Beyond the Nightmare of Life

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Chapter One – Unremembered but Unforgettable Murder

Edward slowly lifted himself off the floor.

His vision extremely blurry and his mind unfocused. He had no idea where he was and barely remembered himself. All he knew was that he was supposed to be with Alphonse and Colonel Mustang on some mysterious mission ordered by the Furher himself. But strangely he had completely forgotten what the mission was about.

Once he was half awake and sitting instead of lying on the floor he took in his surroundings and check his body. Yep, he could feel it. A large bump was on his head and scratches were covering his body head to toe. He even had a bleeding cut on his right shoulder but it wasn't generating pain like the lump on his head was. His hands were also covered in blood however it didn't both him much because he knew it was his and for some reason his skin felt raw in some places, like he had been burned. Anyway, he defiantly had a concussion and he was lucky he hadn't fallen into some type of coma because of passing out.

"Alphonse...Mustang?" his raspy voice called out. There was no answer, so that meant that they weren't close by. He had to stop because with every word he spoke his head pounded and shook his body with pain.

After waiting for the dizziness to go away hestood on his shaking and sore feet. The room around him was dark and there was the smell of something fowl in the air around him. Like blood and burning flesh. "(Maybe Mustang had to burn someone alive.)" Still, why would they both leave him unconscious and injured on the floor?

This was an old place. Ed was continuously running into spider webs and he could also hear the wooden floor creaking under him. If he wasn't so out of it he would be more scared than what he was. Once leaving the room that he had woken up in, he arrived in another room. But it was misty and had a little more light.

"C-Colonel? Al? Come on guys this isn't funny anymore." Taking one step as he nervously spoke he felt sometime seep into his pants leg. His eyes shot down, the smell the was blood.

"B-blood?" he chocked.

That wasn't all. As his eyes wandered around the room more he caught glance of something. And that was the beginning of the nightmare of his life.

"H-how could this happen?! Why di-did this happen?!" he fell to his knees with tears falling with him. It was them. In front of him. Alphonse's crushed armor and blood seal beside Mustang's unrecognizable and slaughtered body. He pinched himself, quickly slamming shut his eye. This was all one big dream just like all the other times. He would wake up soon! Right?

"!" he panicked. He hadn't noticed until then. But the scratches looked like they had come from a spear. And in Alphonse's crushed hands was a broken spear. His even looked like it had been burned along with his flesh on his other arm. The gloves were also beside Mustang's head.

"Did...did I do this? Did I...kill them?"

When his eyes opened, there in his pocket was a blood stained knife. Mustang's blood was on it. He stood walking over close to Alphonse. There was a hole in his blood seal.

With his head down and his eyes slowly opening he noticed an edge of a blood stained knife sticking out of his pocket. It shocked him.

Edward took the knife out of his pocket and matched the edge of the knife with the small hole. It was a perfect fit. He dropped it instantly, his thoughts were screaming at him. Sweat and tears was rolling down his skin like rain. But his heart, it wasn't even beating. It was like he was dead.

The blood on his hands was not his. It was Mustang's blood. And those scratches, they hadn't come from enemy attacks. It was from Alphonse's spear trying to defend himself.

"Amestris Military! Is anyone in here?!" there was a loud slam in the other room, it was male but there were multiple steps that followed the voice. Edward's head quickly turned around, dropping the knife and climbing to his feet in the process.

As wrong and cowardly as it was, he had to escape. That was the only thing on his mind. He clapped his bloody hands and staggered to a nearby wall. Slamming them against it, he created a small hole that led to the outside and escaped into the woods covered by the setting sun.

Back in the unknown place, Riza and a group of soldiers dashed into the room. She almost dropped her guns at what she saw as she had immediately recognized the body and the armor.

"Roy! Alphonse!" her shrill voice had somehow reached Edward.

It only made him run faster and his heartbreak even more, "I'm...I'm sorry!"

Edward Elric never looked back. He now knew that he was the only Elric left on this planet, he was forever alone, and the nightmares of his dreams had become reality. He had broken his promise, he had broken lives, but really he had broken himself. He was a cold blooded murder and he deserved to die. The state would find him any day now and try to kill him, but why was he running. He was so confused. Not knowing where he was and how all this happened without him remembering and realizing what he did.

His weak body suddenly dropped and his face smacked into a pile of leafs. It was no used. He couldn't move. Only his eyes could produce tears.

"I'm a murder...I killed them...I...killed...them."

As the sunset, Edward laid in the forest. Alone and crying until he lost consciousness due to his injuries and fragile body.

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To Be Continued...