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It was warm. That was my only coherent thought when I woke up in the morning. There was a wonderful heat coming from somewhere else in the bed, and it was making it difficult to fully wake up. I just wanted to stay there, forever.

And then, slowly, my other senses came into play. Wherever that blessed heat was coming from, it was solid underneath my cheek. In fact, the whole right side of my body was pressed against it. I hurriedly went over what I could remember of the previous night. I hadn't drunk that much although I had stripped. But I could still remember everything.

My cheeks felt hot as I remembered what happened after the party. Emmett had sex in my room. I slept with Edward. Well, not slept with him. We were still clothed, but I shared a bed with him.

And now I was curled around him, leg over his, and head on his shoulder.

He would hate this.

I cracked an eye open to find his face just inches from mine. His eyes were closed, lashes brushing his high cheek bones. His lips were pursed in a quiet pout. I bit back a giggle. I wasn't quite sure what was so funny. Maybe it was the baby-ish pout.

I stared at his lips for a moment too long, imagining in a flash of indulgence what it would feel like if his lips brushed mine, and got caught. Edward's green eyes had cracked open with a look of shock. "Swan?" he croaked.

I jumped, instantly putting space between us. I missed the heat and closeness but shook it off. "Sorry. I was just waking up."

"No, it's fine." He rubbed his eyes with his palms.

An awkward silence descended. The walls had been down, at least a little, last night and I had no idea where they were now.

Finally the tense atmosphere got to me. "I guess I better go." I fled out the door leaving him staring wide-eyed behind me.

I sighed and leaned back against the wall. What in the hell was wrong with me? My heart hadn't pounded so hard when he'd seen my breasts, and that was easily more embarrassing. We were two grown adults. We could sleep in the same bed and not act like children. It was possible.

I hit the back of my head against the wall once before pushing away from it. I didn't want to think about how nice it was to curl up next to him, the warmth, the curve of his arm around my waist.

I shook my head and moved toward the kitchen. I needed to eat something and begin to think clearly.

Unfortunately there was a crowd in the kitchen. Peter and Charlotte hovered around the stove were the smoky scent of bacon was coming from, Alice stood unobtrusively in the corner looking a little worse for wear, and Rose was by the kitchen island with the remaining bottles of liquor.

"Mimosa, my dear?" she asked in her best fancy voice.

"Yes please." I really needed to talk to her alone, but a little alcohol was the second best option. I just had to shut my mind down until I had time to focus on what I may or may not be feeling for Edward.

"You alright?" Rosalie's sharp blue eyes were studying me as she slid the orange drink across the island.

"I'll be fine," I muttered.

"Did you sleep with someone last night?"

"No," I hissed, hating how loud her voice sounded. "It's nothing. Just drop it."

"Oh no. I know that look. That's your I'm-conflicted-about-a-guy look. Now who is it?"

I stubbornly set my jaw and refused to look at her. She knew all my buttons and just how to wear me down. If I could just not look at her, I could make it.

"It's Edward, isn't it?"

I choked on mimosa. "Rose!"

"Give it up. I saw you coming out of his room."

"We didn't do anything."

"Bella, I told you, you can't live with three single guys. It was bound to happen at some point." Rosalie's grin was positively evil. "So, how was it?"

"Rose, I told you, we didn't do anything. I couldn't stay in my room so we shared a bed. That's all." Of course I didn't tell her that we had woken up curled around each other. She didn't need ammunition.

"Why couldn't you stay in your room?"

I bit my lip. I didn't know yet how Rose felt about Emmett, and I still wanted to set them up. Telling her that he had slept with another blond woman might damage his chances. Rosalie did not forgive easily.

Saving me the trouble Emmett wandered in with said blond woman, arm around her waist with her hair in complete disarray. Rosalie's eyebrows shot up to hairline and her lips formed a thin, hard line.

"Morning everyone!" Emmett said at the top of his lungs. Edward, who came in after him, slapped him on the back of his head.

"You should apologize to Bella, jackass," he muttered.

"Sorry, Bella." He flashed me his dimples and made it impossible to stay mad at him. "I'm gonna go walk Sherie to the door. Save me some pancakes."

As soon as they walked out the door, Charlotte rounded on Edward. "He slept with Sherie?"

Edward nodded, apparently unnerved by Charlotte's crazed eyes. Something sank in my stomach. This was not going to be pretty. "Yep. In Bella's room no less."

Charlotte was quiet, too quiet, until Emmett sauntered back in, goofy grin on his face, and no idea the storm he had just walked into.

"Emmett Cullen, you are no longer invited to our wedding," she calmly ordered before turning back to the stove.

"The hell? What did I do?"

"You sleep with anything that so much as breathes. That's what you do."

Emmett snorted. "Please, you knew that when you invited me. I'm coming."

"You are not!" Peter tried to calm her down like a good fiance but she was in full bridezilla mode now. There was no stopping her. "Now I'm afraid that you'll sleep with my cousin Amy."

"Amy is twelve."

"Oh shut up, Peter." Charlotte growled. "You know what I mean."

"You really think that little of me, huh?" Emmett squared his shoulders and stared her down. At the moment my money was on the smaller Charlotte. "Don't you have a twenty-year-old niece? Yeah, the one I met last Fourth of July. We talked and she gave me her number. I never called because you told me not to. Well guess what? I've still got her number. Maybe I'll call her and see if she has a date yet."

"Emmett Cullen! If you ruin my wedding I will screw you over so hard…"

"Oh please, Charlotte, screw me."

Charlotte gave an inarticulate scream and advanced on Emmett. Peter reached out to grab her while Edward moved to keep his brother from doing something stupid. I, being the idiot I am, jumped between the two them.

"Okay, hold on." I held my hands up to keep blood shed from occurring in our kitchen. "How about this. Emmett goes to the wedding, but I go as his date to keep anything from happening. What do you say, Charlotte?"

It took a couple of seconds, but eventually she nodded. "Okay, I trust you, Bella. But if he makes one move on a girl, then I'll have him thrown out."

"Trust me he won't do anything, will you Emmett?" I asked.

"Going to a wedding with a hot woman? Yeah, I can agree with that." Emmett winked, and I tried to pretend that I didn't see a flash of hurt across Edward's face .

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