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I hate this day. But then, doesn't everyone?

Reaping day. I have successfully been able to avoid being picked for three years now. I'm hoping fifteen will be my new lucky number. The people of District Four file in to the city square silently, heads hanging low, with grim expressions. I get my finger pricked, press it into the paper and shuffle into the fifteens section. I don't talk to my best friend Lily, who is standing next to me, but she gives my hand a squeeze and I offer her a slight smile. Ramsey Kinkle files up onto the stage dress in her usual ridiculous Capital attire. Her hair is blue and piled up in massive braids on top of her head and her dress is covered with sequins and... fish. Plastic fish. I shudder.

Ramsey clears her throat. "Welcome, everybody, to the 65th annual reaping of the Hunger Games! As usual, please tune in to our wonderful presentation brought to you by President Snow himself." She turns to a large screen behind her and the video starts. Same one every year. I used to hate seeing it but I'm used to it by now. When its over Ramsey turns back to the crowd.

"Now, wasn't that just lovely," she mutters. "Alright. We'll start with the female tribute. Ladies first, of course." I eye her carefully as she walks over to the big glass bowl that has my name in it somewhere. She flits her fingers around for a little while and then settles on a card. She clears her throat.

"And now, the female tribute from District Four." She unfolds the card. "Delilah Davis."

I don't move. I don't breathe. My heart stops, I swear it stops.

Delilah Davis.

That's me.

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