She breathed in as she paced around the door. She was nervous about seeing the man she was in love with. Even if it was a social visit her heart wanted to confess her love. Finally she knocked on the door.

"Junie!" Athena said as she opened the door. Juniper nodded as she entered the office. "What a surprise! I didn't know you were coming today!"

"Well I just wanted to stop by," Juniper said. "You ok?"

"Oh yeah," Athena said fully knowing what Juniper was talking about. "Though it was the worst ten hours of my life." Juniper snickered as Athena smiled.

"Are you the only one here?" Juniper asked shyly. Athena shook her head.

"Apollo's nodding off," Athena said. "Been doing that a lot lately." Juniper nodded.

"Well I made some cookies for him," Juniper said going over to Apollo. Athena's eyes widened and she grabbed Juniper's arm.

"Can I see you in the hallway?" Athena said more sternly than a few seconds ago. Juniper nodded. They went out into the hallway.

"What the heck are you thinking Juniper!?" Athena said.

"I'm thinking that you're mad at me," Juniper said.

"I meant with Apollo," Athena said. Juniper blushed. "Look I know about your feelings."

"Please stop reading my heart," Juniper said blushing.

"It's all over your face Junie!" Athena said. "You want to confess today don't you?"

"Maybe." Athena rubbed her eyes.

"Junie! That's a bad idea!" Athena said. Juniper looked hurt.

"You don't want me to date Apollo," Juniper said. Athena sighed. "Thena!"

"Don't get me wrong Juniper," Athena said. Juniper knew how serious Athena was. "I love you both. And I think you will be the cutest couple on the face of the planet."


"Just not now," Athena said. Juniper looked confused. "It's only been a few weeks since Clay- Apollo's still recovering."

"Won't good news help?" Juniper said in love-like ignorance. "I mean I started liking him around Professor Courte's death."

"Yes I know," Athena said. "I was there." Juniper smiled. "But that's not the point. All the books go against this."

"Go against what?"

"They say not to make any major changes after a time of death," Athena said. "Do not sell the house! Do not get married! Do not quit your-Dammit Apollo!"

"Huh?" Apollo said on the other side of the door before they heard a crash.

"I'm not proposing!" Juniper whispered.

"Still going into a relationship is a major change," Athena said. She took Juniper's hand. "The time will come for you guys. Just give it a bit more time."

"Well I still want to give him the cookies," Juniper said. "And I want to you know."

"It's a mistake right now Junie," Athena said. "But I'm not the boss of you am I?" Juniper shook her head.

"I'm happy you're looking out for me Thena," Juniper said. "But I'm a big girl." She opened the door. Athena sighed.

Juniper saw Apollo getting his desk organized from when he fell. She smiled.

"Hey Apollo," she said. Apollo looked over to her. Juniper gasped. She saw the damp eyes.

"Oh hi," Apollo said forcing a smile. Juniper nodded.

"I just came to give you some cookies," Juniper said. She handed one to Apollo. Apollo smiled and ate one.

"Thank you Juniper," he said. Juniper smiled. She hugged him. Apollo mustered a smile though it was weak.

'I'll wait for you Apollo Justice!'