So, after 10 years, I finally watched the series finale. Boy, was i saddened by that ending! So to make myself feel better, I wrote this story, and I hope you enjoy! I pretty much rewrite the finale, but I do keep a few key parts! *I do not look to make profit off this story, and I do NOT own the characters, although I wish I did...sigh*

Standing at the door, unseen to the man and woman in the room, was a beautiful, petite, auburn haired woman with a charming accent. Next to her stood a handsome, tall, blonde man, with a slight southern accent.

"You know, Andrew, I think the next wedding we'll be attending will be the one of Audrey and Alex!" Monica exclaimed.

"I have a feeling you're very right on that, honey!" Andrew said, placing a quick peck on her lips.


"What?" he couldn't help but laugh at the expression on her face.

"Tess could see us!"

"Are you complaining about my kissing you now?" as she came closer to hug him, he stepped back, feigning a hurt expression. He continued "No, if you won't let me kiss you, then I won't let you touch me." He whined, causing Monica to laugh hard. Before she could say anything, Tess came into the room with a confused expression on her face.

"What's so funny, Ms. Wings? And why does Angel Boy look like he just got his favorite toy stolen from him?" Trying not to laugh at Tess' choice of words, Andrew responded

"Well, Monica and I were just talking about the car and she brou-

"Hold it right there, we just finished a very eventful assignment, and you were discussing my car? What did you do to it, Mr. Halo?"

Monica couldn't hold back the snicker as the indignant expression returned to Andrew's face as he responded: "Well, Tess, we were actually wondering where you were, and we thought maybe the car had given you some problems again." Noticing the Look she was giving him, he continued hastily "not because of anything I did! As we were discussing it, Monica was so kind to remind me of the time "the Angel of Death done killed her car!" Andrew knew he shouldn't lie at all, let alone to Tess, but he figured what he and Monica were doing was a little bit worse than a little lie.

"So, Tess, do we have another assignment yet?" Monica questioned, noticing Tess was staring skeptically at Andrew.

"As a matter of fact, we do not. However, I was told that we need to stay on Earth until our next assignment." She replied, still a bit skeptical of Andrew's explanation, but deciding to drop the subject, for now. She fished a key out of her pocket and said "If you really were wondering where I was, I was picking out our house!"

"Our house?" Andrew responded, raising an eyebrow.

"Are we really going to be on Earth that long, Tess?" Monica asked in awe.

"Yes, babies, so let's get a move on!" At that the three disappeared, leaving nothing but a secret in their wake.