Kimono Dance Theater, Ecruteak City

It was the dead of night. The doors of the Kimono Theater were locked shut and the lights throughout the building were dimmed except for on the stage, where they shone brightest. From the outside, anyone awake would have questioned if a late-night show were in session. But there was no music playing and there was no audience present. Every single seat was empty. The only people inside the theater were the performers themselves, the Kimono Girls.

The five girls were on stage practicing a sacred dance. No one except the participants themselves were allowed to witness it, not even Ecruteak City's Gym Leader who apparently foresaw himself as the destined man.

The delicate swaying of arms and whimsical spins were reaching their end. Their final moves were taking place when suddenly, one of the girls dropped to her knees. The dance was interrupted before it could finish.

"Naoko!" The leader, Kuni, came running to her sister's side. Her Vaporeon stayed with the other resting Eeveelutions. The exception was Naoko's Espeon that got up and came running to its owner's side. Kuni gripped onto Naoko's shoulders, "What happened? Are you well?"

"I had it— the vision! It came to me!" Naoko wrapped her arms tightly around her precious Espeon. The vision was strong, as was the pain. From the faint shining of Espeon's forehead gem, the Pokémon could feel it too.

Two more sisters, Sayo and Miki, came over as well. Together they asked, "What was it of?"

"Was Morty in it? Is it really him?" The final sister, Zuki, questioned. All sisters formed a tight circle around Naoko. They were concerned about their sister's safety, yet immensely curious about her vision.

"Calm down everyone, let her breathe," Kuni chastised. She got up and made a motion to shoo everyone away. They followed her order and backed up. Kuni returned to her sister's side, "Naoko, take your time. We have been waiting a very long time for this, so we can wait a little longer. Tell us when you understand everything."

A few minutes passed. Everyone remained distant, yet extremely eager. Finally, Naoko began to explain, "Ho-oh wants to return. From what I saw, we found the destined one too. It was all of us at the top of Bell Tower."

"Could you see who the destined one was?"

Naoko shook her head, "That is what I am still trying to understand.. I saw a boy but it looked like there was someone else too— curly hair, a girl?"

"Two people? Is it possible to have two destined people?" Zuki jumped in. She was the youngest of the Kimono Girls and was still learning the legends and secrets the girls were affiliated with. She never understood why it was so hard to join the theater, let alone why only blood relatives could join, until they let her in. The dancing wasn't just for show. Their performances were daily rituals to please Ho-oh and receive it's blessing. The night shows were dedicated to Lugia. Everything they did had an important meaning and for some reason, the public wasn't allow to know the truth behind it.

Miki was now sitting on her legs with her Flareon laying comfortably on her lap, "The legend says only one person though,"

"But Ho-oh has only been summoned by Kimono Girls once," Sayo had always been the most open-minded and adventurous. Her trusty Jolteon was a sign of that. In her mind, anything was able to change in a split second and that included legends, "What if numbers changed per summon?"

The sisters were starting to contemplate possible circumstances. While they had strict practices to follow, there was plenty of room left open for analysis. For generations the Kimono Girls had been practicing two sacred dances for the re-summoning of the Legendary Tower Duo of Johto. The only piece the girls didn't have was the destined one— the trainer with the purest heart that Ho-oh only wished to return for. Why Ho-oh only wanted to be summoned when that specific trainer was present, was still a mystery to them. They weren't even going to question Lugia's requirements until Naoko got a vision from it.

"Let us just focus on these two people for the moment," Kuni didn't want to get off track. She was not only the leader, but most focused, "If there are two people, what could be the reason behind it?"

The remaining sisters looked around at one another. They were puzzled but could see that in each other's eyes they were once again considering potential possibilities. No one gave an answer to their eldest sister though, because no one felt confident enough of their answer.

"We need to prepare the egg test for this Wednesday," Naoko was gently touching Espeon's gem now. The Pokémon and its trainer were in-sync, sharing information through their minds. Touching Espeon's gem wasn't really necessary but Naoko was young and still learning how to fully control her psychic powers. Touching her Pokémon gave her the most ease and ensured no miscommunication.

Kuni gasped, "This Wednesday? So soon?"

Naoko nodded and Sayo and Miki got up, immediately knowing what to do. Sayo went to the theater's only phone to contact an outsider, while Miki went to retrieve the egg. Jolteon and Flareon followed them respectively.

Zuki was the only one who had gotten up, but stopped realizing she had no idea what was going on. Umbreon was at her side, equally confused. Zuki went over to Kuni and quietly tugged the sleeve of her sister's kimono, "Kuni, what is the egg test?"

Kuni explained the egg test to Zuki. She explained how the egg carried a rare Pokémon that hatched when cared by only the most loving individual. In ancient times, people used to think the eggs were duds because they would never hatch, but in reality the egg never hatched because the carrier wasn't nurturing enough. The first time the egg had hatched was followed shortly by the first time the Kimono Girls had found the most pure-hearted trainer. That same trainer helped them summon Ho-oh. As legend says, that same trainer had also hatched the egg. The egg test was to be given to once again find the most pure-hearted trainer, but finding a potential trainer to test was the hardest part.

From Naoko announcing to prepare the test for this Wednesday, Kuni could only assume Naoko and Espeon had figured out who their first potential candidate was going to be. The Kimono Girls had to depend on Naoko and Espeon's intuitions.

Zuki could tell Kuni wanted to help her sisters, so she asked one final question, "What if this trainer isn't the one?"

Kuni placed her hands on her youngest sister's shoulders and gave her a small, forfeiting smile, "Ho-oh has made us wait a long time, so we can only hope it can be a little patient with us too,"

The youngest sister understood and the two went to help the others.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I recently picked up Pokémon Heartgold and felt myself living in the story. It's hand down one, if not my, favorite Pokémon game! I haven't played anything past it though, so I have a lot to catch up on! Aside that, I rekindled my love for the Kimono Girls too and found myself writing again. I haven't written creatively in a long, long time. So I'm just doing this for fun!