It was brought to my attention in a private message that 2 people from a website called wattpad has stolen my story and posted it as their own. I just wanted to let everyone know that you might want to watch out for your own writing because apparently that's a pretty common thing with that site. Because of this I will be deleting my story and will no longer be posting, obviously. This was a complete shock to me, made me sick to my stomach that someone can actually come along and see something that someone has worked so hard on, steal it, and take credit for something they didn't create.

Writing has always been calming to me, since I have horrible social anxiety, and for something like this to happen is a smack to the face!

I've reported both users as of last night, so hopefully proper measures will be taken to ensure my stories are taken down and these assholes are banned!

Since I'll be deleting my story Welcome to Fatherhood, I just wanted to say thank you for the people who have stuck with me and left nice comments and followed. It was nice having something so well liked. But, since I know now that you simply can't trust this website, or others, for protecting an authors creation, I won't be posting anything anymore. Every other story I had on separate accounts have been deleted, and I'll be abandoning this account and website all together.

Be careful people. You can't trust anyone anymore. If you cherish your writing as much as I do, you'll keep a look out for imposters out there!