Storyline: The actual story takes place about a couple months after initiation. Tris is a member, Al is dead, and there was no war, but Al, Peter, and Drew never attacked Tris. There were no FourTris moments except for the Ferris Wheel... yet. Oh, and for the purpose of this story, their choosing day comes when they are 18, not 16.


I promise you, Tobias. I promise when my choosing day comes, I'll go to Dauntless, we will meet again. Those words had echoed through my head as I chose my destiny, as I chose my path. They were carved in my mind as I rode the train to headquarters. They almost escaped my lips as I dove off of the building into the hole. Into the unknown.

I knew I would see him sometime soon, but what I didn't expect was for his arms to be the ones that caught me as I tumbled out of the net. I didn't think I would see his familiar dark blue eyes so quickly. He had told me that I could rename myself there in Dauntless, that I was the first jumper, but there was one thing wrong. He'd introduced himself as Four. In retrospect, just the fact that he introduced himself period should have set off warning bells.

At first, I thought it was a game, so I played along. Then, after a few hours, I started getting worried. He doesn't remember me, the soul crushing thought had rung through me. The guy that had been my best friend for my entire life, my confident, my partner in crime, the boy that I loved didn't remember me.

When we were younger, from the moment we were old enough to understand what factions were, we knew we didn't belong in Abnegation. Neither of us were selfless enough. We had both agreed that when we were 16, we would go to Dauntless. From then- at around age 8- on, we trained. We sparred, we faced as many fears as we could, we used kitchen knifes and an old board to practice knife throwing. And that wasn't all we did. Sometimes, we would run, just for the hell of it. Even Caleb, though reluctant, joined us sometimes when we would sneak out. When we would go on the train to the Amity fields and just talk. When we had found the old camera, buried in the dirt. The camera that, miraculously, still worked. The one that the three of us had taken countless pictures on together.

My entire life was filled with Tobias. He was my first playdate. My first friend. My first kiss. My first boyfriend. My first love. And now all of the memories were gone from his mind. Like they never even existed.

Hey guys! This is the first Divergent fanfiction I've written, and reviews, ideas, and criticism are encouraged. I know that the first few chapters may be more fillers than anything, so bare with me here. It picks up, I promise!