Chapter 3

Cleaning Up the Corporal's Room

The next day Eren was grooming the horses with Jean and bickering like usual when one of the veteran soldiers told him he had been summoned to Levi's office. Instantly, memories of the night before flashed through his mind.

Was Levi angry? Disgusted? Was he going to mock Eren for being so immature, giving in to his body like some horny teenager? (Okay, he was a teen, and occasionally horny as hell, but as a soldier he was expected to be better than that.)

"Oy, what's with you?" Jean asked, running the brush through a bay horse's mane. "I didn't think you were that scared of the corporal. Then again, he kicked a tooth out. Scaredy-cat!" he mocked.

"Shut up! I'm not scared of him."

"You're white as a ghost. I hope he punishes you for being stupid."

"Horse face!" Eren shot back.

Before Jean could come up with a retort, Eren turned out of the stables and hurried through the courtyard.

Truth be told, he felt his heart racing as he followed the familiar path to Levi's office. He had been in the room many times, but now … this time, it was different. Levi had seen him at his most vulnerable. Damn him, but he had screamed the corporal's name right at that climaxing moment.

Why had he done that? He admired Levi, aspired to be as fine of a soldier as him, but … why had he so easily fantasied about him? Why had Levi watched him like that? Why did his moans affect Levi so potently? What the hell was going on, and where was all this leading?

Both the messenger and his guard for the day followed him into the office. Levi stood at the window peering out at the activity below, hands folded behind his back, his shadow stretching over the wood floor and rugs.

"You two, leave," he ordered, not turning around.

Eren gasped, but he saw the two pull back. The door shut with a bang, and he was alone, here with Levi. Eren looked at the imposing figure. His height did not matter. Eren knew how deadly Levi could be.

"My rafters," he said curtly.

Eren blinked. Rafters? Was this some polite way of saying something sexual? He waited to hear more.

"They're dusty. Clean them."

Eren remained planted, staring in confusion. Maybe this was a test. Maybe it was punishment for last night. He did not want to anger Levi and disobey. Gulping hard, he took a few steps closer into the room. He saw a feather duster set to the side, as well as a bandanna to tie back his hair and another for his mouth so he would not breathe in the dust. Eren took one more glance at Levi, but the man had not moved a single muscle. Eren tied the bandannas on, picked up the duster, and turned back to him.

"Where shall I start, sir?"

"Anywhere you please," Levi said, his voice low and distant. "I want you up top. Don't do a half-ass job about it."

Eren looked up at the rafters. They were too high to just jump, but pulling himself up should not be a problem. He had trained enough for at least that. He pulled out a chair, but paused.

"May I, sir?"

"Go ahead," came the soft, fading answer.

Eren wondered what distracted the corporal so much that he hardly realized anything was going on around him. He seemed so focused outside. Shrugging, Eren climbed onto the chair, took a slight leap, grabbed a rafter beam, and easily hoisted himself up. He sat precariously, but he began to dust.

Levi could not even meet Eren's eyes. He thought this would be easy. When he summoned Eren, he had planned to lay out everything, his requests, his expectations, his limitations, all they both needed to understand for this—whatever it was—to become a thing, a relationship.

However, now that he was here, he heard the youthfulness in the young man's voice. He was legal, but just bare. Only barely! If people found out…

That was a request he had planned. This could not become common knowledge amongst the troops. None of his previous liaisons ever became known, but Eren was different. He had childhood friends in the squad. Friends like that were more likely to talk about intimate things.

This was a risk, and he had been debating the pros and cons of this risk all night.

Levi kept thinking about how to breach the subject, secretly hoping Eren would impulsively blurt it out first. The boy did not, though, and that made Levi start to lose confidence. Maybe Eren really had been merely desperate last night and everything else was his imagination.

Finally, Levi turned around. Eren had good balance, at the very least. He had awful dusting techniques, though. Levi scoffed as he saw the dust particles raining down through the sunlit room. He would need to sweep all that dust up later.


The young soldier nearly lost his balance as he turned around sharply, but a quick grab to a support beam was all he needed. Good reflexes, thought Levi.

"Sir?" he asked, voice high and throat pinched.

What did he even want to say? Levi simply hated this silence. He preferred at least a little conversation.

"How are you feeling?"

Eren's cheeks flushed. This was it! He wanted to talk about it now! "Better, sir. Thank you."

"I see," he muttered, and Levi looked aside.

Dammit! What did he want to say? He was blanking out. Everything his mind came up with sounded idiotic in his own head, and there was no way he could humiliate himself in front of a shitty brat like this.

How could he bring up a subject like that? Blurt it out? He did not want to scare Eren away.

Levi was still waffling about what to say next when a soldier burst in. "Corporal! An accident with the horses!"

"Jean?" Eren asked in dread.

The soldier was slightly startled to see someone way up above their heads. "No one was around when it happened, but he's there now calming down the other steeds. Sir, you're needed."

Levi cursed silently. Of all times! Then again, this gave him some time to calm himself. "Watch the brat in my stead," he ordered, and Levi marched out at a brisk pace.

The soldier looked up again and grinned at Eren. "Punished with cleaning the rafters, eh?"

Eren frowned. He had hoped Levi was finally going to bring it up. This silence was torture. He felt it was not his place to mention it, since he had been the one at fault. At least Levi did not seem angry, but he also did not look happy. That man was impossible to read.

Eren returned to dusting. He hoped that if he was done before Levi returned, perhaps they could talk. He made quick work of the job, clearing a few cobwebs here and there, but not much else. Levi's office was nearly impeccable already. He even began to wonder why Levi asked him to come here, especially after the awkwardness of last night.

Finally, he leaped down to the ground.

"Not bad," the babysitting guard approved. "Did you get his bedchamber as well?"

Eren felt his heart leap. "B-bedchamber?"

"You don't know? It's one of the perks Levi has for being corporal. His bed is just off this office. If he told you to dust the rafters, I'd bet he meant those, too. Oh, but use a cloth, not that feather duster. You left dust all over the floor. If you were to knock dust off the rafters and onto the corporal's bed … well, I sure won't volunteer to scrape up what's left of you."

Eren cringed. That sounded bad. He looked around the floor, but to his eyes it did not seem to be dusty at all. Still, he began to hunt around the office for a cloth. The soldier gave no support at all, laughing in amusement at Eren's panicked face. Then, pausing with trepidation, Eren opened Levi's bedchamber door. There should be a cloth around somewhere in here. He saw a wash basin—of course Levi would have one just for him—but he was not sure which cloth was okay. They all looked brand new, neatly folded and creased. Then he saw one, a hand towel probably used that morning when Levi washed his face and hands. It was already dirty, so perhaps he could get away with using that.

He added some water into the wash basin to moisten the towel when he noticed the handkerchief still in the waste basket. He recognized the embroidered trim, and memories of last night flashed through his mind. Eren looked sharply back into the other room. The babysitting soldier was not really watching, gazing instead out the window at whatever was going at the stables. So Eren leaned over and lifted the handkerchief. He realized it had even more cum in it. Eren knew he had emptied the cloth last night.

Had Levi used it too?

Had Levi used it while thinking of him?

A throat suddenly cleared in the doorway, and Eren dropped the cloth as he stood up stiffly in dread. Levi's eyes were straight on him, seeing where Eren was, the blush to his cheeks, and the slight bulge in his trousers.

"Return to your post," the corporal said to the guarding soldier.

With a salute, the man left. Eren heard the door slam shut, and he leaped slightly.

It was just him and Levi now, and the corporal had seen him rummaging through his trash.

"I … I can wash this, sir," he stuttered. "It's such a nice handkerchief. It's a waste to throw it out."

Levi stared at him coldly. "Yes. Wash it." Then he walked back into the office.

Eren let out a silent sigh. He seriously thought he might get killed, right there. He lifted the cloth out of the trash, tried to scrape the gummy dried cum into the waste basket, and then brought it to the sink. He wet it, got a scrub brush and soap, and began to vigorously clean the cloth.

Levi retreated for the moment. He needed a battle plan. Eren knew now. He knew what happened after last night's events. He knew Levi was at the very least aroused by it and had pleasured himself to thoughts of it, of him. Almost unconscious of his actions, he drifted to the main door, slightly surprising himself when he reached forward and locked the bolt. He stared at his hand, feeling like it had moved on its own accord. His body knew what it wanted, even if his brain was in turmoil. Well, if his body was gaining the upper hand, he should at least go with the flow of battle.

In the bedchamber, all Eren could think about was that Levi must have used it. He must have. Eren had seen the arousal in the corporal last night, his deft touches, his heavy breathing. He had demanded the handkerchief back. He must have raced here, right in this room, and stroked himself off using the same handkerchief.

But did he use it merely because it was already filthy, or did he use it because it had Eren's cum, his scent, because it had touched him down there?

The more he thought about it, about Levi with his cock out, touching it, right here in this office, the more aroused he became. What place had he used? The desk? The bed? The couch out front? Standing? Sitting? Lying on his back? What position? How did the corporal touch himself?

"What are you thinking about?"

Eren dropped the scrub brush and tensed up. Shit! Levi was back in the doorway, his silhouette dark against the brightness of the office.

"Tell me," came a quiet yet demanding order.

Eren panicked. He could lie. He could tell Levi about the joke Jean told after breakfast as they curried the horses. He could talk about the fine embroidery of the cloth he was washing.

He sensed more than felt the approaching closeness of the corporal. "Tell me, Eren," came a calm, low, dominating voice.

No way in hell could he lie. Levi would know.

"I was wondering … this cloth, it's messier than last night."

"That's right. I jerked off into it."

Eren blushed that he admitted it so easily. "I … I see."

"Does that arouse you?"

"No!" he screamed, voice cracking.

Levi now stood right beside him, and his hand reached down to brush along Eren's thigh, almost but not quite touching. "This says otherwise."

Eren's eyes turned to Levi. The older man saw the guilt and confusion in them. He supposed that was natural for someone so young.

Levi suddenly slammed Eren against the wash basin and grabbed his arousal through the uniform pants. "You're already this big, you horny brat. And you just jerked off yesterday. How many more times do you need before you finally satisfy yourself?"

Eren had a hard time breathing. The touch was precisely how he had imagined it, strong yet delicate, the perfect amount of pressure to get the results Levi wanted, nothing imperfect in his technique. Eren clutched the edge of the basin to hold himself up as Levi palmed him.

"Do you hate this?" Levi asked, breathing hard with desire. "Say the word and I'll let you leave. I'll even give you half an hour free time, unsupervised, to take care of it."

Eren looked up in amazement. He thought Levi would simply force him. Then again, he was a commander well-respected by his troops. He never forced them to do anything they did not want.

In response, Eren put his hand atop of Levi's and squeezed, making Levi feel him more.

Levi gasped silently at the boldness. He had expected some bashful, simpering whine. Instead, those eyes held his, equal in their desire.

This was no innocent child terrified of a little intimacy. Eren was of age, and if those eyes spoke true, he was far from innocent.

For a second, Levi lost himself. He lifted Eren with ease, sat him on the wash basin, and thrust up against him. Those long legs wrapped around his hips, and their mouths crashed together. Eren still tasted of breakfast (the brat had not brushed his teeth, how disgusting!) while Levi tasted of toothpaste and wine.

Levi whispered sinfully, "I'll make you pay, brat. This is all your fault."

Eren unlocked his legs, placed himself firmly back on the ground, and gently pushed Levi back. His head was down, and his bangs hid his eyes. The corporal took a step back and stared in worry. Was it too much? Was this no good? Dammit, he was good enough! Good enough for a brat like him, at least. Sure, he was short, but he was hardly lacking!

As Levi fumed at the audacity of being rejected, Eren suddenly dropped to his knees. His hands grabbed Levi's ass, and he kissed the bulge straining against the corporal's uniform. Levi completely lost his breath at seeing this. When those large, green eyes turned up to him filled with silent promises of pleasure, Levi hissed.

Damn him! This brat! This ingénue brat!

Eren continued to press his lips in, kissing up the shaft, while his hands caressed around Levi's ass, kneading the plump cheeks together. Then one hand reached around, stroked hard up the erection, and came to rest on Levi's belt buckle. He pulled his mouth back, gazed up with a cocky smile and devilish eyes, and said, "Let me fix my mistake, Corporal."

"Shit," Levi whispered. He was done for. He knew when he had lost a battle. There was only retreat and surrender now.

Levi grabbed Eren by the front of his collar, roughly yanking him up and almost tearing his shirt. He dragged Eren over to the bed. He pulled, but Eren obediently knelt. Levi tugged his own belt off, loosened the button, lowered his zipper, and pulled the pants down. Then he flopped onto the edge of the mattress.

"Make it quick," Levi warned.

Eren gazed at the member before him. Quick? Oh, hell no. He was going to disobey orders once again.

He gave a slow, dragging lick up the edge, followed by a light suck on the tip. Levi's hips tried to thrust, but Eren pulled his mouth back, smirking mischievously. He moistened with his tongue until the cock was practically dripping. Then he licked again at another angle, drenching all around the soft, flushed flesh.

Levi let out a huff of air at the hot mouth. If he thought Eren might be even a little innocent, this mouth proved otherwise. A person did not learn tricks like—oh fuck, what did he do just now?—like that without practice. He briefly wondered, who was it? Who got to train this boy? Who had the pleasure of telling him how to do this right?

He had wanted to break Eren in, and instead this goddamn brat was defeating him!

Eren was thoroughly enjoying his tour of Levi's groin, sucking slowly and nipping the edge of the head. What really surprised him was that the corporal was circumcised. That was immensely rare these days. It made for a slightly different experience, no foreskin to nibble, but it also left him very smooth.

Eren snaked his arms around Levi and adjusted his position on his knees. Finally, with Levi's face flushed and his eyes hazy with need, Eren took the whole length into his mouth.

"Fuck," Levi hissed, and Eren felt a hand clench painfully into his hair. The erotic pain made him hum, and Levi's hips thrust up at the vibration.

Eren gave him what he knew he needed. His head bobbed fast, sucking quickly and deeply. The fingers in his hair loosened as Levi let out a quiet moan, measured to be as loud as he could afford without anyone in the hallway overhearing him. Eren listened to how loud it was and made a mental note. That was the maximum volume.

He learned about things like that during training. Put together a bunch of children in the midst of puberty and lock them together night after night for years of their worst hormonal rages, there was of course going to be plenty of experimentation. In situations like that, age and gender hardly mattered over desire and desperation. A female soldier pawing his face to get a kiss, a bullying cabin mate being a bit forceful in the showers, one of the instructors offering some additional practice after sunset, all random and most of them meaningless. It wasn't like he did that sort of thing a lot, but things happened in training camp that were never spoken of later. Even he and Jean…

No, they had promised never to speak or even think of that night again.

Still, they learned out of trial and error how loud they could be. Maximum volume was important when you were two desperate soldiers needing a quick physical release after an exceptionally hard day of training.

When Eren drew back with a pop, there was a thick trail of saliva. He looked up, making sure Levi was watching him. The man's eyes were wide, stunned. Seriously, did he not realize what sorts of things happened in training camp?

While pumping the shaft, he asked in a breathy tone, "Am I doing a good job, sir?"

Levi cursed at the slutty look on his face. "Don't you fucking stop again until I'm done."

Eren took a few moments to stare at Levi's erection. He kissed the head and breathed into it, "Can I touch myself, sir?"

A cruel smile curled onto Levi's face. "No," he ordered.

Eren moaned. Why did he have to like being ordered only to disobey?

"Do not disobey!"

And why did Levi have to know his inner thoughts so well?

"Hands up where I can see them," Levi ordered.

Grinning wickedly, Eren slithered his hands up Levi's inner thighs. The corporal snatched one hand up and held it.

"Have you ever fingered an ass?" he asked softly.

Eren gulped, but he nodded.

"What have you not done, you shitty manwhore?"

Eren felt a sting at the accusation. "Um … g-guy sex. I've done other stuff, but … but never … not up an ass. Not someone else's, at least."

"Someone's been up yours?"

Eren turned his eyes away. "People in training camp can be really cruel, you know."

Levi felt like maybe his swords should slash a few throats. "But you've never entered a person?"

He blushed again. "Not a guy."

So, he had done women at least. "Would you want that?"

Eren's eyes looked up in shock. His mouth opened, but no words came out, only choking noises.

One hand cupped Eren's face, and Levi asked softly, "Would you, with me?"

"Yes!" he shouted without hesitation.

"Not today," he said, and he was amused to see the instant disappointment in that soft face. "I don't trust that we'll have enough time alone for that, not during the daylight. Later. I'll make a time and place for it."

Tears gathered in Eren's eyes. "Sir," he whispered, overwhelmed.

Levi stood, removed the last of his clothes, and sucked Eren's fingers for him, drenching them until saliva ran down his wrist. Eren stayed on his knees, watching with excitement. Levi finally released his wrist and put both hands on Eren's soft hair.

"I want your fingers today."

Eren felt burning joy at being wanted, desired, by the man he admired more than anyone else. He would do his best to please Levi and show his devotion.

"Don't make a mess," he warned.

Eren nodded firmly. No messes. No noises. Don't attract attention or they may have to stop, and there was no way he wanted to stop!

He licked the cock again, up to the head, and thrust his lips down around it. Those hands in his hair tightened again, and Levi let out a soft grunt from deep in his throat. Then Eren snaked his hand around and felt out Levi's ass. He gently parted the tiny butt cheeks—seriously, his ass was so tiny and cute—and felt blindly for the hole.

"Not too fast," Levi warned.

Eren hummed in understanding. He eased the wet finger inside, just to one knuckle. He felt a tighter squeeze to his hair, and Eren let out a pained protest.

"Sorry," Levi breathed thickly, and his hands gripped Eren's shoulders instead.

Sorry? Eren hardly imagined that Levi had the capability to apologize to anyone besides Erwin. He was being gentle with Eren, or at least attentive, and that made him happy.

Eren pressed in more, to the second knuckle, and this time the near-silent moan was pure pleasure. He glanced up to see Levi's head thrown back. His hips began to rock, pressing into his mouth, then pulling out and easing deeper onto Eren's hand, until the entire finger slid in and out.

"You're touching yourself!"

Eren's body jolted. He had hardly even realized he was doing it. It was so natural to feel the friction on himself while doing this. Levi grabbed his free arm, pulled it up, and snatched his wrist in a powerful grip.

"I said no," he whispered threateningly. "I don't want a mess on my floor."

He suddenly began to suck on Eren's fingers again, timing the pace of his hips to the mouth.

Eren quivered. He was being utterly denied, and he needed it now. He needed it far worse than last night. The taste leaking over his tongue, the heat his finger entered, the wetness of Levi's mouth, all teased him to madness.

"Don't … make … a … mess," Levi grunted.

His breathing pattern changed, his hands tensed on the wrist and one hand snagged Eren's hair, holding his head still while Levi thrust desperately, needing the last bit to be at his pace. He fucked Eren's mouth hard, ignoring the grunts of pain, lost to everything but the building pleasure about to erupt.

"Eren!" he warned.

He heard a consenting hum, and Levi was glad because he could not stop it now. His lips closed tightly to hold back the pleasure to near-silent grunts, just struggling breaths, shaking and explosive exhales. He poured out into Eren's mouth, and he felt the struggle to swallow and not spill a single drop.

"Shit," he whispered at last in a soft and weary sigh as tension turned to tingling. "Shit, Eren."

The teen was glad he could swallow it. He gazed up, happy to see the relief in that face. He even saw a brief smile, although it faded quickly as Levi tried to pull himself back together.

He pulled back slowly, and Eren sucked off the mess. He carefully licked it all clean while Levi stood over him and watched.

"Do you need it still?"

Eren looked up in desperation. "Badly," he whined.

"Worse than last night?"

"Much worse!" he cringed.

Levi grinned sadistically. "Do I make you that turned on?"

Eren's face flushed, but he confessed, "Yes, you do, Corporal. You're … hot!"

"Heh!" he laughed, and that brief smile was back. "You brat." Hot? Eren was the one hot enough to make Levi feel this fevered with passion. The corporal backed away and sat on the edge of the bed. "Stand up!"

Eren scrambled obediently to his feet.

"Turn toward me. Yes. Stand right there." Levi gazed over him. "Strip! Everything."

Eren gulped dryly. He slowly pulled off his shirt, unlaced his boots, tugged them and the socks off, and pulled down his pants and underwear. He stood utterly naked except for the key around his neck.

Levi gazed on approvingly. "You hid yourself from me last night. I wanted to watch you. So now you're going to show me. Show me everything you did to yourself last night. Exactly how you touched that needy cock of yours. Show me how desperate you are, Eren."

"What?" he gasped.

"Touch yourself," he ordered.

Eren trembled. He had been wondering if Levi would touch him or suck on him, but none of that seemed reasonable for a man who hated filth. Still … touching himself…

"But, the mess!"

"You cleaned the handkerchief. Use it. You can wash it again. For right now, show me what I missed seeing last night."

Eren stood still, looking away, feeling on display and humiliated.

"Show me!"

He leaped. This was worse than last night. At least then, he could hide behind his sheet, but now Levi would see. He would watch every touch with a critical eye. He dreaded this, and it also thrilled him. Levi wanted to watch him, wanted to see him in the midst of pleasure.

Slowly, Eren covered himself with his hand. Holding his cock at least hid it. He struggled to move, though. He forced his hand up, and the pleasure of being touched sparked through him.

It was just like last night.

He could not turn away and hide this time. Those narrow eyes gazed so intently, there was no escape. He might as well charge forth.

Levi watched, barely breathing so he could hear every faint sound from Eren, all focus on that face. Eren started off slowly, and a vein on the side of his neck ticked with nervousness. His eyes slid closed as he tried to lose himself in the sensation. His breaths came evenly, lips loose, trying to be as quiet as possible, as if the lack of sound balanced the full visual splendor.

"Show me how you touch yourself normally," Levi ordered.

Eren's slow rhythm came to a halt as he was reminded of his audience, yet his eyes stayed shut. He was being too methodical. When he touched himself, there was a little more he liked. He reached up with his free hand, rubbing his chest. He did not particularly like pinching or anything like that, just stroking over sensitive areas of his chest was enough. Then the free hand drifted down.

Levi watched closely, making mental notes for another time. Eren cupped his balls and flushed as he gave them gentle tugs.

"Yes," Levi hissed. He liked that. He would definitely remember that Eren liked touches like that.

Eren blushed as the soft sound reminded him again. There was no way to fully escape the moment, not with Levi's breathing getting heavy. His right hand stroked, speeding up as the pleasure increased, and pleasure of knowing Levi wanted to watch him again. Then his hand slipped up higher, over the head of his cock, and smeared some pre-cum back down the shaft.

Levi leaned a little closer, wanted to hear every wet sound of those fingers and every shuddering breath, those calm inhales and even exhales changing quickly into harsh gasps as his body tensed. Eren's abs tightened, and the firmness of his young body showed as muscles corded with building excitement. Levi stared, intoxicated as the head of Eren's cock appeared and disappeared from the circle of his fist.

Eren's hand went up to his mouth, and he bit on the edge.

"Eren!" Levi warned. Shit, the last thing he wanted was Eren to turn into a Titan now, of all moments.

"I do this anyway," he said sharply, and his sexual tension showed in the snap of his words. "Can't … nngh … be too loud. Won't … ah … I … I never bite too hard. Don't worry." An eye peaked open, and a lopsided smile forced out. "I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to this, sir."

"I'm not so convinced," he smirked. "Show me you know your body's limits."

Eren shivered at the order. Sure enough, as his face scrunched up in an expression very much like pain, rather than biting his hand harder, his mouth fell open and a silent moan, just escaping air, breathed out. He really was good at keeping quiet when he had to.

His right hand moved furiously now, his left clenched around the root as if he wanted to come but was also trying desperately to hold back. Levi saw those lean thighs tensing, shaking with urgency. He was close, outrageously close, and Levi was fixated, face buzzing as he utterly forgot to breathe.

"Levi," he gasped.

He bounded forward with the handkerchief in his hand. "I'll catch it for you this time."

Eren looked up in astonishment, but before he could ask, Levi wrapped the handkerchief around Eren's cock and took over stroking him through the cloth. "Like this, right? I think I got the gist of it."

Eren moaned loudly, forgetting everything as Levi's fingers gripped him and stroked with the perfect amount of tightness.

"Oh God! Levi!"

"Shh," he hushed. "Lean into me if you can't shut that noisy mouth of yours."

Eren grabbed around his shoulders and leaned into Levi's neck, breathing harder in sharp, fluttering gasps. His fingers dug into Levi's back muscles, clawing as he gave a few snapping thrusts and let out a whine. Levi felt surges within his gasp and smiled to himself.

"L- … Levi … Lev- … unh … Levi."

The corporal stood there, feeling Eren's hot breath on his flesh and stinging from the clawing grips.

"If you've scratched my back up, you'll be mucking the stables for a week," he said coldly, yet he found the idea of Eren losing control like that due to him erotic.

Eren straightened up and looked down Levi's spine from over his shoulder. "It's not bad. They'll fade in an hour." He straightened up and offered to take over holding the messy handkerchief. "I'll … I'll clean it again, sir."

"We'll clean it together," he corrected, and a slight smirk raised onto Levi's face. "In the shower!"

Then he placed a hand on Eren's chest, and with hardly any effort, he forced Eren backward, slamming him against the wall with intensely powerful strength. Eren lost hold of the messy cloth, and Levi stepped over it, ignoring it as he pinned Eren to the wall.

"You'll come here when I order," he demanded.

Eren had a slightly arrogant gleam to his eyes. "You're my commanding officer. That was always the case."

"You know what I mean, brat!" he snapped. Still, Levi's hand stroked up Eren's chest. "You'll come here, and … this only works if I don't have to share. I don't do that."

Eren rubbed Levi's muscular shoulders. "You want me all to yourself? I didn't take you as the greedy sort."

"Shut that filthy mouth of yours before I hit you so hard, it'll take you a week to regrow all your teeth."

Eren tilted his head to the side. "Then that goes for you as well. You like to call me a brat. Brats don't do well with sharing their toys."

Levi grabbed Eren's tit and twisted it hard until the boy cried out. "Call me a toy again and I'll let Hange examine how long it takes your body to regenerate a new dick!" Then he let go and looked solemn. "But … I agree. Only you."

Eren smiled despite the pain still throbbing in his chest. "Agreed, then. Um … we shouldn't say anything to others."

"No," Levi agreed. "Out there, we're soldiers, I am your corporal, and you're under my command. I will never show you preference. I can't afford to. But in here…" His voice softened as he let his hands drift over Eren's arms. "In here, things aren't so strict between us."

"One other condition," Eren said sternly. "In here, don't treat me like a child."

Levi laughed wryly. "I think I've figured out that you're not one." He glared up at Eren. "I don't promise not to humiliate you, nor call you a brat, nor belittle your lack of experience. However, I won't ever actually think of you as a mere child. I'd deserve Hell if I ever fucked you and still thought you were just a bratty kid."

Eren looked satisfied by the compromise. "So, um … are we … uh … w-what are we?"

"Together," Levi answered curtly. "Don't have any false idealistic fantasies. I can't exactly court you or take you out to fancy dinners and shit. You'll be lucky if we can train together and get a moment alone late at night to fuck. You're still under watch, but I have the authority to watch you myself."

Eren gave a presumptuous smile. "I guess romance is out of the question."

"That depends on what you consider to be romantic," Levi answered stoically.

Eren was slightly stunned by the answer. Did this mean there actually was a possibility that Levi at least desired something resembling romantic moments together?

"If you think I'm in this just for the sex," Levi said with a hard gleam in his eyes, "don't flatter yourself so much. You're not that good."

"You don't know yet," Eren said arrogantly.

Levi actually barked a laugh. This fucking brat and his wicked tongue! Maybe that was what intrigued Levi so much. "I suppose I'll have time to make that judgment on my own," he stated, and he leaned up into Eren's face. "…Later!"

Levi raised on his toes and gave Eren a kiss. The younger soldier wrapped his arms around the corporal, humming at the warmth of his mouth. Levi leaned back, nodded silently toward his bath, and pulled Eren along to wash him after the sweaty pleasure.

They forgot the hankie.