I could write a million things about you. About how I wish we were together, but I'm not. Besides, actions speak louder then words. So I drift off to a place where everything is great. In my dreams. I dream about us. How we're the happiest couple ever. We have it all. But then, once again my alarm clock wakes me up. I get up, and get out of bed. I smile at all the pictures of you surrounding me. I block you from my mind. Then again...do I?

Everyday that I can't have you. Everyday I go on living my life in the world, just knowing that you're somewhere out there, it hurts.

So I've decided to finally end all this pain. I grab all of my Kane posters and pictures, putting them all around my bathtub, while filling up the bathtub with hot water. When that's done, I play your music on my CD Player, as I get into the tub. I look up at my favorite picture, as we make eye contact. But wait. No we're not. You were just looking into the camera, not at me. You don't even know that I'm here looking at your pictures.

I suck it up, an realize that the best way to go is with a razor. I expose my wrist, and slice through it with a sharp razor blade. The blood trickles out of my skin...but it's too slow. I make another cut into my skin, as the blood starts gushing out. That's it. Only a few more minutes until I get away from you, Kane. I look up at all of your pictures, as the tub fills up with blood. Before I drift off to an eternal sleep, I look at the picture, where we make eye-contact. And before I go...I once again realize that you were just looking into the camera, and not at me.

That's it. My life is over. Or is it? I drift off to heaven, and I look down on the world, thinking my problems are gone.

I frown, as I watch my funeral. Sure, Andrew, my friends, and family are all there, hurt, and crying. But where are you? Why aren't you at my funeral? Because you don't even know I exsist. The person responsible for my death isn't even at my funeral. Instead you're off spending some quality time with your wife. That hurts me, Kane.

I gave up everything for you. I died a virgin. I had the greatest life ever, I was smart, beautiful, and had a loving boyfriend. We were going to get married. But no. That all changed because of you. Thanks alot Kane.

Now I'm forced to watch you and you wife show each other how much you love each other every single day of my enternal life up in heaven. That's my punishment for killing myself because of you. If I'd known that, I wouldn't have done it. But death...death is unreversable.

Oh well. Your life goes on, Kane. Just forget about me. Although, that shouldn't be hard, seeing as you never even knew I exisited. Kane...I loved you. I could've made you the happiest man alive. But no. You don't even know me.

Kane...I love you.

Kane...I hate you.