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So that you don't have to reread the entire story from before here it is in a bit shorter form:

*Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall end up in Privet Drive in their Animal forms.

*They find Harry Potter working in his garden.

*They don't tell him who they are. Instead Harry calls them Minnie and Onyx.

*Harry is able to speak to animals.

*Harry blows up Aunt Marge and the trio (Harry, Onyx, Minnie) are forced to run away.

*They run into the Minister of Magic and later Dumbledore, who tries to send Harry back to his home. Harry wins the argument and stays at Hogwarts.

*Dumbledore sends Ron and Hermione to try and convince Harry to return to the Dursleys, but they fail. Harry pushes them away, so that they do not get hurt.

*Harry disappears on his birthday. He turns up in the Founders era.

* Then I skip a lot of detail on the training Harry receives. (I made a poll about this. Please vote on my profile page so I know what to do).

*Harry gets back to his time.

*The Founders come back with him.

*Severus and Minerva are assigned as Harry's Guides (not guardians), but Harry is more fond of Salazar than Snape.

*Harry helped a first year, who didn't know who he was.

Helping Max had started a lot of rumors in the school. Everyone was talking about the mysterious person they now called the Guard of Hogwarts. Some said that if you stand in front of a fireplace and close your eyes and chant "Guard of Hogwarts guide me" then he would appear and kill those that were a threat to you.

Some of the rumors said that the Guard circled the castle every night on his magnificent Dragon, making sure that nothing would attack the inhabitants inside them. One of the younger students actually tried to convince others that it was Santa.

Harry merely laughed as he heard the rumors through Rowena's mirror, that could show any place in the castle.

Only Ron and Hermione were convinced that it had to do with Harry's disappearance. After all they knew he was somewhere around, but could not understand why he would skip his classes.

The most unusual part was that the teachers did not even mention him during their roll-calls.

While the two friends moped about not knowing where their friend was Harry himself was not having the time of his life.

Training was even harder and more difficult. Each of the Founders was trying to mold him into something else. Godric expected him to become the strongest and most feared warrior, Rowena required for him to know all that there was to know, Helga just wanted his magic to be reliable and easy to heal. According to her that he would only be able to destroy if he knew how to fix and heal.

Salazar was probably the most demanding. He expected Harry to be a pompous prince and a kindhearted young boy at the same time. He always stressed the importance of using ones mind instead of immediately grabbing weapons.

Harry barely had time to leave his quarters.

Severus had moved in with him too, on Helga's insistence.

Severus was truly taking his role as a Guide seriously, but Harry was not responding as well. The boy was not rude or arrogant, but merely treated Severus like a stranger, while according to Rowena a Guide and his ward were supposed to be close in order to gain the most from any training.

Severus had realized that it was partially his fault. He had treated Harry terribly in the past. But the past was just that; the past and both of them needed to move on.

He tried to make up for it, but it seemed that Harry only took comfort from Salazar.

Severus sighed and entered his new living quarters. Harry was at a desk, looking busy and writing some papers.

He didn't even look up as Severus opened the door.

His quill did falter slightly, but then continued to write.

"What are you doing, Harry?" Severus asked after a moment of uncomfortable silence.
"Rowena requested an essay about the biography of Brenden Soulwate. It's due in an hour, Professor," said Harry and continued to write.

Severus sighed.

"Harry, we need to talk," he said.

Harry put the quill down and turned around, rolling his essay up. Then he just sat and watched the man for a few moments.

"I am in a hurry," he said. "And we do not have anything to talk about, Professor."

"We do."

Harry simply sat and stared at the floor.

"You're not acting like a person that's in a hurry," said Severus.

"I'm waiting for your permission to leave, Professor," said Harry. "Do I have to remind you of the rules of a Guide and Ward?"

"The rules are simply a formalty."

"And we are supposed to be on informal grounds?"

Severus did not answer.

Harry stood up and left the room.

He returned shortly after, this time without the scroll of paper in his hand. He then settled down with a book like he always did after a difficult day of training.

Severus sat next to him.

"What's the book about?"

Harry looked up at him.

"It's a muggle book called "Wenny Has Wings". It's about a young boy who got hit by a car. His sister died, but he lived. The whole book is made up out of the letters he wrote to her."

"I see."

"Do you have a favourite book, sir?"

"I do."

"I mean something other than "The Most Potent Potions"," Harry smiled as Severus snorted.

"I'd prefer if you stopped calling me Professor. As far as I know I don't teach you anything," Severus said.

"Fine. Mr Snape," said Harry, grinning at Snape's face.

"I am not a student either," Severus grumbled.

Harry sighed dramatically. "Fine, you old bat." He dodged the newspaper.

A few weeks went by. On a nice evening on a Monday, Snape received a letter. After taking it from the barn owl he recognised the writing.

Dear Severus,

I request your presence today at 6 o'clock. Come alone. We have a few things to discuss. I will see you soon.

Albus Dumbledore

Severus sighed. He was sure that Albus had found him another 'super-secret' mission. Why else would he have requested to see him alone?

He didn't wish to leave Harry alone this evening, especially in training. As Minerva and Lupin were unable to come he cancelled the boy's training.

"Harry, Albus has called me to his office for 'a chat'. I have cancelled your training."

Harry just wished him luck, without looking up from his book.

Severus shook his head and turned to leave. It was five minutes until the meeting and Snape was in no hurry to arrive earlier. He entered exactly as the clock struck six. To his surprise the door behind him closed with a click and to his bigger surprise every teacher in the school except for Umbridge (who had been thrown in by the Minister).

"Hello Severus I see you have made it in time," said Albus smiling, but his eyes weren't twinkling. Not a good sign.

None of the teachers looked happy at seeing Snape. Some narrowed their eyes, some glared at him, only Minerva looked worried. That made him even more uneasy.

"A lemon drop?" offered Albus in mock cheer. Snape growled.

"I will take that as a no. Now off to business," said Albus standing up. He walked over to Severus who was seated on a wooden chair.

"It has come to my realisation that Harry is missing," started Albus. Severus's heart sank. "He has not attended to any classes this year and may I say: a month has already passed."

Then he took a step towards Snape. "Severus, where is Harry?"

In a matter of a second everyone in the room were on their feet. Snape had refused to answer. All of them pointed their wand at Snape, even the Headmaster. Only Minerva remained seated. Slowly everyone turned to look at Minerva lowering their wands.

"Severus, you will have to tell them," she said quietly. Snape snorted.

"I will not tell them anything! If Harry wants to tell them, he will tell them himself!"

"But, Severus-"

"No buts! I will not allow them to get to him! I have failed him enough times already."

Everyone turned to him in shock.

"At least show them that Harry is alive, Severus!"

Snape was seething. "Fine I will go and talk to him. If he agrees, then he will come."

With that he stood up to leave, but everyone raised their wands again. "You aren't going anywhere, I'm afraid, Severus," said Albus, a bit coldly. Snape sighed. "Fine."

Everyone looked at him as he sat down and buried his face in his hands. Then he looked up and said, his voice shaking "Phoenix, speak to me Hogwarts' Chosen".

"Severus?" asked Albus shakily. The wind picked up in the room.

Everyone leaped away in shock as a black fire erupted in the room then disappeared. In the middle stood Harry, his hair was lying flat and he was wearing the beautiful black robes with gold with the Hogwarts Crest on it. He looked worried.

"Is there something wrong, Professor?"

Severus looked away from him.

"Unfortunately, the Headmaster thinks I have used you for my potions and wanted to see you, to check that you are indeed alive," he said in a tired voice.

"Could have warned me," mumbled Harry. "I would have thought of a dramatic entrance."

"I'd say the fire was enough."

"Oh that was Hogwarts, not me."

Snape snorted in amusement. "One day, you really are going to give me a heart attack."

Harry gave another laugh. "Well, I think they saw me enough alive. Now can we go? You did cancel my lessons, but it didn't save me from homework."

"Who?" asked Snape, as everyone watched them curiously. Harry snorted. "Salazar of course. Who else?"

Harry went towards the door and found it locked. "Professor Dumbledore, would you mind opening the door? I am rather in a hurry, you know and the door seems like a true piece of art. I do not wish to blast it open."

"No, I'm sorry Harry, we have to talk," said Dumbledore, inwardly confused.

Harry sighed and flicked his wrist. An extra chair appeared besides Severus. Harry sat down after glancing at his watch.

"Harry, where does Severus keep you hidden?"

Harry looked up surprised. "He doesn't keep me hidden anywhere. I roam the castle and the grounds as much as I want."
But Dumbledore did not listen.

"Harry, you don't have to stay with Severus. I, personally, will make sure he won't be able to have any contact with you and as such he will no longer be a threat to you," said Dumbledore.

"I will reach my Guide whenever I need to," Harry said rather coldly. "Thank you for the offer, but I'm very happy with things like their are."

"Harry, Harry, Harry," said Dumbledore smiling. "How did I not think of it before. Forgive an old man. Of course you would be worried speaking up with your capturer here. I will have him removed immediately, so that you can talk to me freely-"

"I'm perfectly fine with him staying here."

"Harry, I know you are uncomfortable with him here, let me-"

Harry stood up and Albus gasped. Harry's eyes were literally glowing.

"That is enough," Harry thundered. "Till your blinded eyes can see your own lies, no one will be there for you on your last days."

Everyone stood still. The wind was picking up again. Severus placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. With that the wind and Harry's eyes calmed down.

" understand that you had not spent the entire summer with the Dursleys," started Dumbledore a bit nervous. "Since the wards have not recharged well have to go back. But only for a few weeks."

"No," said a very cold voice of Minerva.

Harry was shaking. Severus looked at Dumbledore loathingly. "You do nothing, but ruin others lives."

Suddenly the two vanished. Everyone in the room gasped.

"You can't apparate in Hogwarts!"

McGonagall, the only one unfazed by it all, looked coldly at Professor Vector who had shouted.

"Well, they just did."