Cherrygrove City: Day 01

Miki was the most traditional of her Kimono sisters. She enjoyed spending her nights in the candlelight and turning the pages of a book instead of clicking through virtual files. The only exception Miki made for herself was with the telephone. She found the communicating device revolutionary and even allowed herself to have a Pokégear.

Miki hung up from another call and looked down at her companion, whom was enjoying the sun's afternoon rays, "I'm glad you have energy today Flareon, but when we arrive to Cherrygrove City we must focus. Keep your ears sharp for the names Caelum and Li Miao, and your eyes open for a Chikorita and Cyndaquil."

Yesterday, Miki had gone to visit Mr. Pokémon to drop of the sacred egg. Since the Kimono Girl was so close by, she decided she would venture off to Cherrygrove City in hopes to see the latest targets. Miki was skeptical about having two summoners but as a result grew curious. Like Kuni, she wouldn't believe anything until the egg hatched. The eldest sister was even more hung up on why there were two people in Naoko's vision to begin with though, so until permitted, no sister was allowed to directly communicate with either target. But that was fine with Miki, she was satisfied with visuals.

On her way down Route 30, Miki had called both Professor Elm and Professor Oak for descriptions of their interns. The Kimono Girl had never visited Cherrygrove City before, and was intimidated by the word: city. She wanted as many details as possible so her personal mission wouldn't be a failure. But being men, the professors' descriptions were poor and unhelpful. They lacked life— brown hair could mean anything, as could being tall. And neither men understood the Kimono Girl when she asked if Li Miao's green eyes looked more like swaying ocean grass or leaves of the mighty oak. Miki had only learnt which starters the interns had chosen.

An infused scent of flowers and ocean filled the city. Well, the large town. Cherrygrove wasn't really a city, but a large suburb filled with colliding breezes. The powerful scent had been confusing Li Miao for the past hour. One moment she could smell home, but then a mixture of petals and fresh air followed that Li Miao wasn't familiar with. This was definitely not Olivine City.

When Cyndaquil was being healed, Li Miao and Caelum had the time to secure a room at the Pokémon Center for the night. The room was small but had bunk beds, a window and its own personal bathroom— equipped with toilet, sink and shower. The duo were satisfied, knowing that regardless of the room's offerings neither trainer would be spending time there unless it was to wash up or sleep.

Li Miao and Caelum explored the town after Cyndaquil was allowed to leave. Li Miao was admiring the culture amongst her. Even though the city was by the sea, no one was tan like the people of Olivine. Everyone was pale and the little girls played with flowers instead of seashells. The weather was different here too, it was very humid. A warm, wet breeze came from the ocean and mixed with the same chilly air New Bark had. Li Miao could feel her curly hair expanding.

"It's different here," Li Miao noted, "But still very beautiful,"

Caelum wasn't being as observant. He was currently dealing with an internal conflict. He was angry and felt as if Cyndaquil's flames were heating up inside of him, but where was that heat in his first battle? Caelum couldn't let go of his loss. He had never loss with Gyarados. This was definitely not a good start to his legacy. He was not a failure, he was the next Johto Champion!

Caelum was sweating as a result of his pent up anger. He started alternating between pulling at the collar of his shirt and running his greasy fingers through his golden hair, as if it would cool him down. For a single moment, Caelum wondered why the hell he thought it would be a good idea to where a fitted, dress shirt on an adventure. He tossed that thought aside, his anger having no patient for insignificant curiosity. He had lost a battle and nothing could change that. His defeat was because of his Pokémon though, not his opponent. Caelum refused to let his rage go public, even though he hid it poorly.

The male trainer had already convinced himself Cyndaquil was not as strong as he had first believed. The Fire Mouse Pokémon couldn't even beat a Pokémon it had a type-advantage against! Caelum had misinterpreted that sneeze— Cyndaquil wasn't filled of uncontrollable flames, that was all merely a bluff. Caelum had made a poor decision, he knew should have picked Totodile! It was his mistake though, so he knew he had to fix it. He was going to train Cyndaquil just like he had with Gyarados! Caelum nodded, that was a great idea.


Caelum looked up, he was freed from his conscious. Li Miao was holding a plastic bag filled with newly purchased Pokéballs. She and Indonesia both gave Caelum a confused look, to which he returned. Cyndaquil was once again outside the circle of exchanging looks, finding a nearby Fire-Type Pokémon more interesting.

Li Miao noticed how awful her friend looked, but she concluded it must be the humidity. Her hair probably looked like a Jumpluff's dandelion by now. She sighed, "What did you say, Caelum? You just mumbled something."

A third party's attention shot in at the sound of Caelum's name, but they remained eavesdropping. They continued helping a little girl craft a flower crown to blend in.

"Are you okay—"

"Yes," Caelum huffed, breaking eye contact. He looked over and noticed his Pokémon was once again distracted by something else, and didn't even bother to see with what. Caelum was going to make sure that through training Cyndaquil would become a strong and focused Pokémon. He retrieved Cyndaquil back into his Pokéball without warning, "I'm going to train. Maybe I'll get Gyarados too. I can't stand depending on weak Pokémon." He stressed.

Li Miao frowned at Caelum's attitude, Indonesia wasn't pleased either. Li Miao tried to reason with her friend, "I don't think—"

"I'll be back tonight," Caelum interrupted again. He walked away without hesitation. Li Miao was used to her partner getting moody, but she knew Caelum rarely showed such a bad side. Something must have really been bothering him and Li Miao was too oblivious to notice earlier.

Li Miao sighed, knowing not to chase after Caelum, "He's not always like that, Indonesia. He's a real gentleman. He'll be better tonight."

The third party placed the flower crown atop the little girl's head, ignoring Li Miao's attempt to redeem Caelum. The Kimono Girl already knew an attitude like that couldn't hatch the egg, even on their best day.

"I found them," Miki blurted out. She didn't wait to hear which sister answered the phone. She had been waiting all afternoon to call her sisters but Flareon kept insisting following Li Miao around was more important, "But I have bad news,"

"What are you talking about? Where are you?" A voice responded. It was her twin sister, Sayo.

"Put Kuni on the phone, please," Miki loved her twin dearly, but not through the phone. She could hear her sister place the phone down and walk away. As Miki waited, she returned to watching Li Miao, who was currently introducing her Chikorita to the ocean. Flareon held great interest in the female trainer and Miki knew that was a good sign. The Flame Pokémon had a difficult time being impressed. Miki and Flareon didn't even bother following Caelum after he mentioned disliking weak Pokémon. There was no chance a pure-hearted trainer would ever say something like that.

"Miki, how are you?" Kuni answered the phone with ease, "Sayo said you have bad news."

Miki explained how she found both targets quickly. She explained the conversation she eavesdropped in and made sure to assure Kuni neither target suspected a thing. But then she mentioned Caelum's unfavorable behavior, "Even if it was possible to have two summoners, he's not the second person,"

"I see," Kuni took a moment to soak in all the information, but quickly responded with an order, "But you have nothing bad to say about the girl. I want you to call Mr. Pokémon after this, and tell him the egg is specifically for her. We will continue our focus on her for now. I also want you to return to Ecruteak City after this, I have information I refuse to share through the phone."

The sun had been down for a couple of hours already. Li Miao was back in the Pokémon Center, but Caelum hadn't returned yet. Li Miao was closed off in the bathroom, brushing her freshly-washed hair amongst all the steam. Although it was just Indonesia outside, Li Miao kept the bathroom door closed in case Caelum finally returned to their room. The female reached into her toiletries pouch and retrieved a small bottle with clear gel inside. It was to combat frizzing. No matter the situation, no matter what condition she was in, Li Miao at least wanted her curly hair to look good.

"Chikor!" Indonesia suddenly whacked the bathroom door to alert his trainer.

Li Miao jumped at the sudden attack, but thankfully her hair product didn't spill anywhere. She opened the door to look down at her Pokémon, but then heard the ringing. Someone was calling her Pokégear. Li Miao scurried out of the bathroom and answered the call. Thankfully, she ran out wearing pajamas, "Hello?"

"Hello? Oh, hello, good. I'm glad you answered your phone. This is Professor Elm."

The sound of the professor's voice suddenly reminded Li Miao that she and Caelum were supposed to call the professors when they first arrived to Cherrygrove. They had obliviously forgotten. Li Miao gasped, "Hi Professor Elm, I'm so sorry Caelum and I forgot to call earlier!"

"It's fine, it's fine," The professor assured, "I actually have an order. It's for Caelum actually, but he is not answering his phone. Did he forget it? Did it break maybe? He should make sure it's not broken, especially since you two are in a city right now. You can find someone to go fix it if it's broken."

Li Miao grew a smile, remembering how this morning Caelum was mentioning the Professor's proneness to rambling. She shook her head as if the professor could see her, "No, I don't think it's broken. He's probably just busy training."

"Oh," Professor Elm replied, "This late? Well, could you please pass this information to him then? It's very—"


Professor Elm took a deep breath. A large amount of information was coming, "There's a man on Route 30 by the name of Mr. Pokémon. He's older man, older than me. Maybe Oak's age? No, older than that. Anyway, he has discovered another egg that he wants me to research as always, but I told him that this time— this time my intern, Caelum, of course, would take it in my place. I want Caelum to have the egg and train it. Li Miao, you and Caelum need to make a stop at Mr. Pokémon's house tomorrow to pick up this egg. His house is on Route 30, close to Violet City. Make sure Caelum hears all of this. It will probably take you all day to get there, so be sure you are prepared too. And don't worry, Mr. Pokémon has room for both of you to stay the night. So just make sure you find Mr. Pokémon's house. He's waiting for you two."

The professor and Li Miao didn't talk much longer, but he did ask about Li Miao's Pokédex progress. Li Miao had to be honest and tell him she hadn't caught any Pokémon yet. After encouraging her to start tomorrow, Professor Elm ended the call. Indonesia was already sleeping on top of Li Miao's purse, using it as a makeshift bed, so Li Miao didn't bother the Leaf Pokémon anymore that night. Li Miao waited for Caelum until 21:00, but then she was too tired to stay up any longer. Today had been a long day and apparently tomorrow was going to be even longer.

Li Miao was confident Caelum would return later. He was a grown boy and she wasn't his mother. Li Miao was also too tired to make an effort and call him. It was fine though, Li Miao was sure Caelum would be there in the morning.

Pokédex Entries: 003/256

Li Miao's Team:

1. Indonesia, Chikorita

Caelum's Team: Unknown

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