It was with much prodding did he leave his office and it was with much more convincing that he would even consider leaving it for a recreational activity.

Miles Edgeworth was never one for vacations; those were rare occurrences as he was devoted and married to his work. He didn't have the time for anything else, that is, until today. Wright and that trouble-making Larry barged into his office on the 12th floor two weeks ago demanding he take at least one day off to do something fun, convinced he was over working himself. They wouldn't remove themselves from the premises until he obliged to their wishes. Begrudgingly, he complied, mainly to continue sorting old case files and enjoy his tea in peace.

The prosecutor stood around tapping his folded arms, checking his watch in the little dark gray room. Easels, paper, charcoal, vases, and stools were just a few things strewn about in here. It was an utter mess and horribly unorganized. But he supposed it made sense, considering this was an art studio and he could never recall ever seeing one being tidy.

It may have been his first time signing up for an art class, but he was prepared. He already had his easel set up with the board and Stonehenge paper ready to go. His charcoal and kneaded eraser he had just purchased was of the best kind. As a child he had loathed the arts because he could not, in his opinion do them well. But, it was all subjective and perhaps now he could attempt it again with a more mature and open mind. The von Karma household didn't bother much with art; they had only be taught to observe which pieces were supposedly better than others and which ones were utter garbage. Music lessons were preferred option in the upbringing of perfect children.

The instructors and the three other students were present; they were only waiting for the model to arrive. He was informed that they would be nude models, which was something he had never experienced before. But again, it was logical considering it was a figure drawing class, and one could not be expected to learn how to draw the human body if it were draped in clothes. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but he was willing to try. Secretly, the prosecutor had been thinking about learning to draw for a while, if only to draw fan art for his beloved Steel Samurai. It would be magnificent, to eventually become decent enough to draw his hero and share his work, something to be proud of, for others (on the internet) to see. It would be a challenge, but he'd win it. He would not lose.

"Alright, now that our model is here we can get started!"

Edgeworth looked up in surprise. He had been so lost in thought he had missed the model enter the room. Swift hands reached for the case of charcoal and the eraser. Just as he was opening the case, he decided to get a quick glance at the model. He wondered what that must have been like, being called in to places to stand nude.

The prosecutor's eyes bulged in horror. He felt himself shaking, the heat rising his cheeks at a rapid rate. What he saw appalled and sickened him.

He turned around at the wrong moment and got an eyeful; that was first time he had ever seen a vagina like- that. The model was a shriveled up old woman, in her 60s at least, and he had the misfortune of having seen inside of her as she undressed, sitting down on the towel she had spread out in the middle of the room. He could not pull his eyes away from the pink and red wrinkly genitalia in front of him. Everything was sagging and it fascinated him and frightened the prosecutor all at once. He had wished he had been informed at least about the age of the model…

The prosecutor shook his head trying to regain his composure. It would be fine, it's not like they would be drawing that part or at least at that angle, he rationalized.

"What poses are you planning on today, Wendy?" the instructor asked.

The model looked up to answer the instructor. "Oh, you know the usual, dearie." she said waving a hand.

Edgeworth's eyes were now wide open and glued to the woman's face.

It couldn't be. It was impossible. The model- it couldn't be…it couldn't be! Of all things, of all places, of all people-! And he had seen her sagging breasts and inside her vagina. Her vagina. He was ready to vomit any minute now.

"NGHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!" he cried pitifully.

All eyes in the room were on him.

"Oh! Edgey poo!" she said eyes sparkling like a school girl.

"I- you- why do you always show up where I am?!"

"Oh, you're acquainted with Wendy, Mr. Edgeworth?" asked the instructor.

"Oh, yes, dearie! We go back a long a way," she smirked.

Edgeworth was cringing. He saw things he should not have seen. He wasn't an outwardly emotional person, but God did he ever want to cry.

Oldbag had finished getting undressed and was standing up now posing all the while making eyes at Edgeworth, winking and what not. The instructor had told everyone to begun making his or her drawings.

The prosecutor refused to draw. He could not and would not do such a thing to soil his paper with an image of that woman. Images of certain things were already implanted in his mind that he would have to scrub out later.

He made a few marks on his paper, picked up his charcoal set and eraser, and left the studio without so much as saying a word.

After an hour passed, the instructor realized the prosecutor wasn't returning, which was odd considering he already paid for the class. It was a shame, but he shrugged. The instructor looked at the board with paper still attached that Edgeworth had left behind. No drawing was to be found, but rather a simple note, which read:

"Miles Edgeworth chooses death."