Summary: Matthew is a Dragonoid that lives deep in the North. One day after hunting, a human tribe moves into his home. Now he has to hide from them in fear of his life, scared that the humans to kill one. Not too soon after the first tribe arrives, more come along with different humanoid creatures.

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. ~ .X. ~ . Chapter Three . ~ .X. ~ .

The next few days passed, and the humanoid never woke longer than a few minutes. Matthew washed out all the mud and blood off of him, cleaning up his outfit before laying it out to dry, he fed him whenever he could, and made sure to give him as much water as possible. When the mud was removed, he saw that the humanoid had straw blonde hair, one eye had a scar down it, and he had pure white, feathered wings. Like a bird, but...Brighter.

"At least it has stopped raining..." He murmured. It had stopped raining yesterday, leaving beyond a mess of things. It would be awhile until the forest was up and running, recovered from the hard storm. It wasn't like it hadn't happened before. When it happens mud caked nearly everything, many trees were knocked down or split in half due to lightning, animals killed by strikes of lightning or by falling trees, and some of them probably died due to lack of fat and food. The storm killed off everything alive that was weak, leaving beyond only the stronger.

Matthew picked up a piece of food and placed it into the fire, seeing that it was about to die.

He glanced back at the other humanoid, worried.

What if he was dying? Majorly injured? He didn't want him to die, especially not under his watch.

Sighing he stood up, and decided he should go out and gather some water to give him.


"Captain Kirkland is still nowhere is sight, and it hasn't rained for two days." Gilbert said as they sat around in Arthur's quarters.

"There may be the chance he's having trouble finding us, or that he ended up landing on the island during the storm, and is too weak to come find us?" Antonio offered.

"Eh...The worst is that he was struck." Alistair stated.

"We're off course some, too. We will be able to get back on track by tomorrow, and it'll be around four days until we reach North America." Antonio added only to get a glare from Alistair.

"The fool should do well enough. He was probably found by the tribe there." Gilbert waved it off.

Alistair was silent, staring at the ground with a frown. He was worried about his brother, even though they didn't exactly get along the best. Plus he would have to deal with his other brothers completely pissed at him for losing Arthur. He didn't want to deal with that. He would be forced to be guilty for the rest of his life with the type of brothers he has.

The bastards.

"What will we do, then?" Antonio asked.

"We get on course and get to North America. Kirkland may or may not be alive when we get there, but either way we came here for a reason. His death isn't going to slow me down." Gilbert said, standing up.

Antonio nodded and Alistair scowled, but then nodded as well.

So, with that, Gilbert left Arthur's quarters. He would have to pay more attention to the crew now that he was the only captain on board.

Matthew held the leather cup up to the humanoid's lips. His eyelids were fluttering around, his eyes darting back and forth underneath them. He was half-asleep, but it was good enough for Matthew to try to give him water, and maybe even some food.

The humanoid accepted the water easily, gulping it down. Within seconds it was gone, and Matthew scooped up more from the leather-coated basket that held more water. He repeated the process over the next fifteen minutes until the basket was empty, and every last drop of water was gone. The humanoid was still thirsty, but there was no water to give him.

"F-...Fo...Foo...F-food." The humanoid's raspy voice sounded.

Matthew obeyed, bringing a cut piece of apple to his lips.

The humanoid bit off the end, and slowly Matthew fed him. He continued to do so with pieces of cooked meat, cut pieces of other fruits, and vegetables. As the minutes passed by, the humanoid accepted the food more and more easier. He was still very much weak, but he was getting better. If Matthew was able to do this three times a day for the next two to three days, he would be much better.

When he was done the humanoid's voice rasped out "Thank...You..."

"You're welcome. Rest now." Matthew kindly said, laying him back down the furs.

The humanoid immediately fell asleep.

Matthew watched him for a few minutes before deciding he should go get more food and water. A lot more so that he wouldn't have to leave tomorrow, and he could for the humanoid during that whole period. The more he was around the more the quicker he would heal.

The humanoid sat up, perched up against a wall, as Matthew fed him pieces of cooked fish.

It was the second time he had woken up so far today, and he was eating well. He was drinking a nice amount of water, too. If this continued he would be healed soon. Matthew hoped for the best, even though he would miss him once he left. Within the short period of time, he had grown used to caring for the humanoid.

As the humanoid finished off the last piece of a fish, Matthew asked "What is your name?"

The humanoid looked a tad dazed for a few seconds, before answering "Ar...Thur. Arthur." he said.

"Arthur? That's a nice name." Matthew complimented him, bringing up a piece of an apple.

The humanoid, Arthur, took it with ease. He was eating easier now, too. He would be better soon...

Matthew smiled sadly as Arthur started to fall asleep. He placed him back on his furs, allowing him to go to sleep comfortably.

Once he knew he was fully asleep, Matthew went over to tend to the fire.

Arthur. He was a humanoid of a white bird, but Matthew didn't know what. He could speak the same language as Matthew, meaning he came from the same land as his old caretaker had. Maybe he knew both of the languages taught to him? Matthew couldn't exactly remembered the names of the two he knew, but he guessed Arthur would know them both.

He would miss taking care of Arthur. At least he would be healthy and he could return where he was from. Still...

'I will miss it. I'm always alone.' Matthew thought. He had forgotten what it was like to be with someone, even if that person was constantly asleep and not very healthy at the moment.


The ship was moving across a long strip of ocean, though there was large islands of salt-rock every now and then. Salt-rock was a special form of rock formed out of sea salt that had come from the ocean and formed islands, hardening not only from being exposed to the sun but because of radiation, forming into a marble-like rock that could be shaved into salt, or used for buildings. Sometimes it was carved in jewelry, too. Gilbert made sure to map them all out, due to how much he could get from them. Salt rock was rare to come across, and only the rich had it. If he took the islands and sold the salt-rock, he would earn a lot of money, probably push the Prussian Empire into greatness. It was having trouble, after all.

"Gilbert?" Antonio asked as he hesitantly entered the Prince's quarters.

"What is it, Antonio?" Gilbert sighed, looking up from the map which he finished detailing.

"Alistair says the water is pushing us forward quicker, but we'll have to stop tomorrow a bit, so we'll be moving on the normal pace. He says they're going to fish some to capture some extra food. So we'll be there in around two days." Antonio explained with a chirp, closing the door behind him as he walked forward.

Gilbert and him were good friends. They, plus the Prince of France Francis, formed what infamously known as the 'Bad Touch Trio' for their younger expeditions. They had traveled the world, been with more women and men to count, got drunk and did unknown substances, and did everything they could just to be stupid assholes. When Gilbert was eighteen he was called back to Prussia, and so was Francis not even a year later. Antonio was the Prince of Spain and fiancé of some Italian Prince, but he didn't have to do any of his duties for as long his father ruled. He was allowed so much freedom because he was already arranged to marry, and his own husband was running about, too.

Over the years the three has distanced until Prussian-French relations proved thanks to the efforts of the two princes, and Antonio became Gilbert's Official Royal Advisory (They both mocked the title). Every now and then the three would meet up, and do random things together until false names. Francis was held back by his husband Arthur who threatened to murder him if he cheated, Antonio was trying to do good for his fiancé, and Gilbert...He had no one. He was just a Prince of Prussia that would be arranged to marry some random, fertile, royal woman. Maybe a man if it came down to it.

He had given up on the thought of love, despite Francis' efforts to bring it back.

"Remember when we had gotten drunk, and was left on an island by a bunch of pirates?" Antonio said.

Gilbert grinned at the memory. "Francis met Arthur that night. He had groped him, and Arthur nearly killed him. Then he left up stranded for a Spanish ship to find us."

Antonio laughed along with him, remembering their antics.

That night was crazy, to say the least.

The Bad Touch Trio had gotten drunk out of their minds in Central City, before coming across the Black Queen's Glory which was run by Captain Arthur Kirkland. Francis and Arthur had the sex the previous night, Arthur was pissed about it because he was drunk, and Francis was proud of it. After Francis groped Kirkland a few times, Gilbert had sex with one of the crew of Black Queen's Glory , and Antonio happily - and drunkenly - aided in groping the pirate captain. There tons of things they had done, but forgotten the next morning, and they ended up spending a few days on an island, alone with three guns each holding a single bullet.

Needless to say Captain Kirkland which he had heard of their living.

"How about the time with that butcher's daughter? When we all took her, and he caught us? The funny thing is he thought she was pure..." Gilbert brought up.

Antonio just groaned at that memory. "Mi amigo! You still have a scar from that one!"

"I don't know if it was from him, or his daughter." The prince joked earning a laugh.

That night was awesome, in Gilbert's opinion. He and his friends got a happily willing, and not drunk (For once) girl to fuck. Of course when they woke the next morning, all naked in her bed, with a man holding a bloody knife over them wasn't pleasant. Gilbert earned multiple scars on his back, Francis earned one long scar down his chest, and Antonio earned multiple ones on his stomach from the experience. They still talk about that day with only slight regret, still proud of the awesome catch they had gotten. Because seriously, that girl was everything but pure.

"Such good times..." Antonio sighed happily.

"Too bad we can't continue have them." Gilbert growned.

"Si, si...Though, you know we cannot. Francis is married, and I have to get my fiance to not hate me." Antonio smiled sadly, apologetically.

"How can someone hate you?" Gilbert questioned. Antonio was the most likable guy he knew.

"He calls me a 'Tomato Bastard', a pervert, and that I'm stupid." Antonio winced "He is still very young, and I am only trying to get him to like me better before we marry when he turns eighteen."

"How old is he?" Gilbert was confused. How young could his fiance be?"

"He's currently sixteen, with a younger brother." Antonio said.

"He isn't that young." Gilbert pointed out.

"I'm twenty-seven Gilbert, and we were arranged to marry when he was eight, and I was nineteen. I met when I was twenty-one, remember? I came out with a bruise on my cheek, and a damaged stomach. He had hit me because I patted him on the head." Antonio said, sighing again. He has tried so hard to try to get his fiance to like him at least slightly, but he just hated him.

"Do you like him?" Gilbert decided to ask.

"...Yes. He's adorable." Antonio groaned "Whenever he blushes he looks like a ripe tomato! He loves tomatoes too, like me! He has the cutest curl, and his brother has one too! I-it's just so adorable...But he hates me, and I don't know why! I've tried everything but I'm just the Tomato Bastard to him! Or a pervert! The worst I've ever done was kiss him, that's it!"

"...You kissed him? When?" Gilbert asked slowly. He believed he found the reason why Antonio's fiance didn't like him.

"When he was around, um, thirteen..." Antonio nervously stated.

"You sick fuck. You were twenty-four." Gilbert gaped "No wonder he hates you!"

"I-I didn't mean too! Okay, I did, but it wasn't unwilling! I swear! I did kiss him first, but he kissed back! After it was over he called me a pervert, and ran off. The next few days he kept on glancing at me, before finally punching me. It was just...He was so cute...And that after it I felt really, really guilty and confessed to a lot of churches. It was around the time I had sworn off drinking, because I was guilty...I didn't want to hurt him, and I still don't. I like him, love him possibly, but he hates me...I know I shouldn't have kissed him, I was wrong, but..." Antonio rambled before his friend just sighed, and hit him on the head, though not hard enough to actually hurt.

"See it from his eyes. He was probably embarrassed he kissed you back, and earned a hatred for you. He probably does like you, just doesn't know how to express it." Gilbert stated.

"You're surprisingly knowledgeable, but now I know I can't give up!" Antonio fisted the air happily, feeling better.

"...You're still a sick fuck, kissing a thirteen year old..." Gilbert muttered, jokingly.

"Says the one who had sex with three fifteen year old girls right before we left." Antonio pouted.

Gilbert snorted. "They were more than willing."

"They were drunk weren't they."

"They weren't virgins, anyway."

"Uh huh. I should tell your brother..."

"Don't you dare."

Matthew fed Arthur the pieces of fruit slowly, this time the man much more aware, though still tired and very weak. He had woken up, and Matthew began to feed him. Arthur would be waking up soon, it seemed. Matthew wondered if he could teach him to gather and hunt, or if Arthur could tell him more about where he came from. Maybe he could find out where his old caretaker came from, too.

"Who...Who are you?" Arthur was able to get out after swallowing down a piece.

"My name is Matthew." He smiled.

"...You look...Look like...My Alfie..." Arthur rasped.


"Who is he?" Matthew asked.

"My...My baby boy...He's so cute, though...Not much any-anymore...Used to have the cutest cheeks...Could pinch them..." Arthur yawned before wincing in pain "Could pinch them easily...So cute...He doesn't like me much anymore, though...He's still my baby..."

Matthew blinked. How old was he? He must have been alive a long time to have gotten a mate, and have had a child, most likely more than one. From what he knew humanoids always had more than one child.

"Who is your mate?" He decided to ask.

"My...Mate? You...You must be a hu-hu-humanoid, calling him...My mate." Yawn and wince "Francis is...He's bit of a pervert...I love 'em though...H-he even took my..." Another yawn and wince "Virginity..."

Matthew blinked. Didn't all mates take one's virginity? How odd...This one was obviously different. Very much so.

"Don't all mates take their mate's virginity?" He asked.

"You...You are...Definitely a humanoid...An innocent one..." Arthur laughed out.

A innocent one? Matthew was officially confused, but he couldn't ask anymore questions as Arthur passed out, snoring loudly.

He was very confused, and Matthew had so many questions! How different could this humanoid be? How was Matthew innocent? What was Arthur's den like?

Gilbert marked down the spot of the large salt-rock island with ease, while Alistair and Antonio talked about the island that was only less than a day away now. The crew was fishing and pulling in barrels of different kinds of fish, some tasting them to see if they were poisonous, a bit like a game actually. Betting on it, while Alistair shouted at them to get back to work. It was obvious none of the pirate crew respected Alistair, Arthur's crew coming in because of him, and would probably revolt if not for Gilbert's own crew.

"Dammit!" Alistair cursed, raising a gun to a crew member and shooting him in the leg "Listen for fuck's sake, I already told ya five fucking times to shut the fuck up, yeh dumb fuck!" his accent began to thicken due to his anger. He was already on a medium fuse because of his brother being dead, and not being listened to wasn't helping on keeping it that way. It was as if it had only been cut in half, and it was going to be cut in half again until he had no fuse left to be burnt.

Gilbert couldn't help but cackle. The sooner, the better. Once Alistair lost it he could probably take control of the entire ship with ease. He couldn't help but hope Arthur was dead. He wouldn't have to give up any wealth he found, and it would belong to the Empire of Prussia, and to the Prussian Empire alone.

"Fuck yahself!" Alistair yelled at him with a scowl, before stomping off to his brother's - old - quarters.

"Kesesese~ If I could, I would fuck myself!" Gilbert called back out, knowing that Alistair probably didn't hear him.

"Oh, Gilbert..." Antonio sighed, shaking his head.

Gilbert ignored his friend and returning to mapping, though he burst out in cackles every few minutes, scaring the crew every time he did.


Matthew blew fire at the animal while Arthur slept a few feet away from him. He had learned that Arthur preferred cooked meat more than raw. By cooked, he meant cooked. Like, no-red-in-it cooked. To Matthew it was disgusting and lacked nutrients, but he did it for his guest.

He already had some fruit cut up, and was no just making the meat. He ate earlier before doing this. Three crocodiles actually, he was very hungry...He hadn't ate very much since getting Arthur as a guest to his den. He had occupied his time caring for him rather than eating, and resting. Once Arthur was better and awake, he would return to his normal schedule.


Matthew looked up, turning to glance at Arthur who began to sit up.

Arthur looked horrible. While his wounds were gone, he still looked a tad ill. The man brought his hand to his head and groaned out in pain.

"Bloody hell...Do I hurt." He mumbled.

Matthew watched in interest. Was Arthur waking up officially?

As Arthur became more and more aware of his surroundings, he finally noticed Matthew staring and jumped into the air, yelping.

"D-don't care me like that, lad!" He gasped out, hand clasping at his heart now.

Matthew couldn't help but giggle. "Sorry."

"Oh my...Where am I?" Arthur started to question "Who are you? Wait, how long have I been out?" he began to get more and more panicked as mere seconds passed.

"You are in my den. I'm Matthew. You've been out for a week." He answered slowly, handing him a leather bowl of cut fruit.

"O-oh, right...You cared for me, didn't you?" Arthur took it, staring at it with a frown. He picked up a slice of red fruit, bringing it to his nose and sniffing it.

"I've never seen something like this before." He said.

"It's like a big, red berry." Matthew assured, holding up a copy of the fruit, though uncut and in its original form. It was a red sphere with a green stem poking out at the top. He did pick them from vines, like the other different kinds of berries...Though berries grew off of all kinds of things.

Arthur brought it to his lips, and ate it slowly. Blinking he nodded. "It tastes alright."

"Good! I have been feeding you all of this since you've been out, so..." Matthew shrugged.

Arthur continued to the eat the fruit, examining the cave - Matthew's den - before turning to Matthew. After a few seconds of examining him, he came to a conclusion.

"You're a submissive Dragonoid, aren't you?" He asked.

"I am." Matthew nodded "Though, I don't know about submissive...I've never gone through a heat."

"You look young, lad. Your first heat will come around eventually." Arthur told him "I know you're a submissive because of how you cared for me. Submissive's not only hunt but they gather, dominants only hunt."

"I did not know that...Then again, I haven't been around others like me. Only animals." Matthew mused.

"Then who took care of you?" Arthur asked.

"Well, first there was a bird...Then my caretaker..." Matthew said. He didn't remember much of either of the two that had raised him at two different times. He remembered the second a lot more than his first, though.

"Not only that...Dragonoid's only come from the Nordic mountains, or from the Chinese desert. You look more like a Nordic Dragonoid, but then how did you get all the way over here, I wonder...?" Arthur spoke, slowly standing up. He almost tumbled over but Matthew quickly caught him, helping him stand up straight.

"Thank you." Arthur thanked him, Matthew's helping hands slowly retreating. Once they did, his legs felt shaky though he didn't fall over. His head hurt and so did the rest of his body, but he had to get back to his ship. They probably all thought he was dead.

"Um...What are you, then? You have feathers...Like a bird." Matthew asked, curious.

"I'm an Angel, or a Reptiloid." Arthur answered.

"Reptiloid...Like a reptile?" Matthew was confused.

"You are too." Arthur nodded "Oh, yes, my feathers. It may be a bit confusing, but all birds and reptiles share a common ancestor. Some reptiles today even have feathers from it. I'm considered Reptiloid, like you. Though you would be considered a Dragonoid, since you, and all other Dragonoids, take after Dragons."

"What do you take after, then?" Matthew asked.

"I don't really know. Angels control magic easily and on great scales unlike most, but we aren't pure like some old religions claim. We do take after birds and reptiles, at most. Probably a swan or dove, or another white bird. Maybe a white feathered reptile? Are there any of those around here?" Arthur decided to question. He was curious about the animals in North America.

"I believe so! They are tasty..." Matthew hummed, licking his lips at the thought.

Arthur paled slightly.

"Oh, don't worry! I don't eat other humanoids." Matthew assured him.

"Do you eat humans?" Arthur asked, gaining some color back.

"I don't know." Matthew shrugged "The only humans around here I try to avoid. If they get to close I may kill them, then eat him. I wonder if they taste good."

"Don't eat any humans, unless you want to be hunted down and killed." Arthur advised him.

"Oh...Okay. What if they attack me?" Matthew asked.

"Humans don't attack for no reason. As long as you don't threaten them, they won't kill you. I know this since I live and work with them, though I can hide my wings." Arthur said.

"You can hide your wings? How?" Matthew was officially amazed by this man and his knowledge.

"With a bit of magic, of course! I can teach you, once I find my ship and crew, of course." Arthur nodded.

"Great! Why don't I teach you to hunt a bit, in return? Once you feel better, and you don't ache anymore." Matthew smiled.

"I would like that, thank you lad." Arthur said.

Matthew's smile just grew.

~ . ~

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