Milla's Theme - Mission

It was really a shame, Gaius reflected as he was sneaking out of Trigleph. He hadn't thought that Milla, of all people, would agree to a plan that had, all things considered, terrible odds of succeeding.

It wasn't that he hadn't expected them to oppose his plan. Most of them were young and inexperienced, too much so to understand that the world did not adhere to ideals, no matter how noble they might be. He himself had learned that lesson the hard way and he had grown used to choosing the lesser evil, as much as it might gall him that it was necessary.

They, on the other hand, had not yet encountered a situation where this was required. So far, they had chosen between good and evil, a choice that wasn't hard to make. But then there was Rowen, with years of experience in politics and warfare- a man who should have known by now that in some situations, sacrifices were a sad necessity to reach one's goal. It was astonishing, to say the least, that he had agreed to a plan so risky and unfinished without objecting. Gaius had not expected the Conductor to be drawn into a folly like this.

And then Milla. She had not seemed so naive before. Maybe she hadn't known much about human society, but she had never hesitated to do what needed to be done. Why was she balking now? Her stance had been that spyrixes should be kept out of human hands, yet now she was ready to believe that the Elympians would willingly and meekly agree to destroy all of them?

He doubted it.

What he had seen in this world had done little to convince him that it would happen. The Elympians had known that their technology was causing their world to wither away, even if they hadn't understood the reason. Yet apparently they had barely even considered reducing their spyrix use, much less stopping it completely. They had preferred to enslave an entire people and turn them into fuel instead. No, he did not think they would hand over their spyrixes.

Maybe they would agree to replace them. It was a possibility, he admitted as much. But relying on largely untested and unfinished technology that had proven to have severe side effect at times? There was no telling yet whether spyrites were even capable of replacing all spyrixes, and if they weren't, then what?

What options remained? The Elympians needed to be forced to give up their spyrixes. There was no way around it. He did not like needlessly shedding blood and he would try to avoid it whenever possible, but sometimes, it could not be helped.

As he entered the spirit world, he could not help but feel disappointment since Milla had chosen this path. She would have made a useful ally. Now, it would remain to be seen whose will was strong enough to prevail.