So I thought it might be cool to write a story where Dean had a daughter, it kinda just popped into my head. Anyway, I don't own supernatural.

So, let's get started and get this over with. My name's Mary Winchester, and no- Not the Mother of Sam and Dean Winchester, but actually the daughter of, well... Dean. Basically I'm the result of a one night stand when my Dad was in his late forties, and a crap Mother that decided to pretty much abandon me after tracking down my Father and dumping me with him. I'm not a child, far from it actually, to get specific I'm twenty two now, and apparently have a hell of a lot of my Dad in me. Not to mention that I'm the spitting image of him, ya know, minus the facial hair and well, being a dude.

Let's just say that I'm not like most chicks. I wasn't raised on My little Pony, playing with barbies or whatever it is that normal girls do. I was raised a hunter- And overall, my life wasn't half bad. Sure, there were some touchy moments here and there, some dangerous crap that would scare the living daylights outa normal girls, but I was happy... Considering. I had my Dad, I had my Uncle Sam, things were normal... Until I hit twenty two.

It was no big lie that Dad was getting up there in years, he was slowing down- Wasn't as wiry, his reflexes were basically shot, his eye site fried. Basically he shouldn't have been hunting anymore being well up in his sixties, but you know how my Dad is- He refused to acknowledge that the job was killing him until it was too late.

To make a long story short, something went horribly horribly wrong, he went left when he should have went right, and BAM- He took a shot straight to the chest. It was after watching him choke on his own blood and die that I knew I had to do something, I had to go back and change things... Honestly, it didn't have to end up like this, but according to Cas- Oh yeah, Cas was still around, even then, I honestly didn't think the dude was going anywhere- But according to him, the road that led up to this point could have been completely different. Certain events in the past, certain choices made, all led up this horrible moment that stemmed from my deepest nightmares. Basically what he told me was that things could have ended differently. Sure, it would have been simple for him to just resurrect my Dad, but because of those certain roads taken in the past- It would always have the same end results... Dad would die bloody, Sam would, well... Sam's fate wasn't much better, I'll just say that.

So I made plans, that really were based purely on desperation and grief at that point, and I had to practically beg Cas to agree to it- Because while sure you could go back and redo all those past mistakes, it could drastically alter any other future events. Basically, it could make things a hell of a lot worse in the end, but you know what? I was willing to take the risk. Because it's my Dad we're talking about, my Uncle. My damned family! So, I did it... I asked, or, well more along the lines of yelled at Cas to send me back. And, he did, with extreme reluctance. You see, it wasn't so much trying to prevent my Dads death as my motivation for going back, even though that was reason enough- It was what exactly had caused his death in the first place.

I packed a bag, and made sure to dress in clothes that were in style back in the year 2009, gave myself a reasonably acceptable hairstyle, which wasn't difficult. I kept my hair cut short, pixie style or whatever, it made it easier to fight without having hair flying in your face. But anyways, I'm getting sidetracked. After everything was ready, Cas tried to talk me out of it before zipping me back to October of 2009.

And well, first thoughts once I set eyes on... Wherever the hell Cas had zapped me was, what the fuck do I do now? From what he had told me, this was the year my Dad was brought back from hell, which meant Cas was already on the scene. He made sure to do it that way, because he figured I would have a hell of a time in convincing Dad and Sam that I was who I said I was, so maybe it would be best if I talked to him first. He told me to pray to him, to tell him the situation, and hopefully if he wasn't being a dick bag, he'd show up. So, that's what I did after dropping my duffel on the side of the road.

"Ok, here goes..." I sighed. "Castiel, so here's the thing. I know at the moment you don't know me, and you're probably wondering who the hell this crazy chick is praying to you, but... Let's just say that you and me, we kinda know each other... From the future. And future you zapped me back here. So, if you could shimmy your ass down here pronto, I'd appreciate it."

I shifted my eyes around the area, not moving as a semi blew right on past. It felt like minutes passed that I stood baking in the sun, before I heard a whoosh from behind me. Yeah, I knew that whoosh, so I turned quickly and felt my brow arch.

"Dude," I said, snickering. "Nice trench coat."

Cas furrowed his brows at me. "Who are you? How did you know my name?"

I eyed him up and down, unable to keep myself from chuckling. The Cas I knew in the future was pretty much normal enough, and according to my Dad had really lightened up over the decades. This guy though... He looked stiff and emotionless, like he had a broomstick stuck up his butt. Not to mention that he was wearing a trench coat and suit. Definitely not the Cas I knew.

"Didn't you hear what I said?" I replied, finally. "I said, that we know each other in the future, and you sent me back here."

His brows furrowed. "What's your name?"

I was prepared for this, and so was future Cas, so I pulled a note from my pocket that Cas had written. He told me that when this moment happened to just shut up and give him the note, and that would solve everything, so... I did. I handed him the letter and sat back, silent- As he pulled it open and scaled over the words that were written in Enochian.

Once he read it, I noticed his face go completely devoid of whatever sort of expression he might have had previously, before gazing up at me in confusion.

"You're the daughter of Dean Winchester?" He asked.

"Yep, shocker right? So, uh... We're on the same page then? Ya know, future you writing the note and all, did he fill you in on everything?"

He immediately disintegrated the letter into a tiny fireball.

"Yes, I believe so. At least with your identity, but I didn't seem to write down why exactly you've come back here?"

I sighed deeply, trying to shield my eyes from the hot sun. "Well, that's kinda of a disturbing story, dude... Basically, Dad and Sam get into some trouble in the future, bad bad trouble. Dad got killed and Sammy..." I paused, staring down at the ground. "Sammy got taken over, I'll just say that."

"Taken over? By what exactly?"

"I'm not supposed to talk about it. You told me to keep as many details about the future to myself as possible, or else I might fuck everything up."

"So you've returned here in hopes of altering the timeline." He nodded. "That could be dangerous. I'm struggling to understand how I could have allowed this to happen. I should have known better."

"Yeah, well... You're not as gung ho about obeying rules in the future, Cas. Things changed."

"Apparently so. If I were wise I'd simply send you back to your own year and forget this entire thing, but..." He stared at the remnants of the note that was basically ash. "If I sent you back here then I must have felt it was for good reason."

"Awesome, so... We won't have any issues then."

"What's your name?"

"Oh, yeah sorry. Forgot about that. It's Mary." He fell silent, as he stared off in the distance. "So... Where are they?"


"My Dad and Sammy... Where are they?"

He sighed deeply. "They're currently working a case in Michigan. I don't believe it would be wise for you to arrive now at all times. It might be best to wait."


"You don't believe that Dean seeing his daughter that came back from the future would be alarming?" His brows rose. "It would be a shock, he wouldn't be able to focus on what he's trying to accomplish."

I grumbled under my breath. "Yeah, maybe... So when can I meet up with them?"

"Once they're through hunting the witch in question would probably be best, Mary."

Unfortunately he was probably right about that. And as impatient I was to see my Dad again, I didn't wanna completely fuck up his job and risk getting him or Sam hurt.

"Yeah alright I guess." I pursed my lips. "So... What was written on the note, huh? You looked pretty shocked yourself there, man."

He eyed me for a moment, and it was kinda hard to read what might have been going through his head considering his face was blank.

"Apparently my course of action as of right now wasn't considered very... Wise. I warned myself to stop, and to start listening to what my conscience was telling me. According to what I wrote... I... Need to break ranks, and side with Sam and Dean." He shook his head. "Had I not written the letter myself I would find all of this very hard to believe." I only nodded and he went on. "And, I also stated that I'm to watch out for you... I gather that you and I were friends?"

"You could say that." I smirked. Oh, did I forgot to mention that future Cas and I were a little more than friends? Oops.

I wasn't sure what was written on the note, but seeing is that the dude refused to look at me I couldn't help but wonder if future Cas had shared that tasty little tid bit. But that was the least of my concerns right now. I had been given the heads up by Cas himself that in the past he had been kind of a horses ass, and not to expect anything to happen, at least for a long long while. Which, for the record, I was ok with. My main concerns were my Dad and Sam.

"Well I can't stay here on the side of the road until their job is done." I said, grabbing my duffel. "So, could you maybe... Take me somewhere?"

He clearly didn't know what the hell to do, but since I couldn't stay out in the middle of no where he zapped me to the next best place, which was a random motel in some random town. I booked a room and got settled in, having no choice but to sit and try to be patient. I would get to meet up with Dad and Sam soon enough, and not only that, but the younger versions of them. Hell, they both weren't much older than I was now. Oh yeah, this was definitely going to be an interesting experience.

So, whatever Dad and Sam were doing in Michigan took a couple days to be over and done with. Cas popped in every now and then to make sure I was staying out of trouble, and relaying information. Apparently they had some kind of issue with the witch, and a demon was let loose when he wasn't supposed to be. Needless to say that both of them weren't exactly happy. According to Cas he hadn't informed them of little old me, which wasn't surprising. I mean, how do you go up to a dude that's only, what 29? And tell him that he has a 22 year old daughter. Basically I think he was just going to pop me up during the most random of times with no explanation at all. God, this was gonna be a surprise, huh? And, knowing my Dad, he wasn't gonna be happy about it. In fact, I knew he'd be pissed, he'd think this was some kind of weird joke. He'd think I was a monster, a demon, or some other freaky bastard. Anything other than believing I was actually his kid from the future.

Dad had me late in life, as I said his late forties was when I was born, but the one thing he never ever did was make me feel like I wasn't wanted. No, he wasn't Mike Brady, or Dr. Huxtable, meaning we didn't have lovey dovey Father daughter moments, but he was a damn good Dad. He was there for me whenever I needed him, he protected me and loved me in the only way he knew how. But... This was different now. This wasn't the Dad I knew, this was the young cocky dude that thought he knew everything. Which is why I was smart, and packed several photos of he and I. There were some when I was a kid, barely a toddler, we were sitting on the hood of his impala, another when I was thirteen and he had taken me bow hunting and decided he wanted to preserve the moment in a picture. A few other random things, like me and Sam reading over books at the bunker, or the one time that Dad thought it would be funny to celebrate Christmas by decorating Cas with tinsel. Needless to say the angel was not amused, and the photo clearly showed that. Basically, I had what I felt was all the evidence I needed to show I was who I said I was. Yes, I knew it would take a while for Dad to adjust, but... He would eventually. At least I hoped so.

When Cas finally decided it was time to get this over with, he explained that he would zap me to the town they were currently hauled up in, and allow me to do things on my own terms. He would be there to back up my claims and help out, but he had no idea how to handle a situation like this- Which was understandable, I couldn't expect him to do everything now could I?

So, I calmed my nerves after taking a few deep breaths and nodded to him, as he zapped me away from my motel room and directly in front of a small crowded diner.

Once I saw the impala parked out front I felt my heart flutter. A slew of memories bombarded me from out of no where. The late nights I passed out in the backseat as we drove from job to job, the time Dad taught me how to drive when I was fourteen- The time he got pissed at me for taking off in his car to go see a movie without telling him. God... So crazy, this was definitely a mind trip.

I took a small circle and noticed that Cas hadn't stayed with me at the diner which made me grumble. Big chicken, I guess he didn't want to hear Dad rant and rave.

Ok, so I knew that I couldn't just approach him and flat out say "Hi daddy!" I needed to do this in a way that wouldn't result in a gun being pointed in my face. I decided, for the moment, that as much as I hated the thought, I needed to not let him know I was his daughter... At least not yet.

I planned this from the get go, sorted it out almost perfectly as I stepped into the diner and let my eyes scale the room. When my eye settled on a gigantor of a dude sitting in a booth my eyes went wide. It was Sammy, a young Sam, but Sammy none the less. First thoughts were, his hair was long, what the fuck? What's up with that? He was clicking around on his laptop, while munching on a salad.

Dad? I didn't see him right off, but there was a second plate on the table that held a bacon cheeseburger and fries that hadn't been touched yet.

Best guess, Dad was in the crapper. And I was right when suddenly he waltzed on past me and slid into the booth in front of Sam.

Holy crap... This was weird as fuck. I was used to seeing my Dad as, well... A Dad, graying hair, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, a little pudge in the belly. Not young Dad, a guy young enough to be my brother. I had never seen any pictures of Sammy or Dad when they were young, simply because they didn't have any. But now that I could see them face to face, I knew that the resemblance between Dad and I wouldn't go unnoticed. We were so similar people would be inclined to believe we were twins. Same full lips, same eyes, freckles, hair color. Hell, my short hair made it even more obvious we were related somehow.

This was tripping me out, and I knew if I didn't move soon then I would probably chicken out entirely. So, with another deep breath I hardened my expression and started over towards their table, stopping and staring down at them with a knot in my throat.

Of course they noticed me instantly, I mean... How could they not? I was standing there like some freak job gawking at them with a slack jawed expression.

"Uh..." Dad said. "Can we help you?"

Oh god I missed that gruff voice.

"Are you..." I said, swallowing. "Are you Dean Winchester?"

His brows rose and Sam shifted in his seat.

"Who's askin?" Dad replied.

"My name's Mary... I, um... Well..." After a deep breath I reached into my pocket and pulled out the letter. The letter that I had no intention of using. The letter that future Cas had forged to look identical to John Winchester, my Grandpas, handwriting. It was written just in case something didn't go according to plan. "I'm sure that'll explain things."

Dad snatched the letter from my hands and as soon as he opened it and saw the handwriting I saw his expression go flat.

"Son of a bitch... It's from Dad." He said, and Sammy instantly leaned forward.

"What's it say?" He asked.

He scaled the writing quickly, then sat back still looking just as flabbergasted as before.

"Son of a bitch..." He repeated.

"What?" Sam reached over and grabbed the letter, reading it over now, his eyes immediately went up to mine afterwards. "No way."

"Who the hell are you, really?" Dad barked. "Is this some kind of weird ass joke? You expect us to fall for that crap?"

"Uh..." I mumbled. "But the letter?"

"Gotta be forgery, there ain't no way that's real. What the hell is this? Who are you?"

"I told you... My name's Mary... Winchester."

He glared at me, and instantly I was taken back to all the times as a kid when I received that pissed off expression whenever I'd done something stupid.

"Dean..." Sam breathed out. "Look, I'm just as surprised as you are, but... That's Dad's handwriting, and well... Look at her."

"This is crap, Sam!" Dad snapped back. "We don't have a friggin sister!" He stood and pretty much towered over me. "I don't know what the hell you're trying to do, but if you wanna keep that head of yours I'd suggest turning around and walking away... Right now."

Yeah, this was going exactly the way I thought it would. And I could only imagine what mighta happened had I actually told him I was his daughter, and not his sister.

He must have expected for me to cower or back away in fear, but that's just not my personality. I get it from my Dad, what can I say.

"Listen, chuckles-" I chest bumped him. "I didn't ask for any of this crap, just like you didn't. Believe me if I had it my way I never woulda come and found you guys, but I didn't really have any choice. I haven't heard from Dad in a while now, and he told me that if something like that happened, then I was to come and find my brothers, which is what I did."

"Hey, hey," Sam stood now and slipped an arm between us. "Everyone just calm down, ok? I'm sure we can settle this without taring each others heads off... Right?" He took me by the arm gently. "Mary, sit down... We can talk about this. Let's figure things out."

"Don't tell me that you're falling for this, Sam?" Dean flopped back in his seat. "Don't you think that if we had a sister out there, that Dad woulda told us, huh?"

Sam shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. You know how Dad was, Dean- I wouldn't put something like this past him." Dean crossed his arms after that, turning his glares out the diner window to avoid looking at me. "Ok, Mary... Why don't you tell us where you came from?"

And so I started in with the rehearsed speech. "Well, I was born in Oklahoma, I'm twenty two, only child... My Mom died when I was young, so I was raised by a friend of our Dads."

"What friend?" Dean barked back.

"Pastor Jim." I lied, of course, knowing that this man had died a few years back so I wouldn't have to worry about them calling him for confirmation.

Sam nodded. "Well, we knew Pastor Jim, and he was a friend of Dads. So, where'd you go after he died?"

"Well, I did what Dad told me to do if something like that went wrong. I started moving, from town to town, state to state. I couldn't take the risk of stopping just in case whatever killed Jim came after me." I let out a sigh. "And after a while of Dad not contacting me, I figured something must have happened, so that's when I knew it was time to come and find you guys."

I just barely saw Dad roll his eyes at me. "This is crap... She could be makin all this up. There's no proof."

"Uh, Dean," Sam snickered. "I think looking at her is proof enough that she's related. You two are identical."

I sneered when Dad pouted and started to grumble. It's funny, even when he was older, in his late sixties, he still pouted like a five year old. It was just personality.

"Ok," He sat up. "You say you're our sister, so tell us somethin about Dad... Something that no one else would know?"

I sat back, huffing out a deep sigh. "Well, he wasn't born a hunter, for starters. He only started in with this life after your Mother died. Pinned to the ceiling in a nursery fire... Right?" Dad scowled bitterly. "And... The reason why that happened was because Sam was fed demon blood as a baby. Your Mom interrupted whatever was going down in the nursery, and because of it she was killed by the yellow eyed demon Azazel..." I arched my brows. "Is that specific enough?"

Sam nodded, giving an "I told you so" look to Dad, who refused to peel his eyes off the table.

"That ain't enough." Dad huffed. "Any hunter out there coulda known that and spilled the beans. Give us somethin else."

I rolled my eyes. "Wow, ok... You're just as paranoid as ever..." I caught myself and thankfully he didn't seem to catch that. "Jeez, I dunno, uh... Dad was in the marines? His Dad disappeared when he was a kid, what else do you want me to say? What else do I gotta do to prove that I'm Mary Winchester?"

Dad shrugged, and replied sarcastically. "I dunno, got any ID?"

Now I glared at him, if he wasn't my Dad I probably would have kicked him. "Listen... I don't wanna fight with you guys. I've heard about you my entire life, you could probably question me about your pasts and I'd know the answers to all of them."

"When's my birthday?" Dad replied, smirking.

"January 24th 1979."

He yet again grumbled. "Where'd Sammy go to college?"

"Stanford, really are we gonna keep going on with this?"

He sat back, resting his arm against the seat while keeping his lips pursed and refusing to look at me. "Ok one last thing." He then reached into his jacket and pulled out a flask, one that I knew would be full of holy water. "Take a swig of that."

I swiped the flask out of his hand and downed a huge mouthful, holding up my arms and giving him a "ha ha" face afterwards. Yeah, he wasn't happy about that either, since obviously I wasn't some crazy assed demon.

"Can I get you somethin, sweetie?" A waitress suddenly said by the table.

"She's not stayin." Dad barked back.

"Pie..." I said, ignoring Dad's glares. "Whatever's best."

She nodded, awkwardly moving away from the table before Sam chuckled.

"See, what'd I tell you, Dean? Identical. Like you two were cut from the same cloth."

"Shut up." Dad pushed his plate away, apparently I made him lose his appetite. "I'm still not fallin for this crap. There's really only one way I can think to settle this once and for all." He sat up, leaning over and staring me in the face. "I'm calling Cas."

"That's not necessary, Dean." Cas said, poofing beside the table. "I'm well aware of the situation."

Sam nodded, letting out a relieved sigh. "So. It's true? Mary's our sister?"

Cas' brows furrowed and he looked at me just long enough to see my panicked expression.

"Uh... Yes." Cas stood tall. "It was brought to my attention recently, I only hadn't the opportunity to inform you of it."

"Well, that's just friggin fantastic, Cas!" Dad bellowed. "You'd think that info like that coulda been shared a little sooner!"

"Well, I... I heard the news recently, as I stated. Two days ago as a matter of fact. And I wanted to dig into it deeper to be certain it was really true before I came to you." He flicked his eyes to me. "I didn't know that she would meet you both before that time came."

The waitress returned with my pie and Cas was forced to sit beside Dad. For a moment I flashed back to the future, seeing them like that. I wasn't sure whether or not Dad considered Cas to be his best friend yet, judging by his expression right then I'd say no. But I knew it was only a matter of time.

"One thing I'm confused about." Sam said, as I dug into my pie. "We used to go and stay with Pastor Jim when we were kids. Whenever Dad would go off on a hunt and would be gone for longer than a couple days. Where were you during that time?"

I chewed my bite longer than I needed to so I could form some kind of believable answer. "Well, that was actually when Dad would come and have visits with me... He wasn't always going on jobs, catch my drift?"

"So you're sayin that Dad, what, kept you secret from us and then would ditch us with Pastor Jim so he could spend time with you?" Dad scrunched his brows. "Why do I find that hard to believe?"

I dropped my fork to the plate with a clink. "What, an angel telling you that I was your sister wasn't enough for your liking? What else do you gotta have?"

"How'd you know he was an angel?" Dad sneered and I felt my stomach drop. "I never said he was an angel... Neither did Sam."

I couldn't respond to that because there were no words... I tried to keep the panic from showing on my face, but it was at a poor attempt.

"I told her, Dean." Cas spoke. "Two days ago once I discovered who she was. Naturally I wanted to be certain she wasn't dangerous. I preformed all the tests that you would have and everything was normal. I told her I was an angel as well."

Sam still had the same puppy eyes when he was older, which was pretty much fascinating to me.

"Dean..." He sighed. "This is huge, I know. And it's crazy and hard to believe, but... What's it gonna take for you to acknowledge it? How many more angels are gonna have to jet down here and tell us she's not lying?" He gave me a comforting smile. "I think that instead of grilling her, we should be trying to get to know her... Don't you?"

I stared at my Dad with what I was sure was a hopeful gleam in my eyes. Yeah, I knew he wouldn't be willing to accept me so easily, he was gonna be grouchy and a major prick until he finally warmed up to me. But, right about that moment I was regretting not flat out telling him the truth. At least then I could actually call him "Dad" and not "Dean". This was going to take a long time to get used to.