Chapter Five:

Zoro took a deep breath before looking at his shipmates one more time.

"I'm not going to hurt him..." The swordsman said in a firm, but caring tone, before walking into the infirmary and shutting the door behind him. The others decided to sit on the deck, not wanting to be the door when the moss head began to cure the cook. Zoro slowly walked up to the bed where the man he loved slept. It was obvious the cook was in pain despite the sedation.

The swordsman leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Sanji's forehead.

"I won't hurt you...I promise. And I-I hope you won't hate me after this." He whispered.

I need to prepare him so it doesn't hurt too badly, Zoro thought to himself. He turned his head so he could kiss the blonde's neck, soft and faint, just a taste, to reassure himself more than for Sanji's sake. The cook smelled so good; like the acrid cigarette smoke, blended with the sharp scent of spices and faint tang of sweat from his arousal. It was a heady combination. His skin was soft. He was, after all, the only man Zoro knew who kept a body-cream. And it tasted sinful, like the smoke and sweet milky cream that he used, mixed with slight sweat.

Sanji shivered below him at the feather-light touches, as Zoro continued to press soft kisses to that neck, worshipping it. To the cook, it was slightly wetter than in his fantasies, which had really not focused on the feel but rather on the act of it all, the dirtiness and gentleness that Zoro would be.

Zoro's tongue was rougher than Sanji's dreams had made it out, and it sent a stark signal down to his brain, making him shiver in delight... The heat from earlier, like an inferno threatening to swallow him whole, felt less painful, less choking, and he groaned at the coolness spreading through his body. It was gentle, still arousing, but filled with a sense of love. His eyes fluttered open, seeing the green head. Was this a new, highly erotic dream?

If it was, he'd gladly take it. The relief was too much to ignore.

His hand moved to Zoro's shoulder. The skin below his fingers was rough, slightly prickly with small faint hairs, and riddled with scars. Sanji thumbed over a small, white cut in the flesh, feeling the rough, but muscled skin. This was new. He'd never pictured Zoro scarred. It was so much more erotic, realistic, tempting.

Highly erotic dream indeed.

The green-haired swordsman looked up at Sanji, eyes lidded and pupils blown wide, flushed, and he groaned at the sight. Sanji tugged at his green hair, and despite it being short and coarse, it was such a turn-on that Sanji groaned at that, a low delicious growl that spurred Zoro's libido onwards, combined with the short tugs on his scalp. The swordsman let his head be maneuvered onto his ship-mate's mouth.

Their first kiss was hardly how either had imagined. It wasn't awkward and gentle, or hot and passionate and filled with talent. It was slow, painfully so, as Sanji's tongue moved sloppily, unable to really focus and Zoro tried to be gentle, mindful of the cook's illness. The taste of smoke and honey filled Zoro's mouth, where Sanji got the taste of steel and sake, letting him know that Zoro had trained recently.

Their tongues mashed together like ships and the sea, sloppily working against something they couldn't understand. Alien to their natural state. Zoro let go first, and Sanji stared at him, letting out a pitiful sound, and then bringing his hand to Zoro's ear, tugging on his earrings. Zoro hissed at the sharpness of Sanji's nails, and the bite of the earrings as they dug into his flesh, and moved, ducking his lips into the blonde's lean neck, sucking gently on the skin with his teeth. Sanji yelped, his legs wrapping around Zoro's waist, gripping him and squeezing his hips.

It wasn't pretty or neat. Their groins collided more often by accident than on purpose, teasing the both of them, and once making both wince as they collided clumsily in a manner that failed to arouse, as Sanji tried to get his hands under Zoro's shirt to feel the rough, scar-riddled skin while Zoro unbuttoned Sanji's shirt at the same time.

Things grew quickly frantic as Sanji whined again, letting out that high-pitched keening sound that made Zoro feel himself harden despite the awkwardness of the situation. It was still not right, not the way either man had dreamed of. It was too rushed, frantic and desperate to be the gentle, teasing love-making either had pictured. This was raw, animalistic, and filled with need and lust.

Lips were leaving a trail of sloppy kisses down Sanji's body, saliva decorating his skin, as the chef's shirt slid off and fell beside the bedside. Teeth teased the skin from his neck to his abdomen, nipping lightly at Sanji's body, not enough to mark, but enough to leave a little sting.

Sanji's knee slid up between Zoro's legs, rotating slowly and gently and Zoro groaned at the feeling. The eroticness of Sanji's main weapons being anywhere near his groin was irresistible, and judging from the blonde's appreciative smirk, he knew just how hard Zoro was. Zoro growled, and pinched at Sanji's nipples, which were already hard pink rose-buds, earning a yowl from his partner.

"Z'ro!" he groaned, his hand gripping the blanket and bringing it up to his lips, forcefully silencing himself.

"No," said Zoro, his voice darker and richer than he'd intended, like the steel of his swords, hoarser too then his regular tone, "I want to hear you."

Sanji let go of the sheet, panting, but giving a slight nod. His eyes were still glassy, but Zoro liked to think of it as being a look of lust for him, just him. No weird fish interfering with them. No weird other things. It was just him and Sanji. He felt his muscles relax at the thought, and his performance anxiety fading. It was just him and Sanji.

Sanji, who was dragging Zoro's hair and pulling him to his face again.

Groaning, Zoro lifted his head and nipped at Sanji's lower lip, bringing it between his, and Sanji growled, literally growled before using his legs to flip them over. Zoro grinned, feeling the familiarness of the cook, the real, not this drugged version coming back. Sanji grinned down at him, and their tongues roved each other's mouth.

Zoro lifted his hands to caress Sanji's round ass, and the cook yelped. It was interesting, the amount of noises Sanji made when he was aroused. His hands roved over his hips, his ass, his thighs, feeling every inch of muscle, hard and dangerous below his hands. Sanji stubbornly tugged at his shirt, and Zoro quickly sat up, causing the blonde to fall backwards with a thump on Zoro's legs. Zoro ignored the opportune moment to tease the cook, as he shed his own shirt and let it fall to the ground. Pushing Sanji back down, the blonde panting whenever their skin touched, be it by accident or on purpose. The combination of rough and mottled over smooth and mottled was interesting. Exciting.

He could do this forever.

Zoro stared down at Sanji's chest. It was by no means as scarred as he was, but after the Grand Line, there wasn't a single person on the crew who had escaped without scars. His scars were a mixture of pink, raw and healing, to white and faded on whiter skin. Zoro let his tongue drop over each, licking them, and Sanji gasped, arching below him.

His tongue arched between Sanji's fingers, wrapping around them and leaving a heavy amount of wetness behind him, flicking and teasing like the waves nipped at the Sunny. He tasted those delicate white hands that were slightly sweaty, layered in spice and tobacco tasting the scars that had accumulated from years in the kitchen, nicking himself as he learned the art of the knife. Sanji's hands were heavily calloused, and the most flavorful part of his body. His tongue felt like it was licking away at parts of Sanji's soul in those hands.

Zoro shifted, and unbuckled Sanji's belt, fumbling with the suddenly cool metal clasp. Sanji was quicker after Zoro managed to move the buckle, snapping the button to his pants with practiced ease and sliding out, his underwear going with it. It was intoxicating, seeing the cook lying naked, hair shining like a halo around his head, and his cock, erect and pointed upwards, a pretty deep mauve in color, veins bulging along the lean tool. His legs were hairy, hairier than the rest of the cook, but it wasn't visible until you ran a hand along those pale blonde strands that one saw that below the thick, coarse sheet of blonde hairs were more scars, and muscle too. Sanji flexed them dangerously, and Zoro shuddered in lust.

Zoro gently moved the cook's treasured weapons he called legs, and placed them over his shoulders. He watched as Sanji stared at him, eyes blown, before letting his tongue wrap around that cock, lovingly caressing the head. It was hard like the cook's muscled legs, and smelled musky and bitter, no artificial scents. And the taste, it was a heady combination of something like thick sweat, something musky and something faintly, very faintly, like soap and gods was it arousing. Zoro could suck on Sanji's cock all night, listening to his keening sounds, delighting in the fact that it was he who was doing this. That Sanji wanted him.

The thick curly blonde patch of hair that framed his cock was trimmed short, and Zoro teased the area with his fingers, gently memorizing the touch. Sanji's hips snapped automatically, as he exhaled sharply. The thighs around Zoro's head flexed dangerously, and if Zoro was anyone else, he may have flinched. Be as it was, the reaction only spurred him on, and he let his tongue press into the slit of Sanji's leaking cock, teasing him as he tasted the heat, delighting in the sounds echoing in his ears. Sanji cried out an incoherent muttering of Zoro's name, and dug his heels into Zoro's back, demanding more.

Zoro was more than willing to comply. He let his cheeks loosen as he slid his lips over Sanji's manhood, and then sharply sucked inwards, and delighted at the broken cry of his name. Despite the control it seemed Zoro had, Sanji was directing this part of the show. If Zoro slowed down too much, Sanji would dig sharply into his spine, threatening him and the pain shook through his body, little spasms and jolts and a bruise beginning to form on his spine. His fingers slipped lower, teasing just below Sanji's balls. The sounds the blonde was making were delicious, and sent messages straight to Zoro's own dick, jerking it without a touch.

"C- Cumming!" gasped Sanji, his entire back arching, forcing Zoro to hold Sanji's hips down to avoid being choked.

But despite the movement and claim, there was no shot of sperm, no limpness, no sign that his arousal diminished. Sanji gasped, squirming and confused. Zoro groaned as he remembered the last warning Robin gave him. There would be no orgasm for the cook until or unless Zoro came inside of him.

"Hugh?" murmured the cook, starting to look panicked.

Determined, Zoro eased the pressure of Sanji's cock, wincing as the cook impatiently flexed his legs, trying and failing to get Zoro to continue sucking him off, trying to achieve an orgasm that would never come.

In the long run, sucking him off would only further over-stimulate the blonde. His hot, moist tongue glided across Sanji's perineum, and Sanji's cry returned, his legs going limp as Zoro wet the sensitive skin, and around the blonde's puckered entrance. It swirled around slowly before being slid inside the heated limp form. Zoro never would had expected Sanji to taste good. It wasn't like shit, but rather, a hot, wooden taste.

Oh shit...I barely did anything, and I already want to- ugh I have to finish or he'll get too impatient.

The swordsman placed two of his fingers into his mouth, and he began to coat them thoroughly with saliva. Sanji was watching him, unafraid, but eyes so dark that Zoro groaned. He rushed the process, and once his fingers were out of his mouth and fully covered with saliva, he slowly slid one of his fingers into Sanji's entrance. Sanji tensed, and then relaxed, wailing as Zoro began to move his finger in and out slowly. Zoro, for his part, was amazed at the tightness, the hot heat wrapping around his finger and flexing as dangerously as the legs, threatening to snap Zoro's finger off. Zoro was quick to add his other finger when Sanji's leg kicked down on his back, getting tired of the tease.

He began to scissor and stretch the cook's tight hole for a few minutes, reflecting on the tightness. He wondered if Sanji was a virgin, or if someone else had seen the cook like this, and he glowered at the idea. His teeth bit into Sanji's thighs, sucking until a dark, dangerous bruise formed, claiming the other man. Nobody was allowed to see the blonde like this, see him vulnerable and aroused. No man or woman or anything. Just him.

Slowly, Zoro removed his fingers. Sanji let out a soft whimper from the loss of fingers, and Zoro's face lit up brightly. The cook wanted him. He could also have wanted Usopp. It's not really him.

Zoro shook his head, letting those thoughts fade, before grabbing some massage oil Chopper kept in the infirmary in case anyone had muscle sores. He opened the bottle, and coated his fingers, slipping them back into Sanji's body, loosening him up more and more, making him wet and ready for Zoro's entry. The oil smelled strange, like something herby and sweet, and Zoro snickered as he said, "You're ass smells like a rosebush."

"Fuck you," slurred Sanji, "And hurry up and fuck me."

The two stared at each other, and then burst into giggles, that made their chest squeeze tightly like rope around their hearts, and Zoro leaned upwards, following the tug of the chain, and then wrapping Sanji into a warm kiss. As they kissed, Sanji's hands took one of his and squeezed, the other taking the oil from his hand and sloppily poured it on Zoro's stomach, thighs and cock, and over his pants.

"Fuck! Let me get out of these, and don't waste that!" ordered Zoro, getting off of Sanji and shedding his now slicked up pants as Sanji held the bottle, raising that curly eyebrow and pouting.

When he came back up, Sanji slicked the oil back down on his cock, and Zoro grabbed the bottle. Sanji gave a grin as he said, "Your cock smells like a rosebush."

Zoro melted, and he grinned, as Sanji laughed at the dumb joke. They were kissing again, tongues sloppily moving against each other, and Sanji's hand gripped Zoro's cock, and Zoro groaned, his eyes dilating farther than they had. Sanji watched with interest as he slowly tugged on Zoro's cock, slicking it with oil, as the swordsman came undone.

His muscles had all tensed, but not in his fighting or stoic stance, but rather with nerves and arousal. His breath was coming in shorter pants, his mouth was open and hanging as Sanji stroked. Idly the blonde wondered what Zoro would really look like, would he be so expressive, would his breaths be so harsh and short, or would he groan, low full moans into Sanji's ears. He wondered what dream-Zoro would be like if he sucked on his cock, watching the man come undone as he used his tongue.

But there was no time for that, as Zoro moved Sanji's hand away, his thick cock pulsing now, red and swollen and Sanji gulped, wondering what it would feel like inside him. It was much larger than Zoro's thick fingers, after all. No fantasy ever got this far.

Zoro took his cock, and lined it up with Sanji's slick hole, and the two met each other's eyes, blue and brown. Sanji took Zoro's hand, and kissed each finger, letting Zoro know it was okay. Zoro felt a rush of guilt. He had no idea what the cook was thinking, if this was really him, and if he was really interested in Zoro or just in scratching that itch.

"Dammit," said Zoro, pressing his head to Sanji's shoulder, "I- It's not fair."

"Whassamatter?" slurred the cook, and Zoro resisted the urge to punch something.

"I love you," he said, turning his head to face the cook, and Sanji sucked in a breath, looking surprised and excited.

"Never dreamt that before," he muttered, and looked away, embarrassed.

Zoro felt his heart shatter. The cook was into him, but he thought this was all a dream. That he was having some kind of porny fantasy and it pissed him off because this wasn't fair.

"It's not a dream," said Zoro harshly, "This is real, this is really happening. Tell me to stop and I will. I'll leave and tie you to the bed and find a different cure. But I'm not doing this without you."

Sanji stared, uncertain what dream-Zoro was saying. Not a dream? Need him. What? Fuck me. Why was this happening? Because he needed Zoro's cock and he wanted to be fucked. Needed to cum. Wasn't it moving too fast? Not fast enough. But his cock was pulsing and Sanji's thoughts were broken and stuttered. He couldn't make the decision. He just needed to cum.

"Sanji?" asked Zoro, and that was the first time Zoro had ever used his name.

"Please," said Sanji, "Please don't go! Need- please."

Zoro stared at him, scrutinizing him like Chopper did every new fish that Sanji wanted to cook. Finally Zoro nodded, and took a deep breath.

The swordsman slowly and carefully lined his cock with the crack of Sanji's ass, letting his head brush against the soft skin, caressing it, and biting his lower lip at the heat. Slowly, he pushed into the tight ring of muscle belonging to his hopefully soon-to-be lover. Sanji whimpered, clutching tightly to Zoro's arms as he felt the muscle being forced to spread. Zoro paused at the pained expression, and pulled out.

"Turn over," said Zoro gently, "It hurts less that way."

"No, want- want to see you," said Sanji stubbornly, pushing his bottom up against Zoro.

Zoro swallowed heavily, and then nodded. He placed his forehead to Sanji's, and they tightened their hands in each other's as Zoro pushed in. Sanji squeezed his eyes shut, while letting out a soft moan as Zoro breached him. When Zoro finally bottomed out into Sanji, he groaned at the feeling. It was wet, tight and slick, squeezing back and forth, the cavern of Sanji's body acting like a vice as it winked around his cock. Zoro could cum from that alone. Sanji was breathing heavily, his skin was glistening and then he finally opened his eyes.

The marimo took that as a sign to continue, and he began to thrust gently and slowly, just rocking against the hot walls. Sanji breathed heavily, beginning to moan at the sensation. The initial hot shock of pain was fading, and all he felt was a rhythmic thrusting, and Zoro's breath by his ear, holding him close. He began to lift his hips, thrusting against Zoro, who groaned out in response.

Their thrusts began to pick up speed, while getting harder and harder. The slickness provided just enough friction that it didn't hurt. The normally silent swordsman's baritone voice was now groaning and grunting as he pounded the cook's rear end, only added onto the pleasure and arousal Sanji was feeling.

"You're beautiful," said Sanji, staring up at the man, who looked so undone above him, as they rocked together. Sanji had to squeeze more than thrust, but it was worth it to see Zoro like this, to see him. His dark eyes were pure black, and his mouth was open, panting. Sanji brought his hand to caress his cheek, brushing lightly against the earrings that rocked with each thrust. The smell of steel and sake enveloped his nostrils, sweat intermingling with it all, and the herbed oil. It was a strange, magical combination.

Zoro felt Sanji's cock rubbing against his torso, and the cook looked so intoxicating, with the blue slivers around his eyes, the flush to his pale skin, the loose, undone blonde hair. The scent of the cook, that expensive body lotion, the herbs and spices and musk overpowering anything artificial and fake. He could practically taste the arousal in the air. Zoro wanted Sanji to feel this more, to see the blonde come loose in pleasure, so he began to pump the cook's erect in the same rhythm as his thrusts. Sanji gasped at the dual sensation, and it took just two strokes and he was coming. With one final thrust, Zoro emptied himself inside the other man.

Both were staring at each other, eyes wide and watchful as Sanji stared up at Zoro, whose face was slack, his eyes boring into Sanji like a telescope, focused on his body. For Zoro, it was the arch in Sanji's back, the wailing sound and that beautiful glow that came to the man. After carefully pulling out, the swordsman grabbed some tissues to clean up the dribbles of cum that leaked out of the blonde onto his chest. Sanji had fallen asleep.

Zoro was too tired to do much of anything else, quickly got rid of the stained tissues. He made sure to bury them in Chopper's trash, but then, Chopper would probably be able to smell the herby oil mixed with the bitter scent of cum. Zoro moved Sanji's body gently to make him comfortable, before sliding in beside him.

He'd deal with the aftermath in the morning.