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It's one of the few spells I had Harry create during the time I never covered in the story, but will be revealed later on in chapters to come. Plus I kind of placed people at taking it at face value and not questioning him about it by changing the topic on them and having Harry explain other things in detail to catch their attention onto something else other than his past. His twisting of the whole Black family tree thing was a spur of the moment thing to explain himself, and with his almost dragon like mind he wove a perfect tale swiftly as he thought about several things at once.

It is kind of like he has several thoughts, all at once and is able to keep himself from being discovered. Remember in old dragon stories dragons were highly intelligent creatures and not what the Harry Potter series makes them out to be. Who knows what Harry's dragon side really is and the fun of it all is that with magic, anything can happen. I hope this clears up the confusion in that aspect.

chochowilliams: Ah good question, they got past the wards because they had been there simply to retrieve and did not intend to harm anyone. Harry had built the wards to protect against violent acts of aggression and anyone who planned on causing harm. Since they did not intend to harm anyone, they incapacitated them in a way that was neither harmful, nor deadly. Because of this the wards did not see them as a threat and they were allowed in without being evicted from the premises.

Also since neither of them apparated there and simple stormed in via the front door, the wards did not stop them from entering, in such a way.

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Chapter Twelve- Paws, Teeth, and Fire

Harry woke slowly to the rise and fall of someone breathing, the warmth against him comforting and safe. Harry snuggled closer to the warmth of the one close to him, his mind vaguely telling him this was the Dark Lord he was cuddling with. Yet a part of him also didn't care that he was snuggling up against the Dark Lord. He felt the chest his head was resting on, rumble softly in a low soft chuckle. A hand lazily stroked up and down his scales on his spine, which caused him to shiver heavily and nuzzled into his chest.

"Little dragon it's time to wake up," Harry could hear the smirk that was possibly on the man's lips and Harry sighed.

He'd never felt this safe laying close to another person's arms. Vernon had always made him feel dirty, but Tom made him feel warm and safe. Almost as though he belonged there, and Harry wasn't going to let that bother him at all. He liked the thought of belonging with the man he was currently laying with. A soft dragon like purr built up inside of his and reverberated into a soft that filled the air, causing Voldemort to pause in his light stroking along his back, before picking up once again.

"I sound almost like a kitten when you do that," Voldemort laughed softly.

Harry groaned sleepily, "m'not a kitten."

Voldemort laughed out loud and stroked his fingers through Harry's Harry, "Could have fooled me, purring like you're the most content house cat in the world."

Harry poked Tom's side, but the reaction he got was not something he expected since Tom jumped after he'd done so, "What was that?"

Big green eyes looked up into wide crimson eyes, obviously not having expected that kind of reaction to come from his, own body either, "Nothing."

"Liar," Harry smirked a wide devious smirk, before Harry's fingers started to tickle Tom's sides causing the man to bite back a laugh.

"Stop I'm warning you Harry," Voldemort's face was split with a wide grin his eyes holding a mirth not many ever saw and Harry wondered if he was the first to see it.

"No, I think I like you this way," Harry laughed.

In one swift the man had gathered his wrists in each hand and flipped them over, pinning Harry's hands next to his head and Harry froze. He looked up into mirth filled crimson eyes as the man took in shallow breaths from Harry's tickling onslaught. A shiver raced down Harry's spine, and he found it unpleasant. Harry closed his eyes and willed away the images that tried to come to the forefront of his mind. He didn't notice the lack of hands on his wrists, and the fact a gentle hand was stroking the side of his face as soothing words slipped past Tom's lips.

"Hush my little dragon, you're okay I'm not going to harm you."

Harry opened his eyes and realized they stung slightly and he blinked a few times only to realize he'd started crying, "I'm s-sorry…"

"It is not your fault my little dragon," Voldemort rolled off of him and to the side to pull him against his chest, "I do not blame you for this at all. I blame those damn filthy muggles that broke you."

Harry buried his face into Voldemort's chest his eyes clenched shut as he layed within his arms. His body was trembling lightly as he sought out the safety and comfort of those arms wrapped almost possessively around him. He knew that Tom was only playing around and his retaliation hadn't been a sexual one. He knew he was safe, yet the position he'd found himself in had triggered something in him to react in such a way. Harry took a few deep breaths and tried to reassemble himself to a calmer note.

"Come little dragon, it's time we head over to the Malfoys' house. Narcissa is probably beside herself with worry for you," he said softly as he placed a kiss on top of his head.

Harry nodded, once his shivers had died down, "Okay."

"Good, now let's get ready," Voldemort said squeezing him once before letting go and rolling off the bed.

Harry followed only to realize that Voldemort had undressed him and had left him in his boxers all night. He blushed heavily as he kept himself covered with the blanket. Harry looked over to Tom when he started to laugh lightly at the blush on Harry's face. He walked over and placed something on the bed before him. Harry looked at it a bit puzzled before his eyes went wide and he reached out to it. It was a robe that was red and had green leaf patterns that ran along the edge like garland and white fur lined the inside of the robe.

"It's beautiful," Harry mumbled softly.

"I'm glad you like it, I want you to wear it today. Narcissa had planned to inviting a lot of people today and I want my little dragon looking his best today at the Christmas party," he smiled widely at Harry and ran his fingers through his bangs to see shimmering green as they started at him widely.

Harry smiled at him and nodded slightly, "Okay."

Harry climbed out of the big, soft, and warm bed and slipped on the black slacks, which were lined in silk, before he reached for the white button down shirt that would be under the robes he would be wearing. He practically purred when he got the robes on, loving the warmth of them. It seemed with Harry's dragon side he loved warmth and never seemed to get over heated at all. Voldemort chuckled softly at the purr that emitted from Harry's lips, before he grabbed his wrist and yank him towards him.

"You look wonderful in that," he said softly.

Harry blushed and buried his face into Tom's chest, "Really?"

"Yes, really Harry," he ran his fingers through Harry's hair and kissed to top of him head, "come let's get going."

Harry mumbled his glamour password and held onto the Dark Lord as the man apparated them from the house to Malfoy Manor. As soon as they made it there they were greeted by the sight of a packed house full of people. Music was playing from somewhere within the manor, and the sound of voices carried over the house, in light murmurs of conversation. The plan for that day was that Evan would be out of town with a few friends while Orion would be at the party that Narcissa had planned for.

Voldemort steadied Harry, still not used to apparating or traveling by floo and he wondered if he would ever be used to it. He glanced up to see that the Dark Lord had glamoured his hair color and eyes. His hair was no longer black, but a chestnut brown and his crimson colored eyes where an ocean blue color. Harry and Voldemort left the foyer area and made their way to where the guests were all standing and chatting away about whatever they thought was important to talk about.

Harry recognized a few of the guests Cornelius Fudge, the Greengrass's, Bartemius Crouch Sr., Amelia Bones, and Bathsheba Babbling. There might have been more, but Harry couldn't have it in him to care much. There were also a lot of other people he didn't know, and a lot of them seemed to be ministry workers he had yet to meet, Aurors he didn't know, and foreign country men that he'd never met, but would probably meet today.

Voldemort placed a hand on the small of his back causally moving him forward. Harry was nervous and his dragon side wasn't enjoying the huge get together. Dragons rarely cluttered together, mostly because they feared being too much of a large target when they were together in a large mass. They only gathered for mating season to raise their young, since having more than one or two dragons about was safer to raise young in than when they were alone. On rare occasions they would gather when a threat threatened to wipe out their existence.

Wizards and humans alike misunderstood dragons greatly, and they were quite intelligent creatures and powerful. The current generation of dragons had been too integrated into their beast like behavior that they have forgotten what they could be. Harry understood more about dragons now then he'd ever had the chance too. Tom had given him a few books on dragons when Harry came to accepting his role in the war after the Dark Lord had risen into his true form.

Harry glanced up at the Dark Lord beside him as the man chatted with a ministry member by the name of Dolores Umbridge. Harry had only met the women a few times and her ghastly outfit made, Harry want to curl his nose in disgust. The woman obviously liked the color pink to a horrendous degree and she didn't hide that fact at all. She definitely stood out amongst the crowed, and Harry stayed close to Tom because he knew the man didn't like her. Just by his expression alone, though it looked polite, Harry could see traces of the man's wearing patience with the women.

Harry knew that his life from the time he chose to help the Dark Lord would change. Whether that was good or not remained to be seen and Harry hoped that he would never have to fight the man again. The only problem was a prophecy that had been made about them, one that Harry had never heard the words for and the Dark Lord had heard only part of it. He hadn't asked the man about it and quite frankly didn't want too.

For once he was making his own choices and no one had a hand in his own destiny, but himself, with or without the prophecy. To Harry all that prophecy was, was a way to control his own fate and he wanted nothing to do with it. Harry jumped slightly as he was startled from his own musings when Cornelius walked up from behind him. They had stayed in the area for a while so people would see that Orion had showed up to talked briefly with each acquaintance and those he had yet to meet. So the minister was bound to notice sooner or later.

"Orion it is nice to see you, I thought at first you wouldn't be here but I guess I was pleasantly proven wrong," The man said with a wide smile.

"Hello, Mr. Fudge I am sorry I wasn't here earlier, but I was otherwise in disposed," He said giving a sheepish smile.

"Ah, I heard from Narcissa Malfoy that you had been feeling unwell the other day. I am glad it was nothing serious and that you have gotten over the slight ailment."

"Yes, I was feeling rather exhausted. They day had been long and tiresome."

"I heard you stayed at the Weasley's house for quite a while, Shacklebolt told me you were having a nice chat with the young ones there."

"Yes, Mrs. Weasley was kind enough to invite me, and I was a bit late getting there because of all, the ward making I had been doing that day."

"Ah, speaking of which, will you have the new documentation in before the end of the holidays?"

"Of course, I don't like neglecting work for too long. It should be in in the morning," Harry said, barely noticing that both Tom and Umbridge had stopped talking to listen in on their conversation.

"Good, it warms me to know your wards are out there protecting families," He smiled at Harry, little did he know that Harry was a Dark wizard under the Dark Lord's orders and his wards could turn into a weapon just as fast as they are used for defending.

"Mr. Fudge," Dolores said in a very annoying voice that grated on Harry's nerves, "I was wondering maybe you could create a department in the ministry directly in correlation with the ward makers. It would definitely make Mr. Black's Job easier and would help to keep the department organized in the filing of the ward systems for the homes and businesses that ward makers, such as Mr. Black, can keep in order."

"What an exhalent idea Dolores," He turned to Harry, "If I were to create this Ward maker department would you be in interest in running it?"

Surprised flitted across his features, "If you insist minister then I would be delighted in doing so."

"Fantastic, I will owl you when the preparations for the department have been finalized and when I will expect to see you there by."

"I look forward to it sir," He said shaking the man's hand.

Cornelius and Dolores stepped away from him and Voldemort, to speak with a few others. Harry was ecstatic, and couldn't wait for these proceedings to take place. Voldemort expressed his pleasure with a light squeeze to his shoulder when he moved away towards a door to the back of the room. Harry knew he was supposed to follow and found himself and the Dark Lord being greeted by a cloaked figure who, bowed to Voldemort and nodded to Harry.

Judging by the magical signature it was someone Harry didn't know amongst the death eaters yet. They walked to another door that lead outside to a patio that was completely decorated and gathered there was Voldemort's followers. They were all dressed in appropriate attire with their cloak hoods down and masks off. Harry could see all of their faces just like the night they all came back from the raid on Azkaban.

When they saw their lord they all stopped and bowed in his direction, as the Dark Lord made his way to the table that seated his inner circle. As he sat down he motioned for Harry to take the seat next to him and he did so without a word. Once they were both seated everyone else sat down as well and continued on in their conversations.

"My lord, a few of us were curious, just as to how Orion here came to be in your care?" Lestrange Sr. asked from where he sat.

"He isn't in my care, but in the Malfoy's care, as for how he came to be among us… I thought I had told you I had Nagini find him and bring him to me. He is the reason I am back," Voldemort's eyes narrowed, not liking having to repeat himself.

"Yes, my lord I mean about how you came to know Orion's Light counterpart," He was referring to Harry himself and not his Alias, because of the other death eaters there that did not know of Harry.

"I have my ways Mr. Lestrange and if your question also entails to why I did not do what you expected me to do is my own business and Mr. Black's as well. If he wishes to tell you then I will not stop him, but it is our secret and I do not wish to divulge it. Mr. Malfoy and Mrs. Malfoy know of it as does their son, but they agreed not to speak of it until Orion speaks of it first."

Most of the inner circle looked puzzled and didn't understand why the Dark Lord gave special treatment to Harry and no one else. Harry nearly jumped out of his seat, not having noticed that Bellatrix had gotten up only to wrap her arms around Harry almost tenderly. Harry looked up at her with wide steel grey eyes and she laughed slightly.

"Itty bitty Orion did I scare you?" She smiled widely and Harry had to control the urge not to get up and move away from her.

"No… you just surprised me is all," It was easy for him to lose track of other people's auras when sitting so close to a Dark Lord that literally screamed powerful in every drop of magic that seemed to pour from the man's form.

She pouted and stroked the side of his face, and he sat there as still as a statue, "You have spoken to Sissy about whatever it is, but not to Aunty Bella."

"Sorry I wasn't thinking about telling you when you seemed keen on killing me the other day," he said softly to keep his words hushed that only the inner circle and the Dark Lord heard it.

Bella laughed and so did a few others around their table, "You had to prove your worth, prove your Black heritage wasn't a waste," she purred in his ear.

"Did I pass your test then?" Harry asked slowly relaxing, since it seemed she wasn't bent on killing him at the moment.

"Hmm…" she hummed and a thoughtful look came to her features, "You ARE strong, and worthy enough to be by our lord's side," she pouted, "Little Orion almost killed poor Bella."

Harry ducked his head, "I'm sorry."

Bella's smirked widened and laughed, "Itty bitty Orion, has passed the test," she whispered into his ear, "Dear cousin made a good choice in you little potter."

Harry kept himself from jerking away from Bella when she whispered in his ear, "Glad to hear."

"Welcome to the family cousin," She announced more loudly.

Bellatrix may be crazy, but something told Harry she wasn't as crazy as people said she was. There had to be some kind of method to her madness. One day she was up to killing him, and then the next she was clinging to him and acting like a family member would, or at least as close to acting like a family member as Bellatrix could get. She seemed to also have personal space issues, which Harry knew he would have to get used to if Bella was to be sticking around him more often.

There was one thing he knew about purebloods though, when it came to family they were a tight nit group. Bellatrix was loyal to her family and just a fiercely loyal to the Dark Lord, if not more so. Harry shivered lightly when he felt her hand run across his thigh and he shifted his thigh away to get out of her reach. Then again maybe he was wrong about the women's sanity… it wouldn't be the first time he was wrong about something.

Bellatrix laughed and pulled away before walking over to sit down on the other side of Lucius who was sitting next to Harry silently. Lucius looked to Harry with a raised brow and Harry only shook his head and looked away. A light tinting to his cheeks could be seen, mostly because he was embarrassed that Bellatrix had done that. If there was one thing he hadn't expected it was her trying to do something intimate like that to him.

He glanced up and over at the Dark Lord who was sipping at a red wine, his glamours down since no one was allowed in this area other than the death eaters themselves. Crimson eyes were watching him in silent question, but also narrowed as if he knew what had taken place. He wouldn't put it past the man to know what had happened. His blush intensified and he looked down at his plate, only minorly distracted by the fact that Tom's eyes seemed different to him somehow.

He quickly popped a piece of ham into his mouth to distract himself from the Dark Lord's stare and listened to the conversations going on around them. Harry kept having vibes thrown at him and Harry took the challenges of the verbal sparring that Avery often sent his way, as well as Lestrange Sr., Dolohov, Mulciber, and Rosier. He had a feeling he would always have issues with them, even if Avery respected him a bit more since the attack on Azkaban.

Avery would be the least likely to want to stab Harry in the back, but would do it in a moments, notice if he believed Harry was more of a liability rather than a help to their lord. As for Rookwood, he wasn't so sure about for he seemed to just silently observe everything and take it all in stride. Though, he would speak up every now and again and Harry found a strange camaraderie in the man. The man acted as though that they had known each other for years and Harry felt happy to know that he'd made one friend in the group of death eaters, other than Nott who, was Theodore's father, seemed to be unable to be nasty to Harry because of his friendship with Theo.

Looking at the man, made Harry worry about the day he would have to tell his friends who he really was. How would they take it? Would they welcome him and accept him for who he was rather than what society had made him to be? Either way he would rather have at least some friends amongst the group of death eaters. Too many people looked at him with hate in their eyes, or a softer indifference. He had family yes, but friends where a thing he had yet to truly gain… Blaise, Theo, Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, plus anyone else, within Slytherin house, he'd gotten close too, could all slip away like a, elusive dream.

Harry wasn't Naïve to note that he could lose everyone he'd called friend within a short span of time. He just hoped that knowing who he is now rather than who he used to be would be enough to keep everything he'd built for himself without the influence of the light. For now he would deal with the people at this point in time that hated him, in a new way. Harry consciously made the decision to leave the old Harry behind, and become something new.

{A Shadowed Life}

The rest of the Holiday weekend went well, other than Bella causing a few disturbances. She'd gotten to the point that she often dragged him off to duel with him, since she couldn't get their lord to duel with her because of his constant meetings he'd started having with his followers. Not to mention his paper work that he was trying to keep up with. Harry had to admit, that he was glad he was on Bellatrix's side rather than on the opposite one. Bellatrix, he found out, was a vindictive women and what happened in the hall that one day she got him back for.

Harry had figured she would try and she did with her own little quirks to it all. Other than that the train ride back to Hogwarts was interesting as well. That is if you can call Ronald trying to beat the living daylights out of Draco interesting. Harry hadn't been around for that little incident and he wished he had, because after he found out Harry was more than ticked off.

"I wish I'd been there Drake," Harry hissed his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"For some reason I wish you'd been there too, but… I suspect Dumbledore finding out that you ripped the weasel limb from bloody limb wouldn't go over to well," Draco said holding a cold wet cloth to the side of his face, where his skin had split from one of Ron's punches.

Harry snorted, "Like I care?"

"Do you?"

"No… that me is gone," He looked at Draco square in the eyes, "It's no more mister nice guy."

Draco held up his free hand, "Okay, okay I get it."

Harry sat down next to Draco, "You know by now Drake when I make up my mind I stick to it."

"Yeah, yeah… don't remind me," He sighed, "By the way Granger throws a mean right hook… Weasel got a taste of it today… didn't expect her to jump in on my account."

"A lot of things could happen, Drake, if you'd learn to shove your views up your arse before letting it fall from your lips," Draco gave an indignant sound.

"What?" He squeaked.

"Oh come on you can't tell me your prejudice views aren't the ones keeping people other than purebloods from being your friends," He shot at him, "besides I told you Hermione isn't a complete muggle born, she was born from a squib… who society looks down upon… that was from a pureblood family. The only question is which one…"

Draco grumbled to himself, "Fine I'll try it your way then… I'll be a bit more OPEN minded."

"Good… you could learn a lot from it," Harry chuckled and Draco playfully slugged his arm.

The train stopped a few hours later, their conversation having been cut off when the rest of their Slytherin friends showed up. Effectively trailing the conversation into questions about each, others holiday back home. Harry himself had been spoiled on Christmas day, since Lucius and Narcissa decided to make it his best Christmas ever. Even Bella had gotten him something… even if it was a pair of black leather pants and burgundy tight leather tank top, topped off with a pair of knee high combat boots to match.

At first Harry had been embarrassed, but when Draco and Bella persisted that he go, and put them on he found he quite liked the outfit. Draco's present had been a Chinese dragon pendent that could be attached to his collar. During school he had it glamoured to be invisible to people's eyes that weren't keyed into his collar. Lucius and Narcissa had practically bought him a whole new wardrobe, plus some odds and ends from the muggle realm that he thought he would never see the purebloods touch let alone buy them for him.

Tom's was the best though, and Harry had to say he was growing quite fond of the dark lord. Tom's gift was dragon blade daggers, and an unhatched pet baby dragon Osiris insisted on calling Shini, short for Shinigami, when it hatched. From what Tom described of the dragon it was really old and could only be found in Egypt. It was a serpent that had wings that are located at the base of its skull. Tom thought it a good idea to get a dragon he could talk to easily, and learn about the dragon within him alongside another dragon.

The dragon was called a Quetzalcoatl, though this one was a more distant cousin to its ancestors, yet still bore the same name. This feathered serpent was possibly even more deadly than a basilisk and it can control its powers when a basilisk cannot. Tom said he would watch over the egg while he was gone, though he was sure wouldn't be often because he was still going to be using the time turner the rest of the year.

It was during his thoughts about his soon to be new pet dragon that he was rudely shoved from his thoughts. Harry stumbled and was caught by Theo who happened to be the one he'd been shoved into. Harry's eyes narrowed as he looked up and noted the frown and angry look on Theo's visage. Only one person could cause that face and Harry knew that he would be starting off with a bad first day back at school.

"Think you're so special don't you Evan? Your poor sob story doesn't blind me, and I'm going to prove to everyone that you're a fake," Weasley lunged at him and landed a sharp blow to Harry's jaw.

Harry hit him back, knocking Ron unsteadily on his feet to land harshly on the ground and he hissed at him, "Piss poor attitudes can get you into trouble Ronald."

"If it helps to get rid of you then I'm willing to try," He pounced and knocked Harry to the ground.

Several blows were thrown before a rather large hand, picked Harry up off of Ron who now had a broken nose and his skin was cracked a bruised. The only thing Harry had to show for it was a swollen cheek and cracked lip. Harry had, had to force his healing affinity to be slower so as not to give himself away. The spell book he'd barrowed from Tom was a great was to learn how to manipulate his own healing affinity.

"Now what's up with y'eh," Hagrid boomed, "You two, be act'n like a bunch of squabbling Thestrals."

Neither of them spoke, both boys were glaring daggers at each other when another voice joined in, "What's going on here?"

"Professor McGonagall, I just, be split'n these two up from a right bloody fight."

"You two are at it already so early from getting back… I guess it can't be helped. Twenty points from the both of you and you will have detention with Professor Snape starting this afternoon. Do not show up late or you will be serving detention with him for the rest of the week."

Harry played the good student and ducked his head looking ashamed while Ron looked as though someone had socked him in the stomach, "But professor."

"Don't 'but,' professor me Mr. Weasley. Perhaps you should have thought about your actions more clearly before starting a brawl out here like a hooligan. Now off with all of you," She said as she made a shooing motion with her hands.

Once Harry and his friends were away from Ron they started to talk amongst themselves, "That weasel is asking to get killed isn't he?"

"Maybe…I actually thought he would be different when he got back… Guess I was wrong," Harry sighed.

"Why's that?"

"Evan had to go back into town after the Raid to keep up appearances and all as Orion… he spent the night at their house after going back in time to when the Raid was taking place," Draco explained.

"Yeah, and while I was there he seemed glad and all to see Orion, then again… when Evan was mentioned by Granger he seemed to grow… I don't know distant and whinier than usual."

"Man I don't know why he keeps on targeting you, you haven't done anything to warrant his abuse," Pansy whined, "He's being more of a bully to you now then he was the rest of us."

"I see it this way Pansy, at least he's focused on me and not on you lot anymore," Harry sighed.

"True… but it's still… gah I wish we could do something about him already," Pansy pouted.

"In due time Pansy, in due time," Harry said as his eyes glinted slightly.

The group looked at each other and Draco only smirked and shrugged, "This past Holiday changed Evan, so expect to see… a not so nice Evan anymore."

The rest of the group just grinned widely at one another before catching up with Harry who'd stopped to wait on them near the carriage the Thestral would be pulling along towards the castle. Luna joined them on the ride and had a wonderful conversation with Draco, who was for once keeping his word of being open-minded. She had the blond practically asking her several questions about the off the wall creatures she knew about.

When the ride had ended and everyone had made it into the great hall, they found themselves sitting down to a welcome back feast that Dumbledore no doubt had prepared. What caught Harry's eyes however was that Dumbledore seemed to be looking over at the Gryffindor table in silent thought. Harry looked over to take not that Ron was looking at the headmaster and Harry figured the headmaster was reading his mind about what Ron knew, since from what he heard he hadn't been back to the Weasley house since the attack on Azkaban.

Probably trying to convince, fudge that it was Voldemort that had attacked Azkaban, though Voldemort had not set off his mark into the sky so he had no proof of that fact. Harry smirked and looked down the Gryffindor table, and it was then that he realized Hermione, and Neville sat away from Ron, and Ron seemed to gain a few posse members. Seamus being one that Harry knew amongst the small group. The golden trio was no more, since Harry was 'missing' and Hermione was no longer on speaking terms with Ron, Harry knew this development would greatly worry Dumbledore. In short this would mean a lot of trouble was heading their way, and Harry had a bad feeling it would all happen soon.

{A Shadowed Life}

The rest of the day went by slowly, so slowly in fact that Harry was sure his brains liquefied at some point with his boredom. Runes seemed to be the only thing that had kept his attention and the rest of his classes were looking back over the material they'd been doing before the Holiday break. He felt so bored and out of it that he almost forgot he had detention that day, and barely made it within Snape's class room door before the man could do anything about it. He had a feeling though that the man wouldn't do anything.

It was strange, but even though the man didn't know he was Orion and Harry within Evan it just felt odd to be treated like a true Slytherin when he was Evan Spring. Ron however wasn't so fortunate and he came in through the door behind Harry ten minutes later, and as always Ron started to whine and make excuses. Such as Dumbledore wanting to speak with him about something and that it had caused him to be late to the class room.

"You Ronald will be creating a few potions and Mr. Spring here will be arranging ingredients on the shelf in the cupboard."

"Why does he get the easy job?" Ron groaned.

"It's not easy you idiot, you don't even know half the ingredients in that thing," Harry said glaring at Ron.

"I do to you prat, just because you think your smart doesn't mean I'm not too," Ron growled and Harry rolled his eyes.

"Ten points from Gryffindor, for rude behavior," And Ron's mouth dropped before he pointed a finger at Harry.

"B-but he started it!"

"You will do as instructed and by the time I get back I expect everything to be in shape and not a giant mess… now get to work," Snape said before sweeping from the room like the bat he was.

Ron grumbled, but otherwise kept quiet through the ordeal. Harry went to the cabinet and started to sort through the ingredients left out for him to sort through and sighed when he saw there were a few he did not know. Even with his self-taught knowledge of what, what ingredient does what in which potion and he found that this was going to be a tedious sort of thing to do. It was easier for him to complete most of it, but the ones he knew not of he had to look up in one of Professor Snape's books that he had left out for him in case he didn't know what the ingredient was.

It was during his search on a small curled nail that he heard Ron speak up, "Hey spring I need an ingredient called… worm-wart."

Harry sighed and sifted through the ingredients to find the worm-wart. When he found the round almost fleshy looking ingredient he walked over to Ron and held his hand out for the boy to take it. What he got instead was a potion to the face and he blinked owlishly at Ron.

"What the blood hell was that for?"

Ron only smirked, "I found the perfect thing to reveal your sorry arse. Good thing Snape had a potion to do so set out for me today."

Harry's eyes went wide, before a searing pain ran through his body and he crumpled to the floor. He remembered this pain it was similar to the one he had experienced at the Dursleys'. The day his life had changed. Harry was curled up so tight he was sure his whole body would snap with the force of the pain going through him. He had tried to contain his screams, but his mouth didn't want to obey the pain was just that intense. During his screaming he thought he hear voices, and not just one. A hand was on his shoulder and shaking him lightly as more hands tried to pull him from his curled position. They were unsuccessful in doing so and just when Harry thought he was about to die his mind gave into the pain and he passed out.

{A Shadowed Life}

Ron had a huge smile of triumph on his features as he looked down on the page before him. It was the perfect potion to use and he couldn't have planned it all out better himself. He read over the contents one more time and looked to, Spring who was flipping through a book for an ingredient in his hand. He looked back down at the page before him the contents telling him that the potion he was to create was to reveal the hidden beast within. He practically laughed inside with dark glee at finally showing everyone just who Evan Spring truly was. He swiftly started to create the potion exactly as how it was described in the book before him.

"Hey spring I need an ingredient called… worm-wart," He grinned widely as, Spring looked for the ingredient he'd asked for, though it wasn't anything he really needed for the potion at all.

Ron didn't realize what the added affects would be if Evan got doused in the potion when he still, not only had, the worm-wart in one hand, but also the curled small claw like ingredient in his other hand. Evan hadn't set the thing down, because he didn't want to lose track of it. Now Evan stood before him dripping wet from the cauldron filled potion. Both ruined ingredients still in his hands as he blinked owlishly at Ron.

"What the blood hell was that for?"

Ron smirked, "I found the perfect thing to reveal your sorry arse. Good thing Snape had a potion to do so set out for me today."

However what happened next both surprised Ron and horrified him. Spring went down like a crumpled bag of bones and curled tight as his screams pierced his ears with a force Ron never knew he could ever hear from a person. He'd read stuff about the unforgivable curses and the one that came close to this kind of reaction was the cruciatus curse, but even then the details didn't make it sound as bad as what even Spring was going through. It was during these screams of pain that not only did Snape reappear, but also Professor McGonagall and Professor Slughorn had appeared looking quite alert and wands drawn ready to fight if need be.

What they found however made them blink in confusion. Evan was on the floor not far from Ron who was looking down at him in horror. A cauldron was on the table on its side, void of its contents and Snape's eyes widened. He looked at the book before him and found even more confusion. It was just a revealing potion, it shouldn't have caused the boy any pain, but it was. McGonagall and Slughorn where trying to coax the boy out of his curled position to see him more clearly, speaking in tones they hoped he would hear. It seemed unsuccessful though, and Ron found Snape turning to him and asking him about the potion and what had happened when suddenly all went silent.

Two gasps were heard and Ron looked down at where they were crouched. On the floor in between them was no longer a boy of fourteen, but a smaller almost serpentine like dragon. It reminded Ron of those muggle stories his father had brought home once from his study of what muggle teens liked. It looked like this creature had jumped from the pages of that book. It was mostly of Chinese and Japanese Origin, but seemed to look different then he recalled.

A long serpentine body about the size of a full grown adult Anaconda, but with paws instead of talons like a lizard would have. Scales lined from the back of its nose like an upside down triangle, with the tip cut off. At the base of the triangle mass of scales was a more diamond shaped set of scales, to reach over the top of its head. In the middle of this mass was a large tuff of fur that served to look something akin to hair a young lion would have before growing its mane.

The scales continued from the other end of the diamond shape mass of scaled in a thick line to its shoulders, where the scales branched out to line over the top of them before fading into black fur. The line continuing down its spine did the same thing at its hind legs as it had with the shoulders, before the line once again continued down the length of the tail, where a large portion of the tip was covered in nothing but luminescent scales.

The scaled were of an iridescent Obsidian color, greatly able to be told from what was scales and what was fur. At the tip of the tail was a spade like shaped tip, and the dragons ears were long and pointed. The shape of the dragon's face was more feline like and solemn since Evan had passed out around the same time his body took on this shape. Upon his back between his shoulder blades, were a small set of wings.

What no one took notice too was that Evan's collar seemed to change to his size and was snuggly strapped around the dragon's neck. The potion having not affected the overly powerful accessory, but had caused the trinket to be unable to make a human glamour for the serpentine dragon. Leaving his sorry state to be seen by anyone and everyone.

Ron's eyes were wide in shock since he hadn't expected the potion to turn Evan into a dragon. Snape took his arm roughly causing him to look up at the very angry looking potions master, "Mr. Weasley was this, the potion you brewed?" He held the book up to his face and he nodded, "Then pray tell, how did this happen to mister Evan?"

"I don't know, I just wanted to show everyone that he was a phony and the potion would help me prove it."

Snape was about to shout at him when McGonagall snatched his attention to the ruined ingredients that were no longer clenched in human hands. A broken small claw and a smashed worm-wart, layed pathetically on the floor, where Evan's hands had once been, and Snape paled considerably.

"He was holding ingredients?" He slowly turned back towards Ron and he swallowed thickly knowing he was going to be lectured, "You never toss a potion on someone when they are holding ingredients especially when they are holding the Rubian Curl Claw and the Worm-wart together."

Ron looked puzzled, "Why?"

"Because the effects the two together can have on a person are often strengthen a potion or alter it so much that finding a cure for the potion will take a long time to do. Even for someone like myself, Evan may not gain his true body back for years, and who knows what kind of mental state he will have when he wakes up. Rubian Curl claw his often used to enhance a potion or alter it depending on what ingredients are within the mix. Worm-wart is also used for altering a potion, but can also be used in potions to heighten certain aspects of a potion and considering you used a revealing potion that had quite a few ingredients in it to react negatively with the Worm-wart and the Rubian Curl Claw."

"What?" He squeaked.

"In blood lines it has been discovered that families have more than human blood in them, but creature as well. I trust you have read some of Orion Black's discovery works haven't you?" Ron shook his head no but his eyes did widen, "That potion coupled with the ingredients Evan was holding could in fact have reverted, him to a bloodline long forgotten. It is possible it will be near to impossible to revert, him back," He growled at Ron as he flinched back.

"What shall we do then Severus, I'm sure Mr. Weasley did not intend for this to happen?"

"We must tell the headmaster about this, it is the only thing we can do."

Ron felt himself wilt at those words and looked down at the floor in gloom. He hadn't wanted this to happen, all he wanted was to show how much of a phony he was and that was it. Now he'd gone and done something else to get his arse in trouble and he knew he was going to get one hell of a scolding from his mom when she caught wind of this.

{A Shadowed Life}

"Are you sure Severus?"

Harry heard someone ask from close by. His body hurt and his head felt like someone had taken his head and slammed it against a wall a few times. His body felt like a few volts of electricity had gone through him and he felt like his skin colder than he was used too. So he curled himself up into a tight ball. Something seemed off though and he snuffled a little when something furry brushed up against his nose.

"Yes, headmaster… we should be glad that Mr. Spring isn't considered an adult in dragon years yet. Or we would have a much bigger problem than we do now. As it is now I will have to work hard on finding a cure for him," Severus sighed.

"Are you sure you didn't see Evan Spring at the place?"

"I'm certain he was not."

"What about Orion Black?"

"I cannot say… from what I could tell the young man wasn't there at all and the one to take down the wards was the dark lord himself."

"It is good that neither of them are in his possession yet. If we can keep them out of his reach then it will all be for the better," Dumbledore said softly in a hushed tone, unaware their charge was awake at the moment and intently listening even if he was curious as to what was fuzzily pressed against his nose.

"It would be unfortunate if Mister Evan came into his snare, knowing that he has the blood of dragons in his veins would put the light in a major disadvantage," Snape said trying to play it all off and the man knew very well both Orion and Evan were of the Dark Lord's army.

Though, neither Evan, nor Orion had the dark mark, so they could keep up appearances and both had their own ways of keeping in contact with their lord. Harry listened to them on what the old fool wanted the Dark Lord to know about. Things he deemed safe to tell the man, but if Snape didn't tell him about his situation by the time he was returned to normal he would definitely do so himself. When the topic trailed off to more fatherly old man like topics Harry found himself unable to ignore the fur pressed against his nose any longer.

He slowly opened his eyes blearily, which was harder then he thought, because the light in the room already hurt his pounding head more than it should. He groaned lightly, but it sounded off to his ears since it came out more like a hissing growl, more than a groan. What greeted his eyes when he opened them was black fur, with scales at the top. He followed the length of it and realized that what he was staring at was himself.

His body jerked upwards in reaction to his thoughts, as shock registered in his body. He looked down to note he had paws and his body held a serpentine quality to it. Harry felt like he was on the verge of hyperventilating when he heard someone approach him. His head jerked up his eyes wide as he looked up at Snape and Dumbledore. The one who'd approached him was none other than the old fool.

"Evan?" Harry went to answer but the only thing that came forth was a hissing growl, heaving a sigh he nodded.

"It seems he's retained his more human mind. That is a good sign," Snape drawled out.

"Yes, it seems so," Dumbledore said slowly yet thoughtfully.

Harry looked to Snape silently watching the man, "What should we do?"

"Well until you can create a potion to revert him back to his true form then there isn't much we can do. We should send for Draco, since he's the boy's brother."

Snape nodded before looking to Harry and swept out the door with nothing else said. He really didn't want the man to go, and his eyes watched him as he vanished from view. Dumbledore walked closer and Harry looked up at the man. His eyes narrowed and weary of him, not really trusting him, in the least and let a warning growl that he was not at all liking the closeness of the man. Dumbledore paused where he was and gave Harry a gentle smile.

"All is well Evan, no one will harm you. I just wanted to show you what you look like for I am sure you are curious," Harry's ears perked up at the sound of that.

Dumbledore chuckled slightly, causing Harry to flatten his ears back. Dumbledore brought forth a mirror to situated, it in front of him, and Harry's eyes widened in shock. His eyes didn't have the usual colors he was used to seeing on himself, not green, not blue, and definitely not steel grey. They were a red color lighter than the eyes he was used to seeing on Tom. The rest of his body made him feel like he'd jumped out of a muggle fairy tale, kind of like the luck dragon from 'The Never Ending Story,' but without the dog look to him.

"Severus believes that because you are not considered an adult in dragon years that your current form is one of what most would call a hatchling dragon. In other words the form you would have been would be too large to fit even within this room let alone the one you'd been in at the time," Dumbledore reached for Harry and Harry jerked back away from the touch, "I'm sorry my boy, I seem to have this urge to touch your fur to see how soft it is, as well as to see how smooth your scales are."

This wanting to touch Harry thing made went on for a while and Harry spent most of his time away from the old fool, just to keep him from touching him. By the time Snape and Draco made it to the office, Dumbledore had finally cornered him and held him firmly as he ran fingers along his fur and scales. He also had the nerve to touch his wings and Harry wished for someone to just up and kill him already.

When he looked over to Draco with a sour glower Draco had to keep from laughing. He was sure Snape hadn't told him a damn thing, and Harry found he was only going to place the blame on Dumbledore. When the man let him go finally he walked to the edge of the man's desk and sat curled up as far away as he could from the old fool.

"Evan was turned into a dragon?" Draco questioned humor still in his eyes as he looked to his brother.

"Yes, Mister Weasley thought it would be a wonderful idea to splash a revealing potion on him while he held ingredients that would cause said potion to react negatively," Snape answered his god son.

"Who'd bright idea was to give them detention together anyways?"

Snape snorted, "McGonagall."

"And whose was it to place Weasley in charge of a potion?" He said looking to Snape who was now messaging his temples.

"Regrettably it was myself, and it will not be happening a second time," Snape glared at Draco, who only smirked at him before turning to Harry who looked about ready to kill someone if Dumbledore did not stop touching him.

Even from where he was the old man kept reaching towards him to pet him. To save him from having the man touching him again, Draco scooped up the young dragon. Once in Draco's grasp Harry bit his hand and Draco flinched.

"Ouch…don't bite Evan it's not my fault this is happening," He said as he glared at Harry whose ears flattened against his head before licking at the wound lightly, which only served to make Draco to laugh because it tickled.

"Mister Malfoy, I trust you will inform your parents of recent developments?"

"Of course headmaster, mother and father will be worried about his situation though, and may request he return home as soon as possible."

"If such thing is to occur I will have to ask them that he stay here to keep him safe and from causing any harm to others."

Draco looked at the man with narrowed eyes and Harry felt the hands holding the bulk of his body tighten their grip slightly, "They will not agree to that. I am sure you are having Professor Snape working on the potion so he will be able to find him at the manor to give him the antidote to his current form."

Dumbledore just raised his hands as though he was trying to placate Draco, and possibly Harry since his face took on the glower he'd been adopting for a while since the petting incident. A hiss left his mouth as well showing Harry's displeasure. He really didn't want to be stuck here with this man seemed to be at all times. It was something he would loath to have happen when he had a perfectly good home to go back too. A place he actually felt safe in, and had a family he could trust and knew loved him. Once upon a time Hogwarts had been a home to him, now it seemed more like a prison.

"It is alright Draco, I just wish to keep him somewhere safe," He placated once more.

"He'll be safe at home," Draco said in a tone that made it clear that this was not up for negotiation, "Thank you headmaster I must be going."

Harry climbed up and draped his body around Draco's neck like Osiris did when he was around his neck. It was funny since his back legs rested on Draco's left shoulder while is front one's rested on his right shoulder. His tail dangling down the front of Draco's body, while his head stayed raised up and his ear alert. Before they left the room however Harry sneezed hard and a small jet of fire slipped past his lips and caught the closest thing on fire, which happened to be the wood and glass cabinet that Draco had been walking by.

Draco apologized to Dumbledore and Snape before they shooed him away and Dumbledore doused the fire in water, before using a spell to vanish the water away. Harry had the decency to look sheepish as though he was truly sorry that he had caught something on fire by accident. In all reality Harry wasn't the least bit sorry about it, but what Dumbledore said earlier was weighing heavily on his thoughts. As Draco walked out of the office however Harry had a feeling that Dumbledore's wish to keep him at the school just might be fulfilled.

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Worm-wart- Comes from a very large worm that is as big as a basilisk. This worm eats meat and has been known to wipe out a whole town on its own. These worms have been hunted to near extinction and are being maintained at a facility created to keep them from harming others. (Will draw it out at a later date for reference.)

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