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A New Dream Chosen - by: Bashful Masher - Part 1: Mary At The Door, Waking Bash

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

They say when you know you're dreaming, you can control the dream. But this was a nightmare, and it never changed.

He was back in the Blood Wood of human sacrifices. The pagans were hidden, but he sensed them watching. Invisible forces pulled him towards their latest offering, hanging from the tallest tree.

He didn't want to move closer. Didn't want to see her face.

He knew who it was.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Bash woke to the sound of two heartbeats.

No... Just the one heart pounding in his chest, as usual. And someone knocking at his door. He dragged himself over to open it, and stared.

"Am I still asleep?" Bash smiled, reaching out to touch a strand of dark hair. "But you're alive. And visiting my bedchamber at night. Finally, a pleasant dream."

"What are you talking about?" Mary whispered. "Let me in, Bash, before someone sees me."

He playfully blocked her entrance, enjoying her closeness. Suddenly her hands were on his chest, and Bash stumbled back at the gentle pressure. He wondered if she had felt his heart racing.

Mary swept in, quickly closing the door behind her. He noticed her tense posture had not relaxed.

"My guards?"

"Probably hunting for more pagan spies to add to the bonfire."

"Still, you risk your reputation, coming here. Why?"

"Oh, it's nothing!" Mary snapped. "Have you forgotten the future King of France has most generously granted me permission? My fiancé is free to spend his time... his nights... with others. Before and after our marriage. How wonderful that I may do the same!" Her voice became falsely bright. "I can see anyone I like!"

"Ahh, but you're the one who has forgotten." He couldn't resist teasing her. "My esteemed brother expressly forbade you to see me. I am the one exception to his rule."

"Who is Francis to forbid me?" Mary began pacing. "I'm a Queen. He's not even King, yet." She glared at Bash and he raised his hands in mock surrender.

"How dare he judge me... both of us... as if he's the only one betrayed? So superior and self-righteous! None of this would've happened if he had only sent Olivia away."

All at once the anger was gone. Seeing the sad defeat in her eyes, Bash had an impractical impulse to hold Mary in his arms, and punch Francis, at the same time.

"I felt sorry for Olivia at first," Mary shook her head. "Why should women be disgraced and ruined for the same acts men are free to commit?"

"You have a generous heart, welcoming your rival to Court..."

"Don't give me too much credit for kindness. Naïveté, yes." Mary laughed bitterly. "I didn't realize, until she told me outright, that she intended to steal Francis from me."

"Lovers cannot be stolen who do not wish to stray." Bash gave her a slight smirk. "And I don't blame you for wishing to be as free as a man."

Mary laughed again, and it sounded more genuine.

"I suppose you wouldn't. You who are so fortunate to be free of royal responsibilities and cares."

"Yes, being the bastard son of the King has it's advantages. And one disadvantage I've come to regret." Bash murmured. "Is that why you kissed me, Mary?"

He watched her face intently. Needed to know, although the answer might hurt like hell.

"I... had been drinking. I was confused." Mary blushed but didn't look away.

"Was it only hurt feelings over Olivia?" He felt himself being pulled towards her, almost against his will.

"Getting back at Francis?" A few steps closer. Mary's eyes widened, but she didn't move.

"A thirst for freedom? Or do you thirst for me, as I do for... "

Mary was kissing him again.

He was reasonably certain she was completely sober this time. He, however, felt drunk. Dangerously addicted to the taste of her. The feel of her arms winding around his neck, her fingers threading through his hair...finding a particularly sensitive area on the back of his head. Bash groaned and deepened the kiss, desperate to feel all of her. He caught hold of her hips and pulled her against him.

She felt so right in his arms. He never wanted to let go.

He really hoped this wasn't a dream.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

To Be Continued ...

A/N: Short, I know. But I'm working on the next chapter. (Revising, obsessively.) They've got lots more to talk about (and...stuff.) Now don't get too excited. This fic is not rated M... give me a chance to ease into the whole romance writing thing? How was it? (Nervous!)

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