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All Steve could do was pull Danny carefully towards his chest, mindful of his shoulder. He knew that between the pain, the medication, and the fear, Danny was at the end of his rope. Danny clung weakly to his arm, so completely wrung out that he was incapable of hearing any comforting words at this point. Steve only hoped that the physical contact pushed through the panic.

Wiping his own eyes against some suspicious moisture, Steve murmured soothing words and waited for Danny to settle. After a few moments, he felt Danny relax against him and helped him lean back against the pillow.

He saw Okelani fiddling with the IV and knew that he had been given the final pre-op sedating medication. He hated that Danny went under so afraid for Grace's safety, but knew that not only was the operating room staff on a tight schedule, but that Danny needed to be calmed down so that he didn't do more damage.

The older nurse smiled at him as he adjusted the blankets over his best friend. "Don't worry, Commander. We'll take good care of him. Just do what you need to do to bring his daughter back to him, okay?"

Many of the hospital staff had come in contact with various members of the Five-0 team from time to time, and knew just how much Danny's daughter meant to him – and to the rest of the team as well.

Steve swallowed thickly and nodded, the mask slipping over his face once again as he exhaled. He had work to do, and would stop at nothing to bring Grace back to her ohana. His phone chimed a text message, and he pulled it out quickly, glancing at the screen.

He typed out a short reply before turning to Okelani once again. "I'm headed back to the office to check on a couple of things. Kono is here, and will wait with Danny – especially while he's in recovery and then in his room. I can't imagine he'll be too willing to stay put once he's a little more coherent. Kono can keep him in line."

Okelani just grinned. She had no doubts that the youngest Five-0 member would come in handy. "I'll keep her updated, okay? Just bring his keiki back safe."

Steve nodded as he headed back out towards the waiting room. He saw Kono, and headed towards where she was seated by the window.

Kono pretended not to notice as Steve wiped his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. This case was already an emotional firestorm, and it had barely gotten started. "Hey, Boss. What've you got?"

Steve sat down with a sigh and shook his head. "Danny's a mess, Kono. He's in pain, and he's broken, and there's nothing I can do to help him."

She placed a comforting hand on his arm. "Don't worry, Steve. We'll find Grace and get her back, and all of this will just be a bad dream."

Steve knew it would be much more complicated than that, but appreciated Kono's optimism. "I need you to stay here with Danny. You know as well as I do that the minute he's awake, he's going to try to take off. He can't risk screwing up his arm like that. Do what you need to do to keep him here – full means and immunity applies to you as well, in this case."

Kono chuckled as she thought of the fight she would have on her hands. She wouldn't blame Danny, though. If it were someone she loved as much as Danny loved Grace, there was no way she'd want to be on the sidelines – injury or not. "I've got it, Boss. You just do what you need to do. Keep me updated, okay?"

Steve nodded as he hugged his teammate briefly before turning towards the stairs. As soon as he was in his truck, he put in a quick call to Chin and arranged to him meet him back at headquarters. They needed to access the tracking program on Danny's phone, and see if they could pick up Grace's location.


On the way back to the office, Steve had finally been able to leave a message for Rachel. She hadn't been too keen on picking up her phone, so he left word asking her to call him back when she had the chance. He knew that she was with her mother, and may not be in an area where she could talk.

Her almost immediate return phone call, however, became quite animated, as Rachel was emotionally ripped in half at the decision that lay before her. Rachel's mother was gravely ill and wasn't expected to make it past the next 24-48 hours, but she also desperately wanted to be there for Grace. Steve understood the pull – it was her daughter, and it was her mother. Whichever place she ended up, it would be the wrong place for one of her loved ones. There was no 'win' in this whole situation.

Stan had offered to fly back to Hawaii in her place to be there for Grace, but Steve had reluctantly told him to wait. He could take care of Grace and Danny for the time being. Truthfully, they really didn't have a lot to go on yet, and at this point, he felt that it would be better for Rachel to have the support with her in England.

The flight itself would be upwards of 20 hours, provided there was only one stop, and it would be better to wait until they had more information. He hated the whole clusterfuck of a problem, knowing that no matter what happened, lives would be unequivocally wrecked.


Grace was sick. The rocking had increased tremendously in the few minutes that she had been awake, and she and she was beginning to get bounced around within her tiny confined space. Every once in a while, her head banged against the side, bringing tears to her eyes.

She didn't know what was happening, other than she really felt like she was going to throw up. She was dizzy and had a really bad headache. She wasn't sure what was worse – the dizziness making her head hurt, or her pounding head making her dizzy.

It was getting to be a little bit hard to breathe inside the box, too. It was starting to become uncomfortably hot and stuffy inside there, and she was starting to get more and more anxious as time went on.

She had to try to make some noise, though – it was what Danno had taught her to do. Shifting as much as she could, she started to strike at the end of the trunk opposite her head. She kicked and kicked – probably twenty times – until a sharp pain in her leg forced her to quit. She rested for a few minutes, exhausted.

She had no way of knowing that she had been gone for close to four hours now, and that there was nobody around to witness her efforts. She hadn't had any food or water, and although the initial effects of the chloroform had worn off, the remaining health concerns still lingered.

She had started to tremble, which she found odd because she wasn't cold. She also felt like she had to cough, which was hard to manage around the gag. She had continued to try to work the bothersome cloth off, but the knot was too tight.

The brief storm had made the sea much choppier, making the dinghy bob up and down like a cork. Waves splashed over the sides of the small raft, and while there was no immediate danger of capsizing, the more water the craft took on, the worse things would eventually get.

Although the storm had ended, having the sun out brought another set of problems for the young girl. Heat on the steel trunk had ramped up the temperature even more. The team needed to figure out where Grace was, and fast.


Steve burst through the doors of the Palace with Danny's phone clutched in his hand. Chin was already there, and had fired up the smart table. "So Danny said that Grace has a GPS chip inside of a bracelet that she might be wearing. The tracking program is here on his phone, so hopefully we can figure out where she is."

Chin immediately rested Danny's phone on the table, and synced the data, sending it to the screen with a flick of his wrist. "Okay. We have the program. Let's see what kind of information we can get."

He fiddled with the keyboard for a few moments before allowing himself to exhale. "Okay. I think I may have her. Looks like she's just over a mile offshore, southwest of Honolulu Harbor. The program that Danny uses seems to periodically wipe out the old coordinates and replaces them with the new ones. I was able to recover the last coordinates just prior to her current location, and I think they may have taken off from Pier 2 and headed out to open waters. It's the marina that makes the most sense, given where she is now."

Chin handed him Danny's phone. "The program is up and running, and should keep triangulating her location every ten minutes or so. I'm going to meet up with Kamekona and see if he's gotten any information on our wayward cousins, but I have the program running on my phone as well. I'll have a Coast Guard helicopter on standby, ready to go airborne as soon as you get there."

Steve clapped him on the shoulder before he ran for the door. "Thanks Chin. Keep in touch." Steve ran for his truck, knowing that he had his emergency pack stowed inside. He also put in a quick call to the Governor. They would need all of the help that they could get.

Once Steve was gone, Chin pulled security footage from the various cameras stationed at the marina, hoping it was the right location. Running facial recognition, he doggedly sorted through the footage until he found what he was looking for. "Gotcha, you bastards." He printed out the photos and headed for his bike. Hopefully Kamekona knew where these two liked to hang out.


By the time Steve had met up with the Coast Guard, Danny was out of surgery and in the recovery room. He was really struggling with the effects of the anesthesia. This wasn't his first surgery, but he had never reacted like this before. Kono was getting increasingly worried about him.

Initially, he had difficulty awakening. It had taken Kono literally yelling at him to get his eyes to even flutter open. Even then, though, he wasn't truly awake. He was disoriented, and for the brief few seconds that he was somewhat coherent, was combative to the point that they needed to restrain his good arm. He had taken a swing at one of the nurses, and while none of them blamed him, they couldn't risk his or their safety.

Kono sat next to his bed, keeping one hand on his arm. She could see his eyes rapidly flitting back and forth beneath his eyelids, and knew that while his body was still, his mind was working overtime. "It's okay, Danny. You're okay. The surgery is over, and you're in recovery now. Steve is on his way to find Grace, so you need to stay strong, all right?"

She grabbed a washcloth from the shelf by the sink and wet it with cold water. Wringing it out, she folded it and placed it on his forehead, hoping the cool would soothe him.

After about ten more minutes, Danny started shifting his head from side to side. Kono motioned for the nurse, rightfully assuming that Danny was waking up.

"Detective? Can you hear me? I need you to squeeze my hand if you can hear me." The post-op nurse, Keilea, waited for a response. It took a few seconds before she was rewarded with an answering squeeze. She made a few notations on her computer charting.

Kono was near his head, hoping that her voice would ground him. "You're doing really well, D. Can you open your eyes?"

Danny turned his head towards her voice and scrunched his eyes shut. The more awake he got, the worse he felt. He swallowed convulsively a couple of times, before murmuring one word. "Sick."

Keilea knew that Danny had a standing order for anti-nausea meds, so she quickly dumped them into his IV port before placing an emesis basin by his head. "Danny, my name is Keilea. I'm your nurse in post-op. I need you to open your eyes for me. Danny? Open your eyes. I'm going to keep bugging you until I get what I want, so you might as well cooperate.""

Danny struggled for a few moments before finally forcing his eyes open. He groggily looked around the room, before locking eyes with the nurse.

"That's great, Danny. I've given you some medication to help with the nausea. It might make you sleepy, so if you get tired, I don't want you to fight it, okay? Everything is fine. You just had a bit of a reaction to the anesthesia, which is why you are feeling so poor."

He nodded before turning his head and noticing Kono standing next to him.

"Hey, brah. It's good to see you more awake." She kept her voice low, knowing that Danny was not feeling that great right now. She switched the washcloth to the cooler side, before placing a comforting hand on his forehead. "Your surgery is over, and now you just have to get better, okay? Everything is going to be all right."

Danny just sighed, eventually giving in to the pull of the medication.

He was blissfully unaware of the turmoil that was happening over the open waters of the Pacific Ocean, which was a blessing. If he had been awake enough to know everything that was happening with his daughter, he might have wanted to give up entirely.


A/N2: The whole anesthesia reaction that Danny had? Yep. That was me. From the nausea to the full-on being restrained after I took a swing at a pregnant OR nurse. I obviously don't react well, to say the least. Go me!