Beyond the Nightmare of Life

Chapter Seven – Suspicions

Sieza rubbed her eyes as she tried to come back to reality from her pleasant dreams. The night before, Winry and Edward had returned with interesting news. They had found a secret study under Fukai's house. This could defiantly lead to his arrest somehow, but only if the two managed to convince the government of Elric's innocence.

She climbed out of her bed and exited her room. Before she hit her stairs, she heard her mother speaking. No doubt she had gotten off at work late but was still awake. It was after her mother stopped talking that she heard another voice…a man's voice. Sieza's heart skipped a beat and quickly dashed down stairs, drawing both the attention of her mother and a mysterious man in a blue military uniform.

Sieza gulped, "M-mother? What are you doing? W-who is he?!" she stuttered.

Sieza's mother looked like Sieza. The only difference was her glasses and age wrinkles on her skin. "Oh this is Fang Muston. I met him while I was walking home. I was so scared walking with the evil Alchemist walking around…but he helped me get home."

Sieza glared at him but Fang just smiled softly, "Hello, Sieza I presume?"

"Yes, now leave…"

"Sieza! I've raised you better! Go and prepare some tea for our guest. I'll be in there to help you. Oh but first you should wake up your guests and tell them breakfast will be ready soon."

Sieza nodded. Her eyes didn't dare leave Fang's. His sharp black eyes were staring down her innocent night ones. But she remained firm. Fang looked away and continued his conversation with her mother. That was when she made a break for it and dashed into Edward's room.

"Ed!" The door slammed against the wall and jerked Edward awake. In the other room next door, Winry also shot out of bed. She opened the door and looked at Sieza, but she tugged on her shirt and pulled her into the room. She then looked out the door one more time to make sure that Fang or her mother was there and closed the door.

"Sieza? What the hell is wrong with you?" Ed snapped. She covered her mouth, which enraged him even more.

"SHHH! They'll hear us!" she cried.

"Who'll hear us?" Winry questioned.

"The military officer downstairs…I woke up and heard my mother talking to him. I…I think he could possibly be finding us out!"

"But how when we just got here? I don't think that's possible!" Winry argued. Edward simply sighed and rolled his eyes in response to Sieza's uneasiness. Wasn't he supposed to be the one who was nervous and about to wet their pants?

She quickly let go of Edward, all three of them tensed when Sieza's mother called her down. "You two don't come downstairs unless you absolutely have to! Alright?"

Edward and Winry exchanged looks and then nodded at her. Sieza sighed and opened back the door. Taking one last look at the two, she hustled back down to tend to her mother's demands.

"(Great…this has turned out to be a complete nightmare…)"

~ Kalahari Police Station ~

"MUSTON! Where is that idiot?!" Ekken yelled. She dashed around every corner looking for him until she slammed into Abyss. He sighed and helped her off the floor, even though she looked fearfully enraged.

"Lieutenant? Why are you in such a big rush? Has something happened to one of the officers?"

"Second Lieutenant Muston is missing. I saw him leave with this woman and then that was the last time I saw him."

Abyss laughed, but Ekken glared at him. Even though he was her superior officer they were actually close friends. So usually there was no formality between the two. "No doubt he's off picking and checking out more women. That scoundrel!" he teased.

Ekken huffed, "So how are the people from Central doing? Why does that Colonel Hawkeye seem so sad?"

"Because, it's very easy to see that she is grieving from her loss. I heard from lingering rumors that they loved each other, her and the Flame Alchemist."

Ekken gasped, "That's rather...interesting. But still...if you're going to be a Colonel you should show no emotion...!"

Ekken stop talking. You sounded like a complete moron just not." He teased. Ekken face turned red, "Excuse me? I was just saying that Colonels should be-..."

Suddenly, the two were disrupted when they heard Colonel Hawkeye approached them. "Sir!" they both quickly saluted her but she gave them a signal allowing them to be at ease. "We should start investigating the crime scene today. I will be taking Major Armstrong and Second Lieutenant Havoc with me. Will you two be joining us?" she questioned with a very monotone voice.

"There is no need to ask Colonel. I will gather a few soldiers along with Ekken, Muston, and myself and we will join you. I will also have the others begin the search for the Fullmetal Alchemist.

She nodded and then continued to walk down the hallway, not daring to show the others her hidden tears. She sucked it up quickly and put on a serious face. But as she did, another flashback played in her mind.

"Colonel?" she stepped quietly into his office, noticing that he had his back turned towards her.

"Yes, what is it Lieutenant?" she saw him wipe his face quickly but not turn around.

She sighed knowing that even if she asked of his wellbeing he would still say that he was fine. He was just given the news that his best friend had been murdered.

"I was just checking on you...sir."

Looking back on it she wished that she had rushed over and hugged him tightly. She should have never let go. Never! But now it was too late...

Hawkeye walked back into her temporary office and prepared for the investigation and hunt for Edward.

~ Kalahari: Sieza's House Noon ~

Edward put his hear against the floor to listen to the commotion downstairs. They could here Sieza's mother giggling along with a man chatting away like he had nothing better to do. He had at least been down there for two hours. Winry just sat on her bed reading an Auto-mail book she had brought with her. He rose off the floor, then quickly reached into his pocket and grabbed the slip of paper he had found in the house.

"Took them there. If you find this go there."

Winry glanced down at him, "What do you think it means?" she asked.

Ed shrugged and rolled over on his stomach. That was when the hunger set in. "Damn it...that old man needs to hurry up. I'm starving."

It wasn't before too long that Sieza came into the room with her head hanging low. "My mom has called us all down for lunch..."

Winry and Ed had once again exchanged nervous looks, "Do we really have to...go down there this time?" Ed asked.

Sieza nodded as she slowly lifted her pale face.

Upon going downstairs, Ed stopped when he saw this man. He looked like Mustang's twin or reincarnation. The man looked at Edward, his eyes transforming from soft to sharp.

"Hello, my name is Second Lieutenant Fang Muston? And who are you two?"

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To Be Continued...