Hi, this is my first story on . This story is an rotbtd ghost whisperer au, more of a modern au with ghosts, inspired by Phage Childon's ghost whisperer au for hijack week on tumblr, called You're Always, My Heaven. Everyone should read it, if your're into hijack, it's really good so here's the link: post/70360807028/youre-always-my-heaven. This story will include almost every named character from each of the four movies, but the story focuses on Hiccup, then Jack, then Merida and Rapunzel. Guy from the The Croods will also be included and maybe Eep, I'm not sure yet. There will be eventual hijack and flynnxrapunzel, just as a forewarning, maybe others, but I've never really written romance, so it probably won't be a major part of the story. I have no beta, so any constructive criticism is more than welcome or ideas/thoughts on the story. So enough of my rambling, I hope you enjoy the first (short) chapter! Oh, and I own nothing but the plot, everything else belongs to their respective creators.

Hiccup kept his head bowed as he entered the large double doors. His sight was a mixture of white tile and auburn hair, his bangs effectively concealing him from the eyes of others. A sea of boots surrounded Hiccup as he maneuvered toward the office, glancing upwards every so often to ascertain that he was moving in the right direction. Soon he was met with a large wooden door. Taking a moment to gather his resolve, the young teen wrapped his right hand around the cool metal, twisted, and pushed his way inside. He was greeted by a middle-aged man, short black hair, and mocha brown eyes, already filled with flecks of annoyance and exasperation. The man's smile was twitching ever so slightly as he attempted to look welcoming. He was scrawny, overly expressionate, and extremely lacking in the hair department; yet so was everyone else here, as far as Hiccup could tell, when compared to everyone back home, or rather, back in Berk. The young teen was pulled from his musings as the man spoke.

"Good morning. How may I help you?" his nasally voice asked, though he must be commended for his overly chipper greeting.

"Oh, um, hi. I'm new and, uh, I'm here to-to get my schedule," the boy did his best to sound amicable, but it didn't amount to much.

The receptionist just stared at him, those brown eyes growing bored.

"Oh, uh, right. I'm Hiccup," the teen tried once more, moving his right hand forward in form of greeting, only to stop midway and return to his backpack strap.

Again he was met with a dull stare. Didn't this man need to blink?

Hiccup sighed and his green eyes found the floor once more, "I'm Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, can I please have my schedule now?"

Somehow, the man heard the low mumblings of the teen, his eyes brightening slightly as he shuffled through the stack of papers already growing at both sides of his desk. He handed the new student a single sheet of paper, smiled, and welcomed him to Burgess High School. Hiccup grasped the paper, muttered a thank you, and left the small office. By this time the hall was filled with enough teens to rival the small population of Berk. Hiccup gulped nervously, clenching and unclenching his left hand as he stared at the sheer mass of people before him. He had never had a good experience with anyone his age and to say Hiccup was dreading this new opportunity would be a gross understatement. Hiccup shook his head, auburn bangs resting just above his eyes. No one here knew him yet. No one here knew he was a freak, a screw up, a disgrace. Now all he had to do was keep them in ignorance. Maybe no one would notice him at all. That, at least, would be preferable to the Berkian's treatment. His mind traitorously brought to mind his father's outrageously optimistic ideas of Hiccup actually making friends, hanging out, and generally being accepted by his new peers. The young teen rolled his eyes, like any of that would ever happen.

Hiccup looked over the sheet of paper, searching for his first class. English II – room 317. Well that was descriptive. The young teen sighed as he pulled out the carefully folded map from his pocket. It only took him a few minutes to locate and enter his new classroom. Laminated pictures of famous authors and book covers hid three of the four walls, while a large white-board covered the fourth. The room was already half full, everyone a year or two older than the young auburn. All of the teens on Berk were at least one or two years his elder, so Hiccup had always learned at a grade level above his own. Combine that with his personal research and being in the general vicinity of Fishlegs, and Hiccup was more than prepared for his sophomore year in Burgess. At least, he hoped so.

There were no windows in the large room, so Hiccup found a seat next to the wall, towards the back of the class. He set his backpack beside him, unzipped it, and pulled out a dull yellow folder and notebook. He opened to the first page, grabbed a pencil, and began doodling. Dragons soon filled the margins of the loose-leaf, followed by mountainous ranges of graphite. The teen was pulled out of his imagination as an all too familiar chill ran down his spine. Green eyes opened wide in dread as he slowly lifted his head from the paper. His attention was caught by a group of three settling down one row behind him, more towards the middle of the classroom. The first teen had curls of flame settling about her shoulders, sky blue eyes, and pale skin, with a dark emerald t-shirt, blue jeans, and terrible posture. The second seemed older than his other classmates, or maybe it was just his stark, white hair. His skin was even paler than the girl's, with icy blue eyes, and he was perched on the chair rather than sitting upon it. However it was the third presence that really caught Hiccup's eye and caused a shudder to wrack his body. On the boy's left sat a woman, in either her late 30s or early 40s. She sported short brown hair, pale skin, and warm, caramel eyes. Those eyes glanced up as she lifted her head, sensing the young teen's stare. Both pairs of eyes widened as green met brown, the woman in shock at being seen and the boy in slight disbelief. Her stare never wavered as a group four teens walked through her incorporeal body, laughing raucously and obliviously.

Hiccup allowed his head to fall, slamming his forehead onto the wooden desk with an audible smack. The young teen groaned in annoyance. He couldn't even go the first day of school, his first full day in Burgess, without seeing one, could he? It looked like this would be a very long year indeed.

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