Chapter 1

It was summertime. The season everybody loved. Bella Hartley woke up. She beamed just like the sun. Bella stretched, then went downstairs to eat breakfast. Bella's family died years ago in a car crash. Sometimes Bella mourns for them, but sometimes in this life, you have to let go. After Bella ate breakfast she went outside.

Bella met up with Cleo, Rikki, and Emma. They were walking towards the shore. " I'm so glad its summer! School was hard espically in Advanced Chemistry studies", Bella said to break the silence. Everyone looked at Bella. The girls looked gloomy, like a clouded sky. "Whats wrong, girls?" Bella asked. Cleo looked up. " I got a D- on the chemistry lab experiment, so now i have to do Science camp for three weeks", Cleo said with misery. "There is no way out, my dad is forcing me." Bella looked at Cleo with complete Bewilderment. She knew that Mr. Setori wouldn't be that controlimg, but after what Cleo told her thats why she is gloom, but Bella doesn't understand whats the dilemma with Em and Rikki. Rikki spoke. " I got burned, by trying to make fire appear. I can do it, just a got a really bad burn, so weeks of my summer would be taken away by Doctor appointments and medical help". Rikki showed the girls her burn. It looked really bad."Guys i have to go to the hospital, i will see you later", Rikki said. Rikki left, leaving the girls.

The girls were walking along the shore. "Its a beautiful scenery", Bella said with amazement. Cleo and Emma nod their heads in unison, agreeing with Bella. Emma finally talked after her long silence. " Hey guys, do you want to go to mako? Its really hot, but the water looks nice and cold, perfect for today". Cleo and Bella looked at each other. "Ok lets do it", Bella and Cleo say in unison. The girls ran into the ocean and swam all the way to Mako.