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"Order up!" Jack called as the dryer beeped.

A herd of children gathered eagerly around the teen as he opened the machine and pulled out a warm shirt.

Icy blue eyes glanced down then folded the article into a neat square. A white dish towel, part of the first load of laundry, hung around his bent left arm as he held the newly folded shirt out on the palm of his right hand.

"Delivery! Delivery for young master Sally!" he called out, clicking his heels together and sticking out his chin.

A short girl with long red hair giggled and pushed her way to him, "Here! Here!"

"Ah, young master Sally, your shirt my dear," he flashed her a bright smile before retrieving a pair of pants from the dryer.

Jack grinned as the bundle of curls trotted off with her prize. Although this game seemed to take more time than simply sorting their clothes and telling the other kids to put them away, it got them excited about doing what would otherwise be a chore and, more importantly, was fun for everyone involved. After all of the other clothes were 'delivered' Jack initiated the sock sorting contest, leaving the basket of unpaired socks in the hallway and retreating to his room. Once there, he pulled out two identical suitcases that he had squeezed under his bed. He dragged them to the closet and placed one to his right and the other to his left. Each article of clothing within the closet was folded and placed either to his left or right, depending on if it was his or Sunny's. The two siblings shared a closet and the bunk bed behind him. These two pieces of furniture were duplicated on the other side of the room, but vacant, the set of twins the Frosts use to share the room with having been adopted last fall. Soon, the entire room would be empty.

Just as Jack finished clearing out the closet, a little voice behind him called, "Jack! We're back!"

Three children launched themselves at him before Jack even had a chance to turn, "Ooof, hey guys. Did you have fun with Cupcake?"

"Yeah!" the little blonde clinging to his left calf exclaimed happily.

"What're you doing, Jack?" the small brunette hanging onto his right leg questioned.

Sunny, the little spider monkey, was dangling from his shoulders, "Hey! You packed my stuff! Now all your gross germs are all over it."

"That's right!" Jack confirmed, shutting the closet door, "Now it's allllll mine."

"Noooooooo," Sunny wailed in mock agony - she was getting really good at it - and slumped against his back.

Before he could continue his banter, a small tug on his right caught his attention, "Hey Jack? Are you really leaving forever and ever?"

"Are we ever going to see you again?" the suddenly teary-eyed blonde asked.

"Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there kiddos," Jack placated as Sunny slid off his back and onto the floor so Jack could crouch down to meet them eye-to-eye, "We are leaving, but not forever! You can't get rid of us that easily!"

"Yeah!" Sunny asserted, crossing her arms and pouting slightly, "We still have school together and-and we're gonna visit every day!"

"Every day?" the little brunette boy's eyes widened comically.

The teen chuckled nervously, "Well, probably not every day, but most of them. I'm still taking everyone home after school and we'll still come over for playdates. You won't have time to miss us, we'll be back so soon."

"Promise?" the small blonde asked seriously, sticking out her pinky finger.

A bright grin stretched across Jack's face as he curled his pinky around hers, "Promise...Now, you two missed the clothing delivery while you were gone. You better hurry and grab your clothes before the hungry hangers eat them!"

The two children released his legs with a shout and ran from the room. Sunny opened the closet and checked it over one last time before closing it and turning to her brother.

"So we'll still get to see everyone every day?" she asked hopefully, rocking back and forth on her feet.

"Of course! Who else could handle these trouble makers other than yours truly?" he demanded, dark eyebrows raised challengingly.

Sunny giggled and shoved him gently, "Only because you cause more trouble than all of us combined!"

"You bet I do, I have to or else I'll lose my crown!" he exclaimed, crouching down and throwing out his arms to emphasize its importance.

Brown eyes narrowed as they flickered between the top of Jack's head and his eyes, "What crown?"

"The crown of the King of Mischief! If I didn't cause so much trouble, I could lose my title," Jack lamented.

Sunny grinned and leaped at Jack, pushing her brother onto the floor and straddling his chest, "Then what does that make me?"

Jack let out a small gust of air at the not-so-light weight on his lungs before matching his sister's grin, "Why the Princess of course! You're my biggest competitor for the crown. Almost as troublesome but so cute, no one would ever suspect you. I've taught you well."

That incited laughter from Sunny and a twinkle reached her eye, "Better not tell Bunny that."

Blue eyes widened, then narrowed, "You wouldn't dare."

This time the small girl smirked, "Wanna bet?"

Jack paused before a sly smile spread across his face, "You can't if the tickle monster gets you first!"

Brown eyes widened comically as Jack launched his attack, going straight for the arm pits. Sunny was a mess of laughter in moments, unable to fend off the tickle-assault. She lasted almost a full minute before calling for mercy. Sunny slumped on her brother's chest, panting to regain her breath. Two spindly arms wrapped around her tightly. For a while, the two siblings laid there on the floor. Eventually Sunny moved so that she could look her brother in the eye.

"Hey Jack," she began tentatively.

"Hey what?" he grinned, ignoring the chin digging into his sternum.

She shifted idly, "Do...do you think North wants us to call him dad?"

Jack froze as ice settled in his stomach.

Sunny continued after a pause, "B-because I-I don't think I c-c-can."

"Oh Sunny," Jack's voice cracked as he sat up, cradling the small child in his arms, "You don't have to. You never have to. I don't think North would ever want you to."

"R-Really?" she sniffled, wiping at her eyes.

"Really really," he smiled softly and gave her a slight squeeze, "North isn't trying to replace mom and dad. He's...well, he's more like an uncle. A loud, jolly, Russian uncle."

Sunny giggled lightly.

Encouraged, Jack continued, "And Tooth? She's more like an aunt, don't you think? A flighty, kind, Indian aunt. And that means Baby Tooth is like our cousin!"

"Then what is Bunny?" she grinned, tears mostly forgotten.

Jack paused, face scrunched in concentration, "Well...that would make Bunny our grumpy, grumbling pet."

"Jack!" Sunny yelled in protest, but couldn't keep the smile from her face.

"Okay, okay, I guesssssss he could be another uncle. Or maybe a cousin? Yeah, he's our grumpy, Australian cousin who isn't used to sharing and is worried I'll steal all his toys," he conceded.

Sunny laughed, gripping her stomach and rolling away from Jack, who used this opportunity to jump to his feet.

"Alright Squirt, how about we do one last check before they get here," he suggested, offering his sister a hand and pulling her to her feet.

"O-haha-okay," she agreed, then scrambled towards the top bunk to get a bird's-eye view of their room.

Fifteen minutes passed as the two siblings gave the room a thorough once over to ensure that none of their meager possessions were forgotten.

"Jackson! Sunny! Come down!"

Wide blue eyes met brown.

"Coming!" they yelled in unison, Jack quickly took a suitcase in each hand and then dashed down the steps two at a time with his sister hot on his heels.

He skidded to a halt at the entryway, almost tripping as his little sister stopped her run by grabbing onto his legs. Before them stood North and a woman slightly taller than Jack. Teal, indigo, and yellow streaks of hair framed her face like tropical bird feathers, contrasting beautifully with her warm brown skin. Amethyst eyes, bright and intelligent, lit up with joy as they met his own.

"Jack! Sunny! Are you two ready to go? Do you need help packing? Do you need some time to say goodbye?" she asked rapid fire as she approached the two siblings.

"Whoa Tooth, one question at a time, please," Jack chuckled nervously as Toothiana wrapped her thin arms around him and Sunny.

"Oh, sorry, I'm just soooo excited to finally take you home! Okay, okay," she released them and stood up straight, taking a deep breath before continuing and clasping her hands together, "Is there anything else you want or need to do before we head out?"

"Uh," Jack stalled, glancing down at his sister who still clung to his legs, "We're all packed, but we should go say goodbye to everyone first, right Squirt?"

"Yes. Take all time needed. We will wait," North grinned, gesturing towards the steps.

Wide brown eyes met icy blue before Sunny slowly nodded, still not sure how she felt about this new change, then dashed back up the stairs. Jack chuckled lightly and followed at a slightly slower pace. After the Frosts were thoroughly hugged and offered more than a few tearful goodbyes, they were led to a bright red van.

"Oh, Jack, here, hand me your suitcases. I'll put them in the back," Tooth chirped cheerfully, nabbing the bags and placing them in the trunk.

"Er, okay," Jack complied, not really having a choice in the matter.

North grinned, ushering Sunny into the side door, "Come, come soon you will see new home! It is very exciting, da?"

"Yeah!" Sunny grinned, feeding off of North's and Tooth's delight.

Jack slid into the seat next to her and ruffled her hair, "Ready to go?"

"Yep!" she shouted as Tooth entered the passenger seat.

"Is everyone buckled?" Toothiana asked, placing one hand on the wheel to prevent North from leaving.

After a chorus of 'yes' hit her ears, she released the wheel and allowed him to drive them home. Jack glanced back once more to see the little orphanage disappear from sight. The small drive gave Sunny a chance to get nervous once more, so Jack distracted her with jokes and light-hearted teasing. It only took about five minutes to reach the edge of town and one more after that to reach North's house, or rather, mansion. Preceding the large home were two towers, each topped with an onion dome. The house itself was a giant dome with four rectangular patio protrusions and a plethora of windows. A giant compass-shaped weathervane was perched at the very center of the house, painted a gradient from green to violet. Jack and Sunny sat slack-jawed at the sight.

"Whoa," Jack breathed as they drove between the towers and up to the front door.

Sunny leaned over to him and whispered as they parked, "Is it real?"

Jack nodded, brushing off his shock and gratitude and other emotions he could not yet identify and didn't care to, "Yeah. This is where we're gonna live."

"Whoa," she murmured as her side door opened.

Tooth seemed to be vibrating with energy, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she bit her lip, "Would you two like to come inside? North can grab your suitcases. Come on!"

They had barely stepped out of the vehicle before they were being dragged away and through the front doors, Tooth chattering away, "Now this is the entry room, you can leave your coats on the coat rack there and shoes, if they're dirty, on that rug and - oh - this is the front room where we entertain guests, though feel free to use it so long as you pick up after yourselves and, you know what, never mind that until you get a feel for where everything belongs. That leads to the kitchen, are you two hungry? Well, we'll just have to whip up something for you, there's plenty of food so that should be fine - and down that hall is the bathroom and just past it is the recreational room, Baby absolutely loves that room, oh, and she's not here right now, she's with Phil and Bunny at the shop but she is sooo excited to have you two here, really I worry sometimes that she gets lonely, but oh look at me rambling. With you two here I'm sure you can all keep each other company, it will be just lovely. Next to the recreational room is my office, so if you're ever looking for me, that is a good place to start. Then downstairs - I won't take you there right now, I'll show you your rooms first - but downstairs is North's workshop and Phil's office. North is just so excited to show you two his work, he's been talking about it nonstop all week. Oh, then upstairs - there's also an elevator but we'll take the steps - upstairs there are eight bedrooms and Bunny's art studio. Now, I'm sure he wants to show you his work, but make sure you have his explicit permission before going in, he's very particular about it. Oh, but yes, eight bedrooms. Now, we weren't sure if you wanted to share a room or have your own rooms, so, we prepared both and you two can choose! Or you can switch off. Whatever you want! Oh, here, you check out the rooms, this one and that one, and I'll go let North know we're up here. Be right back!"

The two Frosts stood there bewildered and at a slight lost as the whirlwind that was Toothiana, sped back towards the spiral staircase...with a glass elevator that ran up the center of the spiral and platforms that connected it to each floor. It was a lot to take in. Sunny was the first to stop gaping at their new surroundings and opened the first door Tooth pointed to. Inside was a huge bedroom, easily three times the size of their old room. One queen bed sat at either end of the room along with two closets and a dresser. The walls were painted with a soft periwinkle while the door and window frames were a cool grey. Orange sunlight stretched across the hardwood floors and Jack felt exhaustion pull at him. Sunny yawned, her wide brown eyes looking up to Jack.

"Jack, can we sleep together tonight?" she asked, glancing longingly towards the nearest bed.

"Of course," Jack smiled, grabbing her hand and leading her to their right, "We can figure out everything else tomorrow."

Sunny sighed happily, kicking off her socks and climbing into bed. Jack was close behind her, lifting up the covers and sandwiching Sunny between him and the wall, where it was 'safest'. It had been a long day of taking care of the kids and packing, as well as emotionally exhausting, with the big day finally here. Right now he just felt warm, tired, and happy? Content. He felt content. They were finally here, financial worries behind them, any irrational fears that North or Tooth would change their mind abated, and Sunny was safe. What more could Jack ask for?

By the time Tooth had grabbed North, discussed meal plans with him, called Phil to check in on Baby Tooth, and returned up the elevator with suitcases in tow, she found the newest additions to her family curled against the wall with the light on. She quietly rolled the suitcases to the side of the room, turned off the light, and shut the door. A smile played on her lips as she left the two Frost siblings sound asleep.

Jack woke slowly. First, he noticed his left arm was numb, probably due to the weight resting atop it, and his right arm was stiff. Sunny shifted in his arms and mumbled softly. Next, as he carefully moved his arm out from under his sister, he realized that his head was very warm, almost uncomfortably so. He was right underneath the sunbeam creeping into their room as the sun rose. Despite his efforts, Sunny awoke soon after he regained feeling in his arm and stood, taking in their unfamiliar surroundings once more. Even as he let go of the lethargy of sleep, an inner warmth stayed with him as he and Sunny made their way back downstairs. The two siblings followed the noise emanating from the kitchen. A head of white and a head of brown peeked into the large space as the front door opened and Bunny yelled a quick goodbye.

"Poka!" North shouted back before noticing the two hovering outside of the kitchen, "Jack! Sunny! Come, Come! Have the breakfast, is very good."

North set down two plates of fried eggs, buttered toast, and grilled tomatoes. Jack and Sunny slowly sat down at the table, both feeling slightly out of place but eager to dig into the delicious meal.

Tooth flew into the kitchen, beelining for North before she stopped in her tracks and turned to the Frosts, "Oh, Sunny! Jack! I'm so glad to see you two before I go! Did you sleep well? I left all of your things upstairs and North can help you unpack since he's taking the day off," after the two nodded, mouths full with food, Tooth grinned and continued, "Well, I'm afraid to say I won't be back until late, but Baby is here. You'll just have to get her up, she is just not a morning person, so good luck. North, be sure you help them and make sure they get lunch and don't forget to brush your teeth! Alright, oh dear, I'll be late if I don't leave now. Alright you two, have a wonderful day! I'll want to hear all about it when I get home tonight."

After a quick hug for each of them, Tooth flitted out the door. North chuckled, low and jolly, before sitting down at the table with his own plate.

"Dobroye utro my friends. This house always moves! Haha! So, we have all day, what would you want to be doing?" he asked, grinning at each of them.

Jack opened his mouth, but Sunny beat him, "Oh! OH! We have to go back today and say hi! I promised I would, I promised!"

"Good, good. Always time for friends and loves, da?" North nodded, pale blue eyes sparkling.

Jack coughed nervously, "Uh, speaking of friends, is it alright if Hiccup comes over? He wanted to help me get settled in."

"Da, DA! Hiccup is boy with cat, net?" North questioned, pointing his fork at Jack.

"Yeah, that's him," Jack smiled, relieved but also somewhat nervous.

Sunny bounced in excitement as she finished her food, "Yay! I like him, he's short. Okay, I'll go get BT, then can we go?"

North chuckled at her enthusiasm, "After Baby Tooth eats."

"Okay, then I'll get her real quick so we can leave," she nodded, cleared her plate, then rushed back upstairs, ready to open every bedroom door until she found her friend.

Jack then turned to North, "Is it ok if I use a phone to call Hiccup? He can meet us at the orphanage."

North just nodded and pointed towards the phone.

"Thanks!" Jack grinned before clearing his dishes and grabbing the phone. After two rings Jack heard Hiccup's voice and his heart fluttered, just a bit, "Hey Hic. It's Jack. Could you meet me at the orphanage in an hour? ...Yep, all clear...Sweet! I'll see you then."

This was it. Jack was done for. His heart felt ready to burst out of his chest and if he had to witness one more moment of this, it would.

"Oh, and, uh, who's this?" Hiccup asked, grabbing the yellow stuffed figure out of the suitcase and holding it up to Sunny.

Brown eyes turned away from their current task and widened, "That's Sandy!"

Hiccup, crouched on the ground and helping Sunny unpack, repeated, "Sandy?"

"Yep!" she shouted in response, finally finding the perfect place for the Tooth Fairy on her bed, then turned back to Hiccup, "He's the Sandman. Jack says he brings you good dreams. If you sleep with him nearby, he'll protect you from nightmares."

"Wow, that's ptretty impressive. We better make sure he's really close then, so you and Jack have good dreams," Hiccup smiled lopsidedly, his gorgeous green eyes warm they met Sunny's.

Yep, there it goes. Goodbye heart.

"Yeah, we gotta make sure he can reach me and Jack. Where should he go?" Sunny looked around the room, pouting slightly as she wracked her brain for the best spot.

Jack opened his mouth to tell Sunny to keep Sandy by her, that he, the Great Jack Frost, could use his wintry powers to keep nightmares at bay, but Hiccup spoke first.

"That's a good question. Hey, you know what? Toothless is an expert protector - I bet he'll know the perfect place," Hiccup paused and turned to the cat curled up in his lap, "What do you think, Bud? Where should Sandy go?"

Toothless stretched, yawned and stood. After a minute of sniffing around the room, he jumped up on the small desk beneath the window.

"What do you think Sunny?" Hiccup asked, handing over the stuffed figure.

Sunny inspected the space, then nodded and gave Toothless a couple loving pets, "This is great, he can watch over us while we sleep and make sure we don't have any nightmares!"

Toothless purred in appreciation, then hopped down and padded back to Hiccup, "Good job Bud!"

Sunny spun once, then twice, then nodded to herself and announced, "I'm done! I'm gonna go play with BT now. Have fun Jack. And thanks Hiccup and thanks Toothless!"

With that, the little girl was gone. Jack was honestly surprised she had lasted long enough to actually finish unpacking before running off to join Baby Tooth, who had predictably bailed earlier. Now though, now it was just Jack and Hiccup.

Hiccup slowly pushed himself to his feet, then reached down to lift Toothless into his arms, "Okay Jack, what do you have left?"

Icy blue eyes glanced over to the half-filled suitcase; he may have gotten a little distracted watching Sunny and Hiccup, "Not too much, mostly clothes. You know, you really don't need to help, you've done more than enough with Sunny already."

Stupid, that was stupid. Jack did not want Hiccup to leave, but he also did not want Hiccup to feel obligated to help him either. He really should have thought longer before opening his big mouth.

Green eyes briefly met his own before flitting off to the side, then towards the ceiling, then back at Jack, "That's uh, okay, I mean, I'm happy to help, but, um, there's something I need to tell you."

Jack immediately perked up, "Sure, shoot."

Toothless crawled up to Hiccup's shoulders as the young teen began to flail his arms, "So, you probably haven't noticed this, I mean, of course you haven't noticed, there's no way you could have, that was stupid, sorry. But the thing is, I don't know how you'll feel about this, um, but your parents, well, they kinda, uh, their-their portal to the light is open. Which means that they're ready to crossover."

Jack's heart sunk down into his stomach, "...they're leaving?"

"No! ...yes? Kinda, not exactly. They're leaving what I guess you could call the ghostly plane? They won't be here, as in they won't be able to talk to me anymore, but they aren't stuck here anymore, in this weird in-between spot. They're telling me that their work here is done or, more accurately maybe, that they've done all they can. They say that you and Sunny are safe now, you have a permanent financial and emotional support system, people who will provide for you and care about you, and that there's nothing really more they can do," he shrugged and tugged at his hair, never meeting Jack's eye for long.

"But," Jack paused, he had been so happy and now he felt..."but as much as I love North and Tooth, they aren't replacements! I know you said they can't interact with the physical world, but they can still talk to you. And you can talk to me. Isn't that...isn't that enough?"

Now it was Jack who couldn't meet Hiccup's eyes. He could tell the younger boy froze for a moment before approaching. Jack felt, but didn't see, the bed dip beside him. Hiccup reached out to Jack, but his hovering hand curled into a fist and lowered back to the bed.

"I'm sorry Jack. I-I wish they could stay t-too. But, um, but the light, it-it pulls at you, when it's your time. They say i-it's been open since last night and-and they've only resisted it this long s-so that they could talk with you a-and Sunny, um, if she's willing, before they...before they go - and they're not leaving you! Th-they'll never st-stop watching over y-you and Sunny. They just-they just won't b-be here," he ended softly, glancing down.

Tears prickled at Jack's eyes and he quickly blinked them away. It just...it wasn't fair. After all this time, he finally had his parents back and now he had to say goodbye? Again? It had been what, less than a month and now they were leaving. Although he was eternally grateful to speak with them again, for it to be such a short time, practically dangling his dreams in front of him and then ripping them away...it hurt. He had really thought this would last forever, or at least as long as he was still friends with Hiccup, hopefully both. But now? All those possibilities that had once been stolen from him and Sunny - talking with them, celebrating birthdays and graduations and, maybe one day, weddings - were snatched from him all over again.

Small, warm fingers hesitantly wrapped around his hand.

Icy blue eyes raised just enough to meet wide, concerned green, "Jack...I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry," Jack paused, turning his hand and returning the comforting squeeze, "Thank you."

Without Hiccup, Jack would never have been able to communicate with his parents at all. He quickly squashed the small part of him that whispered that it would have been better to have never done so. Now he knew they were alright, that they were always there, that they didn't blame him...

Jack let out a long sigh, accepting that there was nothing he could do to change this, so he'd have to make the most of it, "Actually, can I ask a favor?"


"Could I talk to them before they go? And could I tell Sunny? I wanted to when she was older, but...well I think she deserves a chance to really talk to them," he requested, looking away in fear of refusal.

"Of course, Jack, I'd be happy to," the small smile fell slightly as Hiccup started rambling, "Though, I-I don't want to invade your privacy. Um, maybe if you write down your questions so I can't see them and-and then I can give you yes or no answers. Hmm, but that doesn't really allow for complex conversations, uh, wh-what if, um, what if - oh! You could write down your questions aaannnddd your parents could give me their answers in letters instead of words! Then I could tell you where to put the spaces and, I mean that is a lot of work, but I think it could work. That way I'll never know what you're talking about, so you can ask whatever you want!"

Jack could not help the smile that spread across his face as Hiccup's excitement grew, "That sounds like a great idea. Thank you, Hiccup."

Freckled cheeks gained a rosy tint as Hiccup scratched the back of his head, "I'm happy to help, really. All of you have helped me so much already...it's the least I can do."

"Okay, then I'll be right back with Sunny and some paper," Jack spoke, reluctantly releasing Hiccup's hand and making his way towards the door.

Hiccup nodded, "Sure. I'll, uh, I'll just wait here. I guess."

Jack hurried down the dizzying stairs. He made his way recreational room, stopping when he only saw Sunny.

In response to her brother's searching eyes, Sunny answered, "BT went to the bathroom. We were about to play dinosaur runway. It's a new game we made where you have to dress-up really good and walk down the runway, but, if the judges don't like you, you have to run-away or get eaten. Do you and Hiccup want to play too?"

"Maybe next time Squirt. I actually need to borrow you for a little while," Jack said as he glanced back towards the doorway.

Brown eyes narrowed in suspicion, familiar with her brother's antics, "Is this a trick?"

Jack shook his head and crouched down so that he was eyelevel with his sister, "Sunny, there's something really important I need to tell you, ok? And we can't tell anyone else, including Baby Tooth, for now. And I promise, from the bottom of my heart, that this is not a trick.

Blue and brown connected for a heartbeat longer before Sunny nodded, "Okay Jack."

Jack smiled and stood, grabbing her hand and heading towards the stairs.

It was time to say goodbye.

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