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Liliana Flame

They had been walking for a while. Seeing no human that would be surprised at the sight of a tabby cat and a panther, the pair did not stop or think to hide.


'Severus' silenced the cat with a look.

"Be quiet, Minerva," said the panther. The odd pair fell silent as they searched for any disturbance.

"I wonder where we are now..." said Minerva the cat.

"I have no idea," sneered Severus the black panther sarcastically, looking pointedly at a sign that said 'Privet Drive'. "Are you hurt?"

The cat nodded. Her front paw was bleeding and there was a gash on her shoulder. "But I'll be okay."

Damn Albus and his 'accidental mistakes'. While waiting for him in his office for a meeting, Minerva, being the silly Gryffindor touched a glowing box. It steadily began to glow stronger but Severus didn't notice as he was looking at the old man's phoenix, who was preening his feathers. Minerva had jumped away from the glowing box and crashed into Severus, who in turn fell into some huge chest with different small glittering items. Both Professors felt a tug of a Portkey and were whisked off somewhere unknown. Upon arrival they found themselves in their Animaugus forms, with no way of returning to their real, human forms.

"I've been here," Minerva said so quietly that Severus had a hard time believing she said something.

Both sat down to rest. Severus had a hard time, trying to keep his eyes open from the heat. His slumber was ruined by Minerva.

"Hey Severus! Look over there!" said the tabby softly.

It took Severus a bit of time to understand what Minerva was talking about.

A boy in a garden, working. He stretched and ran a hand through his shoulders, as if wiping the tension off them. He looked like he was no older than 12. His messy black hair gleamed in the sun as he worked through the weeds.

However he did not understand what was so special about the boy. He turned to Minerva.

"It's a boy. A human, from whom we should try to hide," he said slyly. Minerva shook her head frantically.

"It's not just any boy, Severus," she said, not taking her eyes off the small form. "It's Harry Potter."

"Severus, don't blow your cover!" said Minerva and before Severus could stop her started walking towards him.

"GET BACK HERE!" he snarled.

"Shush, now. No need to scare the boy."

"Whatever! He does not understand us anyway!" seethed Severus. How very wrong he was.

The boy looked up upon hearing the panther's voice.

"I do understand you," said Harry quietly, then turned to look at the tabby and his eyes filled with worry. "Another injured one?"

Then gave a sigh, dropped the gloves.

"I won't hurt you. Let me have a look."

"Now see here, boy! We—" Severus fell silent as Minerva shook her head at him.

Harry simply ignored him in the favour of checking the wounds.

"Nothing too serious. The cuts aren't deep and nothing seems to be broken."

He straightened up.

The trio heard a car get closer and Harry muttered "But it's too early..."

He turned to the two animals.

"You have to hide!" he said, almost pleadingly.

Severus opened his mouth to complain, but was dragged off into the bushes by Minerva.

As soon as the two animauguses disappeared into the bushes, a walrus-like man appeared. And he did not look happy.

"So...have you finished you chores boy?" he snarled.

"Everything in the house is finished Uncle Vernon. I am finishing the outside chores now, sir."


"But you came home early!" Harry's mind screamed, but he stayed silent. His Uncle was breathing heavily and was about to say something when a shrill cry interrupted him.

"Vernon dear, are we ready to go?" asked a female voice.

"Yes, coming darling!" he shouted back. He turned to Harry. "Now you! Listen here and listen good. You WILL finish the chores, then you will go to your room and STAY THERE until we come. Then we'll have a nice. Long. Talk." As he empathised the last words, he gripped Harry's hair and shook it, to make sure Harry got the message.

The walrus man sneered at the boy and then left.

After a few moments there was a sound of a car driving away.

Harry sighed. "You two can come out now," said Harry softly.

Minerva was shaking as she asked "What was that?"

Harry pretended not to hear her as he took his tools and went to put them in the tool shed.

"May I find out your names?" asked Harry.

"This is Onyx and you can call me Minnie," said Minerva, still shaking. Severus sent her a incredulous look. She rolled her eyes in response.

Harry smiled and said "I'm Harry."

"Do you wish to stay?"

"Yes," said Minnie straight away as Severus said "No" at the same time. Minerva glared at Severus.

"Fine, we can stay," muttered Severus, vowing to get back at her.

The two followed Harry started following Harry into the house when Harry saw that Minnie was limping. "Wait," he said. He walked over to her and picked her up. "The less you walk the better."

"Thank you." said Minnie thankfully. Harry just smiled and carried the cat to his room.

"You two stay here. I'll be back soon."

And so he returned in a while with a first aid. He cleaned the wound and then said "What I'm about to do will not heal the wound completely, but it will fasten up the process quite nicely."

He waved his hand over the tabby's paw and mumbled something. Blue sparks flew out and circled the wound before disappearing into the cat's flesh. Then Harry bandaged it.

"You can do wandless magic?" asked Severus. Harry nodded. Then he walked over to a loose floorboard and pulled out an invisibility cloak.

"When someone comes up, you must hide," he told them. "I do not wish you to be discovered."

"Indeed," said Severus in a bored tone. To his surprise Harry chuckled. "I do not find anything funny here!" hissed the panther.

"You really remind me of my professor at school," said Harry, still laughing slightly. "He teaches potions. He is a good teacher, but he has his faults."

"Like what?" asked the curious panther.

"Well, he favors his Slytherins alot and he seems to be very unfair to Gryffindors." Harry gave a sigh. "Most of all he seems to loath me. I dunno why. I try in potions! I really do! But after two years of failing I think I'm giving up on trying to please the professor."

Minnie sent the other animaugus a glare.

"I'm sure everything will be ok Harry," she said quietly. Harry shook his head. "I doubt. I never did him any harm...I really don't know...I mean there has to be something! Ron's potion at least got some mark while my potion was better and I got an abysmal..."

Unnoticed by Harry, Minerva was sending Severus a death glare. Severus glared back, but inside something was tingling. Guilt. However that feeling disappeared the moment he saw James Potter's hair.

His thoughts were interrupted when a sound of the front door opened.

Harry through the invisibility cloak over the two. As soon as he had done it his uncle came seething into the room.


The door burst open and the walrus of a man entered. his face was red and harry knew that the man had had one more drink than necessary. He slapped Harry in the face and Harry fell back, smashing into a small table. Because of the slap Harry lost his glasses and didn't see the sharp object slash through his hand.

He lay there barely conscious. His uncle took him by the ear and said "You are to stay in here for five days! Understood? You will be let out to cook only! I have you enough causing trouble to my family. Now once I have more time, I will deal with you thoroughly."

Then he smashed the boy down and left him there closing the door with a huge bang.

The two animauguses waited a few moments then burst from under the invisibility cloak to Harry's side. "Are you alright Harry?" asked Minerva.

"You get used to it," said Harry slowly rising from the floor. The black panther looked around and saw Harry's glasses on the floor on the other side of the room. He walked over and picked them up then handed them over to Harry.

"Thanks Nyx," said Harry softly. Onyx or Severus was annoyed by his nickname, raged at the boys Uncle, concerned by the boy's health. 'No I am going mad! Me and be worried about a student, let alone Harry POTTER. No that was not right.'

He sighed and sat onto the ground while Harry examined the wound. He waved his hand and the wound closed up, leaving a scar behind.

It was getting late and Harry still had to get his two guests comfortable.

He asked them where they would like to sleep. The tabby cat curled up at Harry's feet on the bed and Harry smiled.

Onyx found himself very comfortable on floor and refused to find another place. Harry walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a blanket, folded it and placed it on the floor, which Onyx gladly accepted. Harry had a bunch of sandwiches stored at a bag which had a freezer and an expanding charm on in. They ate and fell asleep.

The two animals woke up at a sound of thrashing. They saw the Potter boy in a nightmare. Minnie was up in an instant. She cooed him until he settled down.

They talked and Harry kept smiling at the cat as she soothed and calmed him all she could. Before falling asleep again he whispered "Thanks, Minnie..."

The cat felt like wiping away tears at the image. Apparently her motherly instincts were still there and seeing one of her lions hurting so much did not help her feelings. And yet she couldn't do anything.

While the cat had already fallen asleep Onyx felt some unusual emotion rise in him. No. He was not worried for the boy. And yet the boy had said that you get used to it...

When the two cats woke up they saw that Harry was gone. It was 7 o'clock in the morning and the brat was already gone.

They heared movement downstairs and listened.

"...this mess! The list of chores is here! Do not give your aunt trouble! After you compete them STAY IN YOUR ROOM!"

A new day. Again. Harry hated day-times. He preferred nights, when everyone was asleep.

For Harry it was an uneventful day. He did his chores, checked Minnie's paw, snuck out for a first aid.

He fell asleep late at night to wake one hour later with a nightmare. Each and every time Minnie was there to calm him down.

Salazar was mostly ignored at that point, but was pleased about it. The days passed.

One morning Mrs Frigg came over while the Dursleys were out for the day.

"Hello, Harry!" said the old catlady.

Harry greeted her and then as always showed her to the living room. "Mrs Frigg, I need your help," started Harry. "A few days ago I got a wounded cat again, but the wound isn't healing."

Harry didn't have to say anything else and Mrs Frigg requested to see the cat.

Harry ran upstairs where the panther and the cat were waiting.

"Minnie we're going downstairs. Mrs Frigg will help you with your wound. Sadly I don't know what to do anymore."

Upon the nod of her consent, he took her in his arms and went downstairs more carefully.

Mrs Frigg was sipping her tea.

"Harry, if I may take her with me I can look after her wound more properly. I will return her as soon as possible. Of course you can always come and visit."

Harry looked at Minnie and after recieving a small nod from the cat he agreed.

Before letting the cat go he whispered "Take care Minnie. You'll be alright. I'll visit you as soon as possible."

Then Mrs Frigg left. Harry dreaded explaining it to the panther, who was horrified to stay only with the Potter boy for company. But there was nothing he could do.

A day of an uncomfortable silence had passed of Minerva's absence and Severus was feeling restless.

Harry had to do his chores outside and Severus's panther self wanted to have a run.

He ran through the park after Harry allowed (helped him to get outside. After all Severus didn't need the boy's permission to do something) him to go. Chasing the birds for fun, stopping for small chats with the street animals and just feeling freedom. He didn't need a mask while being an animal and he enjoyed it.

After some time he decided to get some rest. He heard how a gang of loud voices coming nearer but he ignored them.

Suddenly one voice shouted "Hey! Look a big cat!" and a stone flew at him hitting him on the shoulder.

Salazar knew it was no use in scaring them and decided to make a run for it. He arrived at Harry's panting and Harry threw the cloak over him.

At his room Harry saw two quite long scratches.

"You're hurt!" he said.

"Just a scratch!"

But Harry didn't listen. He cleaned the wound and with a wave of his hand, the wound vanished.

That night Harry had a nightmare again. Only this time there wasn't Minnie anywhere.

Onyx found himself at a loss.

He remembered how Minnie soothed the boy and did the same. Slowly the boy's eyes opened and he whispered "Minnie?"

Salazar once again felt jealousy tugging him as he said rather sharply "No."

Harry sat immediately upright and looked at the black panther and sighed in relief "Onyx."

He stroke the panther and whispered "Thank you. Sorry I woke you."

The panther just felt like smiling, but kept his mask, knowing how ridiculous he would look and said instead "You're welcome."

They both fell asleep waking up a few more times at night at Harry's nightmares.

Maybe they would manage. Even without Minnie being there.

Severus was very surprised how well Harry cared for him. And somehow he was starting to feel protective of the boy. Probably everyone felt protective of others once they lived with them for a long time.

'You call a week a long time?' said Severus's inner voice.

'Shut up,' said Severus.

His mental battle was interrupted when Harry came into the room, looking horrified.

"Aunt Marge is coming for a visit," was all he said before falling onto his bed.

"So what?" asked the sneering panther.

Harry shook his head and said "You don't understand. She's sometimes worse than my uncle."

Those words made Severus' head throb painfully.

"She breeds bulldogs and she always brings one when she comes. Usually Ripper. The dog hates me although I don't know why."

"When is she coming?"

Harry looked at Severus. Sharp green eyes met black.

"Tomorrow evening," he said, looking defeated.

The next evening came too fast for both of them.

The woman, if possible, was even larger than Vernon. She too had no neck and her voice was loud and sent shivers down Onyx's spine. No Severus wasn't afraid, but his panther self Onyx felt like escaping to Pluto, just to get away from her.

Harry was allowed to go to his room earlier than usual. Onyx was lying on Harry's bed when Harry came. He had a new bruise on his cheek and his hand looked painful.

"Doesn't look too good," said Onyx, nodding his head at his injuries.

Harry just shook his head sadly.

"Did you get these scars this year?" Salazar asked. It was impossible that they were older. He had not seen them at Hogwarts.

"No," said Harry. "My strongest spell in wandless magic became the Glamour Charms. Although I'm still trying to make my hair flat," he added, his lips twitching to a weak grin.

"But why don't you tell anyone?" asked Severus.

"Tell what?"

"About all of this," Severus motioned around the air with his tail.

Harry snorted. "I tried to tell Dumbledore not to send me back here, but he refused. Once I tried to tell someone when I was small, but the results were triple punishment."

"What do you mean 'triple punishment'?"

"I got a beating from my Uncle, got locked up in my cupboard for 2 weeks and my teacher called me a liar. Since then I don't trust adults anymore," said Harry, counting off his fingers.

"What do you mean 'your cupboard'?"

"I stayed there until I got my letter to Hogwarts."

Severus was horrified. He had not helped the matters at school himself. He shook his head. Harry chuckled.

"You know sometimes you are nothing like my potions professor, but sometimes it seems like you are him."

Onyx scowled as Harry sighed. "Although I have no right to judge him. I know him as a professor, as the Head of Slytherin, but I don't know him as a human."

That made the panther look up. No that was not how Potter's son should have been! Potter's son should have called him a greasy git of the dungeons, make fun of him, taunt him and laugh at him!

But the boy had not done so.

The boy wasn't James, because of that. The boy wasn't Lily either. How could he be? The boy was Harry. Only Harry.

The next day Harry pulled out the invisibility cloak and headed down to Mrs Frigg. Minnie's paw was healed and she was ready to return to Harry. Harry allowed the two to stay as long as they liked and so they stayed. Not because they wanted to, but because they wanted to help Harry. Even if they could only do as much as comfort him.

In the evening a very angry Harry came bursting into the room and growled at the two "I'm leaving."

He packed up some thing as the two animals through the cloak over themselves not understanding what was going on.

Harry went downstairs with the two behind him.


"No! She deserved it!"

Harry's uncle blocked the way and sneered "You have nowhere to go. You heard me!"

"I don't care! Anywhere is better than here!"

With that Harry squeezed through and opened the cupboard with wandless magic. He pulled his trunk out and headed for the door.

After walking for a while Harry stopped. It was late and he realized...he didn't know where to go. It was only the second week of the holidays...

He sat on his trunk as the cat and the panther came visible. He was ashamed to admit, but he had forgotten about them once they became invisible. They sat down beside him offering silent comfort.

"I don't know what happened," said Harry. "Marge was insulting my parents when I just lost control. She began turning into a human balloon and then floated away," he continued unable to hold small chuckles escaping him. Soon the two animals were chuckling themselves, but suddenly the panther tensed.

From the bushes came a huge black dog, his eyes gleaming. Onyx stood up in front of Harry ready to protect him, when suddenly he realized who that was. Black! Sirius Black! Outside of Azkaban!

He growled at the dog.

The dog smirked. Harry raised his wand. Suddenly Minnie, Onyx and Harry fell back as a huge blue buss appeared in front of them.

A man came out. "'Ello an' welcome-"

He looked around and then looked down.

"Watcha doin' down 'ere?"

"I fell over," said Harry.

"Watcha fell over for?"

"I didn't do it on purpose!"

"Alright, alright get'n!"

Harry payed for the tickets and walked over to a bed far back, as Stan Shunpike followed him.

"Nice pets ya 'have 'ere! An' wha' was yer name again?"

"Neville," said Harry hurriedly, catching Salazar in surprise. "Neville eh?" chuckled Stan.

"An' yer pets?"

"Minnie and Onyx."

They arrived at the Leaky Cauldron.

"Ah Harry! Good to see you!" said a voice suddenly. Turning around Harry, Minerva and Severus saw the Minister for Magic.