Tomorrow was Christmas day. Phil Lester's favorite holiday of the year, his absolute most favorite day of the year. He absolutely loved everything about Christmas. He loved spending quality time with his boyfriend, Dan Howell. He loved opening presents and giving presents, the food, spending time with his family... everything. It was always just a good day all around.

But, this year was going to be extra special as Dan was planning on getting Phil a gift that he's been asking to have for months now. It was going to be a little difficult though. Phil always stayed up late on Christmas Eve. Dan didn't know how he was going to be able to hide this present until Christmas day. He just hoped that Phil wouldn't get too suspicious.

It was around 10 o'clock by now on Christmas Eve. Dan hadn't been able to go out and get Phil's present yet as they had been spending the whole day together. But luckily, Dan was able to convince Phil to go shopping for some snacks and even coffee. Dan took this opportunity to go buy Phil's present and bring it home so he would be able to hide it in his bedroom. Dan usually slept with Phil in his bedroom so he wouldn't have to worry about Phil finding the present.

"Come on little one, let's get you upstairs," Dan said as he walked into the apartment. Dan was now holding a little Golden Retriever puppy in his hands. Phil had wanted a dog ever since they bought their new apartment but they weren't able to as they were super busy with travelling for Youtube and working for BBC Radio 1. Since 2013 was coming to a close, they were hoping that 2014 would be a much more relaxing year and they wouldn't have to travel much anymore. Dan knew they would still travel but hopefully not as much.

Dan shut the door behind him, holding onto the little puppy in his hand. Dan decided to get Phil a puppy so that Phil would be able to raise it all on his own and train it properly.

"I hope you realize how much trouble I went through to get you," Dan said as he walked up the stairs. Dan laughed when the puppy started liking him. "None of that! Phil will smell dog breath on me!" Dan went to his bedroom. He walked in and he shut the door behind him and locked it, just in case. "Alright you. You're going to have to be quiet which I know will probably be difficult as you're a dog. But, you're supposed to be a surprise. Can you help me out?" Dan asked as he sat the puppy down on the floor. "Look, I'm already talking to you and you probably can't even understand me. You're actually really cute. Don't tell Phil I said that." Dan sat down on the floor and began to play with the puppy. Maybe if he played with the puppy now then it would be tired and sleep through the night. He needed the puppy to be quiet.

20 minutes later and Phil was finally back home from his little shopping adventure.

"Dan!?" Phil called as he walked into the apartment with bags in his hands and two cups of coffee. Dan looked up as soon as he heard Phil calling for him. He nervously glanced over at the puppy, which was now on his bed and was actually being quiet.

"Shit. Stay here. Be quiet. Please behave for me," Dan begged. He reached over and opened the door. Dan walked out of his bedroom and shut the door, locking it as well. "Yeah?" He called as he walked down the hallway. He walked over to the stairs. He looked down and chuckled when he saw Phil at the bottom of the stairs, with loads of bags in his hands.

Phil looked up at him. "Will you please come help me?" He asked.

Dan laughed. "Yeah I suppose I will," he said. He finally walked down the stairs and walked over to Phil. Dan reached over and kissed him, smiling as he did so.

Phil smiled as he looked at Dan. "Will you take the coffee out of my hands?" He asked.

"Of course," Dan reaches of coffee d over and grabbed the two cups of coffee from Phil's hand.

"Shopping on Christmas Eve was a bad idea. I'm surprised I got everything you asked for. Why did you even need all of this stuff anyways?" He asked as he looked up at Dan again.

"Don't question me. I have my needs," Dan said.

Phil laughed. They both went to the kitchen and began putting groceries away.

"There. All the groceries are finally put away," Phil said. He walked over to Dan. "And it's now an hour until Christmas." He let out a happy sigh.

Dan smiled as he looked over at Phil. "You're such a little kid," he giggled.

Phil reached over and kissed him. "And I'm glad I get to spend this Christmas with you."

Dan bit his lip. "Hey, um, Phil… do you mind if I sleep in my room tonight?" He asked nervously.

Phil frowned. "But why? We always sleep in my room. And it's Christmas!" He pouted.

"Only for tonight. I promise. There's just… I have some editing that I need to finish and I wanted to upload it tomorrow. I don't want to annoy you while you're asleep," Dan said.

Phil crossed his arms against his chest. "Dan," he warned.

"What?" Dan asked, blinking a few times as he stared at Phil.

"You promised no editing on Christmas Eve or Christmas day this year." Phil said.

Dan frowned. "Oh, right. Um... I did say that, didn't I?" Dan asked. He sighed and shook his head. "Please? Just for tonight?" Dan asked, biting his lip slightly.

Phil sighed. "Fine. I didn't want to give you any Christmas cuddles anyway!" He huffed.

"Phil!" Dan whined. He wrapped his arms around Phil's waist.

Phil looked away from him. "You've ruined Christmas," he mumbled.

Dan rolled his eyes. "Come on. You still love me," he said.

"We'll see about that," Phil said. He shrugged his shoulders.

Dan pouted. "Phil," he whined as he crossed his arms against his chest.

Phil looked over at him and chuckled. "Of course I still love you," he said.

Dan smiled and kissed him. "See, you can never stay mad at me."

It was now around 3 o'clock in the morning when Dan was finally getting to his bedroom. He nervously opened the door and walked into his bedroom. He shut the door and locked it. Dan looked up and sighed in relief when he saw that the puppy was still lying on the bed. And nothing in his room was destroyed which he was very pleased about.

"Thank God," Dan whispered. He took his shirt off and then he walked over to the bed and sat down. He chuckled as he watched the puppy wag its tail. Dan reached over and pet it a few times. "It's going to be a long night, that's for sure." Dan whispered.

It was finally the next morning. Christmas day!

Dan was woken up by the smell of breakfast food. Dan smiled and he stretched out his arms and legs and then he sat up. He yawned as he looked over and smiled when he saw the puppy was lying beside him and his room wasn't destroyed yet. Everything was going perfectly.

"I'll be back for you in a bit," Dan told the puppy.

Dan stood up from the bed. He walked out of his bedroom and shut the door again. Dan made his way to the kitchen. He looked up and smiled when he saw that Phil was making breakfast. It was still a little early. It was around 8 o'clock in the morning. Not too early. Just perfect.

Phil looked over and smiled when he saw Dan walk into the kitchen.

"Merry Christmas!" Dan laughed and walk over to Phil.

"Merry Christmas love," Dan replied. He reached over and kissed him.

Phil smiled and kissed him back. "I'm surprised you're upset so early," he said.

"Ha, ha, ha. Watcha making?" Dan asked as he looked up at Phil.

"Just the usual pancakes, eggs, bacon… it's Christmas, you know? I just thought that it'd be a nice change if we ate breakfast together," Phil said. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, it smells delicious." Dan said.

Phil chuckled. "Thanks, let's just hope it tastes delicious," he said.

Dan smiled. "I'm sure it'll taste just fine," he assured him.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" Phil asked curiously.

"Surprisingly… yes. I actually did," Dan said.

Phil raised his eyebrows. "Really?" He asked as he looked at Dan.

"No, I didn't stay up all night on the internet."

Phil laughed. "I thought you might have," he admitted.

Dan stuck his tongue out at him. "Well, I didn't!" He claimed.

"Okay, well… breakfast is ready now and I really hope you're hungry. I've made a lot of it," Phil said. He looked over at Dan and couldn't help but smile.

Dan and Phil quickly ate their breakfast as they were both excited about opening presents.

"Okay, wait right here Phil… before we open any presents. There's one present I want you to open first, and I'm really excited for this one as well." Dan said.

Phil was sitting on the floor, in front of their little Christmas tree. Phil was still in his pajamas, as well as Dan, and Phil was also wearing his Santa hat. Phil blinked a few times and looked up.

"What do you mean? Where are you going?" Phil asked.

Dan smiled innocently. "You'll see in a minute!" He sang.

Phil rolled his eyes. He watched Dan walk out of the lounge. Dan went back to his bedroom again. He opened the door and then he called the puppy over. Dan smiled and picked the puppy up. Dan made his way towards the lounge again but he stopped before he got to the door. He bent down and then he sat the puppy on the ground. "Go!" Dan pointed towards the lounge.

he puppy immediately ran into the lounge without any hesitation.

Dan chuckled when he heard Phil gasp a few seconds later.

"Dan!" Phil yelled with shock as soon as he saw the puppy.

Dan stood up and walked into the lounge again. He smiled as he watched Phil grab the puppy and hold onto it. Dan crossed his arms against his chest and leaned against the doorframe as he watched Phil. Phil looked up at him with wide eyes. "Where did you…? How? I-I thought we weren't allowed to have any pets?" Phil asked, still obviously shocked.

"Well, we are but we never got one because we're always too busy. But… we talked about wanting a more relaxing and calm year for next year so I figured now would be the perfect time to get a dog or in this case… a puppy." Dan explained to Phil.

Phil smiled. "Oh my God. I can't believe you got us a puppy," he said.

"It's a boy. I haven't named him yet," Dan said as he walked over to Phil and sat down next to him. He looked over at Phil and smiled."You name him."

Phil bit his lip. "I don't know what to name him. I wasn't prepared for this!" He exclaimed.

Dan laughed at him. "Come on, you must be able to think of something," he said.

Phil sat there for a few seconds, trying to think of dog names. Then he smiled. "I think I've got the perfect name... Marley!" Phil exclaimed. He looked over at Dan.

Dan raised his eyebrows. "Wow... Marley?" He asked, a little surprised.

"It's a pretty simple, common name. I think it suits him pretty well," Phil said.

"I actually really like that name. It does suit him pretty well, like you said," Dan said.

Phil smiled. He reached over and kissed Dan.

Dan smiled as he looked at Phil. "What was that for?" He asked.

"I just... thank you so much. I can't believe you got me a puppy!" Phil squealed excitedly.

"Well, I know that you've always wanted one. You've been talking about it for months. I thought I would surprise you and I just want to make you happy," Dan whispered.

Phil smiled and nodded. "You've definitely made me happy, Dan," Phil said. He held onto the puppy and giggled as the puppy liked all over his face.

"Let's take a picture!" Dan exclaimed. He pulled out his phone. Dan smiled as he held up his phone. Phil looked up and smiled at the camera, still holding onto Marley. "And… we're good!"

danisnotonfire: Merry Christmas everybody! Welcome Marley (Phil named him) to our little family! :] I couldn't resist. I had to get Phil a puppy! He's so cute. We're already in love with him! 3

"This is the best present ever," Phil said. He sighed happily.