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A different Tragedy
Rated T
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If sensitive material (as in religion, belief, blood cetera)things bother you (firstly I question why you are even involved with this game; you can skim some parts its not all bad) And, you are warned.

Jack was lacking entertainment. Watching Damsel and Sekler throw darts bickering at each other every now, and then was slowly getting bland. Tonight was different. Usually he had stories to share jokes to tell, but he couldn't think of any. The door to the last round opened; not even glancing up to see who came in. He heard footsteps that sounded light even with his sharp hearing. He sipped his drink quietly.

"Smiling Jack without a laugh; never thought I would see the day." Said a familiar voice. Jack looked up, and grinned widely. The man stood holding a smooth black painted stick with a black round gem on top. He had a dark red coat with fur around the hem, and collar. He had loose black pants, with matching loafers. He wore dark sunglasses over his eyes, and his head was framed by shaggy black hair that fell over his forehead.

"Well I'll be damned." He set down his cup with a laugh. "What brings you to L.A?"

"You are damned Jack. And my business...is a private matter." He replied hesitantly. Jack's eyes narrowed.

"What is it."

"I have Mathew after me." He replied quietly.

"Why is he after you?"

"He wants information." The man looked around nervously. "Wherever I go he is always close behind."

"Then do me a favor, and point him to Venture tower for me." Jack replied with a dry laugh.

"Ah, yes that is where the new Prince resides?" The man looked up in thought. The light reflecting on his dark glasses. He looked back at Jack pulling them down reveling yellow eyes.

"More like a spoiled, whiny princess." Jack retorted with venom. The man laughed.

"I hear you anarchs have some hatred for the Prince; though not the Camarilla in whole...I wonder why hmm?" The man smiled knowingly. "I will talk to this new Prince; Hope Draig beheads him in his 'ivory' tower...he should be more subtle." The man turned but jack stopped him.

"Have you been parting with Malkav?" He snickered. The man smiled back.

"Malkav is parting in his grave; no I have found an interesting child of Malkav though in Spain she is a very beautiful maiden." The man waited for Jack to respond.

"Nice to Know the All Father has a sense of humor." Jack leaned back against a wall. "Good luck out there."

Prince LaCroix was very, very irritated. He shuffled paper work focused on something else entirely. Some Kindred had reported a strange creature in the forest. At first he had just told the Kindred that it was most likely a werewolf until a second had reported it had red skin. Then a third. Now a forth. He sent his Sheriff to investigate, but he was taking longer then he though. He was becoming impatient. Until the elevator doors opened that he was brought out of his train of thought. "You should be more collective with your thought young Prince; what if I was here to harm you? It seems your Sheriff is not present." The man shook his head his shaggy black hair brushing his dark sunglasses. Why does he look familiar?

"My security is none of your concern." He replied trying to stay polite seeing his was an elder by how dignified his presence was. "Would you like to take a seat?" I gestured to the chair in front of my desk. He shed his red coat; and I studied the black fabric underneath that was decorated with gold in the outline of a wolf.

"Now I request permission in your domain for..." He shifted nervously. "Have you ever heard a of a Draig Coch?"

"I am afraid not." His eyebrows narrowed studying the man.

"Horrible creature really. Scaly red breast, claws, teeth-"

"You forgot terribly handsome, and attractive." We snapped both out head to the far side of the room. Were a young man wearing a long black open coat with fur around the color. He wore a black turtleneck, trousers, and sneakers. He had a scythe strapped to his back. LaCroix looked at his different colored eyes.

"And you forgot your the Devil himself." Retorted the man I sunglasses. The man sighed. "My apologies. I came here cause I thought I could get away from him." He looked at the young boy who was smirking. Where have I seen these two before?

"And you forgot my dear sire why you came here in the first place."

"Ah yes. The first reason I came here was to apologies for his ghastly presence in your domain, secondly I was hoping to take care of a problem he started with your permission to move freely about."

"Hey it's not my fault they found me." But I can do it without your help. " He turned to leave but he looked back at LaCroix. "Have fun what ever you kindred do." He disappeared completely and the elevator doors opened. Obfuscate.

"That stupid Devil." He muttered. " You see I have been having some problems with the Society of Leopold as they call themselves."


"He was, but to not risk losing my most profitable childe..."

"You have my permission to move freely about."

"Thank you Prince." He stood to leave.

"Though what is your name?" LaCroix watched him grin.

"Cain. Though you may know me better as Sir James" He said leaving.

Mathew looked up at his sire. His hand tightly on his steel sword. "I don't understand; why does the LaCroix nobles have any value to us?" Cain looked up at Mathew.

"They are a noble family who has recently discovered great riches...this is also a good time to practice your French." Cain was seated in the carriage. In his read coat and furs. Mathew stood by the door looking out the window in a matching black ensemble staring at the dark sky.

"I do not Fancy the language or the Crown." Mathew replied bitterly. "And there are no riches in France the whole kingdom is at war with itself."

"Think my childe. After every storm there is a rainbow."

"After every war there is riches...for the victor, but who will win?" Mathew finished with the question. Cain smiled.

"Then lets see what fate shall unravel. for us." The carriage stopped. The two men stepped out where they were greeted by a middle aged man.

"Sir James, Duke Edward." The pale man addressed the two. Mathew almost flinched at the use of his royal title.

"Monsieur LaCroix. Pleasure." Cain greeted all three men walking to the estate of the LaCroix home. Mathew studied the flowers thoughtfully.

"Do you like them?" He turned his head to see a woman.

"Yes... I've never seen them before." He replied in French. The woman smiled.

"Your voice does not suite the Kings tongue." Mathew was going to reply that most of their kingdom was own by the English crown, but he decided against it.

"So I've been told." Cain talked to LaCroix, and his wife as Mathew wondered to the back of the house where a beach quietly rested. Mathew sat down in the damp sand tossing aside his sword haphazardly.

"Are you the guest father welcomed?" Mathew turned his head to a small boy with blonde hair, and empty blue eyes. He looked to be around thirteen years of age he guessed.

"Yes." He studied the child who boldly sat down next to him. Either that or he simply did not care. "Why are you not inside?"

"The house is boring, and I already finished my studies for the day." He stretched out his legs. Mathew noticed a bruise.

"Is that the only reason." Mathew asked knowingly. The boy caught his gaze moving his legs underneath him. "Oh please stretch all you want; it is not my concern anyway." Mathew laid down on his back closing his eyes. He could almost smell the boy's curiosity.

"And why is that?"

"I do not know you on any personal level so why would it concern me?"

The boy made a noise in the back of his throat at his response. Mathew heard him shuffling through the sand. "Are you a soldier?"

"Yes, and no. I no more than a mere Duke who likes to be able to defend himself."

"I want to fight one day." The boy said after a long moment of silence. Mathew opened his eyes.

"Tell me; If there is two men fighting for opposing crowns in a long war; one is big while the other is small...who would be the victor?"

The boy snorted. "The smaller man obviously. He would not be alive if he could not fight, and had no experience."

Mathew smiled. "Stand." The boy followed his command. "That was the same question Sir James asked me when we first met. He taught me how to defend myself, and how to persuade...and you possibly could learn the same." The boy smiled widely at that. "What is your name?"

"Sebastian." He said it proudly.

"Then Sebastian." Mathew hand him a nearby stick taking one for himself. "Shall we?"

Around six years later

"In some short months you could enlist in the army." Mathew stated. Taking a bit out of some bread he bought in the market. Sebastian smiled widely taking a bit out of his own bread. They both stared up at the starry sky.

"Thank you Monsieur Mathew." Sebastian leaned back on the rock. They both sat on the beach in silence. Mathew frowned.

"The French crown has been a thorn in James backside in the East...you do not plan to..." Mathew looked at Sebastian who was looking down at the ground.

"I would like to serve my crown Mathew." He whispered. Mathew sighed.

"I assumed you would want to...though...I still hoped you would change your thoughts'." Mathew smiled sadly. "I hear he is residing the Egyptian territory."

"I wonder what it is like." Sebastian muttered.

"Allow me to enlighten you, sand, sand, and more sand." The two laughed.

"How do you do that?"


"Hear what I say even when I am muttering."

"Perhaps one day you will lean"

"I wan to know now." He replied boldly.

"Curiosity killed the cat." Mathew retorted seriously. Sebastian frowned at his behavior. "You seem to be more impatient than when we were first acquainted." Mathew smiled changing the subject.

"You put the life back in my dull life." Sebastian whispered back. Mathew laughed poking Sebastian's sword.

"I doubt swinging blades was that entertaining."

"I enjoyed learning something new." Sebastian looked up at the dark sky.

"Then this shall entertain you." Mathew moved to Sebastian's side and pointed at the sky. "James says that sometimes you can find shapes in the stars when you line them up." Mathew mad a large circle with his hands hovering over Sebastian's head.

"...A pot of some sort?"

"Yes, now this one."

"...I do not know." Sebastian's eyebrows narrowed. Mathew smiled. "I am not surprised. A Bear when I saw it in the States in the new land."

"The British colonies?"

"Do you think I spent two years in Havana?" Mathew quipped referring to the story of when he was attacked on the Spanish Island. Sebastian laughed.

"You did not tell me of it."

Mathew thought on it. "You are right. I assume I was busy trying not to get my coat soiled by a nice musket." Mathew leaned back. "Fighting a rebellion across the sea form my favorite student."

"I'm your favorite?" He whispered.

"My only student, so that nominates you as my favorite." Mathew ruffled his hair.

"I see."

"So tell me Sebastian who do you fancy?" Mathew laid down on his side in the sand. Sebastian looked surprised at the question.


"Any fair Maiden you had your eye on, and do not try to lie." Mathew watched as the color rushed into Sebastian's face. He laid down across from Mathew resting his head on his arm in the sand.

"It is really not of importance."

"So there is a Maiden" Mathew smiled.

"It does not matter. I will be going to war soon. Then I will be rid of this house." Sebastian snapped back. Mathew sighed.

"Sebastian...you are aware we will not be able to speak if you..."

"Not even letters."

"That would be risky." Mathew whispered. The two stayed silent.

"I know you, and my mother want me to marry, but I can not." Sebastian whispered.

"And why is that?"

"The one I Fancy..." He shook his head. "It would be a disgrace. No one would ever approve."

"I like love with tragedy." Mathew smirked. Sebastian looked at him sadly.

"You dragged me to enough plays by that man...though I found them very moving." Sebastian moved closer to Mathew whispering even though he knew Mathew could hear him regardless. "This is a different tragedy." The color rushed back into his cheeks as he pressed his lips onto Mathew's. Mathew stiffened. Sebastian quickly moved back. "I am sorry." He started to stand, but Mathew stopped him. Mathew rested his head on Sebastian's smaller chest. "Why can you not see the sun?"

Mathew moved his head to the crook of his neck with inhuman speed. "Forgive me." He whispered. Before Sebastian could reply he felt something pierce his skin followed by feelings unknown to him. Mathew tried to ignored the sounds that were coming from the back of Sebastian's throat. As if he was not already being tortured already by the sweet taste dripping down his throat. He tried to stop his own lusty groans as he pulled his fangs away. He had kept himself healthy in those months. Mathew licked the wounds so they would heal. He looked at Sebastian's sleeping form with a sigh. What am I going to do?

"Mathew?" Sebastian opened his eyes to find himself in his bed.

"I am afraid Mathew left on some business. I see he has told you his birth name." A man in red stood in the doorway. Sebastian looked at Sir James nervously. He found that his eye color was less green, and more yellow than his father stated.

"I am not surprised." Sebastian stood finding himself in the same clothes as yesterday. "How long have I slept?"

"Only few hours." The man answered. "You asked Mathew why he can not live in the sun."

"He told you?" Sebastian asked shocked with color rushing back into his face. Sir James chuckled.

"I am his mentor, I have taught him everything, and most of the things he has taught you." Sir James looked out the window. "You see me and Mathew have a condition. We are very sensitive to the sun so it would hurt us if we went out into daylight." Sebastian nodded understandingly. Sir James smiled at him. "It has been good to see you child, but now I must be on my way." He left without another word. Sebastian laid in his bed in silence restless.

"Not tired." He heard a voice whisper in his ear.

"You gave me insomnia." He told Mathew.

"I invented insomnia." He quipped. Sebastian noticed he was hovering on top of him on his hands and knees. He blushed looking at the wall. He felt Mathew's cool breath tickle the side of his neck. "It is just me...do not be scared..." Mathew whispered as he kissed his neck. Sebastian shivered.

"You always feel so cold." He whispered.

"You warm me on the inside." Mathew whispered; Sebastian almost failed to hear him. Sebastian's face turned redder.

"Y-you wa-arm me t-to." He gushed out. Mathew laughed.

"I can see that." Mathew replied.

"Mathew." He whispered quietly.

"Are you sure?" He whispered back with a low growl. Sebastian nodded. Mathew smiled. Sebastian couldn't help but notice that there were a few extra teeth in his perfect smile, and they looked sharp.

Prince LaCroix thought back to that event. The one night in his life he had hoped to leave behind buried along with the rest of his past. He was slightly embarrassed. "Judging by the look on your face you were embarrassed beyond belief." LaCroix looked up to see Mathew's familiar different colored eyes staring down at him. He froze annoyed that this was the second time he was caught off guard. Mathew grinned. "I know it's annoying; Cain does it to me all the time." Mathew stepped away siting in the chair his sire had been sitting earlier. He never changed LaCroix violently put down that thought as he sat down in his own chair.

"What business brings you back here." He replied emotionlessly. He had no ties to this person anymore. Mathew smile rubbing his finger on the edge of his scythe.

"I'm disappointed in you Si; I thought you would take care of yourself when I was gone."

"I have taken care of myself! And do not call me that!" He stood shouting. Mathew stood giving him the coldest glare he had ever seen. LaCroix slightly faltered as Mathew spoke menacingly.

"You call letting others do your dirty work while you sit up here like some king? What happened to 'I want to do things the right way'? You said you'd never manipulate anyone, but you've twisted yourself unto something uglier." Mathew was right in front of LaCroix who was quickly beginning to remember what it felt like to be terrified. " I heard about the Arkanan Sarcophagus you miserable whelp." He growled. LaCroix felt a pang of pain in his chest. He despised the amount of runaway emotions going through him. Mathew suddenly stopped. His features turning sad. "When did you turn so cold?" He reached out, but LaCroix grabbed his wrist.

"Get out." He growled with all the dignity he could muster. Mathew stayed still. "I never want to see you again. Get out." He repeated darkly. Mathew's expression turned emotionless. He managed a small sad smile before disappearing, and the elevator doors opening. For the first time in a hundred years Prince LaCroix cried. And he was Just Sebastian.