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~Dragon Telepathy~

*Dragon Language*

Chapter Eighteen- Lost in Time

Harry couldn't believe it, he was in the past. Harry was sitting up by this point, his head hung and eyes unfocused as he looked down at the feminine hand of his female persona. What was he going to do now? He practically knew no one here…well he knew them but that was beside the point. He had no clue how to pull himself out of this one and to be honest he didn't know where to turn to now.

Harry could feel Tom watching him, even if it seemed as though he wasn't. Harry closed his eyes and his fingers fisted into the sheets when he heard the doors to the hospital wing open. He opened his eyes and looked up and over only to straighten up and his eyes became guarded and hard. Dumbledore stood there with another older man, and Harry kept his guard up as the two approached him.

"Hello my dear, I see you're awake," The mystery person said.

"Yes, sir… I've been awake for a few minutes now," Harry replied.

"I am, Headmaster Dippet. My I ask your name?"

Harry liked Dippet, but having Dumbledore so close annoyed him, "It's a pleasure to meet you Headmaster. My name is Briar Rose."

Dippet smiled and Harry felt relaxed around the man, "Pleasure is all mine Ms. Rose. Can you give us light on what happened to you and if there is anyone who we can contact?"

Harry looked down and shook his head, "My attackers were a few wizards… a few people I had been calling my family at the time had been protecting me. I'm not sure if they're okay or not, and since someone found me and not them I can only assume they are not here anymore. I have no one else I know in Britain and I haven't had parents for a long time."

"I am sorry to hear this. Do you have any schooling?" Dippet said to Harry.

"No, most of what I learned was from other people. I was home schooled for quite some time," That was half true, considering the teaching he went through at the Malfoy's house.

"Headmaster is it possible she can stay here? She looks about the age a seventh year student," Tom spoke up for the first time since he'd awoken.

"Hmm, it is possible… we can have her take the O.W.L.s test and see how much she knows so she can participate in the seventh years group for their N.E.W.T.s. What do you think professor Dumbledore?"

"Is it a wise judgment to take in this girl from which, we know nothing about Headmaster?" He answered.

"We cannot simply ignore her and leave her uneducated and to wander alone with no place to go now can we Professor?"

Dumbledore looked at Harry, "I guess not… should I gather the necessary teachers for the testing?"

Dippet nodded and Dumbledore bowed his head slightly before leaving reluctantly. Harry watched him go and relaxed a bit before looking at Dippet again. The man walked over and sat in a chair, on his other side opposite of Tom. The man had the feeling of gentleness around him, and he made Harry feel welcome.

"Now… Mr. Riddle you said Mr. Malfoy found her out near the lake, correct?"

"Yes, Headmaster he was out getting some fresh air when he stumbled across, Ms. Rose here," Tom confirmed, it was obvious to Harry this was being repeated for his benefit.

"It was fortunate that Mr. Malfoy had done so. Some of the wounds you sustained Ms. Rose were a bit grave looking, we are fortunate that our nurse could help you. You seemed a little over heated," Dippet said with a smile.

"I usually run at a warm temperature sir… It would be no surprise if I seemed warmer than most people," He admitted.

"Really why is that?"

Harry knew he said something he shouldn't have, but quickly covered it up, "Someone I knew well told me it was something rare." It wasn't all a lie considering his heritage was rare, but it would do to throw the man off for the time being, "Um sir how long have I been out anyways?"

"Only a few days, but you have healed remarkably well thanks to the potions given to help you recover. From what I hear you will be released from here soon, if you are healthy enough. How do you feel by the way?" He asked kindly.

"I'm feeling quite well, better than earlier," Harry made a face that made Dippet start chuckling.

"I am glad to hear that," He smiled, "Do you think you'll be able to take the tests once you're released?"

"I believe so," He said softly.

Dippet nodded just as the doors opened and Harry lifted his head to see who walked in with Professor Dumbledore. Professor Slughorn was with him as well as a few other teachers Harry didn't recognize. Dippet rose from his seat and greeted the teachers before turning to Harry.

"Ms. Rose these will be the teachers you will be testing under to see whether you will be in Tom's year or not. Professor Dumbledore will be giving you your O.W.L.s," Dippet said as he gestured to the teachers that had come in, "This is Professor Horace Slughorn, Professor Herbert Beery, and Professor Silvanus Kettleburn."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Harry said politely, "My name is, Briar Rose."

Harry could feel Tom staring at him the whole time, but then again so was Dumbledore and everyone else, but the first two stares unnerved him. In his time he hated Dumbledore and liked Tom quite a lot and being under their gaze unnerved him in this time. He just hoped that nothing went wrong during his time here and that he won't mess anything up.

{A Shadowed Life}

Upon Harry's release Dippet gave him a few days to relax, having him stay in a female prefect's room until he could be tested and placed. It had been odd for him to stay in a room with another female, but was grateful to have a bed of his own while he stayed in the room since it was big enough. Tom wasn't around and from what he heard Tom was head boy. None the less Harry believed the other male was very untrusting of him, but that was expected. In this time Tom wasn't trusting of most people. When testing came into play Harry passed the O.W.L.s with flying colors. Testing under the other teachers was a breeze as well, and so here he was sitting in Dippet's office waiting to hear what his placing was.

"You did well, Ms. Rose. You have passed all tests with flying colors and have been spoken fondly of by each teacher," Harry doubted that, since Dippet glanced to Dumbledore as he spoke this.

"That is great to hear sir," Harry said.

"Now it is time to place you," Dippet said as he got up and walked over to a shelf where the sorting hat sat, "This is the sorting hat. He will place you in the house that best suits you."

"Alright," Harry said as he sat still and Dippet placed the hat upon his head.

Harry didn't jump when the hat spoke, though this time it was not out loud. It felt intrusive as the hat spoke to him through his mind instead. Harry vaguely wondered why the hat spoke out first time he'd been under its scrutiny. The second time when he'd been Evan had been just as amusing as it switched between speaking out and within his mind. He sighed as he listened to the hat silently.

'Ahh, Briar Rose? I think not, but there are many names… or should I say titles to you, yes? Let alone your appearance is not all that it seems…'

'You won't say anything… will you?'

'Hmmm… no I think I not. I would like to see how this plays out, it has been quite boring around here and some excitement is due.'

'Thank you.'

'It is strange though… your mind feels familiar yet I have never been privy to it… Timer traveler perhaps?'

'It is by accident, but yes you are correct about that. You were privy to it twice… the first time I asked to be Gryffindor when you told me Slytherin would suit me best and then second was when I decided to go with Slytherin.'

'Hmm your mind is very Slytherin like, but it could be Raven Claw as well with all this intellectual thoughts passing through your mind…Though Slytherin would be best and it would be wise to be there. It will help you on your way to greatness.'

'I know and I plan to stay in Slytherin this time around as well.'

'It looks like your mind is made up… very well, may as well announce the decision.'

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat shouted to the room.

Dippet smiled and removed the hat however Harry caught the fleeting look that had crossed Dumbledore's face had made. He was suspicious of him maybe even upset about the placing of where he'd be. Harry looked over to Dumbledore the man giving him a gentle smile that Harry knew was a fake one. Why did the man not like his Briar Rose persona? She was polite and was well mannered. Shaking the thought off, he looked to Dippet as he spoke.

"Mr. Slughorn, can you get Tom Riddle? He will escort Mr. Rose to the Slytherin dorms so you can return to your duties," Dippet asked him.

"Of course, I will be back in a moment," The man replied before turning to leave the room.

Dippet dismissed the other teachers and Dumbledore left reluctantly. Seriously what was with the man? It was starting to get on Harry's nerves. He sighed before looking down at his hands in thought as Dippet sat down behind his desk. He was unsure how long they sat there in silence, but Dippet didn't seem to deem it necessary to fill the silence with any kind of chatter. When he heard the door open Dippet smiled and spoke once again.

"Ah, Mr. Riddle I would like for you to show Mrs. Rose around as well as getting her situated in Slytherin dorm," He said as Tom walked into the room as Harry rose from his seat.

"Of course Headmaster," Tom said with a respectful bow of his head.

"Ms. Rose I would like you to take this as well. Since you will need some items for this year's classes this amount should suffice for anything you would need," He held out a pouch of money to him.

"O-okay," He stammered a bit.

To be truthful he had his money pouch from before he got thrown in this time. Admittedly it wasn't much, but it was enough considering the time he was in. The items he was to get would probably be notably cheaper than in his own time. This extra money would be more than enough to get him by until he found a job, which would come after he graduated Hogwarts it seemed. Sighing he looked to Tom after taking the pouch, finding it useless to argue with Dippet about the money. Besides it was best to just take what was given to him without questions.

"Ready?" Tom asked.

"Yes," Harry answered before leaving with Tom.

Harry was silent and really hadn't been paying any attention to where they'd been going. He suddenly found himself pinned against a wall and dark eyes were staring into his. To Harry Tom looked angry and annoyed so he let his emotional mask drop. He had a feeling this Tom knew he was telling half-truths to everyone about who he was, but he wasn't giving up any information.

"I can tell when someone is lying to me Ms. Rose… if that is even your real name."

"What I do is my business Mr. Riddle and I do not have to answer to you," Harry snipped at him.

"I think you'll find out that you soon might be," Tom smirked darkly.

The room temperature erupted into a fiery one, "I don't doubt that, but I warn you now. Do not tame what is considered impossible. I already answer to someone and I'm forever bound by him," Harry's face was dark and his eyes had hardened, he would be damned that he would back down to the younger Tom.

Tom jerked back when Harry shocked him slightly with his electricity and he looked confused. Probably because he wasn't sure what just happened, "Is that so?"

"Yes and No… you could say I like to walk a fine line," He said as he watched Tom eye him wearily.

"Is your master Grindelwald?"

"No and telling you who it is would mean nothing," Harry touched gently at the collar on his neck that was still there.

Tom eyed the collar, "A Slave?"

"Not entirely," He said to him.

"You're being evasive," He hissed.

"Not really… I'm just stating basic facts. I cannot lie really. Rose is me and I am her. I have many other names and titles as well that you do not need to know. You have your own secrets I am sure and so I have my own… isn't that right Tom?"

Tom's eyes went wide slightly, seemingly catching the familiar tone Harry held in the mention of his name. Yet Tom knew not who Rose was and why she would have a tone of familiarity. He clenched his teeth and roughly grabbed his wrist, but Harry felt as though someone weak was holding him. In all honesty Tom was weak and Harry longed for the strong touch of his Tom. Without warning Harry had Tom pinned to the wall with his own powerful grip on Tom's wrists next to his head.

"Let go of me!" He barked.

"All you need know is… I hate Dumbledore as much as you do," Tom froze and looked at him, "The man is the reason for every wrong in my life. I want to see him perish in the cruelest ways possible and hear his screams as he dies."

Tom was quiet during all that, "What makes you think I hate him? I could go and tell him what you said."

Harry smirked, "Not your style Tom… you prefer suffering don't you? You like control and making those who cause you problems harm. Don't worry though I won't get in your way. The world needs a better dark lord than that sad excuse for a wizard right now. I wish you the best of luck… oh and I would like to go by the name Phoenix if you don't mind."

"Why should I call you by that and why do you think I will be a dark lord?"

"Hmm… it's up to you if you do or not, but know this even if I do not answer to you as I said… I would do so anyways in the best interests of events ahead of you. As for me thinking you're a dark lord… Tom you do not realize the darkness, I can practically see and feel it dripping off of you… it is intoxicating."

Tom paled, "You're a magic sensitive?"

"Yes, I sure am," Harry chuckled as he released Tom and took a step back his hands clasping behind his back as he slightly danced away from him, "I hope I do not disappoint your expectations of me."

Harry knew he was either marking himself as an enemy or an ally either way Tom would keep a close eye on him. Harry's eyes softened a bit however in spite of his slight showing of his darker side. He looked down and away before sighing softly. He looked back at Tom and the other was very thoughtful of what was revealed.

"You confuse me Ms. Ros- Phoenix," He admitted, "First you say something along the lines of not following me yet you say you will. How do I know I can trust you?"

"You don't know… as muggles would say…Take it on a leap of faith," Tom looked surprised that someone knew a muggle phrase, "Yes, Tom I was raised by muggles… and they died as well."

Harry knew he was feeding Tom some vital information, but it wasn't big information that would ever get him anywhere. He could tell Tom was confused, and the more Harry spoke the more Tom looked as though he was becoming relaxed. Mostly because he thought he was in control of this conversation as he kept Harry speaking. Harry internally smirked as he watched the other male silently. He brushed some hair back away from his face as he stood there.

"You're a conquest I'm willing to conquer Phoenix," Tom admitted

Harry laughed, "That's what I like to hear," The comment looked like it confused him and he elaborated on it, "Conquering me… it would be fun to see you try and to be honest I look forward to seeing you try. It wouldn't be any fun if you didn't."

Tom glared before smirking darkly, "Fine… we'll see just how strong you really are."

Harry only smiled before he started walking down the hall and towards the Slytherin common room. This stumped Tom, the other male having assumed that Harry didn't know his way around the place. Having looked distracted, aloof, and lost earlier. Harry had played him like a fiddle and now Tom was probably wondering what the heck he'd just gotten in to. Harry glanced over his shoulder to look back at Tom who quickly caught up and walked slightly ahead of him, not liking to be behind anyone. Harry smirked before his thoughts turned else were.

{A Shadowed Life}

The days ahead of Tom were a constant test of wills and intellect against Phoenix. Tom was sure the other would crack eventually and become a follower, but Phoenix would never agree to take his mark. Something about her made him feel oddly, and to say the other acted more like a Tom boy then a lady was something that distracted him a bit. He knew he didn't like girls, so why was this girl any different? He was confused by her and sometimes he felt a rise of anger that fizzled out not long after. He found he could never stay angry at the other for very long.

On top of his battle with the women he was having difficulties with Grindelwald. He needed to get somewhere with someone and it was more than likely going to happen with Grindelwald then it would with Phoenix. The women, was stubborn and he'd seen the darker personality beneath the fake mask several times as well as a few of his followers who had dared to challenge her. Even the Black family seemed to have taken a shine to her… Orion had even introduced her to Walburga, his cousin. Abraxas even seemed to have taken a shine to her.

Tom knew he didn't trust very many people, and those that considered themselves close to him weren't at all. If Tom gave the word he was sure that the ones close to Phoenix would push her away like the plague. The only thing was if she proved to be a stronger leader then she could easily turn them against him, if it wasn't for the mark he'd already given them he was sure he might lose them.

Tom watched Rose as she walked into the Slytherin common room. She was cocky and he knew she had a right to be. She was skilled in many things and with her ability to see magic and feel it, it probably helped her greatly. Tom knew he needed her for his side and even though he made a challenge towards her, he knew it would be extremely hard to make come true. At some point he knew he had to give something to gain her alliance to him.

What puzzled him was the day he cornered her in the hall. He knew the shock he had felt wasn't from static, but she seemed to be unaware of it. Was it possible she had control over elements and did not know it? Tom knew it might be possible, but not very many witches or wizards controlled it as she seemed too. So he wondered if she had creature blood in her and the only problem with that was there wasn't many even then that could channel elements without some kind of spell or pact.

Something was off about all of this and he couldn't place it. As far as he could tell Malfoy and the Blacks' couldn't give him anything on the women. Avery seemed to get along well with her, but Lestrange seemed to get the brunt of her anger. Usually the man would be silent and just watch everything, but something about her seemed to draw out a darker side to him that made him act the way he was.

Tom's eyes slid over to Phoenix and he watched her silently. When she'd first started there at Hogwarts she sat alone and distanced herself from everyone. It was strange how fast she made friends with people what irked him however, was the fact she also got along with the potter boy. It was as though she seemed relaxed around him. If it wasn't for the fact that he knew she was dark then he would have assumed that she was a light wizard. Yet, something nagged at him in the back of his mind, as though something was trying to tell him that Phoenix might have been a light witch at one point. Now the question was what would make a light witch turn so dark that it alters them greatly? Something vital was missing and Tom wanted to know more. It was as though Briar Rose just dropped out of the sky. He'd asked Abraxas to look up anything he could get on Briar Rose.

He knew she had to be a pure blood, her features showed a lot of the pure blood traits. Her hair however was a color he didn't often see in pure bloods let alone the color was vibrant like fire. It was this thought that made him think about the abnormal temperature Rose's body put off. He'd touched her arm or hand on many occasions and she always seemed to be burning up to him yet she showed no signs of discomfort or weakness because of it.

"You seem to be thinking really hard," A silky voice spoke and Tom looked up to see Abraxas.

"To be truth full I'm thinking about a certain new student," Tom said sighing, "Have you found anything new?"

"I'm afraid there isn't anything on a Briar Rose in Britain. She might be foreign…"

"I doubt it," Tom sighed.

"I don't know… She taught Walburga a few Japanese words when she found out Rose had been to Japan once before."

Tom felt surprise fill him, but he did not show it, "Japanese? Hmm… she might travel a lot then. That will be hard to track if not impossible."

"Try impossible… the wizarding world doesn't keep track of people who basically, wander around the world doing things ranging from research to who knows what. On top of this Ms. Rose seems to know quite a lot for someone her age."

"I don't doubt that, she is passing every class with flying colors that could rival my own," Tom was frustrated about that and he'd always believed knowledge was power.

"Well… we will see how she handles herself today in dark arts class. They will have us dueling again, this time with things we've learned thus far," Abraxas said softly.

Tom quirked his eyebrow, "How did you find this out?"

"You know I can't take a chance in that class especially if I go up against you," The blond gave a pout.

"I see…" Tom smirked and got up to go to their next class his usual group for the class joined him.

Phoenix however, had gotten up before any of them had. It was odd to Tom that the girl didn't even try to make friends. If anything she only made friends because people approached her and attempted to become her friend. Her fiery spirit and cocky attitude made a combination that surprisingly drew people too her. She could also show a very polite side to her when she seemed to gain a soft spot for certain people.

That soft spot however, made Tom feel as though, that was a weakness of hers. He watched as the Potter boy walked over to her and her features lit up. He didn't like how close the two were being and it unnerved him a bit on how well they got along considering the house rivalry. He could tell Abraxas was watching him from the corner of his eye.

"Potter seems quite close to her," the blond said to him.

"Yes… a little too close," Tom said as he watched the red head.

{A Shadowed Life}

Harry found himself becoming increasingly amused as the days went by and Tom seemed to pull out all the stops. He was trying hard to gain Harry's alliance to him, but Harry couldn't. Even if he wanted to join Tom's cause, he would be unable to do so since he never wanted the man's mark. He wouldn't risk it and he was starting to believe that Tom was looking for an alternate route to gain Harry's alliance. He glanced back over his shoulder at Tom as they walked to their next class and he'd oddly wonder what this Tom would think up.

"Hey Rose?"

Harry looked over at the voice, "Yeah?"

"I've been wondering, why do you not treat Riddle like the others do?"

"It's easy Potter… because I'm teaching him he can't always have his way," Harry chuckled.

"You know that might be a little dangerous you know. Something about the guy just isn't right," He sighed.

"That could be said about a lot of people. Some have more experience in hiding it though… I think Tom is no different from any other teen here."

"What do you mean?"

"There are plenty in Gryffindor, Raven Claw, and Hufflepuff that are just as suspicious. People just over look them because of related traits to their house. It also goes for Slytherins, since not all of them are as dark as everyone claims them to be."

"I still don't understand, but whatever. I still think it's too dangerous," He sighed.

"Let me ask you this… do you think I'm dangerous?"

Potter looked at him and Harry knew he was thinking seriously about it, "Well… I think you could be dangerous… but you have an air about you that doesn't seem so. The way you act isn't fully one who is very Slytherin either… to be honest your courage to stand up to Tom isn't something a snake would have. That courage comes from a Gryffindor, which honestly I think you should be there instead of with the snakes."

Harry chuckled, "Perhaps I'm both."

Potter tilted his head, "Maybe… but I think you're a Gryffindor more so than a Slytherin."

Harry shook his head and sighed, "If you say so."

Potter looked back and frowned, "I don't think he likes you taking to me."

"He'll get over it," Harry sighed, "Not like I'm his girlfriend anyways."

"Ha, bet he wishes he was," Potter chuckled.

"Maybe… not sure about that though," Harry knew that Tom hated being sexual with women, let alone just being with them relationship wise.

"Why not? You're beautiful any guy would be lucky to have you," He stated calmly.

"I just think he wouldn't… besides I already have someone. I just hope he is okay," He sighed.

"Really, is it anyone I know? Wait how old is he?" Potter asked as he watched him flush red.

"You might know him… and as for his age, he's older than me," Harry said truthfully, not wanting to say too much on it.

Potter quirked a brow, "Seriously, he's older than you…by how much?"

Harry blushed even more, "I am not answering that question…"

Potter laughed, "You blush anymore and you'll turn as red as your hair."

"Then stop asking me embarrassing questions Potter," Harry almost squeaked.

Potter laughed, "Sorry, sorry… you make it all too easy sometimes." Potter stopped for a moment and then spoke again, "So you like older men?"

Harry coughed and blushed even more, "N-no he's the only one I've ever been interested in. He's rough when you meet him, and sometimes has a habit of letting his temper get the better of him. On the other hand he's got a gentle side that not many ever see. He's thoughtful and caring… but he's also smart and strong… he also helped and saved me more times than he even possibly knows." Harry said as he looked down and away, "I wouldn't want anyone else other than him."

"Sounds like you really love him," Potter said thoughtful.

Harry blushed but otherwise said nothing they walked to class and silently slipped into the room to their usual seats. This being what they had agreed on, not to sit next to each other during class because of a certain young wizard. Harry sat down in the front row and Orion soon joined him as well as Tom and Abraxas. Tom looked thoughtful and Abraxas looked smug, but that wasn't anything unusual. Orion was a little on the chatty side asking questions and such though, Harry has a sneaking suspicion that Tom had put him up to it. The boy was usually very quiet so it was an odd switch from his usual self.

"So what were you and Potter talking about?"

"We were talking about someone I know," He stated simply not dodging the question.

"Can I ask who?"

"Well if you must know, he asked me why I thought a certain someone would like me," He gave a pointed glance at Tom that none of them missed, picking up on the implications behind it, "I said I just thought that this person wouldn't and then told him I already had someone anyways."

Orion's eyes went wide and he glanced at Tom who was looking down at the desk top. Harry knew he was listening in on the conversation and so didn't spare him with his bluntness. He was going to let them assume whatever they liked, though it was weird talking as though Tom wasn't his Tom. In a way they were not the same. This Tom didn't know him and hadn't lusted for his blood for most of his life. This Tom was the beginning Tom to his Tom and he sorely missed his Tom.

"So who's this person you have?" Orion asked.

"I won't tell you his name, but he is a strong wizard. He's rough when you meet him, and sometimes has a habit of letting his temper get the better of him… he's got a gentle side that not many ever see. He's thoughtful and caring… and he's also smart and strong… he helped me and saved me more times than he even possibly knows. He was the only one who truly knows me," Harry said as he stared off towards the teacher.

"Sounds like a special guy," Orion said.

"Yeah… he is."

Tom was looking at Harry now, and Harry knew the man could sense no lie in what he was saying. Everything he'd said was the truth and it could be seen that Harry cared deeply for the person he spoke about. Little did Tom know that it was actually an older version of himself that Harry spoke of. When the teacher spoke up and drew all of their attention away from the topic Harry sighed when he found that today was dueling day. His dragon pride would not allow him to stoop to weakness so he would duel as he always did.

At first the pairings were uneven, considering some wizards and witches were much better at it than others. Orion and Abraxas almost were evenly matched, until Orion practically threw the Malfoy heir off the dueling table. To be honest it reminded him of Draco when he'd dueled him during the time the chamber of secrets had been open. It had made him chuckle a bit, and thus had drew Tom's attention to him with a raised brow. Harry only shook his head and ignored the look. It was around that time that Tom was called up and he was curious to see who would be pitted against him. When his own name was called his eyes widened and he practically groaned. He could see Abraxas smirking at him, probably because he was sure Tom would wipe the floor with him. In all honesty it would be the other way around.

Harry was to use to Tom and how he reacted and moved in a duel, and since this Tom wasn't his Tom, but a younger version, this would be all too easy for him. He climbed up onto the dueling table and faced Tom. His wand was out and pointed loosely with one hand behind his back. His posture screamed duelist if not professional duelist. He could see Abraxas's look as well as Orion's when they realized the stance was not one of someone who was new to dueling. Tom seemed to notice to, but did not let it deter him in the least. He mimicked Harry's pose, but other than that Harry knew how this would end.

When they were allowed to start the duel Tom was weary when his first couple of spells had been deflected with a flick of his wand and no words were said by his duel partner. In Harry's head he was dancing with joy to have an opportunity to best Tom for once. Tom seemed to slightly lose his cool and threw a nasty hex at him. In retaliation Harry threw a none-verbal spell back and he was careful not to use any he himself had created.

"Your good," Tom complimented.

"If you say so," Harry replied before he decided his fun was over and started to cast both verbal and non-verbal spells.

Tom started to have a hard time keeping up with them and eventually the teacher told them that was enough for now. Though, the teacher had ended it in a draw, anyone who had eyes could see that Tom had not won that duel. Harry noted as Abraxas went to Tom's side and he heard what was said, thanks to his dragon hearing.

"That wasn't what I expected," said the blond.

"Neither had I… Mrs. Rose… is a force to be reckoned with."

"She looked like she was toying with you."

"It is possible, at first I thought her stance showed arrogance… I see I was mistaken. She has experience in dueling, dare I saw more so then even we can fathom."

"I've never seen a duelist move like she did. Not even my duelist instructor over break moves like that. It was as though her movements were fluid and graceful… as though she was not of this world."

Tom was quiet after that and never said anything more over it. After that duel Tom would be more than determined to gain Harry as an ally. The only thing that was left was to figure out how to cage Phoenix and keep her at his side. Harry looked over at Tom and their eyes met. Harry knew that look, Tom was thinking and planning and plotting. Whatever it was Harry was sure to hear of it sooner or later.

{A Shadowed Life}

To say Voldemort was angry was an understatement. When Harry had vanished he'd been livid and even as Zane Thallorian he'd showed his anger readily. Then again if your girlfriend was attacked by none other than a supposed light wizard most people would be as angry as he was. He'd gotten really close to Dumbledore in his anger that day. He'd had several other wizards try to hold him back from doing anything rash. His words still rang in his own mind from that fateful day.

"You better hope I find her unharmed old man or I swear you will regret harming her," He had turned to the minister and had excused himself.

The minister had looked distressed and disappointed with Dumbledore. The man had also helped him in trying to locate his missing Rose. Voldemort knew better though because he knew exactly where Harry was. Harry was still there, but in a different time. This however would keep people distracted for the time being. He had to pretend that Zane wasn't being seen because he was searching for the women he loved, while at the same time posing as Orion while Harry was away.

"Two days since then," He sighed as he rubbed his temples, "Two days and still no sign that he will return to me."

"My lord if he is who you say he is, then he will be in that time for quite some time," Lucius said to him.

"Yes… he will be in that time starting September sixteenth in the year nine-teen forty-four… and until the attack on the Potter house hold on Halloween night in the year nineteen eighty-one…possibly even a few days after is rumors were proven true," Voldemort said as he leaned back in his chair.

He would loath it if the years corresponded with their current time frame, for it would mean he would have to wait thirty seven years before he would see Harry again. He mentally snorted however when he thought about the years Harry would have lived there. Thirty seven plus the years he had currently which physically he was eighteen. However his time turner had been used at least two or three times a day for the last year and few months, and before he had used it he was fourteen. Thinking about it was giving Voldemort a headache. None the less by the time he saw Harry once again the boy would be a little over half his age.

To be honest he wondered how he would be able to compare Harry to Phoenix from so long ago. It was strange for him to think of Harry as her. In all honesty he couldn't really place him as her in his mind. He knew Harry from their time together, and Phoenix back then had been a huge mystery, but it explained quite a lot to him. Sure his memories were like looking through foggy glass, but he managed.

He remembered the questions he'd had his followers ask Phoenix and though she'd be evasive and crafty about her words and how she worded them. She had also not lied either and yet he found amusement in her contradictions. It seemed she was devoted to a powerful wizard and at the time he thought she was a devote follower of Grindelwald even though she'd denied it.

In truth Phoenix, or Harry as it was, was staying loyal to the person he knew and to Harry, the person from back then was not the same him now. It was a clever way to keep his mind from being won over, and he knew the, him from back then was a force that could persuade many a student to his cause. So Harry had created a barrier that even he could not jump across so easily, which he struggled with for months before he'd come up with a plan. Which was faulty considering he hadn't known back then that Phoenix, or Harry was a Parseltongue. Voldemort sighed as he remembered the day he'd dueled Phoenix and he found himself chuckling.

"He bested me in that duel… but it was I who taught him how to do so," He smirked amusedly.

"My Lord?" Lucius asked

Voldemort waved him off and the other man was left in his confusion over what the Dark Lord had said only moments ago.

{A Shadowed Life}

Harry was starting to become tired mentally with his battles with the younger Tom. His mind would often wander and he wondered, just how much longer he would be able to handle the young man's advances to get him to join his group. Unknown to Tom himself, but Harry was already on his side regardless of the situation of marking him, which was more or less never going to happen in the first place. Harry still wasn't used to being in a girls dorm and he felt very self-conscious knowing full well he was a guy in a woman's body. In all intents and purposes being a guy in a girls sleeping area is any male's wet dream. Only thing is Harry wasn't that kind of guy. He was annoyed by the gossip the girls always seemed to have a thing for. On top of that a few of the girls were Tom's followers, which entailed for them to constantly be around him at all times.

Harry was becoming annoyed, because he never seemed to have time to himself. He couldn't simply meld into the shadows and be left alone. Tom had made it a point for him to be under someone's eye at all times. This gave him no place to turn to and nowhere to hide and honestly Harry just wanted to be alone and away from boring gossip.

When the morning came Harry was awake and dressed before anyone else would be. It gave him a few hours before he would be under someone's watch again. On top of his annoyance with Tom and his followers he was getting annoyed with Dumbledore who made it his goal to get under Harry's skin. It was like the man was paranoid about something and what that something was Harry knew not of. Harry hid his annoyance the best he could though, and he knew emotionally he was changing as the days drifted by.

He longed for the touch of his Tom and he missed his deep velvet sounding voice. He missed the sounds of Tom's words almost seemingly coming out it a hiss like fashion. As though he longed to speak in the serpent's tongue. He longed for the life he'd established amongst the people he'd just started growing attached too. Though, he also hated to admit it he missed Bellatrix as well. The crazy women had wormed her way into his life and made it seem as though everything was normal. Then again what was normal for him anymore? He was no more human than a vampire was or a werewolf was.

Harry wandered through the castle easily avoiding people and made his way to the top of the castle. He knew full well that breakfast was several hours away, but he was restless and needed alone time. Once outside at the top of the castle he sat on a ledge and looked out over the grounds. Over the large lake and the cove that led out to sea. It was always so peaceful at the break of day. The gentle breeze as it rolled over the land. Rustling leaves as it went. The sway of the tall grass looking like glistening, rolling, waves of green. There was a part inside him that wanted to soar through the clouds that rolled through the sky. As he took in this feeling he didn't hear the approach of another until they spoke. The voice that was so familiar these past several weeks that it was almost too common to his ears at this point.

"You are an excellent escape artist Phoenix," The voice hummed thoughtfully.

Harry half laughed before sarcastically replying to said voice, "Obviously, not good enough if you knew where I am."

"Maybe… though I pretty much guessed where you'd be after I was told you were missing," The voice got closer before it stopped next to Harry.

He looked up and over, looking straight into Tom's dark eyes, "Tom… what do you want?"

"You know what I want," He said to Harry who looked away and sighed.

"I grow tired of this game we play and I still refuse to take your mark. Nothing could ever change that," He heard Tom chuckle.

"I know that much Phoenix, but what if I offer you something that is similar, but not entirely binding as the mark would be?"

"It depends," Harry's eyes narrowed as he looked to Tom, "What does this binding have and do not think you can con me. I have ways of getting even if you do."

Harry wasn't joking and Tom could tell as much. Harry had grown tired, extremely tired of being pursued the way he was doing so. He'd grown tired of the constant questions and the constant surveillance. He was slowly losing his temper and Lestrange had been at the end of his anger a few times. Hiding what he was, was becoming harder then he thought it would be. His dragon pride was not taking any of this lightly and in this time it did not see Tom as the dominate dragon he will be in the future.

"I want complete truth from you Phoenix," Tom said to him.

"You know I can't do that," He tapped at his collar, "I can give you snippets and I can tell you only what I want to tell you. You already know I cannot lie because I am not allowed too."

"That collar has strong magic it would seem… very well then… what can you tell me?"

"It depends… what would you like to know?"

Tom hummed, "Are you aware of certain abilities that you have, ones that have a shocking effect on those who upset you?"

Harry hesitated, "Yes I am aware of them, though I have no control over them. They are attached to my emotions. It is something I am still looking into to, to tell the truth."

Tom looked thoughtful, "I have been thinking. Your abilities are rare in a sense, but they are often related to creatures as a general. Specific beings aligning to a specific element is common amongst those with creature blood. Yet through all that knowledge I have yet to locate a specific being or creature that has similar abilities as your own. You are not only someone who can control electricity, but are also a magic sensitive. On top of this you are stronger than an average human, witch, or wizard and on top of this your body heat is so high that at times I wonder how you do not suffer from heat stroke. So Mrs. Rose…my next question what are you?"

"You would not believe me if I told you Tom. My creature and abilities haven't been seen in a long time and no book you find in the next thirty seven years will ever tell you either," Dropping hints was something Harry was good at, but Tom could never seem to decipher what the meant.

"So is this a topic not left for discussion then?" Tom asked.

"I'm afraid that is true Tom. Now what is this alternate way of making me an ally to you?"

Tom stood there for a while in thought, "It is a bracelet I plan to make for those less willing to mar their flesh with my mark. It works similarly and can heat up to the point of causing pain or discomfort to the wearer. It will give you my location when I call upon you and will also force teleport you out of danger if I have reason to believe you are being held prisoner."

"Is this for more than just me or are you just saying so incase others turn up that react as I do?"

Tom chuckled, "You got me. It is just specifically for you Mrs. Rose only because I need your talents greatly."

Harry knew it took a lot for Tom to admit those words. He glanced to the sky as the first signs of snow started to fall from the sky. He sighed, "Fine I will take your bracelet. I am supposing that this bracelet can only be released by you? To keep me bound to you and your cause?"

Tom smirked, "Of course."

Harry kept his inner smirk hidden, because Tom didn't know Harry already knew his secret. Harry got up and looked down over the land, the longing he felt was strong, but he knew he had to deny what he was for the time being. Harry didn't know how long he would be there and he hoped it wasn't too much longer. He didn't know that his time there would be meaning something and that his play in this time was a fixed point that couldn't be changed.

He looked to Tom and the other male nodded before leaving to go join the others at breakfast. Orion and Abraxas were once again at Tom's side as soon as the other male had walked into the room. This time Harry knew he had no choice, but to join them where they sat. Tom motioned for Harry to sit between him and Orion. Orion seemed to be completely at ease about it and so he did not question it. Harry could see Potter looking at him and the look on the other's face told him that he had a few questions to ask him. Yet, he would never get those questions answered. Tom basically owned him now… well he always had, but Harry didn't let him know that. The point was, however that Potter would no longer be able to talk to Harry because Tom would do all he could to keep that from happening. In a way he felt sad that he couldn't talk with his grandfather any more, but it was needed mostly to keep Harry from growing too attached to a family he wouldn't be able to protect. This had to happen and Harry knew he had to start distancing himself from his family starting now.

Days went by before Harry received the bracelet that would bind him to Tom. Harry had whispered his own spell under his breath to see what spells there were on it. A compulsion spell, a locking spell in parseltongue, and the Morsmordre spell that came from the mark embroidered into the metal band that would have been in his skin had he taken the mark and not the bracelet. The spells that Tom had discussed with him were also on the bracelet and nothing more. Harry was grateful that Tom was hiding nothing other than the compulsion spell, which Harry had kind of expected to have in there. But Harry knew how to ignore such a spell so it didn't bother him much.

It was shortly after receiving the bracelet that Harry was brought to some of the secret meetings he hadn't known about. Some of the newlings to Tom's order were also placed under the Cruciatus curse for insolences they had performed earlier in the day. Harry could see the loss of temper and the dark magic addiction Tom was going through. He knew the Horcruxes had something to do with that. He was losing his emotions and becoming darker and he knew it would only get worse from here. What he didn't know was just how much worse it would get.

The rest of the year flew by since that day and Harry no longer saw Potter's gaze. They had both come to accept they were on two different fields now. Harry had begun rigorous training in private, or mostly in private considering Tom wished to bear witness to Harry's secret training. He'd even gone as far to ask Harry how he'd come to train in such a way. Needless to say it led to Tom being annoyed that Harry was beating around the bush about his mysterious master and to an amused Harry for annoying Tom.

The months went by, however and Harry was starting to think he would never be returned to the time he once knew. It wasn't until graduation that Harry resigned himself to forever being stuck as what he was. He had no place to go until Tom told him and a few others that they would be welcome to stay with him. Though, that only took place after Tom went back to Riddle Manor and took possession of the house. Harry knew from Tom that he'd killed the Riddle family and judging by old newspapers he'd found after researching the incident they had been killed a year before he'd shown up in their time line.

It was after he'd settled in at Tom's house that Harry knew his dragon would forever be suppressed and so Harry looked for an alternate shape to take on, so the feeling of freedom could thrive within him. Remembering that his father was an animagus drove Harry's want to see if he too could become one. He locked himself in Tom's study reading silently as Tom worked over some parchments. Tom didn't seem to mind and seemed content that Harry was there, though because he was so quiet Tom often forgot he was even there. When Harry wasn't in the study he was in his room practicing his animagus form once he'd found out what it was. Surprising enough it wasn't anything like his father's or Sirius's Animagus forms.

Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on changing his form for several days, which turned into weeks. He was determined to make this form become a reality for himself. Then on a late Thursday night Harry accomplished this task with little effort. His body rippled with magic as his form changed to suit his animal form. In place of skin was now thick black fur and in place of hands were now large paws. He stood there for a good few moments as the magic settled down over him. Once It was done Harry stood there with a happy feeling building inside.

However it was at that moment that someone decided to come knocking on his door, "Phoenix I need to-" The voice cut off as the door opened to reveal Harry in his animagus form. Not that the person before him knew that at least.

Before Harry knew what was going on a wand was drawn and spells were being cast. Harry darted from the room and he slid across the floor stumbling over his own four paws. He wasn't at all used to moving in the form yet, let alone run in it. When he got to the hall he slammed into the wall across from his room causing him to slump to the floor momentarily before he got up again and started for his mad dash to find Tom. He ran through the house until he lost his pursuer for the time being, but judging by the noise downstairs it wouldn't be for long considering he'd alerted a few others as well.

Harry quickly made his way upstairs and was happy to find that the door to Tom's study was ajar. He nudged the door open and looked to Tom who only glanced up for a moment before looking back down at his parchment. Only to jerk his head back up the next moment to stare. Harry debated on if this was a good idea or not, but the sudden startling noise behind him had him jumping and looking behind him nervously. He quickly made his way into the room and over to Tom, who now had his own wand drawn, but wasn't casting spells in favor to see what he would do. Harry ducked under Tom's desk to hide and Tom only looked at him with a puzzled look, before a noise at his door cause his attention to look away from the creature under his desk hidden from view.

"My lord there is a panther loose in the manor. We believe it is a spy in an Animagus form," The male said trying to control his ragged breathing, "I went to retrieve Phoenix like you told me too and… I found it in her room."

Tom sighed and rubbed his face, "Did it ever occur to you… that the panther could be her?" Harry peeked out to look up at Tom, still hidden from view. Tom looked angry, but those eyes did not look down at him. Tom lifted his wand and the words that came out were not ones one wanted to hear, "Crucio." The man was down on the floor in seconds writhing in pain before Tom removed the spell, "You could have cost me a valuable follower you fool. Phoenix, get out here," Harry came out from under his desk slowly, his ears flat against his head and his tail hung low. "Is this the Panther you saw boy?" The young male nodded and another round of Crucio was cast, but this time Harry also got a taste of it for not having revealed his intentions in the first place and placing himself in a position of danger.

Harry's panther form twitched with the pain he felt though the curse. He handled it a lot better than the other guy, mostly because the curse was nothing compared to the pain he'd felt being turned into dragon humanoid form or when he'd been forced into his dragon form. He tolerated the pain curling up into a tight ball on his side as he made growling pained mewls as he layed there. This was another reason why he missed his Tom. His Tom didn't cause him this kind of pain and he wanted it to end. It didn't last long though and Harry knew not the reason why. Little did he know, but Tom didn't like the feeling he felt when he'd done that to Harry.

Harry blearily got to his paws slowly, and he looked over to see the other male was slowly getting up too. Though, he was doing so with greater difficulty, "Now fool get out of my sight… Phoenix you stay behind so I can speak with you."

Harry waited till the other male had gone watching as the man shakily slunk from the room slowly. Harry sat there shaking a bit as he watched the other male silently. Tom was standing behind his desk again, pinching the bridge of his nose with a sigh. Those dark eyes lifted to look at him silently regarding the new form. Harry looked himself over silently thanking whatever magic was out there that the panther form he took on had taken on the gender he'd been at the moment. The parseltongue magic obviously working to keep his animal form female like as well, which was odd and he wondered if that was an effect to the parseltongue glamour or if it was just a fluke to the magic. Either way he was grateful that it kept him from revealing that he was truly a male and not a female.

"I should have seen this coming. You were looking into Animagus forms since you left Hogwarts," Tom sighed as he sat down in his chair still staring at him. "Now… considering the new form it will be a good idea to use it in your upcoming missions for stealth or just to keep you out of sight at night. Starting tomorrow I will be putting you under missions that require your skill… Abraxas will accompany you as well as Orion. On top of this I have decided to move you into the Black family home. The rest of those here will be moved to other accommodations and this house will be a house, were meetings will take place and other such things." He moved from his desk to stand before Harry, before he crouched down, "You will come here after every mission and report everything that happened during them is that clear Phoenix." Harry's ears went flat and he growled softly, still miffed at what the Dark lord had done moments ago but otherwise jerked his head in a nod. "Good, now return to your quarters and tomorrow morning I will give you your first assignment," With that said Harry knew he'd been dismissed and left the room once Tom returned to his desk.

{A Shadowed life}

Tom stood at a window in his manor, looking out over the land silently. Tom had decided it was time to delve into old memories of the women who'd been so foggy in the back of his mind. He remembered to long discussions and constant intellectual battles he'd had with the infuriating women. She was cocky and had a fiery attitude that often left him bereft and ill at ease. From the first day he'd met her he'd had a feeling that she had known more than she'd let on. Yet could not get much from her and what he did get almost felt like a riddle to him yet he knew it wasn't On the other hand he'd been drawn to her like a mother to the flame. To Tom that was exactly what she was… a flame. A flame so hot, that if you dared to tame it, it would burn you alive.

She'd been a hard one to crack, but in time he'd gotten her to join him. He chuckled softly about the parseltongue spell he'd used on the bracelet. If he'd only known she was a parseltongue user as well he would have never used that spell, but like so many other things she'd kept that information hidden. As far as he could remember the women had never spoken in any other magic language. She had kept her word as well and Tom felt happy about that, though what was bothering him now was the action taken when she'd caused his ire to be turned on her. It hadn't been her fault that an idiot follower had tried to kill her, but he'd been angry at almost losing her because of the fool.

Now that he knew the women was Harry he felt horrible that he'd done such a thing, but it wouldn't be the last time he'd do that either. Tom turned and sat in a chair silently thinking over the years back then. Nagini curled up at his feet silently watching him. He smirked however when Harry found ways to get him back after he'd used the Cruciatus on him. Obviously staying with other snakes had taught Harry to be a great prankster, either that or hanging out with the Weasly twins had taught him to be as such. Often would he find something in his chair when he sat in it, or he'd get stuck on some occasions, while in other ones he found himself trying to clean himself up after a particularly nasty prank was pulled on him.

Tom remembered feeling miffed and a bit put out when those incidents started to occur, only to become resigned when he found out who was the cause behind them. She had warned him that she had ways of getting back at him, though these were the more tame methods Harry used. Tom frowned slightly because he knew if Harry had wanted to he could have caused him serious harm. Especially, when Harry started his assassin work for him in which Harry's usual personality gradually got darker as he continued said work.

Tom got up and started to walk through the manor silently thinking to himself, about the gradual personality change Harry underwent. The day Voldemort had gone to see Grindelwald was also the day he'd taken a few followers with him. Harry wasn't one of the few, mostly because that day he had him out doing a job. That was also the same day that Dumbledore had supposedly defeated the weak Dark Wizard. In all truth Dumbledore hadn't defeated him because the man had already given up. Yes, they had fought, but it was only for show. Mostly because the man had loved the old fool and the old fool had loved Grindelwald… only to dispose of him because he said it was for the greater good.

Tom paused in the middle of the hall Nagini bumping into the back of his feet with a hiss. He shook his thoughts off as he felt the wards alert him to Lucius's presence as well as Bellatrix. They often came by around this time to give him news of what was going on since the incident a week ago had caused uproar in the wizarding community. Dumbledore's sanity and stance as a light wizard was thrown out into the open and many people were starting to doubt the old fool, but not enough for there to be any big effect at the moment.

"My Lord," The two said in unison as he approached them, "There have been whispers that Briar Rose is possibly dead and that the promising politician is in denial of her passing."

"Where did this rumor derive from?"

"We have yet to fully find out where exactly it started, but I've begun another rumor saying that the body of Mrs. Briar Rose was never found and that it is possible she is being held hostage somewhere," He explained.

"Good… Now I want you to delve into everything you can find about the council within the ministry. It's time was start using things to our advantage," Tom said was he looked to Bellatrix. "Bella, I want you on a special mission for me. I want you to track down the Dragon Tamer that had Harry imprisoned. He has escaped my detection for too long… oh and Bella… I want him alive when you find him to bring him to me." He said the man had to be alive, but that didn't mean she couldn't have fun with her prey beforehand.

"As you wish My Lord, it shall be done," She announced gleefully as she laughed before apparating away. Lucius stayed a little longer to hear of what he needed to search for before he too left to complete his task.

Tom walked to his room and laid down on his bed, Nagini coming up to join him. She curled in on herself, resting her head on her coils silently. He knew she missed Harry, and to her he was her hatchling. He reached over and scratched lightly at her head. Harry was lost in time and all they could do now was to wait and see what would happen to bring him back to them once again.

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