearing a Santa minidress with a hole over my breasts?"

Koji grinned as he explained, "Holiday fanservice, of course!"

Turning back to the Mechanical Beast, he then roared, "As for you, Ashura, I'm strapped for cash right now, but I'd feel like a real ass if I didn't at least get you a taste of BREEEAAAST FIIIIIIIRRRRE!"

As Mazinger's thermal chest plates let out a blast of hellfire and melted the Mechanical Beast to scrap, Ashuna ran off with his/her tail between his/her legs, screaming, "Even a fruitcake would have been better!"

Ritsuko Akagi tiredly demanded of the Getter boys, "Would any of you care to tell me why you used Shin Getter to carve a giant 'MERRY X-MAS' on the moon so that the entire planet couldn't help but see it?"

Ryoma, Hayato, and Musashi just sort of looked at each other for a moment, before Ryoma shrugged and replied, "Why the hell not?"

Heero Yuy listened intently to the orders being given to him over the phone, before saying, "Mission accepted."

Without then further ado, he gave Wing Zero a Santa paintjob and set about delivering toys to all of the world's well-behaved children.

But not Wufei. Wufei got a Gundam-sized lump of coal.