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"Beautiful. Powerful. Dangerous. Cold. Ice is a magic that can't be controlled.."



It could be said that the kingdom of Arendelle was known for many a thing fair and foul. She was blessed with beautiful summers and cursed with harsh winters. Blessed with a fair ruler, yet, troubled by superstitious subjects, easily roused to anger and action. It was even said that magick ran in the royal bloodline, foul sorcery some might say. Those rumors cut close to the truth, closer than the king himself would have liked. But until recently, he'd paid no mind to such whisperings, ignored warnings no mind. Yes, his eldest daughter, Elsa, was blessed-cursed?-with winter magick in her blood, but it had always been so minor that he'd thought it a trifling matter, nothing to be concerned about.

Until now.

Now, his beloved kingdom had become known for its isolation. One year before, the palace herself had been open to all; any could come see the king. But no longer. Unbenkownsts as to the how, or why the palace had been locked, the doors closed for the last year.

It is here that our story begins...


Elsa opened her eyes to the sound of her name being called, spoken as though from a great distance. The same room she had known for the last year of her entire life danced across her vision, a starrk landscape of frozen flurries that made her sigh heavily as she started to wake from her slumber. It was cold, as per the usual, and snowflakes floated across her room. "Not again.." She half-whispered to herself, as she sat up to explore the damage she had caused her poor room.

Slowly, her icy gaze traced the four conrers, surrounded by lavender wallpaper that decorated her bedroom walls. Over time the decorative paper had wrinkled from the ice she unintentionally conjured. It didn't take much effort. The barest brush of her hand hand across the wall was enough for the wallpaper to instantly freeze in a layer of ice. And that was without trying. Were she actually to apply some effort to her magic, she could easily obliterate the walls, door, windows, even the floor itself beneath a thick sheet of ice.

This room had been her everything ever since the calamiry of last winter, ever since her little sister Anna was gravely injured by her magic. She was alive and well now, but what did it matter? Elsa daren't come near her sibling, it not for fear of harming her, then for sheer guilt of what she'd done. She would never allow herself to forget. Anna, might not remember that day, but Elsa would. Always. Choking back a guilty tear, she allowed her eyes to roam her room once more.

As always, everything was covered-or perhaps smothered?-within ice and snow. Still, she'd almost hoped it wouldn't be this time. Elsa found those thoughts dashed as took stock of the frozen tundra lining the walls, stretching its cold fingers across the floors and ceiling, quietly mocking her for daring to dream otherwise. The eldest daughter of the Arendelle family sighed and closed her eyes once more, quietly hoping she could fall back into a deep sleep as she had been before the abrupt awakening of her she'd do more than drift off this time, maybe...

It was not to be.

The door swung open with a sharp creak, golden daggers of candlelight stabbing at her lashes, forcing them to recoil and open at the sudden luminance. Groggily, Elsa sat up, to reveal not her sister as she'd suspected, but someone else all together.


What was he doing here, in the middle of the night?

"Elsa, my darling," For the first time in three hundred and sixty-five days, her father's face was utterly devoid of the worry he'd been fraught with. "I'm sorry to wake you, but I'm afraid this can't wait. There's someone I'd like you to meet." Those eyes were bright with hope, and the ghost a smile seemed to dance at the corners of his mouth; that strong chin so stern and firm, his grim countenance now bright, if not genuinely joyous. How long had it been, since she'd last seen him smile like that? Not since Anna nearly died. That alone roused her from her own self-loathing. But it was what he said next that caused young Elsa to nigh but bolt upright in bed.

"You can come out now, lad. She won't hurt you." At first she didn't understand her papa's words at all, they simply made no sense. Meet someone? She saw no one. It was then as she pushed herself up off of the bed, scrubbing the sleep forth from her eyes with the back of a hand, settin her bare feet upon the frosty floor-the cold never bothered her much anyway-that she realized what her father spoke of. Not just what, but whom, her parent was speakin of perse.


A matted tangle of blond tresses could be seen in the candlelight, a slim body poking out from behind the king's back. They darted behind him the moment she tried to get a good look at him-she caught a flash of those bright, blue eyes in the dim lighting, but nothing more.

Elsa's father loosed a small, lighthearted chuckle.

"There's no need to be shy." He ushered him forward. "Come now, say hello."

Reluctantly, the newcomer did as he was bid.


Elsa of Arendelle found herself gazing upon a boy a few years older than she, perhaps twelve...or thirteen years of age? Although he was dressed in the garb seen by most peasant children, one glance immediately told her that he did not hail from this land; those blue eyes, blond hair and whiskered cheeks immediately betrayed him as a foreigner. Their gazes met and he offered her a tentative smile-the expression so frail it might be made of glass. She gazed at him for a long moment, green eyes regarding him inquistively.

"H-Hello to you, too." she managed with the slightest stutter, her gaze swinging back to the king's almost immediately. "I don't understand. Who is this and why is he-

"That's just it dear," her father would not be deterred. "We found this lad on our shores last week and until now, we were nursing him back to health-

Elsa failed to see how any of this related to her. Her confusion must've shown, because her father ceased what he was saying and turned to the blond boy.

"Perhaps a demonstration would be best."

"Go on, son." the king urged, prodding him forward. "Show her. Show her what you can do."

...okay." his voice was slightly muffled by the distance between them, but it soon shrank as he reluctantly stepped over the threshold and into her room. Was it just her, or were those sapphire irises scarlet on a sudden or was even that her own imagination? Elsa also shrank back for fear of accidentally harming him, but then she felt it. Warmth. It rushed across her in an unseen wave-bringing with it the sensation of heat and energies unseen by the naked eye.

But Elsa saw.

The ice in her room instantly recoiled at his prescence, as though his very being here was an unspoken offense to her element. And then, to her incredulity, the ice in her room...it began to melt. Her gaze flicked to that of her father's, but he was still smiling, as though he'd expected this all along. And still, the warmth rushed around her, past her, through her, manifesting now as tongues of fire on the edges of the boy's boots, flaming footprings that seemed to spread, targeting everything in the room with a ruthless precision. Not just the ice. Everything.

Something about that made Elsa nervous, and in that anxiety, she felt her ice began to resist this unseen assault. It coiled like a thing alive; spreading across the room, stronger, thicker, lashing outward, surging out of control, beyond any control-

Without pause or warning the boy was suddenly there, crossing the room in a clamor, his hands closing around hers in a firm girp, crushing their fingers altogether. Elsa wanted to balk, wanted to warn him that she couldn't control it, that he'd be hurt, but then she felt the warmth again, shooting down his arm and into hers, entering her body. Her power, so unstable, was suddenly suppressed, forced back down by this unseen surge. Bereft of her guidance the magicked ice began to melt again but far faster this time. Within a blink of the eye-the span of two beats-the frost lining the walls and celing dissolved to water, then evaporating to harmless steam before her very gaze. But now she could feel the cold of her element surging through her hand and into his-

The boy jerked back as if he'd been burned, clutching at his palm like it was a serpent in his grasp. Elsa would later realize that his eyes had faded back to their true blue the instant her ice had entered his veins. It was a surreal experience to have someone simply melt her ice, to take her raging magic and bring it under control so swiftly.

"I...what did you do?" Not exactly a response befitting a princcess, but it was all Elsa could manage.

At that, the boy's shyness briefly evaporated.

"This." he replied pointedly, holding up the same hand she'd been clutching a moment before. Once more Elsa felt the Warmth, but this time it was harnessed somewhat. Focused, if only barely.

"He was a gift of magic, like yourself." her father continued in the wake of his reply, "Not ice, but-

"Fire." Elsa finished in a hushed whisper, awed as the embers burst into life in his palm.

She watched the embers dance in the boy's hands for a long moment, mesmerized, by those tongues of flames leaping across his fingertips. Oddly enough, she found herself slightly dissapointed when he managed to douse them with a supreme effort. It was clear that, like her, he had little to no control over this power of his. In that way they were almost...alike. Elsa froze, her back stiffening, as the realization doused her. He was like her. Cursed with a power he couldn't entirely control, but a power that offset her own, just as her did his. Fire and Ice. She'd felt it when he'd taken hold of her hand. They'd both felt it. And that frightened her, as much as it did excite her.

'Someone like me...

"I-I don't understand." Elsa shook her head, struggling to quell the rising elation in her heart. "Father, why is he here?" A shaft of moonlight slashed down through the window and across her face in that instant, casting her in an eerie, almost otherwordly glow. Perhaps that was what gave her father pause. At any length, he finally spoke.

"Well, if he's willing, I'd like him be your," the king's face took on a thoughtful expression, "Companion, of sorts, until you can learn to control your powers. Perhaps even a friend, given time." Elsa's heart gave a small lurch at that. This boy? Her friend? She had never given thought to having a friend. Much less a companion. Conceal. Someone she couldn't hurt with her ice. Don't feel. Someone who could reign her in if she ever lost control of herself. Don't let them know. Someone who knew the truth of what she was, besides her parents. Someone to trust. Her heart leapt again at the thought.

Someone like her.

"He's no older than I am." she protested, but the words were weak, without rancour. "Aren't we forcing him to-

"Hey, nobody's forcing me to do anything."

Both Elsa and her father turned to regard the boy; one in disbelief, the other in quiet bemusement. His apparent muteness had vanished, his quiet blue eyes regarding them quizzically.

"Your father saved my life." he said. "I'd like to return the favor. If this helps me to control my gift as well, then that's just a bonus."

"Then its settled." her father didn't give her time to protest, he was already shutting the door, pausing only to add. "I'll have a guard posted outside, should you need anything." He paused once more, his visage giving a true hint to the worry he must've felt at leaving his eldest daughter with an untested strangers. "I leave her in your hands, then." The door closed then, forestalling any other attempt at arguement on her part. Elsa had the notion to call out and bring him back, but the words stuck in her throat. Instead she stood there, listening as her father's footsteps fell further and further away.

Leaving her alone with this strange boy.

"Good night." Was all he said to her, picking a corner to curl up in.

"You mean you're actually going to sleep down there?" she balked as the whiskered blond simply sat down and curled up there, content to actually sleep without so much as a pillow, let alone a bed.

"I'm used to sleeping on the floor anyhow." the boy pointed out quietly. "Nothing I can't handle. The cold never bothers me much, anyway." Well, he was positively chatty now, wasn't he?! Everythin was moving far too swiftly for her young mind to handle; it was only natural that the fear still weigh so heavily on her mind.

"Don't you understand?" She pressed, that very same fear setting in again, "You can't possibly do this! I...I...can't-

The boy's hand snapped up and the ice died down around her hands, wilting as quickly as it'd threatened to come. Elsa flashed him a grateful glance, her anxiety dying down once more as the blond laid himself back to the floor, his

"What's your name?"

That earned her a soft sigh and the slightest smile.

"My name?"

"You do have one, don't you?"

The boy's smile collapsed into a frown and for a terrifying instant, Elsa feared he wouldn't say anything at all. That'd be a terrible start to their friendship, wouldn't it? Here she was trying to be nice, trying to resist their mutual distrust of the elements they wielded, and he wasn't even making the slightest effort anymore! Here she was; angry, and confused and afraid and he wasn't saying anything at all...

"I'm Elsa." she tried again, extending her hand-and the olive branch, as it were-leaving it there for him to accept. "Sorry for shouting at you earlier." The boy creaked open an eye, regarding her hand as though it might somehow rear back and try to bite him. At last, the vaguest beginning's of a smile began to form on his face. When he finally reached out, and took her hand, Elsa was almost alarmed to find that same surge of warmth shooting up her arm and into her veins before he released her with his name.

When he spoke this time, he sounded terribly old, as though he'd lived a thousand lifetimes in his thirteen years.


That name, this person, would forever change Elsa's life in ways she couldn't even begin to imagine...

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"So all these folks came just for your coronation, eh?"

Elsa froze, her pale cheeks flushing as a familiar voice whispered into her ear, accompanied by that all-too familiar rush of warmth when his hand brushed her cheek. God, when had he snuck up on her?! She turned to find him standing there, looking resplendent in his suit, a far cry from the boy she'd met on that cold lonely night, he'd grown into his own, a fine young man of seventeen years, grinning from ear to ear as he stood in full splendor befor her. And damn if he didn't look good in that suit...

Her arms were flung round his neck almost before she knew what was happening, pulling him into a tight embrace.


"Watch those wandering eyes, M'lady." his grin grew another inch as they pulled away. "Might give your bodyguard the wrong idea, ya know?

Elsa flushed.

He'd stood by her all these years, through the death of her parents, and more; it had been just as her father said; he'd been able to help her keep a lid on her power. He had been her bodyguard, companion, she even considered him to be more than that, more than a friend. But still, the question remained...

...would he ever feel as she felt for him?

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