Summary: Matthew is a Dragonoid that lives deep in the North. One day after hunting, a human tribe moves into his home. Now he has to hide from them in fear of his life, scared that the humans to kill one. Not too soon after the first tribe arrives, more come along with different humanoid creatures.

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Warnings: Boy x Boy Romance! Creatures (Dragons! Vampires! Werewolves! Fairies! Angels! Pixies! More!)!

Main Pairings: Prussia/Gilbert x Canada/Matthew

Side-Main Pairings: France/Francis x England/Arthur -&- Russia/Ivan x America/Alfred -&- Spain/Antonio x South Italy/Romano/Lovino -&- Germany/Ludwig x North Italy/Feliciano`

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. ~ .X. ~ . Chapter One . ~ .X. ~ .

Thousands of years ago the humans were living normally. Unknown to them a climate change was coming in an abrupt shift. Creatures of all kinds, though of small groups and many kinds, realized of the coming change. They quickly joined together and hid in a cave protected by water, though dry. They remained there for years, carving through the cave and creating systems of villages miles long. They created a new civilization while the world above them was being changed, and destroyed.

Storms came down and raged while Earth's poles itself shifted into different ways. Many stages came through over the first hundred years. First there was a short though deathly cold ice age that nearly wiped out humans and many animals, then came an onslaught of heavy heat which just only furthered the deletion of life, after was a time of lots of rain and a flood of water, and finally after that the earth calmed. Tons of salt left the ocean waters and ended up eaten or used in different plants that eventually died out, causing nearly zero saltwater in the world.

Life thrived while humans started to rebuild their life. Humans had remained well enough in all continents other than for North America, which was covered in ice for longer than the rest of the world. Eventually humans just forgot about its existence. North America had no human life it, but many other different types. Trees of new kinds came into existence as the ice thawed slightly, new mountains formed, plains cleared and new animals roamed it, the sky was filled with birds and flying reptiles, fruits and vegetables came out and about with new ones coming in as well, and many other new forms of life just sprouted. It changed like no other area on Earth.

Eventually the creatures hidden about came out, and met with the humans. It took a long while before they teamed up, and began to work together. While the old cave system became known as Central City (Some called it Cave Town) as it was where all creatures and humans usually saw at least one in their lifetime, for it was a base for all armies and countries was a neutral zone no matter what. Ships often stopped by for supplies, pirates loved the pubs/bars and brothels, sailors found delight in the same thing as the pirates, soldiers and warriors came by for soldiers and relaxation on journeys, and explorers found it a good area to search for any information.

The Earth was back into a thriving state. Old towers and countries were just a myth found in books inside of old libraries, amazingly preserved. Some creatures who were immortal or lived much longer than normal lives, told stories of the old countries they saw. Eventually the technology that seemed amazing were pushed over as medicines and other technology advanced. Oddly enough, however, weapons did not. Humans nor creatures found much worth in war, believing they had to work together to survive. Of course there were tribes that still found here and there, but there rarely ever an actual war. Though Europa came close to it many, many, many times.

To start out the story, this will narrow down on a simple bird who had come from North America to Europa. While moving through the Nordic Mountains, it came upon a dead Dragonoid nest. The mother and father had died attempting to care for their nest, and their eggs were nearly all dead. The bird took the entire nest, though dumping off a few eggs since it couldn't carry it all, and went back off to North America.

The bird came to its nest out in a small mountain. Just as it was beginning to eat its stolen meal, one of the eggs began to hatch. Once the egg hatched it gave seen to a newborn Dragonoid. A human looking baby with scales on its shoulders, ankles, thighs, wrists, and shoulder blades. It had two small, near unnoticeable wings sprouting from his back as well.

Instead of killing, the bird decided to raise it. This bird was luckily a large carnivorous eater, meaning it caught a lot of meat that helped the baby Dragonoid.

Many years passed when the baby only grew two times the size it was when it was born. It was almost three feet tall, still small. Young in the terms of normal Dragonoids. However, the bird that had cared for it died.

The baby boy was eventually found by another humanoid creature. It was a birdlike one who called himself an Angel. He cared for the Dragonoid and even taught it English and French human languages which it knew. He even named the baby boy Matthew.

The baby boy, now Matthew, had soon grown bigger. He was then four feet tall with giant wings that spread out in a span of ten feet. He grew claws that came out a half-inch long, and he continued to have dusting's of scales on his body. His shoulders, knees, thighs, wrists, ankles, shoulder blades, and in the middle of his chest the scales dusted over. They looked like silver with an odd violet tint to them. He had pale blonde hair that went down his shoulders in messy, knotty waves. The ends of his hair was oddly tinged in orange, as well. To finally add onto his look, he had pure violet eyes. Whenever he would attempt to hunt, or when it was nighttime, his pupils would narrow like a reptlie's.

Eventually, however, the Reptiloid that carried for him was killed. Matthew was left alone. To humans he looked a mere eight years old, but in reality he had lived decades.

He was left alone, but he managed to survive. He taught himself how to hunt different kinds of animals, he learned how to pick different fruits and vegetables to eat, he taught himself how to fly with grace, and he soon learned how to breathe fire with ease.

Decades turn into a century which soon turned into a few centuries, until he looked to be in his young teens.

The forest was busy as the sun was at its peek of the day. Animals were all about, hunting, gathering, and eating. Plants were soaking up the sunlight, and some flowers naturally bloomed just for the day. Out by the swamp crocodiles were watching from under the water as some weary animals neared the water, hoping for a quick drink of water. Of course that wouldn't work out so well...If it wasn't for Matthew watching up hidden in a tree.

His ginormous wings (When spread out fully, a total of around seventeen feet long) were hunched up and wrapped around him. The silver scales were glinting slightly, but luckily covered in mud. Matthew made sure to cover himself in it to hide his glint. He also made sure that the leaves and branches covered him as well.

His narrowed pupils watched in waiting as the black animal (It looked like a female lion, but all black and longer hair on its entire body) neared the water, its pack watching behind him, waiting to see if it was safe.

"Wait for it..." Matthew mumbled to himself.

Just as the animal was about to take a lick at the water, Matthew threw out multiple sharpened rocks at the water. The animal shot back and quickly got into a defensive stance with its packs, while the jagged rocks dug into the crocodiles mouths.

Matthew jumped out of the tree, landing in the water in a large splash. His took in a slight breath, only to exhale a giant stream of fire that shot through. It either burned the crocodiles (And some other animals under the water or by the area) or boiled them to a good eating. The stream of fire went up for two straight minutes other he finally closed his mouth, cutting of the fire. After that, he panted slightly but at least all the crocodiles were dead.

The animals meanwhile, watched him in hesitance.

"Go on. I can't eat all the stuff myself." Matthew waved his hand, just taking a single crocodile up and pulling out of the water. The other animals hesitantly came forward, grabbing up the rest and taking in the meal while also drinking the water with ease. They were happy with the food, and with the safety the weird creature had secured them. They would not attack or flee.

Matthew pulled out another jagged rock from a leatherish pack that was tightened around his waist. It was filled with other jagged materials, as well. He used it to cut into the animal before him, with enough force of course. Once it got through the reptile's scales, he got to work on eating the meat that was cooked well enough from his blast of fire.

After a good period of time, he was done and full. The animal pack that had feasted with him were good as well, now pulling up the remains off. No doubt to cubs or their partners.

Matthew took up the scaled skin that had been choppily cut off from the crocodile, and folded it the best he could onto itself. Once he was done it held it to his chest, before spreading out his wings.

It only took a few strong flaps before he was off into the air, flying back to his home at the top of the nearby mountain.

~ .o.0.o. ~

In Europa things weren't so simple.

"Captain Kirkland, you don't expect me to obey to your guidelines? I could get better protection from the government!" Prince Gilbert Beilschimdt hissed to the pirate before him. Gilbert himself wore a Prussian Knight outfit. It had been designed after an old design from books, with some added protection.

Captain Kirkland aka Arthur Kirkland stood before him, wearing his fancy and obviously expensive outfit (Velvet coat over an oddly clean outfit that mimicked the outfits of his crew, along with a good sword by one side and a gun at the other). "A British tribe already made its way over there on a boat. I protected for in turn, I could keep their boat and everything that didn't need to try to live there. I've mapped the perfect way over there. I've gone through it multiple times as well. Me and my crew know it better than anyone else. Besides, your government won't want to go after a legendary land that has no proof of existence." He spoke with a smirk.

Gilbert growled. "Kirkland. Despite the fact your husband's a trustworthy man, you are not. Even your damn son is good enough, and your brothers! It seems everyone in your family are trustworthy, but you. I'm offering a hundred thousand gold coins, and a new supply of weapons for this trip. Yet you want me to share a fucking ship with you?"

He wasn't going to share a ship with a bunch of criminals. It could lead to murder on both ends, and possibly a war. Kirkland's husband was Francis Bonnefoy, the Prince of France. His son was Alfred F. Jones (He had decided on a new name for himself) who was High General of the English Army. He didn't even need to name the rest of Arthur's powerful relatives all over Europa, and the world. Hell, his little brother was the adopted son of a dangerous viking and his family. With the wrong move it could lead to a lot of angry people. The Prussian-Germany Empire did not need that on their hands, especially when they were trying to make piece with China.

He didn't want to be the reason of the first war in existence.

"All I'm asking is that we share a ship. It'll be a duo-ship. It'll have two undercarriages, so it'll separate our crew's sleeping quarters. They'll work together at night. Working with the ship, cleaning the ship, and fighting for the ship. Don't you think it's a good deal?" Arthur shrugged.

Gilbert sighed.

Behind him Antonio Fernandez stood nervously. He was the Spanish-Prussian ambassador, and High Adviser of Prince Gilbert. He was also Gilbert's best along, along with Francis Bonnefoy.

It was a weird setting.

"Fine. We'll share the ship." Gilbert hissed "One wrong move and I'll order the killing of your crew, got it?" He got a nod "You won't get paid until we're there safe, and even then you'll only get half. You'll get the other half when we get back to Europa after the time there."

"Understood." Arthur chuckled.

"I thought he was an Angel..." Antonio muttered behind Gilbert.

Arthur scowled immediately after those words were said, while Gilbert snorted.

"Francis did say he might as well be a Demon." The Prussian mocked.

"Why you-" Arthur started to hiss only to be cut off by a sigh behind him. It was from his Quartermaster/First Mate Alistair, who was also his older half-brother.

"Arthur. Don't start a fight with the man. This pay will boost us ahead." Alistair hissed.

Arthur just growled, moving his hand from the handle of his sword. "Fine. Lets go before I change my mind."

With that Arthur and Alistair left the room smoothly, while Gilbert and Antonio remained.

"Prepare the crew. I only want the best, understood?" He stated.

"Yes sir." Antonio chirped, "Royal or commoner crew setup?"

"Royal. He'll have the same setup as us." Gilbert sighed.

Antonio nodded and left the room, leaving the Prussian alone.

'North America better have some wealth in it, or else I'm going to be pissed.' He thought.

Matthew nibbled on the leg of a turkey, having already cooked slightly with his fire, eating it slowly as he watched trees being hacked down with distrust.

Nine nights ago a tribe of humanoids had arrived. Only, they didn't have any likes to any animal. No feathers, to scales, no claws, no fangs, no wings, no...Nothing! Thus, he came to the conclusion they were either on an animal he never has seem before, or an actual human. This worried him. The one who had raised him told him that humans are dangerous and deadly creatures. They even hunt and kill simply for sport! Not for food, but for sport! How horrible was that? And a waste too!

So far they've hacked down enough trees to create a small clearing. They were building shelters out of the wood, hesitantly gather edible things in the forest around them. Probably worried of any poisonous things. Luckily for them, they were of a few around the forest. Matthew knew this for a fact.

There's probably around seven or eight different families in the tribe. Each having two parents and up to five children. It's taking them a lot of work just to get about. Some of them have already gotten sick, though it was easily healed when they used medicine they had brought with. They were running out, though.

After a season or so, they'll home will be finished. They will start spreading out, and taking over the forest. It worried Matthew. What if they kill him? What if they damage the hunt? What if they started guarding their food source, to keep it away from him?

'You'll have to kill them, of course.' His brain supplied.

Too true, too true indeed.

Matthew eventually moved away, leaving the clearing behind to fly off back to his home in the mountain.

~ .o.0.o. ~

The dock was busy.

Prussian soldiers dressed in simpler clothes were helping pack up a duo-ship. A duo-ship was a special ship was basically two ships joined in one. The undercarriage was basically separated into two parts, though the deck wasn't. The captain's quarters were even split into two. The only thing that were cut up into two, was the deck, sails, and kitchen.

The soldiers were piling up crates and barrels filled with foods and others supplies. Such as weapons and water. The pirates that were boarding the ship, however, were much less clean. They were simply taking the items from one ship to the other, on orders of their captain.

Prince Gilbert was out on the deck already, watching the water move, as well as the soldiers and pirates.

"We have four navigators, six doctors, ten gunmen, eleven swordsmen, seven normal crewmen, two cooks, two carpenters, two Quartermasters, and two First Mate's." Captain Kirkland stated as he walked up behind him.

"Over forty people on this ship." Gilbert agreed.

"This ship can hold up to sixty." Arthur stated "We'll have extra room for stuff to bring back."

"Guess so." Gilbert shrugged. Some people would probably even want to remain in North America when they head back.

"Alfred bought a map from me to North America, by the way." Arthur commented, "He'll be out a month or so after us."

"Great to know." Gilbert said, not really caring. Prussia would have first claim to North America by then, anyway. As long as Captain Kirkland's crew didn't pose any threat, that is.


They both turned around to see Antonio and Alistair standing there.

"Prince Ludwig of Germany has asked permission to board." They both said at the same time.

"Let him board. He's with me." Gilbert ordered.

"Not even asking me? Whatever. I'm fine with yet." Arthur waved his hand dismissively.

"I'm already on board. You should have guards on guard while they're boarding the supplies." Prince Ludwig Beilschmidt stated as he came up.

He was the younger brother of Prince Gilbert, though they were prince's of two different setting. Prussian-Germany was technically to countries joined together to form an Empire, having control over land in Europa, Asia, and on many islands. Their Grandfather aka 'King Germania' ruled the country at the moment, allowing the princes to do what they wish at the moment until when their Grandfather dies, when one of them will claim the throne.

"I wish to come with you." Ludwig stated.

"Not even going to complain at the sudden change of heart." Gilbert grinned "Where do ya wanna stay, bruder?"

"I'll just stay with the crew. I don't wish for anyone to know I am a Prince...Please." Ludwig asked politely.

"Why not? Not like I care." Arthur shrugged.

"Weird, but no problem. I'll just say you're one of my generals." Gilbert said.

"Danke." Ludwig thanked them, though the thanks was mainly directed to his brother.

"Come on then! Lets get moving!" Arthur shouted out, walking forward to yell down at the crew.

"Yeah, come on then! Or else I'll make ye eat the captain's food!" Alistair called out as well.

It seemed Captain Arthur's crew quickly sped up, the Prussian soldiers moving up to keep up the pace as well.

Arthur just scowled.

~ . ~

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